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Vehicles equipped with this weapon

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Usage in battles

The PV-1 can be best described as lacklustre. A poor rate of fire combined with the low damage of the rifle-calibre rounds it fires means that it requires significant time on target for a kill. Now, this is not all hopeless, it can still destroy aircraft with patience and is better than no guns at all. However the rounds have a bad chance to impact and do no damage, or only register hits, requiring either successive passes on a slower target, occasionally 5-6 passes or more, or a very lucky pilot snipe to succeed.

Pros and cons


  • Reliable machine gun


  • Rifle-calibre ammo does comparatively little damage
  • Relative low rate of fire


The PV-1 (Pulemet Vozdushny or airborne machine gun) was an air-cooled version of the water-cooled M1910 Maxim gun, designed in 1926 for use on aircraft, and accepted for service in 1928. Created at the initiative of Alexander Vasilevich Nadashkevich of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Soviet Air Force, its design was adapted from the M1910 to create a lighter gun with a higher rate of fire. The end result was a relatively light machine gun, cooled by a perforated barrel sleeve, which had a firing rate of 750 rpm compared with the original 600 rpm of the M1910. An attempt to build an even lighter variant, the A-2 which substituted some of the steel parts by duralumin parts, was not accepted for service due to the high rate of wear of the aluminium parts.

The gun was used on the Polikarpov I-3, I-4, I-5 and I-15 fighters, the Polikarpov R-5 reconnaissance plane and the Tupolev TB-1 bomber. However, the design was soon considered obsolete and gradually replaced by the ShKAS, which was chambered to the same ammunition but had a much higher rate of fire. Production of the PV-1 ran from 1927 until 1940, with a total of around 18000 made.

While the PV-1 was being phased out of service by the end of the 1930s, the German invasion of 1941 saw a great number of surplus PV-1s adopted for other purposes. Numerous former aircraft weapons were either adapted for use on a ZPU anti-aircraft mount, or even on the original carriage of the M1910 for infantry support.


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