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The PL-5B missile (scale is approximate)

The PL-5B is a Chinese infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update "Red Skies".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

As a domestic heat-seeker AAM developed by the PRC by Institute 612, Ministry of Aviation Industry (now Luoyang Electro-optics Technology Development Centre), the PL-5 was a vast improvement over the previous model, the PL-2, with a higher tracking rate and overload.

Missile characteristics
Mass 84.5 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect Rear-aspect
Lock range (rear-aspect) 5.5 km
Launch range 16 km
Maximum speed 2.5 M
Maximum overload 30 G
Missile guidance time 23 secs
Explosive mass 7.62 kg TNTeq

Effective damage

The warhead of PL-5B was filled with 4.76 kg of HBX, equivalent to 7.62 kg of TNT, and comes with a proximity fuse that helps to blast enemy aircraft into pieces.

Comparison with analogues

At the same tier, the AIM-9J and the AIM-9P are very common and the PL-5B in many ways is similar to them in terms of explosive mass and overload, its acceleration speed is a two-bladed sword- on one hand, it caused overshoot due to its immense acceleration to top speed in merely a second; on the other hand, this acceleration also helped to shoot down enemies who had bailed from their manoeuvre, they would have a hard time dodging a missile travelling at Mach 2.2.

Usage in battles

PL-5Bs can be used in 3 ways: surprising the enemy, using it as a dogfight missile due to its surprising off-boresight capabilities and long-range snipes. Due to its massive acceleration, the PL-5B can reach a higher top speed than conventional missiles at lower altitudes. For example, whereas an AIM-9P/9J would take 3 to 4 seconds to reach its target from 2 km on the deck at high speeds, the PL-5 covers this same distance in less than 2 seconds. The missile can track targets at around 1.5 km (anywhere closer will drastically decrease the odds to payback on your foe), so surprising enemies who just missed their shots upon you or those who are chasing teammates and didn't pay enough attention to your existence is suggested to maximize PL-5B; alternatively, the immense acceleration and speed also means PL-5B can even surprise targets at even up to 6 km given the missile does constantly tracking on your designated target.

Pros and cons


  • Higher explosive mass among the same tier IR AAMs that can make short work of enemies
  • Excellent 30G overload
  • Missile without launch overload limits such as AIM-9G and SRAAM
  • Immense acceleration
  • Higher range than most conventional IR missiles except the AIM-9D/G
  • Short burntime while retaining very long range


  • Somewhat sensitive to the sun and flares


In the late 1960s, as the PL-2 was already deemed obsolete, the need for new SARH and IR missiles arose alongside the ongoing new interceptor projects. Both PL-3 and PL-5 had separate SARH (PL-5A [甲]) and IR (PL-5B [乙]) designs using the same missile airframe. Development started on both projects in April 1966, and the PL-5B had better progress by the late 1960s when it could already start its ground and airborne tests. Although the PL-5B had already completed its required tests by the 1970s, the Cultural Revolution hindered its further certifications and it would only enter PLAAF service by September 1986, while the PL-5A was cancelled in 1983 during budget cuts in the early times of economic reform.

Soon after the certification of PL-5B, the limited-all-aspect PL-5C and later PL-5E entered PLAAF service in the early 1990s alongside new domestic jets. The final version of the PL-5, named PL-5EII with a new IR seeker and up to 40G overload, entered service as the replacement of earlier missiles and was used by the JH-7A and the export JF-17 (FC-1) Thunder.


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