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F Finnish
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Chinese abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Chinese is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (PRC) People's Republic of China
Listed as (CN) Mainland China
  • (ROC) Republic of China
Listed as (TW) Island of Taiwan


Weaponry and munition



Side note: Due to the usage of ROC year at Taiwan Island, there are sometimes when their documents or thesis from both Mainland China (for conversion) and Taiwan Island which used ROC year in their content.

The easiest way to convert them into western calendar is taking 1911 as ROC 1 (where ROC 100 is 2011 due to the Xinhai Revolution in 1911, instead of the official establishment in 1912/1/).

(CN) Vehicle

(CN) Air

Prefix Chinese Full title Meaning Example
First Second
C J 初教 初级教练机 Basic Trainer CJ-6
H - 轰炸机 Bomber H-5
J - 歼击机 Fighter/Interceptor J-6A
H 歼轰 歼击轰炸机 Fighter-Bomber JH-7A
L 教练 教练机 Trainer JL-9
Z 歼侦 歼击侦察机 Fighter-Reconnaissance JZ-8F
K J 空警 空中预警机 AEWCS KJ-2000
Q - 强击机 Attacker Q-5A
S H 水轰 水上轰炸机 Hydroplane Bomber SH-5
Y - 运输机 Transport Y-20
Z - 直升机 Helicopter Z-9

(CN) Ground

This list is in accordance to the now obsolete GJB 4528-2002 《装甲车辆命名规则》 (Standard Nomenclature Details of Armored Vehicles) accepted on 01/05/2003. A new standard was issued on 01/10/2012 (currently classified). See User:Sakaban_Sharkigu's page.

(Strikethroughs need further clarification under current naming standards)

* Due to classifications of wheeled assault guns, PLT02 belongs to artillery corps; while ZLT11 belongs to mechanized corps.
** These vehicles adhere to a different naming convention that is not based on the year.

***Received new codes after 2012 nomenclature revision as ZLT (装甲-两栖-突击; AFV-Amphibious-Assault gun)

1st Letter 2nd Letter 3rd Letter Number Example
Z – 装甲车辆 – AFV B – 步兵战车 – IFV D – 履带 – Tracked

L – 轮式 – Wheeled


(The first 2 digits can be ignored in normal use)

G – 工程保障车辆 – Engineering support vehicle Q – 架桥 – Bridge layer

L – 扫(布)雷 – Mine sweeper/layer

G – 工程作业车 – Engineering operation



S – 装甲输送车 – APC D – 履带 – Tracked

L – 轮式 – Wheeled



T – 坦克 – Tank D – 履带 – Tracked

L – 轮式 – Wheeled

Q – 轻型 – Light

Z – 主战/中型坦克 – Main battle/medium tank

S – 水陆 – Amphibious (literally: Water and land)






Z – 战斗勤务车辆 – Combat service vehicle Z – 指挥 – Command

C – 侦察 – Scout

T – 通信 – Communication

D – 电子对抗ECM

M – 密钥加注 – Battlefield cryptography

F – 防爆EOD (literally: Anti-explosion)

X – 综合信息 – Integrated battlefield information




P – – Artillery G – 高射炮 – Anti-aircraft gun (literally: High firing gun) L – 轮式 – Wheeled

Z – 自走 – Self-propelled

H – 火箭弹 – Rocket PHL03


L – 榴弹炮 – Howitzer / Gun-mortar (literally: grenade gun) PLL05


T – 突击炮 – Assault gun PTL97


C – 车载 – Vehicle-mounted L – 榴弹炮 – Howitzer PCL09


P – 迫击炮 – Mortar **PCP001

Additionally, numerous vehicles come with an "industrial code", such as WZ123 for the ZTZ99 series. These are typically indicative of the manufacturer and purpose of the vehicle, for example the second letter "W" indicates an export model, while most "WZ" series vehicles are intended for domestic service only. There are also numerous variations, including WMZ (e.g. WMZ551), WZG (e.g. WZG121), WXLZ (e.g. WXLZ602), and more.

Designation Example
WZ – 五机部装甲车辆 – 5th Ministry of Machine Building armoured vehicle WZ120 (ZTZ59)
WA - Unknown WA320 (PTZ89)
BW – 包头外贸 – Baotou Foreign Trade (Export) BW121 (ZTZ69-II)
BK – 包头科研 – Baotou Scientific Research BK1990
YW – 永定外贸 – Yongding Foreign Trade (Export) YW531 (ZSD63)
YD - Unknown YD801

The Chinese company Norinco has their own unique designation system for their export vehicles. The meanings of each designation is not strict, as some vehicles within each system have very different roles. Furthermore, vehicles prefixed with "CS/" (e.g. CS/AA5) are not built by Norinco, but instead by other companies such as CSGC or Poly Technologies.

Designation General Meaning Example
VT Tank VT2
VN Infantry Fighting Vehicle VN17
VP MRAP or Light Tactical Vehicle VP22
VA Light Strike Vehicle CS/VA1
VE Reconnaissance & Command Vehicle VE36
VS Armored Recovery Vehicle VS27
SH Self-Propelled Artillery SH15
SM Self-Propelled Mortar CS/SM4
SS Self-Propelled Mortar CS/SS6
AR Guided Rocket Launcher System AR3
SR Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher System SR4
ST Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun ST1
SA Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon CS/SA5
AA Self-Propelled Multi-Purpose Weapon CS/AA5
SWS Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon SWS2

(CN) Weaponry and munition

Penta-Service Weaponries

Under a certain standard nomenclature of PLA weaponries since mid-2000s, weapons which are known by their shorten name or codename do in fact have a official name for them, as follows (appendix pending):

Alphabet Chinese Type of weaponry Known examples Note
A 导弹类 Missiles AFT08- HJ-8

AFT09- HJ-9


AKF088C- YJ-82C/KD-88C

B 侦查情报类 Reconnaissance & Intelligence
C 车辆类 (Wheeled) Vehicles Dongfeng CSK131 "Mengshi 猛士" Wheeled vehicles developed by PLA
D 炮弹类 Ammunitions DTC10-125



including fuse; refer to appendix chart 3-2 of the standard
E/ 二炮专用装备类 SAC (now PLARF) equipment
F 防化类 NBC
G 工程类 Engineering
H/ 海军专用装备类 Navy equipment H/PJ12- Type 730
J 机要类 Confidential
K/ 空军专用装备类 Air Force equipment K/LLQ120 land-based radar
L 雷达类 Radar LLQ120
P 火炮类 Artillery PG99-35-2


Refer to appendix chart 3-3 of the standard
Q 枪械类 Firearms QBZ191



R 电子对抗类 ECM
S 技术侦查类 Surveillance Specified purpose
T 通信类 Communication
X 气象类 Meteorology
Y/ 仪器类 Instruments
Z 装甲类 Armored vehicles As above in the vehicle prefixes

Tank & Artillery Shells

1st Letter 2nd Letter 3rd Letter Example
D – – Shell T – 坦克 – Tank B – 爆破 – Blasting DTB1-105 – HE-FS (literally: Shell-tank-blast)
P – 破甲 – Breaker DTP-125 – HEATFS (literally: Shell-tank-breaker)
W – 尾翼 – Tail DTW2-105 – APFSDS (literally: Shell-tank-tail)
C – DTC10-125 – APFSDS
Y – 尾翼 – Tail W – 稳定 – Stable DYW1-120 – APFSDS (for anti-tank guns only) (literally: Shell-tail-stable)
S – DYS-120 – HE
K – 防空 – Anti-aircraft G – DKG01A – API-T
P – DKP01A – HEI-T
Y – DKY1 – HE-VT

Additionally, the GP name (e.g. GP105) is used for guided projectiles, ranging from gun-launched ATGMs to guided artillery munitions. The designation is seen primarily at arms expositions and is unclear whether it is used within the PLA.

On the export market, APFSDS shells are called BTA, such as BTA4 (an export version of DTW125)


Generally speaking, missiles of all types have a two-letter (two-character) "code name". Most missiles also have alternative designations, such as HJ-10 also being called AFT-10.

  • FM – 飞蠓: Export sea and land based SAM (literally: Flying midge)
  • FN – 飞弩: Export MANPADS (literally: Flying crossbow)
    • FN-6, domestic version known as HN-6
  • HF – 火发: Rocket pod (literally: Fire-launching)
  • HJ – 红箭: Land-based ATGM (literally: Red arrow)
  • HN – 红缨: Domestic MANPADS (literally: Red tassel)
    • HN-6, exported as FN-6
  • (H)HQ – (海)红旗: Sea and land-based SAM (literally: (Sea) Red banner) (from the ideology of “三面红旗” [Three Red Banners] in the Great Leap Forward)
  • HY – 海鹰: SM (before 1980s) (literally: Sea eagle)
  • KD – 空地: AGM (literally: Air-ground)
  • PL – 霹雳: AAM (literally: Lightning)
  • QW – 前卫: A series of MANPADS family in parallel with HN series (literally: Vanguard)
  • SY – 上游: ASM (literally: Upstream) (from Mao Zedong's “鼓足干劲,力争上游 [Go all-out and aim high] slogan in the Great Leap Forward)
  • TY – 天燕: Helicopter-carried AAM (literally: Sky swallow)
  • YJ – 鹰击: Tri-service ASM (after 1980s) (literally: Eagle strike)

(TW) Weaponry and munition

Character Pinyin/Bopomofo (Romanised) Literal meaning Weapon system Examples
qíng / ㄑㄧㄥˊ to raise SRBM up to ICBM
xióng / ㄒㄩㄥˊ (Hsiung) powerful Cruise missile 雄風 Hsiung Feng-2E (HF-2E)
fēng / ㄈㄥ wind ASM 雄風 Hsiung Feng-3 (HF-3)
xuán / ㄒㄩㄢˊ (Hsian) mysterious ECM
jiàn / ㄐㄧㄢˋ (Chian) sword AAM 天劍 Tian Chian-1 (TC-1) – IR AAM

天劍 Tian Chian-2 (TC-2) – ARH AAM

wàn / ㄨㄢˋ 10 thousand Cluster munition 萬劍 Wan Chian cluster bomb dispenser
xùn / ㄒㄩㄣˋ (Hsiun) rapid Naval vessel Project 迅海 Hsiun Hai – Tuo Chiang-class corvette
評/昇 píng / shēng / ㄆㄧㄥˊ / ㄕㄥ evaluate / rise Upgrade program Project 翔昇 Hsiang Sheng – F-CK-1 (IDF) C/D upgrade
jié / ㄐㄧㄝˊ (Che) swift Land-based system 捷羚 Che Ling – Antelope Air Defense System
xiáng / ㄒㄧㄤˊ (Hsiang) to soar Aircraft Project 安翔 An Hsiang – F-CK-1 (IDF)
ān / ㄢ safe AA system
sǔn / ㄙㄨㄣˇ or ㄓㄨㄣˇ falcon Missile system 紅隼 Hong Zhun – Kestrel anti-tank rocket

(CN) Manufacturer/Designer

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) 中国航空工业集团有限公司; Previously Ministry of Aviation Industry 航空工业部
Full name Abbreviation Factory codes City and province Products
Changhe Aviation Industries Corporation


CAIC 昌河 372 Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Helicopters
Chengdu Aerospace Industry


CAC 成飞 132 Chengdu, Sichuan Fighters; UCAVs
Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation


GAIC 贵飞 162 Anshun, Guizhou Trainers
Harbin Aircraft Industry Group


HAIG Hafei 哈飞 122 Harbin, Heilongjiang Bombers; helicopters
Hongdu Aircraft Industry Group


Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation


HAIG Hongdu 洪都

Nanchang 南昌

320 Nanchang, Jiangxi Attackers; trainers
Shenyang Aircraft Industry


SAC 沈飞 112 Shenyang, Liaoning Fighters
Xi'an Aircraft Industry


XAC 西飞 172 Xi'an, Shaanxi Bombers; transporters; AECWS
China North Industries Group Corporation Limited; NORINCO 中国兵器工业集团有限公司 / 中国北方工业集团有限公司
Full name Factory/institute codes City and province Products and services
Chongqing Tiema Industry Group


256 Chongqing Wheeled APC; amphibious vehicle
Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group


617 Baotou, Inner Mongolia MBT; Light tank; artillery etc.
Jianglu Machinery and Electronics Group Co. Ltd


627 Xiangtan, Hunan Light tank; amphibious vehicle
China North Vehicle Research Institute


201 Beijing MBT R&D
  • CSGC – China South Industries Group Corporation 中国南方工业集团公司 (中国兵器装备集团公司)

(TW) Manufacturer/Designer

Composition of Taiwan's defence industry
Full name Abbreviation Head office location Products and services
Aviation Industry Development Corporation (Post-2006)


Aviation Industry Development Center (1983-2006)


AIDC 漢翔/航發中心 Xitun District, Taichung City Aircraft; jet engine
National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology


NCSIST 中科院 Longtan District, Taoyuan City Equipment R&D
Ordnance Research Development Center, ROCA


ORDC 兵整中心 Jiji Township, Nantou County Armored vehicle

(CN) Military structure

Head of military development: MoDPRC- Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国国防部
Supreme command: CMC- Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party 中国共产党中央军事委员会
People's Liberation Army 中国人民解放军
Full name Abbreviation Branches Establishment day and notes
People's Liberation Army Ground Force


PLAGF 陆军 Army aviation 陆军航空兵

Artillery troops 炮兵

Air Defense troops 防空兵

Armored troops 装甲兵


1927/8/1 as joint-service memorial day

1947/10/10 as PLA

People's Liberation Army Air Force


PLAAF 空军 Airborne Corps 空降兵军 1949/11/11
People's Liberation Army Navy


PLAN 海军 Suface forces 水面舰艇部隊

Submarine forces 潜艇部队

Naval Aviation 海军航空兵

Marine Corps 海军陆战队

Coastal defence 岸防部队

People's Liberation Army Rocket Force (Post-2016)


Second Artillery Corps (Pre-2016)



SAC 二炮

Nuclear missile troops 核导弹部队

Conventional missile troops 常规导弹部队

Logistic troops 作战保障部队

1966/7/1 as SAC

2015/12/31 as PLARF

Chinese People's Armed Police Force (Paramilitary)


PAP 武警 Coast Guard 海警 1982/6/19
(Central Military Commission) Information Support Force


N/A 2024/4/19; reformed from PLASSF
(Central Military Commission) Network Systems Force


N/A 2024/4/19; reformed from PLASSF
(Central Military Commission) Space Systems Force


N/A 2024/4/19; reformed from PLASSF
(Central Military Commission) Joint Logistic Support Force


JLSF 联勤 N/A 2016/9/13

(TW) Military structure

Supreme command and head of military development: MND- Ministry of National Defense, Republic of China 中華民國國防部
Republic of China Armed Forces 中華民國國軍
Commanding unit Branches Abbreviation Sub-branches
Army Headquarters


Republic of China Army


ROCA 陸軍 Army Aviation and Special Forces Command 航空特戰指揮部
Air Force Headquarters


Republic of China Air Force


ROCAF 空軍 Air Defense and Artillery Command 防空暨飛彈指揮部
Navy Headquarters


Republic of China Navy


ROCN 海軍 Republic of China Marine Force 海軍陸戰隊
Armed Forces Police Command


Republic of China Military Police


MP 憲兵 N/A


Czech abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Czech is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (CS) (Former) Czechoslovakia (today Czech republic)
  • (CZ) Czech republic (part of former Czechoslovakia)



(CS) Vehicle

(CS) Air

  • C – Cvičná letadla: Trainer
  • S – Stíhači: Fighter
  • CS – Cvičná stíhací: Fighter trainer
  • B – Bitevní letadla: Bomber
  • LB – Lehká bombardovací: Light bomber
  • CB – Cvičná bitevní: Bomber trainer
  • D – Dopravní: Transport
  • K – Kurýrní: Liaison
  • NK – Nákladní Kluzák: Glider
  • VR – Vrtulník: Helicopter

Notes: This system was only adopted in 1945 and used until 1958, replaced later by simply using manufacturer type designations.

(CS) Ground

  • LT – Lehký tank: Light tank
    • LT vz. 38
  • ST – Střední tank: Medium tank
    • ST vz. 39
  • OA – Obrněný automobil: Armoured car
  • vz. – vzor: Version

(CS) Manufacturer/Designer

  • ČKD – Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk
  • ZB – Zbrojovka Brno


English abbreviations (quicklinks)
Back to the language table
English is spoken as a military language in (among others) the following countries:
  • (UN) Universal
    • (AU) Australia
    • (CA) Canada
    • (NZ) New Zealand
    • (PH) Philippines
    • (SA) South Africa
    • (UK) United Kingdom
    • (US) United States of America






(UN) Vehicle

(UN) Ground

(UN) Naval

Country Prefix Meaning Example
Australia HMAS His/Her Majesty's Australian Ship HMAS Tobruk
Canada HMCS His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship HMCS Haida
Germany FGS Federal German Ship – NATO designation FGS Lübeck
Ireland Long Éireannach – Irish ship LÉ Orla
Japan IJN Imperial Japanese Navy – Not official IJN Shimakaze
JDS Japanese Defense Ship JDS Yūgure
New Zealand HMNZS His/Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship HMNZS Leander
United Kingdom HMS His/Her Majesty's Ship HMS Southampton
HMT His/Her Majesty's Trawler HMT Liscomb
HMMGB His/Her Majesty's Motor Gun Boat HMMGB Grey Fox
United States of America USS United States Ship USS Atlanta

(UK) Vehicle

(UK) Ground

(UK) Air

(US) Vehicle

(US) Ground

(US) Air

(US) Army (pre-1962)

Code Meaning Example
A Attacker A-26
B Bomber B-17
F Fighter F-100
H Helicopter H-34
P Pursuit P-38
X- Experimental XA-38
Y- Pre-production test YP-38

(US) Navy (pre-1962)

  • A – Attacker
  • F – Fighter
  • BT – Bomber (torpedo)
  • P – Patrol
  • PB – Patrol Bomber
  • SB – Scout Bomber (Dive bomber):
  • TB – Torpedo Bomber
  • OS – Observation Scout
    • OS2U-1: Navy Observation Scout 2, Vought No.1

(US) Post 1962

  • AH – Attack Helicopter
  • UH – Utility Helicopter

(US) Naval

(AU) Manufacturer/Designer

(UK) Manufacturer/Designer

(US) Manufacturer/Designer

  • GMC – General Motors Company (not to be confused with Gun Motor Carriage)

(US)(Army) Air Force

Code Manufacturer Location Example
AD Aero Design & Engineering Co. Bethany, OK
AE Aeronca Middletown, OH
AG Air Glider Akron, OH
AH American Helicopter Manhattan Beach, CA
AV Avro Canada Montreal, QC, Canada
BA Bell Aircraft Co. Atlanta, GA
BB Babcock Aircraft DeLand, FL
BC Bell Aerosystems Buffalo, NY
BE Bell Aircraft Co. Buffalo, NT
BF Bell Aircraft Co. Fort Worth, TX
BH Beechcraft Aircraft Co. Wichita, KS
BL Bellanca New Castle, DE
BN Boeing Renton, WA B-29A-BN
BO Boeing Seattle, WA
BR Briegleb Sailplane Beverley Hills, CA
BS Bowlus San Francisco, CA
BU Budd Philadelphia, PA
BV Boeing-Vertol Morton, PA
BW Boeing Wichita, KS
CA Chase Aircraft West Trenton, NJ
CC Canadian Commercial Corp. Toronto, ON, Canada
CE Cessna Wichita, KS
CF Convair / Consolidated-Vultee Fort Worth, TX
CH Christopher Aircraft St. Louis, MO
CK Curtiss-Wright Louisville, KY
CL Culver Wichita, KS
CM Commonwealth Aircraft Kansas City, MO
CN Chase Aircraft Willow Run, MI
CO Convair / Consolidated-Vultee San Diego, CA B-24D-25-CO
CR Cornelius Dayton, OH
CS Curtiss-Wright St. Louis, MO
CU Curtiss-Wright Buffalo, NY P-40F-10-CU¹
CV (Chance) Vought Dallas, TX
CAN Canadair Ltd. Canada
DA Doak Aircraft Torrance, CA
DC Douglas Aircraft Co. Chicago, IL
DE Douglas Aircraft Co. El Segundo, CA
DH De Havilland Canada Toronto, ON, Canada
DJ SNCA Sud-Ouest Marignane, France
DK Douglas Aircraft Co. Oklahoma City, OK
DL Douglas Aircraft Co. Long Beach, CA
DM Doman Helicopter Danbury, CT
DO Douglas Aircraft Co. Santa Monica, CA
DT Douglas Aircraft Co. Tulsa, OK A-26C-45-DT
FA Fairchild Hagerstown, MD
FB Fairchild Burlington, NC
FE Fleet Fort Erie, ON, Canada
FL Fleetwings Bristol, PA
FO Ford Willow Run, MI
FR Frankfort Joliet, IL
FS Firestone Los Angeles, CA
FT Fletcher Aviation Pasadena, CA
FIAT Fiat Aviation Italy F-86K-FIAT¹
GA G & A Aircraft Willow Grove, PA
GC General Motors (Fisher) Cleveland, OH
GE General Aircraft Astoria, Long Island, NY
GF Globe Fort Worth, TX
GK General Motors Kansas City, KS
GM General Motors (Fisher) Detroit, MI
GN Gibson Refrigerator Greenville, MI
GO Goodyear Aircraft Co. Akron, OH
GR Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co. Bethpage, Long Island, NY
GT Grand Central Aircraft Eng. Tucson, AZ
GY Gyrodyne Co., of America St. James, Long Island, NY
HE Helio Norwood, MA
HI Higgins Aircraft New Orleans, LA
HI Hiller Palo Alto, CA
HO Howard Aircraft Chicago, IL
HP Handey Page Radlett, Herts, UK
HS Hawker Siddeley Aviation Kingston, Surrey, UK
HU Hughes Aircraft Culver City & San Diego CA
IN Interstate A. & Eng. El Segundo, CA
KA Kaman Windsor Locks, CT
KE Kellet Philadelphia, PA
KM Kaiser Manufacturing Willow Run, MI
LK Laister-Kauffman St. Louis, MO
LM Lockheed Aircraft Marietta, GA
LO Lockheed Aircraft Burbank, CA P-38L-5-LO
MA Glenn L. Martin Co. Baltimore, MD
MC McDonnell Aircraft Co. St. Louis, MO
MD Glenn L. Martin Co. Baltimore, MD
MF Glenn L. Martin Co. Orlando, FL
MH McCulloch Motors Los Angeles, CA
MM McDonnell Aircraft Co. Memphis, TN
MIT Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Japan F-86F-40-MIT¹
MO Glenn L. Martin Co. Omaha, NE
NA North American Aviation Inglewood, CA P-51H-5-NA
NC North American Aviation Kansas City, KS
ND Noorduyn Aviation Montreal, QC, Canada
NF North American Aviation Fresno, CA
NH North American Aviation Columbus, OH
NI North American Aviation Downey, CA
NK Nash-Kelvinator Detroit, MI
NO Northrop Co. Hawthorne, CA P-61C-1-NO¹
NT North American Aviation Dallas, TX P-51C-11-NT
NW Northwestern Aeronautical Co. St. Paul, MN
OM On Mark Engineering Van Nuys, CA
PA Piper Lock Haven, PA
PH Piasecki Morton, PA
PI Piper Lockhaven, PA
PI Piasecki Philadelphia, PA
PL Platt-LePage Eddystone, PA
PR Pratt, Read & Co. Deep River, CT
RA Republic Aircraft Co. Evansville, IN P-47D-23-RA
RD Read-York Kenosha, WI
RE Republic Aircraft Co. Farmingdale, Long Island, NY F-84G-21-RE
RI Ridgefield Mfg. Ridgeville, NJ
RO Robertson Aircraft St. Louis, MO
RP The Radioplane Co. Van Nuys, CA
RY Ryan Aeronautical San Diego, CA
SA Stroukoff West Trenton, NJ
SE Seibel Helicopter Wichita, KS
SI Sikorsky Aircraft Co. Stratford, CT
SL St. Louis Aircraft St. Louis, MO
SP Spartan Tulsa, OK
SW Schweizer Elmira, NY
TA Taylorcraft Alliance, OH
TE Temco Dallas, TX
TG Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Greenville, TX
TI Timm Van Nuys, CA
TP Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Grand Prairie, TX
UH United Helicopter Palto Alto, CA
UN Universal Molded Products Bristol, VA
VE Vega Aircraft Corp. Burbank, CA B-17G-60-VE
VI Canadian Vickers Montreal, Canada
VL Vertol Aircraft Morton, PA
VN Vultee Nashville, TN
VO Chance Vought Dallas, TX
VU Vultee Downey, CA
VW Vultee Wayne, MI
WA Ward Furniture Co. Fort Smith, AR
WI Wichita Engineering Wichita Falls, TX
WO Waco Troy, OH


  1. Not designated as such in-game.

(US) Navy

  • A – Brewster
    • F2A-1 Buffalo: Navy Fighter 2, Brewster No. 1
  • C – Curtiss
    • SB2C-4 Helldiver: Navy Scout Bomber 2, Curtiss No. 4
  • D – Douglas
    • SBD-3 Dauntless: Navy Scout Bomber, Douglas No. 3
  • F – Grumman
    • F6F-5 Hellcat: Navy Fighter 6, Grumman No. 5
  • H – McDonnell
    • F2H-2 Banshee: Navy (Jet) Fighter 2, McDonnell No. 2
  • J – North American
    • PBJ-1H Mitchell: Navy Patrol Bomber, North American No. 1
  • M – Martin
    • PBM-3 Mariner: Navy Patrol Bomber, Martin No. 3
  • U – Vought (military designation)
    • OS2U-1 Kingfisher: Navy Observation Scout 2, Vought No.1
  • V – Vought (company designation)
  • Y – Consolidated

(UK) Weaponry

  • BL – Breech-loading (cannon): Usually for (naval) guns of 5 inch calibre and upwards.
  • QF – Quick-firing (cannon): Usually for (naval) guns of up to 5 inch calibre.
  • RP – Remote-powered (control): System of direct unified control of turrets (RP.10: Hydraulic, RP.50: Electric)
  • HA – High-angle (mount): Mounting for large-calibre AA guns.
  • CP – Central-pivot (mount): Mounting for naval guns.
  • BD – Between decks (mount): Low profile mountings, noticeably for being flush with the flight decks on carriers
  • STAAG – Stabilized tachymetric anti-aircraft gun (mount)
  • ADEN – Armament Development Establishment, Enfield
  • RARDEN – Royal Armament, Research and Development Establishment, Enfield
  • pdr – Pounder: Gun designations based on the pound (lb) weight of their projectiles.
  • cwt – Hundredweight (centum weight): Gun designations based on weight (barrel and breech) in cwt (1 cwt = 112 lb)
  • GO – Gas Operated

(US) Weaponry

  • CITV – Commander Independent Thermal Viewer
  • MCLOS – Manual Command to Line of Sight
  • SACLOS – Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight
  • TOW – Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided
  • VADS – Vulcan Air Defense System
  • AN – Army/Navy
  • HB – Heavy Barrel

The 1963 tri-service designation system introduced 3-letter codes for all unmanned guided vehicles (missiles, drones, and probes). This is not a complete list and only contains relevant listings.

First Letter (launch environment) Second Letter (mission type) Third Letter (projectile type) Examples
A – Air-launched G – Surface-Attack M – Missile BGM-71A TOW
AIM-9B Sidewinder
AGM-12B Bullpup
UGM-133 Trident II
MGM-51B Shillelagh
B – Multiple-launched
M – Mobile-launched I – Intercept-Aerial
U – Underwater-launched


  • B – Ball-Point
  • I – Incendiary
  • I-T – Incendiary Tracer
  • IAI – Immediate Action Incendiary
  • FI – Fragmentation Incendiary
  • FI-T – Fragmentation Incendiary Tracer
  • T – Tracer
  • P – Practice
  • PT – Practice Tracer
  • SAP – Semi-Armour-Piercing
  • SAPI – Semi-Armour-Piercing Incendiary
  • AP – Armour-Piercing
  • API – Armour-Piercing Incendiary
  • AP-T – Armour-Piercing Tracer
  • API-T – Armour-Piercing Incendiary Tracer
  • APC – Armour-Piercing Capped
  • APCBC – Armour-Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped
  • APCR – Armour-Piercing Composite Rigid
  • APHE – Armour-Piercing High-Explosive
  • APDS – Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
  • APFSDS – Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
  • HVAP – High-Velocity Armour-Piercing
  • HVAP-T – High-Velocity Armour-Piercing Tracer
  • HE – High-Explosive
  • HEF – High-Explosive Fragmentation
  • HE-I – High-Explosive Incendiary
  • HEFI – High-Explosive Fragmentation Incendiary
  • HEF-T – High-Explosive Fragmentation Tracer
  • HEFI-T – High-Explosive Fragmentation Incendiary Tracer
  • HESH – High-Explosive Squash-Head
  • HEAT – High-Explosive Anti-Tank
  • HEATFS – High-Explosive Anti-Tank Fin-Stabilized
  • ATGM – Anti-Tank Guided Missile
  • GP – General Purpose (bomb)
  • MC – Medium Capacity (bomb)
  • HC – High Capacity (bomb)

(UK) Munition

  • RP – Rocket Projectile

(US) Munition

  • HVAR – High Velocity Aircraft Rocket
  • FFAR – Forward-Firing Aircraft Rocket or Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket
  • WAFAR – Wrap-Around Fin Aerial Rocket
  • SSWAFAR – Spin-Stabilized Wrap-Around Fin Aerial Rocket

(AU) Military

  • RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force

(CA) Military

  • RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force

(NZ) Military

  • RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force

(UK) Military

  • RAF – Royal Air Force
  • RN – Royal Navy
  • FAA – Fleet Air Arm: Royal Navy Air Force

(US) Military

  • USAAF – United States Army Air Force
  • USAF – United States Air Force
  • USMC – United States Marine Corps
  • USN – United States Navy
  • VMF – Marine Fighter Squadron: V – Fixed-wing aircraft, M – Marine Corps, F – Fighter
  • VMA – Marine Attacker Squadron: V – Fixed-wing aircraft, M – Marine Corps, A – Attacker


Finnish abbreviations (quicklinks)
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(FI) Vehicle

(FI) Air Force designations

Finnish Air Force designations are painted on the side of aircraft and acts as the prefix to their airframe number.
Other designations
  • BL – Blenheim (Designation for the Bristol Blenheim, Mk I, Blenheim Mk IV)
  • BU – Bulldog (Designation for the Bristol Bulldog series)
  • CA – Caudron (Designation for the Caudron C.R.714)
  • DK – Draken (Designation for the Saab 35 Draken series)
  • DN – Dornier (Designation for the Dornier Do 17 series)
  • FA – Freccia (Designation for the Fiat G.50 series)
  • FK – Fokker (Designation for the Fokker C.X)
  • GL – Gladiator (Designation for the Gloster Gladiator series)
  • GN – Gnat (Designation for the Folland Gnat)
  • GT – Gauntlet (Designation for the Gloster Gauntlet)
  • HM – Humu (Designation for the VL Humu)
  • HW – Hawk (Designation for the BAE Systems Hawk)
  • IH – Istrebitel Hävittäjät: Istrebitel (Истребитель) Fighter (Designation for the Polikarpov I-15 M-22, I-15bis)
  • IT – Istrebitel Tiedustelulentokoneet: Istrebitel (Истребитель) Reconnaissance aircraft (Designation for the Polikarpov I-153 M-62)
  • JF – Jaktfalken (Designation for the Svenska Aero Jaktfalken series)
  • KH – Kittyhawk (Designation for the Curtis P-40 Kittyhawk series)
  • LG – LaGG (Designation for the Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3 series)
  • MY – Myrsky (Designation for the VL Myrsky series)
  • NH – Neuvostoliittolainen Hinauskone: Soviet Towing-plane (Designation for the IL-28, IL-28R)
  • PE – Petlyakov (Designation for the Petlyakov Pe-2 series and Pe-3 series)
  • SB – Skorostnoi Bombardirovschik: (Скоростной бомбардировщик) High-speed Bomber (Designation for the Tupolev SB 2M series)
  • VA – Vampire (Designation for the de Havilland Vampire Mk 52)
  • VH – Venäläinen Hävittäjät: Russian Fighter (Early designation for the Polikarpov I-15 series)
  • VP – Vänäläinen Pommikoneet: Russian Bomber (Early designation for the Tupolev SB 2M series)
  • VT – Vampire Trainer (Designation for the de Havilland Vampire Mk 55)

(FI) Finnish Armour Registry

Msg-info.png Only in-game equipment will be noted.

The Panssarirekisteri, translated as Armour Registry is an index for Finnish armoured vehicles ranging from recovery vehicles, tanks and other.

  • Ps. 001 - 099 | Armoured Car
  • Ps. 100 - 199 | Light Tank
  • Ps. 200 - 299 | Tank
  • Ps. 300 - 399 | ...
  • Ps. 400 - 499 | Anti-Air
  • Ps. 500 - 599 | Self-propelled guns
  • Ps. 600 - 699 | Armoured personnel carriers
  • Ps. 700 - 799 | Engineering Vehicles

(FI) Weaponry

(FI) Manufacturer/Designer

  • IVL – Ilmailuvoimien Lentokonetehdas: The Air Force's aircraft factory
  • VL – Valtion Lentokonetehdas: State Aircraft factory
  • VKT – Valtion Kivääritehdas: State Rifle factory


French abbreviations (quicklinks)
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French is spoken as a military language in (among others) the following countries:
  • (BE) Belgium
  • (CA) Canada
  • (CH) Switzerland
  • (FR) France







(FR) Vehicle

  • Char – Char de bataille: Battle tank
  • AMC – Automitrailleuse de Combat: Combat machine gun (vehicle)
  • AMD – Automitrailleuse de Découverte: Scout machine gun (vehicle)
  • AMR – Automitrailleuse de Reconnaissance: Scout machine gun (vehicle)
  • AML – Automitrailleuse Légère: Light machine gun (vehicle)
  • DCA – Défense contre avions: Anti-air defence
  • EBR – Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance: Armoured reconnaissance vehicle
  • VTT – Véhicule de transport de troupe: Armoured personnel carrier (literally: Troop transport vehicle)
  • CA – Canon d'assaut: Tank destroyer (literally: Assault cannon)
  • CAu – Canon automoteur: Self-propelled gun
  • CC – Chasseur de Chars: Tank destroyer (literally: Tank hunter)
  • TRC – Tracteur de ravitaillement pour chars: Tank supply tractor
  • RC – Roues-Canon: Wheeled gun (carrier)
  • Mle – Modèle: Model

(FR) Weaponry

  • AAT – Arme Automatique Transformable: general-purpose machine gun
  • SA – Semi-automatique: Semi-automatic (cannon)
  • CA – Canon antiaérien: Anti-aircraft cannon
  • CN – Canon: cannon (tank)
  • CAD – Canon antiaérien double: Twin (mount) anti-aircraft cannon
  • CAQ – Canon antiaérien quadruple: Quad (mount) anti-aircraft cannon
  • T – Tourelle: turret-mounted (aircraft)

(BE) Weaponry

(FR) Munition

  • ACRA – Anti-Char Rapide Autopropulsé:Anti-Tank Quick Self-propelled (missile)
  • Ch.F – Charge Forte: (literally: Strong charge) Designates a shell whose propellant charge is bigger than usual shells. Effects are a higher initial speed, increased penetration but more stress and heating for the cannon.
  • HOT – Haut Subsonique Optiquement Téléguidé: High Subsonic, Optical Remote-Guided, Tube-Launched (missile)
  • OE – Obus Explosif: High-explosive shell
  • OEA – Obus Explosif Acier: High-explosive fuzed (AA) shell
  • OEcl – Obus Eclairant: Illumination shell
  • OPf – Obus Perforant: Armour-piercing shell
  • OPfK – Obus Perforant (avec colorant) K: Armour-piercing naval shell (with type K spotting dye)
  • OFl – Obus Flèche: APDS shell (literally: Dart shell)
  • OCC – Obus Charge Creuse: HEAT shell (literally: Hollow charge shell)
  • PCOT – Perforant Coiffé Ogive Traceur: Armour-piercing Capped Tracer shell
  • POT – Perforant Ogive Traceur: Armour-piercing Tracer shell
  • AA – Air-Air: Air-to-air (missile)
  • AS – Air-Sol: Air-to-ground (missile)
  • SS – Sol-Sol: Ground-to-ground (missile)
  • TP – Traceuse Perforante: Armour-piercing Tracer shell

(FR) Prefix/Suffix

  • bis: Second (iteration)
  • ter: Third (iteration)

(FR) Manufacturer/Designer

  • AMX – Atelier de Construction d'Issy-Les-Moulineaux: Issy-Les-Moulineaux construction workshop
  • APX – Atelier de Puteaux
  • ACL – Atelier et Chantiers de la Loire
  • ARL – Atelier de Construction de Rueil: Rueil construction workshop
  • GIAT – Groupement Industriel de l'Armement Terrestre Industrial group for land weapon systems
  • S/SOMUA – Société d'outillage mécanique et d'usinage d'artillerie: Mechanical tooling and artillery machining company
    • Char de cavalerie SOMUA 1935 S (S.35)
  • NC/SNCAC – Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre
  • SA/SNCASE – Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Est
  • SO/SNCASO – Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest
  • FCM – Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée
  • DEFA – Direction des Études et Fabrications d'Armes
  • MAC – Manufacture d'Armes de Châtellerault: Châtellerault weapons manufacturer
  • FL – Fives-Lille
  • R – Renault
  • H – Hotchkiss
  • L – Lorraine
  • D – Dewoitine
  • C/CR – Caudron(-Renault)
  • MS – Morane-Saulnier
  • F – Farman
  • MB – Marcel Bloch (renamed to Dassault in 1949)
  • MD – Marcel Dassault
  • LeO – Lioré-et-Olivier
  • VG – Arsenal (named after Michel Vernisse and Jean Galtier)
  • VB – Arsenal (named after Michel Vernisse and Michel Badie)
  • HS – Hispano-Suiza

(BE) Manufacturer/Designer

  • FN – Fabrique Nationale Herstal (National Factory Herstal)
  • FRC – Fonderie Royale des Canons (Royal Cannon Foundry)
  • SABCA – Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques: Belgian Limited Company of Aeronautical Constructions
  • SV – Stampe-Vertongen
    • R – Renard (named after Alfred Renard)
      • Renard R.36

(FR) Military

  • BCC – Battalion de Chars de Combat: Battle tank battalion
  • RCC – Régiment de Chars de Combat: Battle tank regiment
  • DCr – Division Cuirassée: Armoured division
  • MN – Marine Nationale: French navy (literally: National navy)
  • FNFL – Forces Navales Françaises Libres: Free French naval forces
  • FAFL – Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres: Free French air forces


German abbreviations (quicklinks)
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German is spoken as a military language in (among others) the following countries:
  • (AT) Austria
  • (CH) Switzerland
  • (DE) Germany
    • (FRG) Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
    • (GDR) German Democratic Republic (East Germany)







(DE) Vehicle

(DE) Ground

  • Pz. – Panzer: Tank (literally: Armour)
    • Wg. – Wagen: Vehicle
    • Kpfw. – Kampfwagen: (literally: Combat vehicle)
    • J./Jg./Jgd. – Jagd Tank destroyer (literally: Hunt)
  • Sp. – Späh: Scout
  • Bfw. – Befehl(s): Command
  • Stu – Sturm: Assault
  • Pz.W./Pz.Wfr. – Panzerwerfer: Multitple rocket launcher (literally: Armoured launcher)
  • VK – Versuchskonstruktion: Trial design (literally: Experimental construction) or Vollketten/Vollkettenfahrzeug: Fully tracked/Fully tracked vehicle
  • E – Entwicklung: Development (refers to the proposed standardised tank development projects)
  • Ausf. – Ausführung: Model
  • Fgst. – Fahrgestell: Chassis
  • Sf./Sfl. – Selbstfahrlafette: Self-propelled gun (literally: Self-propelled carriage)
  • GW – Geschützwagen: (Heavy) self-propelled gun (literally: Gun vehicle)
  • ZgKw – Zugkraftwagen: Truck
  • Zug – Zugkraftwagen: Truck (not to be confused with "Zug", train, or "Zug", platoon)

(GDR) / (FGR) Post-War
  • KPz – Kampfpanzer: Battle tank
  • SPz – Schützenpanzer: Infantry fighting vehicle (literally: Rifleman's tank)
  • SPW — Schützenpanzerwagen: Armoured personnel carrier (literally: Rifleman's armoured vehicle)
  • JPz – Jagdpanzer: Tank destroyer (literally: Hunt tank)
  • RakJPz – Raketenjagdpanzer: (Missile-carrier based) tank destroyer (literally: Rocket hunt tank)
  • VT – Versuchsträger: Test-bed (literally: Experiment carrier)

(DE) Sd.Kfz. Index

Msg-info.png Only in-game available vehicles & relevant base vehicle are noted down

Sonderkraftfahrzeug (abbreviated Sd.Kfz.) was the ordnance inventory designation used by Nazi Germany during World War II for military vehicles ranging from armoured, tracked & half-tracked.

  • Sd.Kfz. 1 – 99: Unarmoured half-tracked vehicles:
  • Sd.Kfz. 100 – 199: Tanks and tank variants, such as tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery:
  • Sd.Kfz. 200 – 299: Reconnaissance vehicles, armoured cars, armoured personnel carriers, and command tanks:
  • Sd.Kfz. 300+: Mine-clearing and demolition charge laying vehicles

(DE) Air

  • StuKa – Sturzkampfflugzeug: Dive bomber (literally: Dive fighting aircraft)
  • PAH – Panzerabwehrhubschrauber: Anti-tank helicopter

(DE) Naval

  • Z – Zerstörer: Destroyer
  • K – Kanonenboot: Gun boat
  • T – Torpedoboot: Torpedo boat
  • R – Räumboot: Mine sweeper
  • S – Schnellboot: Fast attack craft
  • LS – Leichte-Schnellboot: Light fast attack craft
  • VS – Versuchs-Schnellboot: Experimental fast attack craft
  • SF – Siebelfähre: Siebel ferry (named after Friedrich Siebel)
  • AF/AFP – Artilleriefährprahm: Artillery ferry barge
  • MZ – Mehrzweckboot: Multi-purpose boat
  • U – Unterseeboot: Submarine

(CH) Weaponry

  • KDAKanone, Kalibergruppe D, Ausführung A: Cannon, calibre group D (30 mm+), variant A (belt-fed)
  • KADKanone, Kalibergruppe A, Ausführung D: Cannon, calibre group A (20 mm), variant D

(DE) Weaponry

  • FH – Feldhaubitze: Field howitzer
  • IG – Infanteriegeschütz: Infantry gun
  • Sfl – Selbstfahrlafette: Self-propelled gun (literally: Self-propelled mount/chassis)
  • KwK – Kampfwagenkanone: Tank gun (literally: Combat vehicle cannon)
  • PaK – Panzerabwehrkanone: Anti-tank gun (literally: Armour-defence cannon)
  • FlaK/Flak – Flugabwehrkanone/Fliegerabwehrkanone: Anti-air gun (literally: Air-defence cannon)
  • MG – Maschinengewehr: Machine gun (literally: Machine rifle)
  • MG FF – Maschinengewehr Flügel Fest: Machine gun wing-fixed
  • MG FF/M – Maschinengewehr Flügel Fest/Minengeschoß: Machine gun wing-fixed/mineshot
  • MK – Maschinenkanone: Autocannon (literally: Machine cannon), occasionally Motorkanone, cannon firing through an engine
  • SK – Schiffskanone: Ship cannon (originally used as Schnellfeuerkanone: Quick-firing cannon during WWI)
  • TbtK – Torpedobootskanone: Torpedo boat cannon (also used for some destroyer turrets/guns)
  • BK – Bordkanone: Board cannon (large calibre guns equipped on aircraft)
  • BR – Bordrakete: Board rocket (rockets equipped to aircraft)
  • K – Kanone: Cannon
  • T – Torpedo
  • LT – Lufttorpedo: Aerial torpedo (torpedoes used by aircraft)
  • L/ – Länge: Length (refers to calibre-length of gun barrels)
  • C/ – Construktionsjahr: Year of construction (archaic spelling of Konstruktion)
  • L – Lafette: Gun mount
  • DopL – Doppellafette: Twin gun mount (literally: Double mount)
  • DrhL – Drehturmlafette: Turret gun mount (literally: Turntable turret mount)
  • Pz.B. – Panzerbüchse: Anti-tank rifle (literally: Tank rifled gun)

(DE) Munition

  • Gr – Granate: Grenade (synonymous with both shell and shot)
  • Br – Brandkörper: Incendiary charge (literally: Blaze body)
  • KGr – Kanonengranate: Cannon shell (literally: Cannon grenade)
  • PzGr – Panzergranate: Armour-piercing shell (literally: Armour grenade)
  • BrGr – Brandgranate: Incendiary shell (literally: Fire grenade)
  • PzBrGr – Panzerbrandgranate: Armour-piercing incendiary shell (literally: Armour Fire grenade)
  • SpGr – Sprenggranate: High-explosive fragmentation shell (literally: Burst grenade). Sometimes spelled Sprgr.
  • PzSpGr – Panzersprenggranate: Armour-piercing high-explosive shell (literally: Armour burst grenade)
  • HlGr – Hohlladungsgranate: High-explosive anti-tank shell (literally: Hollow-charge grenade)
  • Patr – Patrone: Bullet
  • GrPatr – Granatpatrone: Shell (for 15 and 20 mm munition)
  • SC – Sprengbombe Cylindrisch: General-purpose bomb (archaic spelling of zylindrisch, literally: Burst bomb, cylindrical)
  • SD – Sprengbombe Dickwandig: Semi-armour-piercing bomb (literally: Burst bomb, thick-walled)
  • PC – Panzersprengbombe Cylindrisch: Armour-piercing high-explosive bomb (literally: Armour-bursting bomb, cylindrical)
  • PD – Panzersprengbombe Dickwandig: Heavy armour-piercing bomb (literally: Armour-bursting bomb, thick-walled)
  • LFK – Lenkflugkörper: (Anti-tank) guided missile (literally: Guided flight body)
  • F5W – Torpedo designation: F – 17.7 inch (450 mm) calibre, 5 – roughly 5 meter length, W – whitehead (German designation of Italian F200/450 torpedo)
  • G7a/T 1 – Torpedo designation: G – 21 inch (533 mm) calibre, 7 – roughly 7 meter length, a – steam propulsion, T 1 – Torpedo model number 1
  • L'spur – Leuchtspur: Tracer
  • Zerl. – Zerleger: Self-destroying (literally: Disassambler)
  • Fp – Füllpulver: Explosive filling (literally: Filling powder)
  • DM – Deutsches Modell: German Model (modern designation to differentiate between American M munition)
  • Zt.Z – Zeitzünder: Time fuse
  • Lh – Lichtspurhülse: Base tracer
  • Bd.Z – Bodenzünder: Base fuse. Sometimes spelled Bdz
  • m.Hb – mit Haube: Capped

(DE) Prefix/Suffix

  • le – leicht/leichte/leichter: Light
  • m — mittlere/mittlerer: Medium
  • s – schwer/schwere/schwerer: Heavy
  • gp – gepanzert: Armoured
  • nA – neuer Art: Modernized (literally: New type)
  • U – Umbau: Conversion (kit)
  • R – Rüstsatz: Upgrade (kit)
  • /Trop – Tropen: Tropic (variant with air filters)
  • (Mob) – Mobilmachung: Mobilization (design modification aimed at simplified and thus faster construction)

(DE) Beutepanzer

Many foreign vehicles were captured and used by the Germans during the war and dubbed as Beutepanzer (Lit: Loot Tanks). These would be renamed under German designation, both combat captured and produced within captured countries would follow these designations. Redesignation of both small-arms and cannons follow their own naming and designations. All identification numbers can overlap.

The redesignation of these vehicles would be loosely structured around the overall vehicle type or intended use including for example; year, calibre, pre-existing designation, etc.

  • 200 – Armoured Cars
  • 300 – Half-tracks
  • 400 – Armoured Half-tracks
  • 600 – Fully tracked Artillery Tractors
    • 630 – Armoured Artillery Tractors
  • 700 – Tanks
  • 800 – Self-propelled Guns
Letter code German English
(a) amerikanisch American
(b) belgisch Belgian
(d) dänisch Danish
(e) englisch English
(f) französisch French
(g) griechisch Greek
(h) holländisch Dutch
(i) italienisch Italian
(j) jugoslawisch Yugoslavian
(n) norwegisch Norwegian
(ö) österreichisch Austrian
(p) polnisch Polish
(r) russisch Russian (Soviet)
(s) schweizerisch Swiss
(t) tschechisch Czechoslovakian
(u) ungarisch Hungarian


(DE) Manufacturer/Designer

(DE) Military

  • KM – Kriegsmarine: German navy (literally: War navy)
  • LW – Luftwaffe: German air force (literally: Air weapon)
  • BW – Bundeswehr: (Modern) German army (literally: Federation defence)
  • RLM – Reichsluftfahrtministerium: Ministry of national aviation
  • OKW – Oberkommando der Wehrmacht: High command of the armed forces (Wehrmacht)
  • JG – Jagdgeschwader: Fighter division (literally: hunt division)
  • NJG – Nachtjagdgeschwader: Night fighter division (literally: night hunt division)
  • ZG – Zerstörergeschwader: Heavy fighter division (literally: destroyer division)
  • KG – Kampfgeschwader: Bomber division (literally: fight division)
  • SKG – Schnellkampfgeschwader: Fast bomber division (literally: fast fight division)
  • StG – Sturzkampfgeschwader: Dive bomber division (literally: dive fight division)


(HU) Manufacturer/Designer

  • MÁVAG – Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gépgyára: Hungarian Royal State Railroads' Machine Factory


Italian abbreviations (quicklinks)‎
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(IT) Vehicle

  • P – Pesante: Heavy (tank)
    • P26/40: Heavy tank, 26 tons, model 1940
  • M – Medio: Medium (tank)
    • M15/42: Medium tank, 15 tons, model 1942
  • L – Leggero: Light (tank)
    • L6/40: Light tank, 6 tons, model 1930
  • AB – Autoblinda: Armoured car
    • AB 41: Armoured car, model 1941
  • AS – Autocarro Sahariano: Saharan Truck
  • CV – Carro Veloce: Tankette (literally: Fast cart)
  • R – Ricognizione: Reconnaissance (vehicle)
  • SIDAM – Sistema Italiano di Difesa Aerea Mobile: Italian system for mobile air-defence
  • VCC - Veicolo da Combattimento Corazzato: Armoured Combat Vehicle
  • VBC - Veicolo Blindato da Combattimento: Armoured Fighting Vehicle

(IT) Manufacturer/Designer

Acronym Company Note / Translation Example
Air vehicles
C.R. Caccia Rosatelli (Fighter) named after Celestino Rosatelli FIAT C.R.42
B.R. Bombardiere Rosatelli (Bomber) named after Celestino Rosatelli FIAT B.R.20
G. named after Giuseppe Gabrielli FIAT G.50
Società Anonima Costruzioni
Aeronautiche Savoia
Savoy Aeronautical Constructions Company Savoia S.81
Marchetti named after Alessandro Marchetti Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79
P. Piaggio Piaggio P.108
M.C. (Aeronautica) Macchi Aeronautics Machi Macchi M.C.200
Castoldi named after Mario Castoldi
Ba. Società Italiana Ernesto Breda Italian Company Ernesto Breda Breda Ba.65
Re. Officine Meccaniche Reggiane SpA Technical Bureau Reggiane Subsidiary Reggiane Re.2000
CANT Z. Cantieri Aeronautici e Navali Triestini Aeronautical and naval yard Trieste CANT Z.1007
Zappata named after Filippo Zappata
Ro. Industrie Meccaniche e
Aeronautiche Meridionali
Southern Mechanical and
Aeronautical industries
IMAM Ro.57
Aeroplani Romeo named after the initial company name
(Romeo Aircraft)
AB Agusta-Bell AB 205A-1
A Agusta A.109EOA-2
Ground vehicles
OTO Odero-Terni-Orlando OTOMATIC
FIAT Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino Italian automobile factory Turin FIAT 6614
SAFAT Società Anonima Fabbrica Armi Torino Turin arms factory incorporated company Breda-SAFAT (12.7 mm)

(IT) Weaponry

  • SR – Senza Rinculo: Recoilless (gun)

(IT) Prefix/Suffix

Affix Meaning Translation Example
A Artigliere Artillery P.108A
AS Aerosilurante Air torpedo G.55S
Africa Settentrionale North Africa (trop. Filter) Bf 109 G-14/AS
B Bombardiere Bomber P.108B
CB Caccia Bombardiere Fighter-Bomber Re.2001 CB
CC Contro Carro Anti-Tank (rifle) L3/33 CC
CN Caccia Notturno Night-Fighter Re.2001 CN
EC Esperimento Cannoni Experimental Cannons C.202EC
N Normale Normal S.M.79 bis/N
Nuovo New C.205N2
TM Totalmente Modificato Completely Modified S.M.79 bis/T.M
CIO Caccia Intercettore Ogni tempo Fighter-Interceptor All-time F-104S
CBO Caccia Bombardiere Ogni tempo Fighter-Bomber All-time


Japanese abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Japanese is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (JP) Japan
    • (IJA) Imperial Japanese Army
    • (IJN) Imperial Japanese Navy
    • (SDF) Japanese Self Defense Forces
  • (MAN) (Former) Manchukuo/Manchuria
  • And other former puppet states


Weaponry and munition


(JP) Calendar and Type Numbers
  • Japanese Imperial Year: Starts with the founding of Japan in 660 BC
  • Japanese Era Name (年号): Literally "year name" are names given to (usually) reign periods of Japanese Emperors.
  • Shisaku number: After the shift of using nengō years, the navy re-adopted the use of nengō for their prototype planes to distinguish them from adopted models.
Year Japanese


Meiji 1

Meiji 44
Type 1

Type 44


Taishō 1

Taishō 15
Type 1

Type 15
1927 2587 Shōwa 2 Type 87
1928 2588 Shōwa 3 Type 88
1929 2589 Shōwa 4 Type 89
1930 2590 Shōwa 5 Type 90
1931 2591 Shōwa 6 Type 91 6-Shi
1932 2592 Shōwa 7 Type 92 7-Shi
1933 2593 Shōwa 8 Type 93 8-Shi
1934 2594 Shōwa 9 Type 94 9-Shi
1935 2595 Shōwa 10 Type 95 10-Shi
1936 2596 Shōwa 11 Type 96 11-Shi
1937 2597 Shōwa 12 Type 97 12-Shi
1938 2598 Shōwa 13 Type 98 13-Shi
1939 2599 Shōwa 14 Type 99 14-Shi
1940 2600 Shōwa 15 Type 100
Type 0
1941 2601 Shōwa 16 Type 1 16-Shi
1942 2602 Shōwa 17 Type 2 17-Shi
1943 2603 Shōwa 18 Type 3 18-Shi
1944 2604 Shōwa 19 Type 4 19-Shi
1945 2605 Shōwa 20 Type 5 20-Shi




Shōwa Type 46

Type 60

Type 89




Heisei Type 89
Type 90

Type 93

Type 19


Reiwa Type 19


(JP) Vehicle

(JP) Air

(JP) Variants (small-scale modifications)
Japanese Latin
Kanji Romaji
1 コウ a
2 オツ Otsu b
3 ヘイ Hei c
4 テイ Tei d
Not used in practice
5 Bo e
6 Ki f
7 コウ g
8 シン Shin h
9 ジン Jin i
10 Ki j

(IJA) Army

  • Ki – Kitai: Airframe
    • Ki-10-I – Army Type 95 Model 1 Fighter
    • Ki-43-II – Army Type 1 Model 2 Fighter


  • Kitai numbering is purely for Airframe/Prototype indexing. Official designation of planes went through Type designation + role.
  • Japanese names for Army planes are popular nicknames for pilots and civilians alike, as they were popularized with Japanese documentaries and propaganda. Unlike Navy planes, these are not part of the official plane designation.
    • Other Japanese nicknames for planes are:
(IJA) Nicknames
  • Ki-43Hayabusa (隼, Peregrine falcon)
  • Ki-44Shoki (鍾馗, Demon)
  • Ki-45Toryū (屠龍, Dragonslayer)
  • Ki-49Donryū (呑龍, Storm Dragon)
  • Ki-61Hien (飛燕, Flying Swallow)
  • Ki-67Hiryū (飛龍, Flying Dragon)
  • Ki-84Hayate (疾風, Gale)
  • Ki-200Shusui (秋水, Sharp Sword)

(IJN) Navy

In the late 1920s, The navy adopted a short designation naming scheme to indicate the role and manufacturer of the plane.

(IJN) First letters (role)
Letter Japanese Role Example
A 艦上戦闘機 Carrier-based fighter plane A6M
B 艦上攻撃機 Carrier-based attack bomber B5N
C 艦上偵察機 Carrier-based reconnaissance plane C6N*
D 艦上爆撃機 Carrier-based dive bomber D4Y
E 水上偵察機 Ship-based reconnaissance hydroplane E13A
F 水上観測機 Ship-based observation hydroplane F1M
G 陸上攻撃機 Land-based attack bomber G4M
H 飛行艇 Flying boat H6K
J 陸上戦闘機 Land-based fighter plane J2M
K 練習機 Trainer K10W*
L 輸送機 Transport L2D*
M 特殊機 Special purpose M6A*
N 水上戦闘機 Fighter hydroplane N1K
P 陸上爆撃機 Land-based bomber P1Y
Q 哨戒機 Patrol plane Q1W*
R 陸上偵察機 Land-based reconnaissance plane R2Y
S 夜間戦闘機 Night fighter S1A*
X 実験 Experiment (Special Purpose) JXFw (Fw 190)


  • All (But X) can be added to an already existing plane as a suffix to indicate a role refit:
  • X will always be directly after the first designation, replacing the type-number.
  • * – Planes that aren't in-game
(IJN) Second letters (manufacturers/designers)
Letter Japanese Manufacturer Foreign Manufacturer Foreign Example
A Aichi North American KXA (NA-16)
B Boeing AXB (P-12 / F4B)
Bu Bücker KXBu (Bü 131)
C Consolidated HXC (P2Y)
D Showa Douglas




AXD (D.500)

DXD (Northrop BT)

F Fairchild LXF (Fairchild 91)
Fw Focke-Wulf JXFw (Fw 190)
G Hitachi Grumman AXG (Grumman F)
H Hiro Hawker AXH (Nimrod)
He Heinkel AXHe (He 100)
J Nihon Junkers LXJ (Ju 86)
K Kawanishi Kinner LXK (Kinner Envoy)
M Mitsubishi Airspeed LXM (Airspeed Envoy)
N Nakajima
P Nihon
S Sasebo
Si Showa
V Vought AXV (V-141)
W Wanatabe (Kyushu)
Y Yokosuka
Z Mizuno
(IJN) Full and Model designation

After 1929, aircraft of the Japanese navy were designated by Type designation same as army planes together with model designation to indicate variant information.

  • A6M3 mod. 22Ko – Type 0 Carrier Fighter Model 22A (Kō)
    • Model 22A (Kō) – 2nd airframe / wing refit
    • Model 22 (Kō) – 2nd engine refit
    • Model 22A (Kō) – 1st small-scale refit (armament) (check Heavenly stems)
(IJN) Official name designation

After July 1943, adopted planes got a name instead of a full type and model designation.

  • Fighters: Weather and meteorological names
  • Naval fighters: Wind names (usually ending with or 「風」)
  • Night fighters: Light names (usually ending in ko「光」)
  • Bombers: Star or constellation names (usually ending in sei「星」)
  • Land-based Bombers: Galaxy names (usually ending in ga「河」)
  • Patrol: Sea or ocean names (usually ending in kai「海」or yo「洋」)
  • Reconnaissance: Cloud names (usually ending in un「雲」)
  • Trainers: Trees, plants and flowers
  • Transports: Sky names (usually ending in ku「空」)
  • H8K-L Seikū (晴空, Clear Sky) (not in-game variant)
  • Miscellaneous: Landscape names
  • Purpose-built kamikaze aircraft: Flower names (usually ending in ka「花」)


Basically based on the US military aircraft naming regulations as the Self-Defense Forces have been established on the basis of the US Military.

  • X: Experimental (実験・試作)
    • Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin'
Mission Role
  • C: Cargo (輸送機)
  • E: Electronic Warfare (電子戦機)
  • F: Fighter (戦闘機)
    • Mitsubishi F-1
  • K: Tanker (空中給油)
  • L: Liaison (連絡機)
  • M: Mine Sweeper (掃海)
  • O: Observation (観測)
  • P: Patrol (哨戒機)
  • R: Reconnaissance (偵察機)
  • S: Anti-Submarine (対潜機)
  • T: Training (練習機)
    • Mitsubishi T-2
  • U: Utility (救難、捜索又は多用途)
Vehicle Type
  • H: Helicopter (ヘリコプター)
    • Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja
  • S: Seaplane (飛行艇)
  • V: VTOL (ティルトローター機)
  • G: Glider (グライダー)

(JP) Ground

(IJA) Army

(IJA) Order system

Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Romaji I Ro Ha Ni Ho He To Chi Ri Nu Ru O
  • The chosen order of vehicles was based on the Japanese poem Iroha (いろは) in Katakana, which contains each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once. (A total of 47)
  • The first (3) adopted Japanese tanks were designated only by order without a role:
    • Type 89 I-Go – 1st model of the Imperial Japanese year 2589 (1929)
    • Type 95 Ro-Go – 2nd model of the Imperial Japanese year 2595 (1935)
    • Type 95 Ha-Go – 3rd model of the Imperial Japanese year 2595 (1935)

(IJA) Vehicle type

Japanese English
Romaji Katakana Kanji Literal Role
Ke 軽 (Kei) Light Light tank
Chi 中 (Chū) Medium Medium tank
O 大 (Ō) Large Heavy Tank
Ho 砲 (Hō) Gun SPG

Other (Don't follow order system):


(SDF) Prototype designations

2 years after the start of the JSDF (1956) until the 1980s; the JGSDF used 2 letter code prototype codes starting at SS and going further alphabetically:

  • SSExperimental Tracked Armored Vehicle developed into: Type 60 SPRG
  • ST(A)Experimental Medium Special Vehicle developed into: Type 61 MBT
  • SUExperimental Armored Transport developed into: Type 60 APC
    • SUB developed into: Type 73 APC
  • SVExperimental Self-Propelled Mortar developed into: Type 60 SPM (81 mm)
  • SWExperimental Mine-Disposal Vehicle
  • SXExperimental Self-Propelled Howitzer developed into: Type 60 SPM (107 mm)
  • SYExperimental Self-Propelled Gun developed into: Type 56 SPH (105 mm)
  • SZExperimental Special Transport Vehicle

(JP) Naval

(IJN) Naming convention

Ships usually maintain their original name as laid down if a ship-type reclassification / remodel happened.

  • Carriers — names related to flying animals, actual or mythological
  • Shōkaku (翔鶴, Soaring Crane)
  • Battleshipprovinces, or alternate names of Japan
  • Settsu (摂津, Settsu Province)
  • Ise (伊勢, Ise Province)
  • Hyūga (日向, Hyūga Province)
  • Fusō (扶桑, Fusang (Classical name for Japan))
  • Yamashiro (山城, Yamashiro Province)
  • Battlecruisers and heavy cruisers — mountains
  • Ikoma (生駒, Mount Ikoma)
  • Kurama (鞍馬, Mount Kurama)
  • Kongō (金剛, Mount Kongō)
  • Haruna (榛名, Mount Haruna)
  • Furutaka (古鷹, Mount Furutaka)
  • Aoba (青葉, Mount Aoba)
  • Myōkō (妙高, Mount Myōkō)
  • Light cruisers — river names
  • Kuma (球磨, River Kuma)
  • Isuzu (五十鈴, River Isuzu)
  • Sendai (川内, River Sendai)
  • Yūbari (夕張, River Yūbari)
  • Agano (阿賀野, River Agano)
  • Converted to Heavy Cruisers:
  • Kako (加古, River Kako)
  • Mogami (最上, River Mogami)
  • Mikuma (三隈, River Mikuma)
  • Suzuya (鈴谷, River Suzuya)
  • Tone (利根, River Tone)
  • Training cruisers — Shinto shrines
  • Destroyers — weather, wind, tide, current, wave, moon, season, other natural phenomenon, plants
  • Torpedo boats: birds
  • Submarines — number sequence starting off the Iroha
  • 1st-Class: I-1 — ...
  • 2nd-Class: Ro-1 — ...
  • 3rd-Class: Ha-1 — ...
  • Gunboats: places of scenic beauty and historic interest
  • Coast defence ship/Escort ships: islands
  • Shōnan (昭南, Singapore Island)
  • Submarine tenders — whales
  • Seaplane tenders — abstract noun, idiomatic word, notable achievement vessels in past war(s)

(JMSDF) Naming convention

(Note: Unlike the IJN, ship names are in Hiragana instead of Kanji)

  • Helicopter destroyers and Helicopter carriers (DDH) — traditional provinces and mountains
  • Guided missile destroyers (DDG) — mountains and weather terms
  • Small destroyers (DD) — weather terms
  • Frigates (DE) — rivers (early on weather terms)
  • Submarines (SS) — ocean currents and legendary auspicious animals
  • Replenishment oilers (AOE) — lakes
  • Amphibious transport docks and Troopships (LST) — peninsulas

(JP) Weaponry and munition

Like most Japanese military equipment, weapons and munitions are usually just designated with by Type-designation + Role.

(IJN) Manufacturer/Designer

Initially imported or licence built weapons were designated by manufacturer, but would later be simplified under the standardized Japanese Navy convention:


(PL) Vehicle

(PL) Ground

  • TK – Tankietka: Tankette
  • TP – X-Tonowy, Polski: X-Tons Polish
    • 7TP
  • wz. – wzór pattern

(PL) Naval

  • ORP – Okręt Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej: Warship of the Republic of Poland (honorific styling)


Romanian abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Romanian is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (RO) Romania


(RO) Vehicle

(RO) Ground

  • TACAM – Tun Anticar pe Afet Mobil: Anti-tank gun on mobile gun carriage
    • TACAM R-2
    • TACAM T-60

(RO) Air

  • JIS – Jumo Italian Savoia-Marchetti Italian manufactured S.M.79's with Jumo engines
    • JIS-79B
  • JRS – Jumo Romanian Savoia-Marchetti Romanian manufactured S.M.79's with Jumo engines
    • JRS-79B

(RO) Manufacturer/Designer

  • IAR – Industria Aeronautică Română: Romanian Aeronautic Industry
  • SET – Societatea Pentru Exploatări Technice: Technical Development Society
  • S – Savoia-Marchetti
    • S-79B Romanian Designation Of S.M.79 B


Russian abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Historical Name



(RU) Vehicle

(RU) Ground

Abbreviation Russian Translated Role Example
T Танк Tank T-34
SU Самоходная установка Self-propelled mount SPG SU-122
ISU Self-propelled mount based on IS-series tanks SPG ISU-152
ASU Авиадесантная самоходная установка Airborne self-propelled mount Airborne SPG ASU-57
ZSU Зенитная самоходная установка Zenithal self-propelled installation SPAA ZSU-37
ZPRK Зенитный пушечно-ракетный комплекс Zenithal missile-gun system SAM ZPRK 2S6
BT Быстроходный танк Fast-moving tank LT BT-7
RBT Ракетный быстроходный танк Rocket fast-moving tank LT RBT-5
BA Бронеавтомобиль Armoured car AC BA-11
BTR Бронетранспортёр Armoured transporter APC BTR-152A
BM Боевая Машина Combat machine MLRS BM-13N
BMP Боевая Машина Пехоты Infantry combat machine IFV BMP-1
BMD Боевая Машина Десанта Airborne combat machine Airborne IFV BMD-4
PT Плавающий танк Floating tank Amphibious LT PT-76B
IT Истребитель танков (Missile) Tank fighter TD IT-1

(RU) Object List

Object (Объект) indexing was used in the Soviet and Russian tank industry for the ministry of defence to index tank designs, starting from prototype/design stage to production variants. They're not used chronologically and were until 1959 not mandatory for companies to be used, after which the ministry would index all new tank designs to even through the Russian Federation.

  • 1 — 99 - Gorky Automobile Factory (GAZ)
  • 100 — 199 - Ural Railway Car Building Factory (Uralvagonzavod plant №183)
  • 201 — 299 - Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ)
  • 300 — 349 - Ural Plant of Transport Engineering (UZTM)
  • 400 — 499 - Malyshev Factory (HZTM)
  • 500 - Omsktransmash (plant №174)
  • 501 — 549 - Rubtsovsk Engineering Works
  • 550 — 599 - Mytishchi Machine Building Factory (MMZ)
  • 600 — 699 - Kurgan Engineering Factory (KMZ)
  • 700 — 799 - Chelyabinsk Kirov (Tractor) Plant (ChKZ, ChTZ)
  • 800 — 849 - Various
  • 850 — 899 - Moscow Automobile Factory (ZIS, ZIL)
  • 900 — 999 - Stalingrad (Volgograd) Tractor Factory (STZ, VgTZ)
  • 1000 — 1050 - Kutaisi Automotive Factory (KAZ)


(RU) 1960 (Current)
Msg-info.png Only vehicle relevant equipment will be noted down - the index if far larger than this example list.


  1. Radio and electronics equipment
  2. Artillery systems
  3. Artillery ammunition, rockets
  4. Artillery propelling charges
  5. Air defence equipment
  6. Infantry armament
  7. Infantry ammunition
  8. Rocket technology
  9. Rocket armament
  10. Equipment
  11. Rocket and space technology
  12. Rocket and space equipment
  13. Space Facilities
  14. Rocket and space technology
  15. Rocket technology
  16. Strategic Missile Forces equipment
  17. Rocket and space equipment
  18. Rocket and space technology
Div. Letter Role Equipment Name (Note) (Equipped on)
1 A Automated Fire Control Devices 1A7 PLK-2 Tobol ZSU-23-4
B Meteorological, Sonometric, and Seismic Reconnaissance Equipment 1B12 (Thermometer) T-64A
RL Radar & Radio Equipment 1RL34 ZSU-37-2
P Weapon Sights 1P67-1 (TV-sight) T-80BVM
PZ Anti-Aircraft Optics 1PZ3 BMP-2
2 A Artillery 2A70 BMP-3
K Battle group archetype 2K22 Tunguska Group centered around 2S6
S Self-propelled gun system 2S25 Sprut-SD
3 BK HEATFS projectiles 3BK12M 2A46M
BM APDS Projectiles 3BM60 Svinets-2 2A46M-5
V Fuses 3V21 3OF26
OF HE Projectiles 3OF26 2A46M-1
D Smoke Projectiles 3D3 D-10T2S
6 P Firearms 6P49 Kord-T T-90A
G Grenade launchers 6G26 (AG-30) BMP-2M
7 P Grenade launcher ammunition 7P36 Naib (VOG-30) 6G30 (AG-30)
9 K (Missile) Systems 9K123 Khrizantema-S 9P157-2
M Missiles 9M113 Gaboy BMP-1
P Launchers 9P149

(RU) Air

Prior to 1941, the USSR used a letter code system to identify aircraft by their role and function. This was phased out quickly in favor of manufacturer codes, although numerous aircraft retained their letter codes.
The list below is by no means comprehensive. The naming system was done more on a "case-by-case" basis and was less methodical than this list may imply, and also had numerous exceptions or one-off design classifications.

Base Models

  • A – Avtozhir (Autogyro)
    • A-4
  • ARK – Arktichyeskii (Arctic Exploration Aircraft)
    • ARK-3
  • B - Bombardirovshchik (Bomber)
    • No aircraft were assigned the index "B" only
  • I – Istrebitel (Fighter)
  • G – Gruzovoi (Cargo)
  • R – Razvedchik (Reconnaissance)
    • R-5
  • S – Samolyot (Aircraft)
    • No aircraft were assigned the "S" index only
  • Sh – Shturmovik (Ground attacker)
    • No aircraft were assigned the index "Sh" only
  • T – Torpedonosets (Torpedo (bomber))
    • T-1
  • U – Uchebny (Trainer)
  • VIT – Vozdushnyi Istrebitel Tankov (Flying Tank Destroyer)
    • VIT-2

Prefix Modifiers

  • B – Blizhniy (Short-range)
    • BB-1 (Short-range bomber)
    • BI (Short-range fighter)
  • B – Bronirovannyi (Armoured)
    • BSh-2 (Armoured ground attacker)
  • D – Dvukhmestnyi (Two-seat)
    • DI-8 (Two-seat fighter)
  • D – Dalniy (Long-range)
    • DB-3 (Long-range bomber)
  • F – Frontovoy (Frontline)
    • FB (Frontline bomber)
  • G – Gydro (Hydro)
    • GST (Hydroplane transport)
  • K – Korablennyi (Shipborne)
    • KR-1 (Shipborne reconnaissance)
  • K – Kreiser (Cruiser)
    • KR-6 (Cruiser reconnaissance)
  • KO – Korablennyi (Shipborne)
    • KOR-1 (Shipborne reconnaissance)
  • L – Lyogki (Light)
    • LBSh (Light armoured ground attacker)
  • M – Morskoi (Marine/seaplane)
    • MBR-2 (Marine short-range reconnaissance)
    • MDR-2 (Marine long-range reconnaissance)
  • P – Pikiruyuschii (Dive)
    • PB (Dive bomber)
  • P – Passazhirskii (Passenger)
    • PS-41 (Passenger aircraft)
  • S – Skorostnoi (Fast)
    • SB (Fast bomber)
    • SPB (Fast dive bomber)
  • Sh – Shturmovoi (Ground attack)
    • ShB (Ground attack bomber)
  • T – Tiazholyi (Heavy)
    • TB-3 (Heavy bomber)
    • TIS (Heavy fighter-escorter)

Suffix Modifiers

  • OM – Otkrytogo Morya (Open sea)
    • ROM-1
  • P – Pushechny (Cannon)
    • ITP (Fighter heavy cannon)
  • PL – dlya Podvodnikh Lodok (for Submarines)
    • SPL (Aircraft for submarines)
  • S – Soprovozhdenya (Escorter)
    • TIS (Heavy fighter escorter)
    • DIS (Twin-seat fighter escorter)
  • S – Skladnoi (Folding)
    • IS-1
  • T – Transportnyj (Transporter)
    • GST (Hydroplane transporter)
  • T – Trenirivochnyi (Advanced (trainer))
    • UT-3 (Advanced trainer)
    • UTI-26 (Advanced trainer fighter)

(RU) Naval

  • MO – Malyi Okhotnik: Small submarine chaser (literally: Small hunter)
  • BMO – Bronirovanny Malyi Okhotnik: Armoured small submarine chaser (literally: Armed small hunter)
  • MPK – Malyi Protivolodochnoi Korabl: Small anti-submarine ship
  • MBK – Morskoi Bronekater: Armoured gunboat (literally: Naval combat cutter)
  • SKR – Storozhevoi Korabl: Observation ship

(RU) Weaponry

  • UB – Universalniy Berezina: Berezin universal (MG)
  • DP – Degtyarov Pulemyot: Degtyarov MG
  • DT – Degtyarov Tankovy: Degtyarov tank (MG)
  • DA – Degtyarov Aviatsonny: Degtyarov airplane (MG)
  • PV – Pulemet Vozdushny: Airborne MG
  • ShKAS – Shpitalny-Komaritski Aviatsionny Skorostrelny: Shpitalny-Komaritsky airplane rapid-fire (MG)
  • DShK – Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny: Degtyarov-Shpagin large-calibre (MG)
  • A – Afanasev (MG)
  • B – Berezin (autocannon)
  • Yak-B – Yakushev-Borzov (MG)
  • ShVAK – Shpitalny-Vladimirov Aviatsionny Krupnokaliberny: Shpitalny-Vladimirov airplane large-calibre (autocannon)
  • TNSh – Tankovy Nudelman-Shpitalny: Nudelman-Shpitalny tank (autocannon)
  • PTB – Pushka Taubin-Baburin: Taubin-Baburin cannon
  • VYa – Volkov-Yartsev (autocannon)
  • NS – Nudelman-Suranov (autocannon)
  • NR – Nudelman-Rikhter (autocannon)
  • GSh – Gryazev-Shipunov (autocannon)
  • N-37D – Nudelman 37 mm Dulny tormoz: Nudelman 37 mm (autocannon with) muzzle brake
  • KPVT – Krupnokaliberniy Pulemyot Vladimirova Tankovy: Vladimirov large-calibre tank MG
  • ZPU – Zenitnaya Pulemotnaya Ustanovka: Anti-aircraft MG mount
  • NSVT – Nikitina-Sokolova-Volkova Tankovy: Nikitin-Sokolov-Volkov tank (MG)
  • PKT – Pulemyot Kalashnikova Tankovy: Kalashnikov tank MG
  • SGMT – Stankovy Goryunova Modernizirovany Tankovy: Goryunov modernized mounted tank (MG)
  • 20-K – Gun No. 20 of the Korolyov factory
  • L-11 – Gun No. 11 of the Leningrad factory

(RU) Munition

  • BR – Broneboyny: Armour-piercing (shell)
  • BZ – Broneboyny Zazhigatelny: Armour-piercing incendiary (shell)
  • BZT – Broneboyny Zazhigatelny Trassiruyushchy: Armour-piercing incendiary tracer (shell)
  • PB – Polu Broneboyny: Semi armour-piercing (shell)
  • O – Oskolochny: Fragmentation (shell)
  • OZ – Oskolochno Zazhigatelny: Fragmentation incendiary (shell)
  • OZT – Oskolochno Zazhigatelny Trassiruyushchy: Fragmentation incendiary tracer (shell)
  • OF – Oskolochno Fugasny: High-explosive fragmentation (shell)
  • Sh – Shrapnel (shell)
  • FAB – Fugasnaya Aviatsionnaya Bomba: High-explosive aircraft bomb
  • OFAB – Oskolochno Fugasnaya Aviatsionnaya Bomba: High-explosive fragmentation aircraft bomb
  • RS – Reaktivny Snaryad: Rocket (literally: Rocket-powered projectile)
  • RBS – Reaktivny Broneboyny Snaryad: Armour-piercing rocket (literally: Rocket-powered armour-piercing projectile)

(RU) Prefix/Suffix

  • Oby. – Obyekt: Object (tank prototype)
  • Pr. – Proyekt: Project (ship design program)
  • E – Ekranami: Up-armoured (literally: With screens)
  • M – Modernizirovany: Modernized
  • S – Skorokhodnuyu: Lightened (literally: Fast)
  • SP – Soprovzhdeniya Pekhoty: Infantry support
  • U – Uluchshenny: Improved
  • V – Vzryvnoy: Explosive (Reactive Armour)
  • T – Torpedonosets: Torpedo bomber

(RU) Historical Name

  • IS – Iosef Stalin (tank)
  • KV – Kliment Voroshilov (tank)
  • SMK – Sergey Mironovich Kirov (tank)

(RU) Manufacturer/Designer

  • ACh – Aleksei Charomsky
  • AM – Aleksandr Mikulin
  • ANT – Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev
  • Ar – Arkhangelsky
  • BI – Bereznyak-Isayev
    • Bereznyak-Isayev BI
  • GAZ – Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod: Gorky Automobile Factory
  • Il – Ilyushin
  • KS – Krasnoye Sormovo
  • La – Lavochkin
  • LaGG – Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov
  • M – Myasishchev
  • MAI – Moskovsky Avyatsyonny Instytut Moscow Aviation Institute
  • Mi – Mil
  • MiG – Mikoyan-Gurevich
  • OKB – Opytno-Konstruktorskoye Buro: Experimental Design Bureau
  • Pe – Petlyakov
  • Po – Polikarpov
  • STZ – Stalingradsky Traktoriy Zavod: Stalingrad Tractor Factory
  • Su – Sukhoi
  • Tu – Tupolev
  • VK – Vladimir Klimov
  • Yak – Yakovlev
  • Yer – Yermolayev
  • ZiS – Zavod imeni Stalina: Factory named after Stalin

(RU) Military

  • VVS – Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily: Soviet air force (literally: Military air force)
  • VMF – Voyenno-Morskoy Flot: Soviet Navy (literally: Military maritime fleet)
  • SA – Sovetskaya Armiya: Soviet army
  • IAP – Istrebitelny Aviatsionny Polk: Fighter air regiment
  • GvIAP – Gvardeysky Istrebitelny Aviatsionny Polk: Guards fighter air regiment
  • ShAP – Shturmovoy Aviatsionny Polk: Ground attack air regiment


Spanish abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Spanish is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (AR) Argentina
  • (ES) Spain


(AR) Vehicle

(AR) Ground

  • TAM – Tanque Argentino Mediano: Argentine Medium Tank

(AR) Manufacturer/Designer

  • FAdeA – Fábrica Argentina de Aviones: Argentine Aircraft Factory
    • Ae – Dirección General de Aerotécnica: Directorate General of Aerotechnics (1927–1936)
    • FMA – Fábrica Militar de Aviones: Military Aircraft Factory (1938–1943)
    • IAe – Instituto Aerotecnico: AeroTechnical Institute (1943–1952)
    • IA – meaning not specified (1952 to present)
  • IAME – Industrias Aeronáuticas y Mecánicas del Estado: State Aeronautical and Mechanical Industries (1951-1956)
    • DINFIA – Dirección Nacional de Fabricación e Investigación Aeronáutica: National Directorate of Aeronautical Manufacturing and Research (1956-1967)
    • IME – Industrias Mecánicas del Estado: State Mechanical Industries (1967 to present)

(ES) Manufacturer/Designer

  • AC – Aerotécnica: Aerotechnic
  • AISA – Aeronáutica Industrial SA.: Aeronautical Industrial SA.
  • CASA – Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA.: Aeronautical Constructions SA.
    • CASA 2.111 (Spanish Licensed He 111)
  • HA – Hispano Aviación: Hispanic Aviation
    • HA-1109 (Spanish Licensed Bf 109)
    • HA-1112 (Spanish Modified Bf 109)


Swedish abbreviations (quicklinks)
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Swedish is spoken as a military language in the following countries:
  • (FI) Finland
  • (SE) Sweden





(SE) Vehicle

(SE) Ground

vagn (wagon) indicates that the vehicle is "tracked" while bil (from Automobile, car) indicates that the vehicle is "wheeled".

  • strv – stridsvagn: Tank (literally: Combat wagon)
  • strf – stridsfordon: (Heavy) infantry fighting vehicle (literally: Combat vehicle)
  • tgdb – terrängdragbil: Off-road tractor unit (literally: Terrain pull-car)
  • sav – stormartillerivagn: Assault gun (pre 1950s designation, literally: Assault artillery wagon)
  • ikv – infanterikanonvagn: Assault gun (post 1950s designation, literally: Infantry cannon wagon)
  • pvkv – pansarvärnskanonvagn: Tracked self-propelled anti-tank gun (literally: Anti-armour cannon wagon)
  • lvkv – luftvärnskanonvagn: Tracked self-propelled anti-air gun (literally: Anti-air cannon wagon)
  • pvrbv – pansarvärnsrobotvagn: Tracked self-propelled anti-tank missile (literally: Anti-armour robot wagon)
  • lvrbv – luftvärnsrobotvagn: Tracked self-propelled anti-air missile (literally: Anti-air robot wagon)

(SE) Air

  • fpl – flygplan: Aeroplane
  • hkp – helikopter Helicopter

(SE) Prefix/Suffix

(SE) Air force

  • A – Attack: Strike Aircraft/Attacker
  • B – Bomb: Bomber
  • J – Jakt: Pursuit Aircraft/Fighter (Jakt = Pursuit)
  • S – Spaning: Reconnaissance Aircraft (Spaning = Scouting)
  • SK – Skol: Trainer Aircraft (Skol = School)
  • T – Torped: Torpedo Bomber
  • Ö – Övning: Advanced Trainer Aircraft (Övning = Practice)

(SE) Ground projects

  • VEAK – Vagn Eldledning AutomatKanon: Wagon Fire-control AutoCannon (literall)
  • UDES – Underlagsgrupp Direkt Eld Stridsfordon: Material group Direct Fire Combat vehicle (literall)

(SE) Weaponry

(SE) Munition

  • gr – granat: Grenade (synonymous with shell)
  • prj – projektil: Projectile (often as a substitute for fullprj – fullprojektil) Solid projectile (literally: Full projectile)
  • sl – spårljus: Tracer (literally: Track light)
  • pprj – pansarprojektil: Armour-piercing projectile (literally: Armour projectile)
  • pgr – pansargranat: Armour-piercing shell (literally: Armour grenade)
  • hpgr – halvpansargranat: Semi-armour-piercing shell (literally: Half armour grenade)
  • sgr – spränggranat: High-explosive shell (literally: Burst grenade)
  • spgr- sprängpansargranat: High-Explosive Squash-Head shell (literally: Burst armour grenade)
  • psgr – pansarspränggranat: High-Explosive Anti-Tank shell (literally: Armour burst grenade)
  • rökgr – rökgranat: Smoke shell (literally: Smoke grenade)
  • rb – robot: Missile (literally: "robot")
  • srak – sprängraket: High-explosive rocket (literally: Burst rocket)
  • psrak – pansarsprängraket: High-Explosive Anti-Tank rocket (literally: Armour burst rocket)
  • hprak – Halvpansarraket Semi-armour-piercing High-Explosive rocket (literally: Half-armour rocket)
  • mb – minbomb High capacity / General purpose bomb (literally: Mine bomb)
  • sb – sprängbomb High-Explosive Fragmentation bomb (literally: Burst bomb)