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Naval Nav Template Overhaul

In general:

  • Alphebatized lists
  • Inserted line breaks if necessary
  • Renamed line names to match in-game names
  • Removed "short" argument from specs-links where applicable
  • Additionally, any other specific changes are listed below each template

Templates to delete:

  • "Template:Germany minesweepers" - minesweepers is not an in-game class, this category arbitrarily separates German MS boats for some reason despite other tech tree MS boats being in their correct lists
  • "Category:Small sub-chasers" - not a real in-game class
  • "Category:Armored sub-chasers" - same as above
  • "Category:Hydrofoil torpedo boats" - same as above, though possibly rename as "Hydrofoil"


  • "Category:Frigates" should be added to the "Fleet" page
  • Destroyer and cruiser templates have the class listed primarily in order of game progression>real life introduction>alphabetical
  • Class names prioritize in-game names over real-life names


Germany barges
Anti-air Ferry  SF40 Light · SF40 Heavy
Naval Ferry Barge  AF D1 · AF D3


USA boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  PT-3 · PT-810 · PT-811 · PT-20 · PT-103 · PT-109 · PT-314 · Thunderbolt (PT-556)
  PT-565 · PT-200 · PT-6 · PT-71
Motor Gun Boat  PTF-7 · PT-59 · USS Tucumcari
Motor Torpedo Gun Boat  USS Asheville · LCS(L)(3)

  • Ashville and LCS 3 moved to new line "Motor Torpedo Gun Boat"

Germany boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  Jaguar · LS 3 · LS 4 Esau · R-301 · S-38 · S-38b · S-100 (1944) · S-100 · S-204 Lang · VS-10
Motor Gun Boat  R-41 · R-130
Motor Torpedo Gun Boat  Albatros · MZ1 · Pr. 206
Gunboat  K2

  • Added all 3 R-boots from "Template:Germany minesweepers" to appropriate sections
  • Removed line "Hydrofoil", VS-10 moved to "Motor Torpedo Boat"
  • Renamed line "Heavy" to "Gunboat"

USSR boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  D-3 · G-5 · TKA-106 · Pr.123-bis · Pr.123K (A-11) · Pr.123K · Pr.183
Motor Gun Boat  G-5 (ShVAK) · MO-4 · OD-200 · Ya-5M
Motor Torpedo Gun Boat  Pr. 206 · Pr.206-M
Gunboat  Groza
Armoured Gun Boat  BMO · MBK-161 early · MBK-161 late · MBK pr.186 · MBK pr.186 (MK 85) · Pr.1124 early · Pr.1124 late · Pr.1124 MLRS
  Pr.191 · Pr.191M · Pr.1204 · Pr.1204 late

  • Moved G-5 TKA 106 to "Motor Gun Boat"

Britain boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  Brave Borderer · Dark Aggressor · Fairmile D (617) · Fairmile D (697) · Fairmile D (5001) · MTB-1(1)
  MTB-1(2) · MTB Vosper · MTB Vosper(2)
Motor Gun Boat  Dark Adventurer · Fairmile A (ML100) · Fairmile B (ML345) · Fairmile C (312) · Fairmile C (332) · Fairmile D (601)
  MGB-61 · MGB-75 · SGB Grey Fox · SGB Grey Goose
Gunboat  HMS Spey

Japan boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  Type T-1 · Type T-14 · Type T-14 (mod. 1) · Type T-38 · Type T-51b · PT-15
Motor Gun Boat  Ha-Go (mod. 1) · Type 4 (mod. 2) · Type 4 (Mod 4)
Motor Torpedo Gun Boat  PG 02
Armored Gun Boat  Soukou-Tei · Soukou-Tei No.4

  • Moved Ha-Go to and added missing boats Type 4 Model 2 and Model 4 to new line "Motor Gun Boat"
  • Renamed "Fast Attack" to "Motor Torpedo Gun Boat"

Italy boats
Motor Torpedo Boat  MC-490 · MS-15 · MS-472 · MS-53 · MAS 555 · MAS 569 · Stefano Turr · VAS 201 · GIS 811
Motor Gun Boat  MS-473 · MV-611 · Sparviero
Motor Torpedo Gun Boat  Saetta P-494

  • Needs to be added to "Category:Boats"


USA sub-chasers
SC-497 · PC-451 · Carmi (PC-466)

Germany sub-chasers

USSR sub-chasers
MPK pr.122A · MPK Pr.122bis · MPK-163

Britain sub-chasers
HMCS Brantford · HMS Liscomb

  • No change

Japan sub-chasers
Type 5 · Type K-3 No.1 · Type K-7 No.4 · Type K-8 No.13 late

  • Reverted back to standard format
  • Removed non-subchaser boats


Germany frigates

  • No change

USSR frigates
SKR-7 · SKR-1

  • Removed non-frigate boat

Japan frigates
Chikugo · Ikazuchi · Isuzu · Syonan

  • Reverted to standard format


USA destroyers
Clemson-class  USS Barker · USS Litchfield
Farragut-class  USS Aylwin
Fletcher-class  USS Bennion · USS Cowell · USS Fletcher
Porter-class  USS Porter · USS Phelps
Somers-class  USS Somers
Allan M. Sumner-class  USS Sumner

Germany destroyers
Type 1924  Jaguar · Leopard
Type 1934  Z12 Erich Giese · Z15 Erich Steinbrinck
Type 1936  Z22 Anton Schmitt · Z32 · Z43 · Z20 Karl Galster
Type 1939  T22 · T31

  • No change

USSR destroyers
Derzky-class  Frunze
Ognevoy-class  Ognevoy
Leningrad-class  Leningrad · Moskva
Storozhevoy-class  Soobrazitelny · Stroyny
Tashkent-class  Tashkent
Neustrashimy-class  Neustrashimy
Kotlin-class  Spokoinyy

Britain destroyers
Town-class  HMS Churchill
G-class  HMS Grafton
Hunt-class  HMS Calpe · HMS Brissenden
Tribal-class  HMCS Haida · HMS Eskimo
K-class  HMS Kelvin
N-class  HMAS Nepal
Battle-class  HMS Armada · HMAS Tobruk

  • Converted to standard format

Japan destroyers
Mutsuki-class  IJN Mutsuki
Fubuki-class  IJN Ayanami
Shiratsuyu-class  IJN Yuudachi
Yugumo-class  IJN Kiyoshimo · IJN Yugumo
Akizuki-class  IJN Akizuki

  • "Yūgumo" to "Yugumo" to match in-game spelling

Italy destroyers
Turbine-class  RN Turbine
Dardo-class  RN Dardo
Soldati-class  RN Corazziere · RN Geniere

  • No change (aside from spacing)
  • Needs to be added to "Category:Destroyers"

Light cruisers

USA light cruisers
Omaha-class  USS Raleigh · USS Trenton
Atlanta-class  USS Atlanta
Cleveland-class  USS Cleveland
Brooklyn-class  USS Brooklyn · USS Helena

Germany light cruisers
Emden*  Emden
Königsberg-class  Köln
Leipzig-class  Leipzig · Nürnberg
  *  = Unique ship

  • Converted to standard format

USSR light cruisers
Krazny Kavkaz*  Krasny Kavkaz
Svetlana-class  Krasny Krym
Kirov-class  Kirov
Chapayev-class  Chapayev
Sverdlov-class  Sverdlov
  *  = Unique ship

  • Converted to standard format

Britain light cruisers
Emerald-class  HMS Enterprise
Dido-class  HMS Dido
Arethusa-class  HMS Arethusa
Leander-class  HMNZS Leander
Town-class  HMS Belfast · HMS Southampton
Tiger-class  HMS Tiger

  • Converted to standard format

Japan light cruisers
Kuma-class  IJN Kuma
Sendai-class  IJN Sendai
Agano-class  IJN Agano
Mogami-class  IJN Mikuma · IJN Suzuya

Italy light cruisers
Capitani Romani-class  RN Attilio Regolo
Alberto da Giussano-class  RN Bartolomeo Colleoni
Condottieri-class  RN Raimondo Montecuccoli

  • Converted to standard format
  • Needs to be added to "Category:Light cruisers"

Heavy cruisers

USA heavy cruisers
Pensacola-class  USS Pensacola
Portland-class  USS Portland

  • Converted to standard format

Germany heavy cruisers
Admiral Hipper-class  Admiral Hipper · Prinz Eugen
Deutschland-class  Admiral Graf Spee

  • Converted to standard format

Britain heavy cruisers
Hawkins-class  HMS Hawkins
York-class  HMS York
County-class  HMS Kent · HMS London

  • Converted to standard format

Japan heavy cruisers
Furutaka-class  IJN Furutaka · IJN Kako
Tone-class  IJN Tone
Mogami-class  IJN Mogami

Italy heavy cruisers
Trento-class  RN Trento

  • Converted to standard format
  • Needs to be added to "Category:Heavy cruisers"


Things that need to be fixed/work on:

  • All naval tier 1 and tier 2 "Survivability and armour" sections will be obsolete in 1.99
  • Many weapon pages lost their images when sidebars were removed, need to re-add


Every page that I've edited, for ease of reference.
Note: *Minor edits

Vehicles (minor edits)


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