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General info

The Vanguard-class is a Rank IV British submarine with a battle rating of 5.0. It was introduced in Update 1.77 as part of Silent Thunder test run from March 31st to April 3rd. The Vanguard-class submarine in Silent Thunder is based on the «Vigilant» (S30), commissioned in 1996

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  • 4 x 533 mm Spearfish torpedo
  • 16 x Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile


  • Max speed: 76 km/h
  • Max depth: 510 m
  • Displacement: 10000 tons
  • Torpedo range: 5 kilometers

History of creation and combat usage

By the mid-1970s, it was clear that both the British submarine ballistic missiles and also the Resolution class submarines equipped with these weapons, were quickly becoming technically obsolete and would soon no longer be worthy competitors to the latest Soviet strategic nuclear weapons. The British military took a liking to the American Trident missiles, which proved to be impossible to equip on the Resolution-class vessels due to technical limitations. In 1980, the British government made a decision to design a brand new strategic cruise submarine. The Vanguard-class nuclear submarines were engineered to be equipped with the American Trident missiles. Their design was based on the previous-generation missile carriers from the Resolution series. Besides the new armament, the Vanguards were also fitted with the latest sonar systems and stealth features, as well as enhanced powertrains. The British were planning on commissioning 6 or 7 Vanguard-class nuclear submarines, but the Cold War came to an end soon after, and so expanding the nuclear arsenal was no longer necessary for the UK. Currently, there are four Vanguard-class cruise missile submarines in service with the Royal Navy. They are the sole platform for the United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons.

Additional information (links)

[Development] Vanguard-Class Nuclear Submarines: On Guard for the Queen


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AprilFools Avatar Uk s30 vigilant.png
Name Vanguard-class
Nation Britain
Type Submarine
Rank IV
Battle Rating 5.0
Weight 9,500 t (empty) + 500 t (fuel) = 10,000 t
Crew 135 men
Min. Crew 60 men
Max. Speed 80 km/h (forward)

4 km/h (reverse)

Max. Depth 510 m
Main Weapon
4 x 533 mm 21 in Spearfish Torpedo tubes
Ammo stowage 4 x Torpedoes
Maximum range 5,000 m
Secondary Weapon
16 x 2.11 m UGM-133 «Trident II» Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile launcher
Ammo stowage 16 x Missiles
Max. repair cost 5,040 SL
Free repair time 1d