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Scouting refers to special traits of certain lightly armoured vehicles, which allows them access to extra abilities. This perk is available only to light tanks of ranks II and above, as well as a select few tank destroyers.

Scout traits

Active Scouting

The first benefit afforded to these vehicles is called Active Scouting. This is an activatable ability that allows the tank to scout enemy positions and relay that information to allied vehicles. This rewards the scout with Research Points and Silver Lions. The key to use Active scouting is, by default, V, and can be changed in controls under the Tank tab, then under Miscellaneous. The mechanic works differently based on gamemode;

The icon for Active scouting as seen in-game
  • ARCADE - To scout a hostile ground vehicle, target the enemy using the 'Lock Target' keybind—found under Common—and press your Active scouting key. You and your teammates will now be able to see the enemies' marker in the world and on the minimap at all times for the next 30 seconds.
  • REALISTIC - To scout a hostile ground vehicle, enter your Binoculars, or use your sight (Sniper Mode), and place your crosshair directly atop your target before pressing the Active scouting key. You and your teammates will see a small red arrow above the target that updates periodically, with their location updating on the minimap in tandem, for the next 30 seconds.

Only one player can scout a target at a time, with another scout attempt on an already scouted target only successful once 30 seconds have passed since the previous successful scout. In realistic battle mode, if you use Active scouting while your crosshair is not placed over a hostile ground vehicle, your ability will go on a lengthy cooldown before it can be used again.

Whenever a target you have an active scout on is killed by an ally during the 30 second window, you receive an additional reward of Research Points and Silver Lions, on top of the smaller reward you received for successfully scouting the target. You also receive an additional, in-match bonus for your efforts, based on gamemode;

  • ARCADE - You are rewarded with an additional artillery strike and an air strike point.
  • REALISTIC - The Spawn Point (SP) cost of all aircraft in your line-up is reduced by 7%. If you have the 'Airstrike' modification, the reduction is 14% instead.

Team Repairs

Any vehicle with the capability of Active scouting, that has the 'Parts' modification installed, also has the ability to aid in the repair of any allied vehicles including those that are not in the player's squad. Whenever an allied vehicle is repairing themselves, the player will see a wrench icon above their tank. Moving their own tank close to their ally and then holding their own Tank repair key increases the speed at which that allied vehicle is repaired by a large amount.


Vehicles with the capability of Active scouting also have access to two unique modifications— the first of which is Airstrike—which grants a different benefit based on the gamemode;

  • ARCADE - At all times, players with this modifications can join an existing air battle as an Attacker or Bomber, as well as the standard option of spawning a Fighter. Spawning an additional Attacker or Bomber allows the enemy team to spawn one additional Fighter in exchange.
  • REALISTIC - Doubles the reward for an ally killing a scouted target from an SP reduction of 7% of all aircraft in your line-up, to a 14% reduction.

There is also a second modification— Improved Optics— which increases the spotting range of the crew. As with Airstrike, this has different effects based on the gamemode;

  • ARCADE - Increases the range at which markers will appear for enemy vehicles.
  • REALISTIC- Sometimes, your crew will point you in the general direction of an enemy vehicle with a small red arrow on the border of your screen. Increases the range at which this triggers.

List of scout vehicles

USA flag.png
Germany flag.png
USSR flag.png
Britain flag.png
Japan flag.png
Italy flag.png
France flag.png
M5A1 Stuart
M5A1 (5th Arm.Div.)
M24 Chaffee
M24 TL
M50 Ontos
M56 Scorpion
M551 Sheridan
M3 Bradley
T18E2 Boarhound
Begleitpanzer 57
Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma
Panzer II H
Ru 251
Object 906
Warrior (FV510)
Type 60 ATM
Type 60 SPRG (C)
Type 89
FIAT 6614
R3 T106 FA
AMC.35 (ACG.1)
AMX-13 (FL11)
Char 25t
AMX-13 (HOT)
AMX-13 (SS.11)

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