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The DA (Дегтярёва авиационный, Degtyaryova Aviatsionny (Degtyaryov Aircraft); ДА) was a direct offshoot of the Degtyaryov machine gun (DP) designed to be mounted onto aircraft. Compared to the DP machine gun, the DA had a pistol grip, a shorter butt stock, a bag underneath to capture shell casings, and a different pan magazine.[1] The pan magazine differed from the original by holding 63 rounds instead of 47, and was made less wide but taller by having the ammunition arranged in ascending three layers.[2]

DA-2 machine guns mounted on the TB-3 bomber.

The DA was introduced in the late 1920s to the Soviet Union's air force.[2][3] Production ran until March 1930 up to 1,200 machine guns delivered.[1]

Some of the Soviet's first service aircraft saw the DA machine gun mounted in flexible mounts, such as the Junkers H21.[4] Another variation of the DA machine gun, the DA-2, was also developed as a twin-combination version of the DA from 1930 onwards.[1] This configuration can be seen on later Soviet planes such as the TB-3 bomber.

However, the rate of fire of the DA machine gun (600 rounds per minute) was deemed unsatisfactory for its role in the Soviet air force. The magazine-fed system of the DA also means the machine gun is only useful as a defensive mount. As such in 1933, the DA machine gun basis was heavily modified into the DAS (Degtyaryov Aircraft Rapid-Fire), which only retained the gas operating system and barrel length from the DP machine gun. This machine gun had a fire rate of 1,200 RPM and could fire in a synchronized forward mount or in a defensive mount.[3]

However, the DA and the DAS prototype were superseded by the ShKAS machine gun, which had a fire rate of 1,800 RPM despite the increased weight and technical compelxity.[3]


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