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The Luftvärnskanon m/37 A (or Lvkan m/37 A) is a 75 mm anti-aircraft cannon based on the Bofors 75 mm Model 1929.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The Lvkan m/37 A is a powerful cannon at its BR, with a high muzzle velocity and a powerful penetration.

Available ammunition

  • Slpprj m/41: Solid uncapped AP shot that comes with the stock weapon. Difficult to use effectively due to low spall along with poor angled penetration and should be discarded entirely upon unlocking Slpgr m/43.
  • Slpgr m/43: APCBC-HE shell with jaw-dropping characteristics. Incredible muzzle velocity that competes with APDS shells, strong explosive filler allowing for many one-shots, and penetration that allows it to fight two whole BR's above its rank.
  • Sgr m/38: HE shell with poor penetration but lethal explosive filler of 690 g. Seldom worth it due to low penetration combined with slow reloads.

The best round is the Slpgr m/43 APCBC round, with a 940 m/s muzzle velocity, 110 grams of explosive filler and a high penetration power. However, until that round is unlocked, the player will have to settle with the Slpprj m/41 solid shot AP shell, which lacks explosive filler, has a slower muzzle velocity, and a slightly lower penetration power.

Comparison with analogues

The Lvkan m/37 A is closer to 88 or 90 mm guns than it is to 75 mm guns due to its characteristics, which is especially apparent due to its low BR. As such, the only analogues are at a higher BR.

  • Cannone da 90/53 mod.41: The Italian 90 piece lacks the immediate penetration and blistering muzzle velocity, but retains its penetration over longer distances and has slightly better sloped armour penetration along with a better explosive filler.
  • 8.8cm KwK36: The Tiger I's gun has effectively the same strengths as the Italian 90, but turned up several notches. It has stronger penetration than both the 90 and the Lvkan along with having near equal explosive filler, but retains the relatively low muzzle velocity of 773 m/s.
  • 90 mm M3: The M3 cannon almost strictly outclasses the Lvkan in nigh every category, with a higher explosive filler, better penetration at all angles and ranges, but once again cannot match the muzzle velocity of the Lvkan.

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