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The OF-40 is an Italian main battle tank. A joint venture between Italian companies OTO Melara and FIAT which was further developed out of a failed license production deal of the Leopard 1. It found success on the export market and served in the Emirati Armed Forces.


Rank V

Rank VI


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Production and Operators

Map of OF-40 Operators


OF-40 Mk.1 - 18*

OF-40 Mk.2A - 36* total; 18 built*, 18 converted from Mk.1

OF-40 Mk.2A (MTCA) - 1

OF-40 Mk.2A (Thetis) - 2

OF-40 Mk.3 - 1

OF-40/120 - Unknown

Total: ~40*

* These numbers are from sale data to the UAE so it is possible that more OF-40 Mk.1 and Mk.2 tanks were built.


UAE flag.png United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

36 total: 18 OF-40 Mk.1 (later converted to Mk.2A), 18 Mk.2A


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