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Italian Fleet
Geniere Pack
Type T-1
General characteristics
7 peopleCrew
20 tDisplacement
3Number of section
40 mm (wood)Hull armor
15 mm (wood)Superstructure armor
Primary armament
7.7 mm Type 92 machinegun2 x Turret
1940 roundsAmmunition
97 roundsBelt capacity
600 shots/minFire rate
Additional armament
2 x 450 mm Type 44 No.2 torpedoSetup 1
2 x Type 95 depth chargeSetup 2
2 x 450 mm Type 44 No.2 torpedo
2 x Type 95 depth charge
Setup 3
2900 Rp icon.pngResearch
700 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png0/170 / 209/180 / 221Repair
200 Sl icon.pngCrew training
1000 Sl icon.pngExperts
20 Ge icon.pngAces
100 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
100 % Sl icon.png30 % Sl icon.png30 % Sl icon.png


GarageImage Type T-1.jpg

The Type T-1 is a rank I Japanese motor torpedo boat with a battle rating of 1.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.89 "Imperial Navy".

General info

The Type T-1

Survivability and armour

This boat doesn't have any armour, and its survivability is about on par with other Japanese MTBs in the lower ranks, 40mm of wooden hull armour- not the worst but not the best. However, its survivability is artificially hindered by its lack of offensive capabilities. In a one on one engagement the T-1 deals so little damage to its enemies, that an opponent will more than likely knock the Type T-1 out first. So it's survivability is not necessarily worse than other Japanese MTBs, but it will be knocked out a lot more frequently due to how inadequate it is at defending itself.


The mobility and speed of this boat is its strongest asset. It's responsive to input and can reach a top speed of 72 km/h (44 mph) making it currently the 3rd fastest Japanese ship in game. However, its speed is about equal to most other lower rank MTBs, and in some cases slower. It can outpace Sub-chasers and other gun boats, but it's hard to actually use its speed effectively as its weaponry performance is so poor, the potential it has in its mobility doesn't really count for much.


Primary armament

Main article: Type 92 (7.7 mm)

The Type T-1 is equipped with two Type 92 (7.7 mm) machine guns, which are incredibly underwhelming. This boat currently has the least effective armament in the game, they do very little damage on all fronts and at even a slight distance struggle to penetrate the hull of most ships, let alone score critical damage. The guns come with three belts-

  • Universal- The stock belt, contains a split of armour piercing and armour piercing incendiary rounds
  • AP- Contains predominantly armour piercing rounds
  • API- Contains predominantly armour piercing incendiary rounds

Even if it's not by a large margin, the API rounds do deal the most damage, structurally and internally. They also do the most damage to aircraft as well, a good burst on target will usually take out most of the weak biplanes the Type T-1 will most likely be coming across in the low ranks. To maximise the effectiveness of the guns, stay at a close range, as past around 750 meters or so the guns really struggle to do any meaningful damage. The firing arcs of the two turrets are not very versatile either, to fire with both turrets the Type T-1 needs to be shooting either directly ahead or behind, at either side of the boat only one turret will be able to fire, leading to a tiny amount of damage output.

The Type T-1, destroying an enemy boat with depth charges 

Torpedo armament

Main article: Type 44 No.2

The Type T-1 is equipped with two Type-44 torpedoes, they can travel a max of 4 kilometers at 65 km/h (40 mp/h). With the 'Torpedo mode' modification selected they can travel a max of 8 kilometers, at a speed of 48 km/h (30 mp/h). With this modification they have impressive range for the rank, however they have very little damage output, having only 121 kg of TNT equivalent explosive, they should still be able to cause fatal damage to any vessels around the rank, but against Destroyers or other large ships it will definitely take multiple hits to destroy a ship.

Special armament

Main article: Type 95 depth charge

The Type T-1 can carry two Type 95 depth charges, which can be dropped to maim other naval targets, they have rather limited viability though as most MTBs will be able to outrun the explosion. However, they are useful for attacking larger ships, as if the Type T-1 can reach them unnoticed, one or two of these depth charges will sink the vessel.

Usage in battles

The Type T-1, engaging an LS Class MTB

This boat is fairly difficult to use effectively, especially considering that its damage potential on all fronts is so low. The Type T-1's only reliable way of destroying ships is to use the torpedoes, either aiming for larger slower vessels or aiming for commonly traveled sight-lines or choke points. The primary armament is close to useless in a one on one engagement, so after the torpedoes are launched or being reloaded, try sticking with a group of teammates. The Type T-1 lacks the firepower to sink an enemy vessel on its own, but can contribute collectively with allies. Try to aim for an enemy's crew if possible, the guns do very little structural damage, but if the shots are aimed at the bridge and radio room, the Type T-1 can slowly cut down the opponent's crew percentage.

If the Type T-1 comes across a large ship or vessel with some big guns, it's not worth engaging them, turn on the smokescreen once unlocked and retreat to the proximity of teammates or behind some terrain. There's no use in attacking these vessels with the Type T-1's guns alone. The Type T-1 can easily have the speed and mobility to escape from tricky situations under the cover of smoke, so prioritise unlocking it if possible. It's important to stay on the move and not make the Type T-1 a target for enemy vessels, the Type T-1 has no armour and a well placed burst from any cannon will likely disable the Type T-1. Stay by cover and friendlies for protection. Also consider not activating the 'Torpedo mode' modification, as most engagements at this rank wont exceed 4 kilometers, and the extra speed in the torpedoes will be desirable to catch enemies.


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 7.7 mm AP belt
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 7.7 mm API belt
III Propeller Replacement Primary Armament Targeting Depth Charges
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Artillery Support Torpedo Mode

Pros and cons


  • Decently mobile
  • Long potential range for the torpedoes


  • Hugely ineffective primary armament
  • Low damage output from the torpedoes
  • Poor firing arcs for the twin turrets
  • Poor survivability, even for an MTB


Boats of this type were developed in 1939 as part of the fourth construction program for the Japanese fleet. They were based on the experimental Type B boat, which in turn was based on the British Thornycroft CMB boat captured in China in 1938. The first boat was put into operation in 1941. In total, six boats of this type were constructed, only one of which survived. In 1942, she was badly damaged and used for training after restoration. The other five boats were lost in conflicts during the years of 1943-1944.

- From Devblog


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