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Update 1.91 "Night Vision" (changelog) was introduced on 11 September 2019. This update is notable for the introduction of British helicopters, China as a playable nation, Mach 2 jets, as well as new mechanics such as night vision devices, the map filter, and integration with EasyAntiCheat.


New vehicles






Great Britain


Ground vehicles









Great Britain


Naval Fleet




Great Britain


New Locations and Missions

  • Location "Palau islands" for naval battles.
  • Location "Cargo port" for ground battles.
  • Location "Japanese port" for naval battles.
  • New missions for new players in the RB game mode have been added: "[Operation] Middle East", "[Operation] Ladoga", "[Operation] Counterattack near Smolensk", "[Operation] Kokhinhin", "[Operation] Central Tunisia"

Examples of bugs corrected by player reports

Msg-info.png We want to thank you for correctly created bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help. You continue to assist us to make War Thunder better!
  • ОТО Melara RЗ armoured cars can now swim.
  • Karo Tei type 2 — The 37mm Type 94 cannon has been changed to the 37mm Type 4.
  • Artifacts appearing when the range for howitzer guns was increased have been fixed.
  • Pr. 1204 Late — The Initial speed of the 53-BR-354 shell has been equated with a similar shell, the PT-76B.
  • The situation when a shot down helicopter that lost its tail rotor maintained horizontal controllability for a limited time has been fixed.
  • Shturm-S — A bug where it wasn't possible to shoot even after repairing a damaged ATGM launcher has been fixed.
  • Hunter F.6 — A bug with the animation of the flap operation has been fixed.
  • Description for the Т-72А 1983 modification has been added..
  • The ammunition loadout for the Type 75 machine gun has been changed from 1000 to 600.
  • M901 ITV - The vehicle is not able to swim in reality, according to the Operator's manual for Combat Vehicle, Anti-Tank, Improved TOW Vehicle, M901 | NSN 2350-01-045-1123.
  • MBK Pr.186 — Errors in the armour of main calibre turrets where some armoured plates weren't displayed in the armour view in hangar have been fixed.
  • T20 — The armour of the upper frontal part has been changed from 76.2 to 63.5 mm according to Royal Army Corps - Technical Situation Report No. 3.
  • The incorrect operation of the air horizon on a number of aircraft and the altimeter on the Bf 109 has been fixed.
  • The shaking (twitching) of the sight on cannons with stabilizer which manifests itself when using hydropneumatic suspension has been fixed
  • Incorrect description of the 12.7mm belts has been corrected on a number of ships.
  • For a number of British cannons at the 4-8 inches calibres, shells with remote detonators have been added - according to BR 932 Handbook On Ammunition [1945] и ряду других источников.
  • HMS Tiger — Armour belt in the area of ammunition magazines has been fixed.
  • Bugs that permitted going beyond the boundaries of the battlefield in the location "Krymsk" have been fixed.
  • Bugs that permitted going beyond the boundaries of the battlefield in the location "Port Novorossiysk" have been fixed.

Location and mission updates

  • The behavior of AI in the locations "Black Sea Port" and "Kursk" has been improved.
  • Several bugs on the following locations have been fixed "Stalingrad", "Mozdok", "Korea", "Krymsk", "Port Novorossiysk", "Finland" and "Coral Islands".

Enduring Confrontation

  • New scenario for Enduring Confrontation: naval convoys. On the map border, naval convoys will appear which will move towards the sea ports of their respective team. Whilst the convoy is active, the allied team has additional respawn points close to it. The enemy team will also have respawn points at a distance from the convoy. Based on players feedback and further tests it will be decided whether or not to leave enemy respawn points or change them. The number of ships in the convoy depends on the number of players in the game session and on the port size where the convoy is attempting to reach.
  • New scenario for Enduring Confrontation: port attack. Each team will have 3 ports at the start of the mission. Each port has several AI ships which will defend the base. Each port is immediately available for players to capture and there are no additional tasks for capturing the ports. If the convoy from the "naval convoy" scenario reaches its port it is very likely that the AI ships from this port will attack one of the enemy ports and the players will receive additional points for helping them to capture enemy port.
  • New scenario for Enduring Confrontation: naval bombers. In case there is an active naval convoy on the map the enemy team may have a bomber which will attack and destroy the convoy. The entire logic of the scenario is working in the same way as for ordinary bombers attacking ground bases, but now their targets are convoy ships.
  • [Enduring Confrontation] English Channel is now the mission for combined naval battles (ships and aircraft). In this mission only the allied team will receive additional respawns close to convoy.
  • New mission [Enduring Confrontation] Saipan in which is represented only with naval and aircraft which play a secondary role. In this mission, with the appearance of the convoy both teams will receive additional respawns (allied- close to the convoy, enemy - farther away from the convoy).

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • The damage model for large modules, units and assemblies like the breech, transmission and engines has been reworked. Now, those modules use volumetric technology. So the protecting effect of these modules depends on the trajectory of the shell inside them and the point from which the secondary fragments will be generated by the penetration is now the point of "exit" from the module.
  • C1 Ariete - The modification (War kit), that increases the protection level of the hull and turret, has been added.
  • T20 - The armour of the upper frontal part has been changed from 76.2 to 63.5 mm. Source: Royal Army Corps - Technical Situation Report No. 3 Appendix G // Pershing A History of the Medium Tank T20 Series
  • M901 ITV - The possibility of overcoming water obstacles while travelling in water has been removed. The vehicle is not able to swim. Sight magnification has been changed from 4-8x to 3-13x. Source: TM 9-2350-259-1, Operator's manual for combat vehicle, anti-tank, improved tow vehicle, M901
  • Chieftain Mk.3/Mk.5/Mk.10 - A bug causing an increased spread on the BL Tk. L11 cannon has been fixed.
  • AUBL/74, R3 T20 FA-HS, R3T106 FA, FIAT 6614, AUBL/74 60/70M - A bug related to an inability to overcome water barriers while travelling through water has been fixed. The vehicles can now swim.
  • Tank-shaking, which would occur while turning on the spot, has been fixed for the following vehicles:
    • Chi-Ha
    • Chi-Ha Kai
    • Ho-Ro
    • Ho-I
    • Ho-Ni I
    • Ho-Ni III
    • Chi-He
    • Pz.III B
    • Pz.III E
    • Pz.III F
    • Pz.III J
  • Type 60 ATM - The maximum speed has been changed from 37 to 45 km/h. Source: Provisional formula outline of Type 60 armored vehicle XD8001 - September 7, 1960.
  • Challenger 2 - The maximum speed has been changed from 56 to 59 km/h. Source: Haynes. Owners Workshop Manual. Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. // Challenger 2, Specifications, Army Website
  • Challenger Mk.2 - The default shell (L15A5) has been changed to the L23.
  • 3inch Gun Carrier - Maximum speed has been changed from 20.5 to 25.6 km/h. Source:CARRIER, CHURCHILL, 3-in. GUN MARK I SERVICE INSTRUCTION BOOK. FIRST EDITION. AUGUST, 1942.
  • RBT-5 - The tank's mass has been changed from 11,600 to 12,100kg. Previously, the mass of the rockets wasn't counted.
  • SOMUA S.35 - The hull's frontal armour plate thickness has been changed from 35 to 47 mm. Sources: Link 1, Link 2
  • Churchill Mk.VII - The default sight has been changed to a sight with 3-6x magnification. Source: CHURCHILL VII 75MM MK. 5 OR 5/1 GUN AND 7.92MM BESA MACHINE GUN ARMAMENT TRAINING PAMPHLET (PROVISIONAL) ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLES SCHOOL
  • T29, T30, T34 - Magnification for the sight has been changed from a fixed 5x to a variable 4-8x. Source: Royal Army Corps - Technical Situation Report No. 36, 1945 / Hunnicutt: Firepower - A History of the American Heavy Tank
  • VFW - Magnification for the sight has been changed from 4х to 6х. Source: Tactical and Technical Trends. Number 36, 21 october 1943
  • The following vehicles now have the "Improved optics" and "Airstrike" modifications:
    • AMX-10RC
    • Type 16
    • Centauro
    • Centauro Romor
  • SAM missiles have had a restriction on the operation of a non-contact fuse at low altitudes added. If the missile's flight altitude is less than 25 meters above the surface, the non-contact fuse will not be activated and the target can only be hit with a direct hit of the missile.
  • A number of modern IR-guided missiles (Mistral, Eagle and Stinger) have received protection against interference, which makes IRCM completely ineffective. Flares can be effective only at a very high rate of fire (at least 3 times per second).
  • Slope effect values for AP rounds have been specified for striking angles of 40-65 degrees. Penetration in this angular range has been increased.
  • Penetration values for APCR/HVAP shells have been specified by the appropriate calculation method.
  • Tail fuse presets have been reconsidered in APHE rounds. Armour thickness values for fuse arming have been changed:
    • Small calibres (through 57mm): 9mm;
    • Medium calibres (from 57 through 90mm):14mm;
    • Large calibres (over 90mm): 19mm;
  • 3.7 cm Type 1 APHE - The mass of the shell has been changed from 0.62 to 0.72 kg. Source: 試製一〇〇式三十七粍戦車砲研究報告 - Research report about Experimental Type 100 37 mm tank gun / Japanese Ammunition Part IV 25mm - 70mm, 20 July 1945. Report No. 12-b(52), USSBS Index Section 6, Military Intelligence Division.
  • 90mm T33 - The initial speed has been changed from 822 to 853 m/sec. Source - ARMOR-PIERCING AMMUNITION FOR GUN 90MM M3 January 1945 / TERMINAL BALLISTIC DATA VOL 3 September 1945.
  • 75 mm Shot M61 (QF Mk.V) - The mass of the shell has been changed from 6.79 to 6.53 kg. Source: Service Instruction Book Churchill VII & VIII(1944) //TM 9-1901 Artillery Ammunition(1944) US Army
  • 152 mm XM578E1, 105 mm M735 - Penetration density has been increased from 17,500 to 18,500 kg/m3. Penetration characteristics have been calculated according to the Lanz-Odermatt formula. Sources: Tank Ammo Section Report No. 107. A Comparison of the Advantage and Disadvantages of Depleted Uranium and Tungsten Alloy as Penetrator materials. June 1980 // Drawing No. TN 735-010 Swaged Bar M735, Machine Operation #8. Revision 3 or 4. Teledyne Firth Sterling //
  • 4.7cm Granata Perforante Mod.39, 120 mm Obus de rupture, 155mm M112B1, 105mm T182E1, 120 mm M358 - The previously used preset for the slope effect has been changed from "apbc" to "ap". Source: World War 2 Ballistics Armor and Gunnery, 2nd Edition // ARMOR-PIERCING AMMUNITION for Gun, 90-mm, M3 January 1945 // TM 9-1300-203 ARTILLERY AMMUNITION, April 1967

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Correct implementation of the gyro sight in aircraft cockpits has been added.
  • The suspended weaponry setup on the Mi-35M has been changed. The variant with 16 9M120 ATGM has been excluded from available presets as in reality there is no possibility of using ATGM from any point of suspension except the fourth (far right position). As a replacement the possibility of using MANPADS "Igla" on this helicopter has been added.
  • PB4Y-2 — The number of crew members in the vehicle card has been fixed (source).
  • PV-2D — The order of the bombs when dropping has been fixed (source).
  • F7F-1, F7F-3 — Armour has been fixed.
  • SA-341F Gazelle, SA-342M Gazelle — Flares have been added.
  • AH-1Z — Suspended weaponry presets, with 28 unguided missiles and other variations, have been deleted.
  • Radio range finders for gyroscopic sights have been added for the following aircraft:
    • F-100D
    • F-84G-21-RE
    • F-86F-25
    • F-86F-2
    • F-86F-30
    • F-86F-35
    • F-86F-40
    • F-86F-40 JASDF
    • CL-13 Mk.4
    • CL-13A Mk.5
    • CL-13B Mk.6
    • F2H-2
    • F9F-8
    • FJ-4B
    • FJ-4B VMF-232
    • Hunter F.1
    • Hunter F.6
    • M.D.460
    • Swift F.1
    • Swift F.7
  • Tu-2 — Bomb presets for suspended weaponry have been fixed.
  • 9M17 - missile launch range has been fixed..
  • MiG-15bis (all modifications) — G-suit modification has been added (source).
  • Mi-24P (Germany) — HIRSS has been added.
  • Sea Hawk (all modifications) — Localization of the bomb weaponry has been fixed.
  • MiG-19PT — Missile-bomb presets have been added to the suspended weaponry.
  • SB-2 (all modifications) — The relationship between modifications and bomb presets for suspended weaponry has been added.
  • The launch area of some ATGMs has been limited in azimuth and degree relative to the launcher. This area will be displayed in the helicopter sight.
  • The range scale with indication of the maximum range of ATGM using has been added to the helicopter sight.

Flight Model changes

  • Helicopters (all) - rotor and anti-torque propeller physics has been improved. Pitch speed now affects the rotor's thrust speed and roll trim. When flying with high pitch speeds, which is close to critical, the excessive roll towards retreating rotor blade is taking effect. Helicopter flight characteristics have been specified (max speeds, climb rates, etc.). The max pitch setting rate and swash plate speed have been increased. Anti-torque pitch control speed has also been increased for more precise helicopter control (to provide sturdier connection between controls and whashplate and anti-torque propeller, set the max sensitivity and zero dead-air zone). Rotor thrust in axial flow on low speeds has been adjusted: climb rate goes to maximum when thrust is increasing.
  • Helicopters without stabilization systems (UH-1, Sa-313) - hover mode is implemented as passing control to the second pilot in full control mode. Autopilot in Mouse aim mode has been adjusted smoother turns without speed loss. Excessive maximum climb rate in Arcade Battles has been fixed (H-34, IAR 316B, SA.316B Alouette III, SA.341F Gazelle, SA.342M Gazelle)
  • Mi-4AV - Rotor has been re-designed, its geometry, blade twist and aerodynamic characteristics have been changed. Controls have been improved, flight characteristics have been specified, thrust and control inversion chance has been decreased in excessive rotor pitch across the airflow on high speeds .
  • Mi-24V/P/D, Mi-35M, AH-1Z — hover mode has been added in the full control mode.
  • Ki-84 (all modifications) - The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been recalculated. Propeller performance has been updated. On "Full" controls mode, the reactive torque of the propeller has become more pronounced.
  • J2M (all modifications) — Flight model has been updated. The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been improved. Controllability with all types of control has been improved. Several inaccuracies in the operation of the engines have been fixed.
  • Leo-451 (all modifications) — Bugs, leading to the incorrect operation of the motor cooling system, have been fixed.
  • A6M5 (all modifications) — Bugs, leading to incorrect aircraft controllability on certain settings of control types, have been fixed (in general, control in all game modes has been improved).
  • SB2c (all modifications) – A bug relating to the operation of the wing control surfaces has been corrected. It is no longer possible to use the flaps and the air brake at the same time.
  • Wirraway / Boomerang (all modifications) – Flight model has been fully updated. The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been corrected and improved. Wing and fin aerodynamics have been recalculated. The cooling system has been updated (overheating is now less severe).
  • A-35b – A bug where the engine wasn't able to reach working RPM at low speeds has been fixed.
  • B-25/PBJ (all modifications) - Flight model has been fully updated. Geometry data updated. Aerodynamic characteristics of wing, fuselage and tail corrected, polars have been tuned. The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been recalculated. WEP mode, with 1,850 horsepower, has been added. Thermodynamics relating to flight speeds have been refined.
  • А-20 (all modifications) - Flight model has been fully updated. Geometry data updated. Aerodynamic characteristics of wing, fuselage and tail corrected, polars have been tuned. The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been recalculated. Thermodynamics relating to flight speeds have been refined.
  • Caudron 714 - The resistance of deployed flaps has been decreased. The speed of the propeller spinning as a result of oncoming air flow, and after the engine has stopped, has been adjusted.
  • I-16 (all modifications) - The reaction of the rudder at low speeds has been improved. Stability at combat and high speeds has been significantly improved. The resistance of the flaps has been reduced and recalculated according to their size. Improved calculation of the engine and propeller inertial forces has been implemented. Flight time in the upside-down position, and at near to zero overload values, has been increased (fuel system operation has been improved).
  • MiG-3 (all modifications) - The performance of the elevator at high speeds has been significantly improved. Speed gain and acceleration when diving have been improved. Stability at combat and high speeds has been significantly improved. Engine operation at high altitudes in the theoretical maximum area has been improved. The resistance of the flaps has been reduced and recalculated according to their size. Improved calculation of the engine and propeller inertial forces has been implemented. Flight time in the upside-down position, and at near to zero overload values, has been increased (fuel system operation has been improved).
  • MiG-17, J-4, Shenyang F-5 - Pitch control at transonic speeds has been adjusted (improved).
  • MiG-19S, MiG-19PT — aerodynamic wing and fin coefficients, and their dependence from the Mach number, have been specified. Engine parameters in afterburner mode have been specified.
  • F3D-1, P-61 (all modifications) — azimuth-elevation indicator (C-Scope) has been added, it is a second radar indicator.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

Naval weaponry:

  • Seha-Tei Model 1 — The armour penetration of the 57 mm Type 92 armour piercing shell has been increased.
  • Pr.1124 MLRS — Reloading for rockets has been added.
  • МО-4 — Reloading for rockets has been added.
  • IJN Agano — The parameters for the standard semi-armour piercing (SAP) shell have been changed. Deflection of the shell has been reduced. The amount of secondary fragments from the shell has been fixed.
  • AB-Tei Pioneer — Tracers for machine guns have been corrected.
  • According to the explosives encyclopedia, the equivalent of Shimoza to TNT has been raised.
  • The 610mm Type 93 torpedo has been added in two different variations:
    • The 610 mm Type 93, model 1, modification 2 (IJN Agano, IJN Yugumo, IJN Furutaka) torpedo has been added.
    • The 610 mm Type 93, model 3 (IJN Akizuki, IJN Kiyoshimo) torpedo has been added.
  • Flower class, HMNZS Leander — Initial shell speed for the 102 mm/45 BL Mk IX cannon has been increased.
  • IJN Agano — A new default HE shell has been added; 152 mm Type 0, nose fuzed.
  • Battle (D14) — The speed of HE shells has been fixed for the 4.5"/45 (11.4 cm) QF Mk.IV cannon.
  • HMS Dido — The fire rate for the main calibre cannons has been increased.
  • Reloading of torpedoes has been fixed. Indication of number and reloading of the torpedoes in the launchers and in the ammunition rack has been added to the action panel.
  • Pr. 1204 late, Pr.183, Pr. 206М — Reloading time for the 25 mm 2М-3 cannons has been changed from 15 sec to 8 sec.
  • Ellipses of shells falling in salvoes has been fixed for 100-203 mm cannons. According to available historical data, ellipses of scatter have been greatly reduced. Different cannons will use different presets which will give a wider or more elongated ellipse at different ranges. In general the aiming in long range has become more effective.
  • IJN Kako, IJN Furutaka - Bow machine guns have been changed from 25mm Type 96 to 13.2mm Type 93.
  • PC-451, SC-497, Fairmile B (ml345) - Reloading for onboard depth charge launchers has been added.
  • SKR Pr.159, SKR Pr.35 - Reloading of the RBU-2500 bombs after all ammunition has been fired has been fixed.
  • The initial speed of a 53-BR-354 AP shell on the Pr. 1204 Late has been fixed.
  • Type 4 Model 2 (earlier Karo-Tei Type 2) and Type 4 Model 4 (earlier Karo-Tei Type 4) — The main calibre weapon has been changed from 37 mm Type 94 cannon to 37 mm Type 4 cannon. The initial speed of the shells has been increased.
  • Anti-aircraft HE shells with remote detonation have been added for all British 4-6 inch guns with a high elevation angle.
  • Type K-3 / Class No. 1 - Armament has been changed: the 40 mm single barrel type 91 gun has been replaced with a twin gun. Added 25 mm type 96 machine gun on the stern.
  • Soukou-Tei (1940) - Armament has been fixed. Changed Type 92 machine guns for Type 89.

Naval modifications and crew skills

  • All ships which are capable of carrying torpedoes now have the ability to join battles without them. To achieve this, you will need to choose the appropriate presets in the modifications and weapons window before the battle.
  • IJN Agano — A problem with over extended pumping of water has been fixed.
  • Elco 80 ft PT-565 — Modification of the anti-aircraft artillery drives have been added.
  • PG02 — The modification for the 20 mm cannon which changes the fire rate up to 450 shots per minute increases the time to the complete overheating and speeds up the cooling has been added.
  • USS Somers — The unnecessary modifications for anti-aircraft artillery drives has been deleted. RP and game currency spent on the research of these modifications has been returned to player accounts.
  • S-100 (1944) — The modifications of anti-aircraft artillery drives has been fixed.
  • MPK pr.122a — The modifications of anti-aircraft artillery drives has been fixed.
  • Pr. 1204 late — The modifications of anti-aircraft artillery drives has been fixed.
  • OD-200 — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.
  • Type 1924 Leopard — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.
  • MZ1 — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.
  • PGH-2 — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.
  • Elco 77 ft PT-59 — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.
  • Farragut (DD-355) — The modifications of the anti-aircraft drives and the main calibre drives have been refined.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model

  • The resistance to various types of damage for anti-aircraft guns on destroyers and cruisers has been changed.
  • Maximum repair time of ships has been changed for uniformity by class..
  • Repair time has been accelerated. The penalty for simultaneously started repair processes have been reduced.
  • Armour on the main calibre turrets on US destroyers has been fixed according to the brand and modification of their turrets from 3.2 mm to 3.175 mm.
  • Pr.191, Pr.191M — The armour on gun mantlets (gun masks) have been improved.
  • Seha-Tei Model 1 — The class of the ship has been changed to armoured boat.
  • Chikugo — The class of the ship has been changed to multi-purpose boat.
  • SGB (S304) — The fuel type of the fuel tanks has been changed from coal to oil.
  • Chikugo - Hull strength and survivability of internal modules have been increased.
  • USS Brooklyn — The horizontal guidance speed of the main calibre cannons have been changed from 10 to 5 degrees per second.
  • IJN Mutsuki — The crew number has been changed from 254 to 148.
  • Type T-38 — The maximum speed has been changed from 38 to 27.5 knots.
  • Battle (D14) — The armour of the turret with paired Beaufort Mk.5 guns has been fixed.
  • MKL pr.186 — The armour of the main calibre turrets has been fixed.
  • IJN Mutsuki — The location of the spare torpedoes on the ship has been corrected..
  • HMS Leander, HMS Enterprise, HMS Dido — The size of bridge and radio stations has been reduced.
  • Kirov — The location of the machine and boiler rooms has been changed.
  • Pr. 7U, Pr. 7U "Stroyny" — The thickness of the hull has been changed from 25 to 10 mm.
  • IJN Yuudachi — The Amount of crew has been changed to 226.

Visual models and visual parts

  • The animation that depicts the launching of torpedoes from launchers has been corrected for all ships.
  • Steam exhaust has been added to all ships with steam boilers.
  • IJN Furutaka — The gaps between the hull and main calibre turrets which were visible at long distances has been fixed.
  • Flower class (K-218) — The visual effect of rollback (after shot) for the 102mm cannon has been improved.
  • IJN Akizuki — The visual appearance of the main turret, when destroyed, has been fixed.


  • Karo-Tei Type 2 has been changed to Type 4 Model 2 [Type 4 Model 2 Kuchiku-Tei Ka-Ro (1944)].
  • Karo-Tei Type 4 has been changed to Type 4 Model 4 [Type 4 Model 4 Kuchiku-Tei Ka-Ro (1944)].
  • No.13 Type. 1944 has been changed to Type K-8 (1944) [Type K-8 / No.13 Class, No. 14 Kusentei (1944)].
  • CH-8 has been changed to Type K-7 [Type K-7 / No.4 Class, No.4 Kusentei (1945)].
  • CH-2 has been changed to Type K-3 [Type K-3 / No.1 Class, No.1 Kusentei (1944)].
  • AB-Tei Pioneer has been changed to Soukou-Tei (1927) [Soukou-Tei Model 1927, Sakigake (1927).
  • AB-Tei Serial has been changed to Soukou-Tei (1940) [Soukou-Tei Model 1940, Soukou-Tei No.4 (1940)].
  • Seha-Tei Model 1 has been changed to Ha-Go [Ha-Go Fighting Boat Model 1 (1944)].
  • IJN Fubuki has been changed to IJN Ayanami [Class Fubuki, 2nd group, type Ayanami (1936)].
  • Typ-Klasse 143 (Albatros) has been changed to Albatros-Klasse (143) [Schnellboot Albatros-Klasse (143)].
  • Klasse 140/141 (Jaguar) has been changed to Jaguar-Klasse (140) [Schnellboot Jaguar-Klasse (140)].
  • IJN Kako — The name of the main calibre cannon has been fixed. Calibres have been changed in the description of the 203 and 200 mm shells.
  • 76mm/40 Type 88 cannon (Type K-8 (1944)) — has been changed to 76mm/40 Type 3 canon.
  • Soukou-Tei (1927) (earlier AB-Tei Pioneer) — The name of the universal belt has been changed to tracer.
  • The name of the 12.7 mm OFZ DSHK modification has been changed to 12.7 mm OF.


  • The accuracy of air defense on the AI-controlled ships has been reduced. This change does not affect the accuracy of air defence fire on player controlled ships even if it is controlled by AI gunners.

Economy and research

  • A bug where the RP costs for M3 Bradley were reduced in error as the last vehicle in the research tree has been fixed. The correct cost is 462,100 instead of 275,400.
  • M8 (LAC) - BR has been changed from 1.3 to 1.0 for all game modes.
  • ISU-152 - BR in AB has been changed from 6.0 to 5.3.


  • Player icons for the Japanese fleet have been added.
  • New decals with identification marks of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China have been added.
  • Restrictions on the usage of decals with Chinese markings have been added. Such restrictions will be applied to all nations in order to avoid counterfeiting identification marks in SB mode.
  • Achievements for China's aviation and ground vehicles have been added.
  • Bf 109G-2 (Italy) — The aircraft now has standard Hungarian Air Force camouflage. Romanian camouflage is also available. Both camouflages are available for free. Vehicle card and icons have been fixed.
  • AMX-30 Super - Tricolor camouflage has been added.


  • New orders and medals have been added for USA, Germany, USSR, Great Britain, Japan and Italy.
  • The conditions for receiving old orders and medals have been changed.
  • New titles for receiving awards (orders and medals) have been added.
  • The following medals have been removed:
    • USA — Distinguished Flying Cross 2nd Class, Distinguished Flying Cross 3rd Class, Air Medal 2nd Class, Air Medal 3rd Class.
    • USSR — Order of Alexander Nevsky, Order of Suvorov Third Class, Order of Kutuzov Third Class.


  • The indicators for the ground and aircraft radars have been improved. On the all round view indicator, the target marker will now be displayed as an arc segment (as in reality). The size of the capture markers has been increased. Displaying the radar operating area, search area and target capture area has been added. An indication for tracking failures at radial speed (capture frame flashing) has been added. The indicator of the level of interfering reflections from the ground has been added.
  • Displaying the radar coverage area has been added to the HUD.
  • On-board target tracking radars in fighters now continuously search for targets and lock on to them for tracking until they are turned off.
  • A separate indicator for RWR (radar warning receiver) which shows the direction on the radar more accurately and also shows the mode of them has been added. Also when warning radar position detects radar it will create a sound alarm. The previous indication in the form of arrows at the edges of the screen has been removed.
  • M113A1 (TOW), Striker, Warrior - Vehicle classification has been changed to "ATGM carrier".
  • Vehicle classification for the P-59A has been changed to "Jet Fighter".
  • The names of the Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire engine series have been changed to the original - Sapphire, in Russian localization.
  • A bug with the description of Experimental Camouflage № 5 on the SB2U-2 has been fixed in the Russian localization.
  • Location achievements have had changes to the names of locations within their description according to the mission names:
    • Snow Canyon > Iron Range
    • Norwegian Fjords > Fjords
    • Green Valley > Green Ridge
    • Nordland > Foothills
    • High Islands > Pacific Hidden Base
    • Snowed Peaks > Top of the World
    • Mountain Park > Grave Robbers' Cliffs

Game mechanics

  • Various information available for display on MFD's. Currently the mechanics are represented as MFD displays with switching output information in the cockpits of the Mi-35M, the AH-1Z and the EC-665 Tiger.
  • A bug where the boundaries of the capture point did not match the actual visual marking lines in ground battles has been fixed.



  • Full transition to the more up to date Fmod Studio 1.10 sound engine (all platforms) has been completed.
  • Many sound assets in the game have been reworked to meet the new standard for the quality of the game mix.
  • Thanks to new tools, the game mix is now more detailed and sound objects are positioned more clearly. The radii for hearing shots from cannons and engine sounds have been increased.
  • The logic for the formation of the sound environment has been redesigned and optimized, therefore the clarity of playback and the stability of the game as a whole has been increased.
  • Sound resources now require significantly less RAM resources thanks to the improved asset compression algorithms and different resource loading logic.
  • All sound events for explosions have been reworked. Layers depending on range have been added. The radii of audibility have been increased.
  • A new authentic sound event for the Type 74 tank engine has been added.
  • The engine sounds on allied/enemy aircraft have been redesigned. Additional layers for close spans and "distant" layers have been added.
  • The dependence on the overload experienced by aircraft on turns has been added for engine sounds from the 3rd person view.
  • The sound of the afterburner (if equipped) on the player's jet has been reworked.
  • Some interface sounds on aircraft (missile attack signal, overload signal) have been reworked.
  • Ju 87B-2 - The siren sound has been redesigned, sound radius increased, new asset layers have been added.
  • New sound of sonic boom from a passing allied/enemy jet.
  • The sounds of the player's guns hitting an enemy aircraft have been reworked.
  • The sound events of allied/enemy ground vehicles shots have been reworked.
  • All sound events for all shots from ground vehicle cannons of the player from the 3rd person view and gunner view have been reworked.
  • Reverberation and early reflections for shots of the player's cannons and also for allied/enemy vehicles which are in the surroundings of dense buildings or among rocks has been added.
  • Sound events of the player's ground vehicles have been reworked with an emphasis on increasing the dynamics of the engines.
  • All sound events for reloading naval and ground vehicles canons have been reworked.
  • All sound events for naval shots have been reworked.
  • Some interface sounds of ships (a signal of dangerous shallow depth, a fire signal, a torpedo attack signal) have been reworked.
  • The launch area on some ATGMs has been limited in azimuth and degree relative to the launcher. This area will be displayed in the helicopter sight.
  • The range scale with indication of the maximum range of ATGM using has been added to the helicopter sight.
  • Sound events for shots of allied/enemy ships have been reworked. The radiuses of audibility have been increased.
  • The sounds of hits on the player's ships have been reworked.
  • Sound events for rotation of naval vessel turrets for main calibres have been added.
  • The sounds of boat engines with gas turbine engines (for player's vehicles and allied/enemy vehicles) have been added.
  • The logic of the formation of sound events for ships has been reworked. In a very tight combat interaction the sound mix is more stable and clear.


  • EasyAntiCheat system has been implemented into War Thunder (to be enabled soon after the update goes live). On first installation of the update, the user will be prompted to confirm the installation of EAC using administrator rights.


  • The ability to correct distance manually in AB naval battles has been added. It can be switched on in the menu > options > naval battle settings > realistic aiming.


  • A map rotation filter has been added for AB and RB game modes for aircraft, ground and naval battles.
  • Possible locations for battles have been extended for all vehicle ranks. The changes have been made possible by the implementation of the map rotation filter.
  • Ground SB:
    • 2 respawns are now available for the top heavy tanks (as already operating for light and medium tanks).
    • New vehicles have been added to setups.

Smaller updates that came afterwards


  • Battle (D14) - The 114 mm stern cannon has now been included into the main calibre group.
  • HMS Southampton - The position of the smoke screen modification has been changed in the modifications window.
  • M4A1 (75) W (China) - BR in all game modes has been changed from 5.0 to 3.7.
  • P-51K (China) - The vehicle card has been updated. All data has been changed to the correct values. BR has been changed: in AB from 5.0 to 4.0; in RB from 5.0 to 4.7; in SB from 5.3 to 5.0.
  • Swift F1, Swift F7 - The type of the aircraft has been changed. Takeoff from an aircraft carrier has been removed.
  • The NVD (night vision devices) modification has been added for the Т-80U and Т-80B - The night vision system on these tanks is now available, but only after researching one of the following modifications: "NVD" or "NVD upgrade".
  • NVD has been added for the following vehicles: M41, M42, Т54Е1, Т92, M48A1 (China). NVD are available while in the driver and 3rd person view. Due to the addition of the new modification, the research costs and purchase price in GE and SL of the other modifications have been slightly changed.


First patch (

  • A bug where the depth charges on the No.13 Type, 1944, Sumner (DD-692) were displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
  • Hawk III - A visual bug where the propeller was always displayed as damaged has been fixed.
  • S38, MGB-75, IJN Kuma - The flag animation has been fixed
  • MiG-19PT and F-3D - The indicator for the lead-marker point, for weaponry with radar capability, has been disabled in RB and SB. Radars on these aircraft were only designed to work with the gyro sight in the cockpit, and the data for shooting from the cannon has not been calculated accurately enough, so the radar indication in the HUD for 3rd person view has been displaying incorrectly. Instead of this, we have implemented a correctly working gyro sight in the cockpit which receives data from the radar and displays the lead marker position for cannons based on the information available. The effective operating range is about 500m. When aiming/shooting, the aircraft should not make sharp maneuvers, otherwise the sight will not be able to display the correct lead marker.
  • F-4C - The radar sight has been removed. The on-board radar of this aircraft was never designed to work with suspended cannons and was instead designed only to work with guided missile weaponry. The mass of the equipped tank (without suspended weaponry) has been reduced. For the "mouse aim" control type, a more precise aircraft control algorithm has been enabled.
  • The HUD display of the radar capture area has been fixed.
  • The icons for the NVD and thermal imaging modifications have been visually changed.
  • The display of smoke plumes from the jet engines of other aircraft has been fixed.
  • The display of the "Tanker Badge (silver)" and "Tanker Badge (gold)" award has been fixed.
  • The following missions have been added to custom battles: "[Operation] Middle East", "[Operation] Ladoga", "[Operation] Counterattack near Smolensk", "[Operation] Kokhinhin", "[Operation] Central Tunisia"
  • М8 (China) - Crew displayed in the X-Ray view has been fixed.

Second patch (

  • Fairmile A (ML100) - The incorrect positioning of the aft and fore guns has been fixed.
  • AIM-92 Stinger, Mistral and 9M39 Igla air-to-air missiles will no longer react to IRCM.
  • F-4c - a bug resulting in low efficiency of the fuel pumps in afterburner mode, which resulted in a loss of thrust and 40-50 km/h of speed, has been fixed.
  • Eurocopter Tiger, Westland Lynx, G-Lynx, F-4C Phantom II - The mass of HAP launchers has been fixed (reduced).
  • Roundels and insignias/decals for the USA, Germany (Tanks), USSR, Great Britain (Tanks), and Axis (Tanks) have been moved to the "Roundels and Insignias" section. The requirements for acquiring decals haven't changed

17.09.2019 (


  • The volume and position of the cannons for player ground vehicles, from the gunner and 3rd person views, have been adjusted.
  • The sounds for allied and opponent guns have been more clearly positioned.
  • The volume of transmission related sounds has been halved.
  • The sound of switching in and out of the binocular view has been replaced by a quieter, less pronounced sound.
  • The volume and positioning of engine-related sounds for allied and opponent ground vehicles have been changed so that they are more clear and audible.
  • The source of background sounds in the hangar will no longer abruptly change as a result of the camera being rotated very fast.
  • The (sound) frequency of enemy and allied shots/explosions has been made slightly more pronounced.
  • The possibility of a particular bug occurring while using ground and naval vehicles, where the sounds of allied and enemy weapon-fire would not play at all, has been reduced.
  • The volume of allied and enemy aircraft engines have been reduced for players using ground vehicles.
  • The sounds of gas-turbine tank engines have been redesigned: An unusual and unwanted sound layer for the gas-turbine tank engines has been deleted and sound layers for the transmission, and for air flow, have been added.
  • A sound layer for the engine of the T-64 has been added which is typical of when the engine is working under load.


  • A notification before joining a battle which states that torpedoes have not been purchased for one or more ships in the active setup has been added.
  • Battle (D14) - Ammo load for 114 mm gun on the stern has been fixed. Irrelevant modification for the AA targeting system has been removed, ingame currency has been refunded for owners. 40 mm Bofors guns reclassified into the utility guns.
  • AIM-9E modification which allows to use corresponding guided air-to-air missiles has been added for the F-4C.


  • For aircraft of rank 7.7 and higher, possible battle scenarios of Axis against Axis or Allies against Allies in RB, have been replaced by scenarios of all against all. This will allow us to get statistics on the efficiency on the aircraft of top ranks for the possibility of adjusting new options and scenarios between rivals of different countries.
  • [Enduring Confrontation] Mission La Manche is now available for creating game sessions in SB mode. Try out new scenarios "Naval Convoy", "Port Attack" and "Naval bombers" where you will need to destroy or protect AI controlled fleets and other interesting mission tasks. For more information see the Enduring Confrontation portion in the major update patchnotes (1.91).

19.09.2019 (

  • A bug related to the control synchronization of vehicles, where twitching could be observed with some aircraft when maneuvering at high speeds (1,000 km/h and higher), has been fixed.
  • Temporary freezes which occur in game sessions after long flights (more than 20 minutes) with helicopters have been fixed.
  • The sound of shooting from first person view (binoculars) in naval battles has been corrected.
  • Sounds that occur when a player’s own vehicle is struck in naval and ground battles are now more pronounced.
  • Firing/attack sounds of all non-automatic cannons for ground vehicles have been intensified.
  • A bug where, in some cases, the firing sounds of allies/enemies might not have played, has been fixed.
  • The automatic purchasing of torpedoes in the default weaponry setup for all ships has been fixed. Important: If the torpedoes have been purchased earlier manually, and then removed from the weaponry setup, they will not be automatically replenished in the additional weaponry slot.
  • The designation, or lack thereof, for some capture zones in ground battles has been fixed.
  • Pr.7U, MTB series 1 - A bug related to the launching of torpedoes when shooting with the main calibre weaponry has been fixed.
  • The F-4C radar will now, in a stable fashion, acquire targets at short ranges. Switching between boresight mode and search mode is now possible with the command "Change Radar Mode".
  • Re.2005 serie 0 - An additional camouflage, "Sagittario", has been added.


Mission changes
  • According to numerous requests from our forum, helicopter [Enduring Confrontation] battles have been reworked. It is smaller now. If earlier the battlefield was 7x7 cells on the map, now it has been reduced to 5x5 cells. Based on the testing results of the modified mission we will decide whether to rework the remaining helicopter [Enduring Confrontation] missions in as smaller way or return the old size to the “Afghanistan” mission
Flight model changes
  • Cr-32 (all modifications) - A bug resulting to the incorrect alignment of the aircraft which leads to the incorrect pitch control (when using control type “full”) has been fixed. The rudder operation at low speeds has been clarified (improved), damping at the course has been increased. Contact with the ground point of the fuselage has been recalculated. By prolonged braking there is now the possibility of nosing over. Critical angles and lifting force reducing throughout the entire speed range according to wing blowing has been implemented. The dependence of the engine cooling on speed has been configured. The radiator flaps on the automatic control mode supports now the temperatures on the normal operating mode better. Engine altitude and max aircraft altitude have been refined (reduced). Inertia of the propeller group has been specified. Carburetor behavior on the flight mode with low or negative overload has been improved. The amount of fuel in the second (in-wing mounted) fuel tank has been reduced.
  • MiG-19 (all modifications) - A bug in the operation of the brake parachute leading to its insufficient efficiency on the run has been fixed.
  • The range of speeds on which the visual Prandtl–Glauert effect appears has been reduced. Now the effect occurs in the range between 0.99-1.01 M.

24.09.2019 (

  • Saving and unloading methods of audio assets have been optimized. This will increase the stability of playback of the game sounds.
  • A bug occurring in naval battles, where the amount of torpedoes a player’s vehicle had would not be shown correctly due to the relevant counter not working, has been fixed.
  • A bug which made it impossible to use a ship’s back-up for a vehicle on which all torpedoes had been previously used has been fixed.
  • A bug where, in very rare cases, the game client would crash when viewing server replays, has been fixed.


First patch (

  • A bug where rockets were not reloaded on ATGM carriers has been fixed.
  • A bug where the smoke grenades were not being reloaded has been fixed.
  • The probability of night battles has been increased in random ground forces battles in AB and RB for vehicles of rank 9.0 and higher.
  • Sound playback logic for naval guns has been optimized.
  • The composition for sound assets in engines on naval vehicles has been optimized.
  • The volume of the sound mix in the game has been adjusted to the ASWG (Sony Audio Standards Working Group) standard.
  • Changes to bulk savings of Golden Eagles is now implemented.

Second patch (Server Update)

  • F-4C — A preset with 4x AIM-9E mounted on wing pylons and the SUU-23/A container on the central pylon have been added.
  • EC-665 Tiger UHT — A preset with 8х PARS 3 LR and 4x AIM-92 Stingers has been added.
  • Мi-24В/P & Мi-35М — The number of flares has been changed from 128 to 196.
  • G.91 YS — The separate firing offensive weaponry for has been changed to the larger calibre.


First patch (

Flight Model changes
  • F-100D / Super Mystere B2 - Implemented afterburner chamber mechanics with more accurate dependencies on altitude and speed, similar to aircraft such as the MiG-19, F-4C, MiG-21, introduced in the 1.91 major update (Afterburner thrust increased at high speed). Implemented a more accurate algorithm for "Mouse Aim" (Overall handling increased).
  • T-2 - Increased maximum lift coefficient and critical angle of attack, simulating a vortex lift effect that occurs due to a vortex from the leading edge of the wing's root section (overall handling increased). Implemented much more accurate algorithm for "Mouse Aim". Afterburner Chamber mechanics are now more accurate. (Afterburner thrust increased at high speed).
  • F-4C - corrected correspondence of the aircraft at take-off. Reduced excessively abrupt pitching downward correspondence to the aircraft on approaching supersonic speeds - the so called "Mach tuck" effect has been corrected. Increased maximum rate of roll.
  • I-16 type 17 (China) - Incorrect naming of the engine in the vehicle card has been fixed.
Other fixes
  • KV-122 - A bug where there no animation for the left track has been fixed.
  • Pr.159, Pr.35. - A bug where the launcher animations in X-Ray view did not show has been fixed.
  • Fletcher (DD-445) - The incorrect positioning of torpedoes in the torpedo tubes has been fixed.

Second patch (Server Update)

  • Leopard 2K - The type of night vision modification has been changed from thermal imaging to infrared.
  • Centauro, Centauro ROMOR, Begleitpanzer 57 - The type of night vision modification has been changed from infrared to thermal.
  • AMX-30 - Modification for IR (infrared) night vision system has been added.
  • Shot Kal Dalet, Type 61, Type 87, Type 75, Type 75 MLRS - Modification for IR (infrared) driver night vision system has been added.
  • M8 LAC - Shoulder stabilizer has been added.
  • M60A1 (AOS) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 47.6 to 48 tons. Source: TM 9-2350-215-34-2-1.
  • Centurion Mk.10 - the thickness of the additional armour plate at the front has been changed from 44 to 51 mm. The thickness of the gun mantlet has been changed from 200 to 152 mm. Source: Centurion 7,8,9,10 (fully modified) armour details, F.V.231921. Centurion 7,8 plate thickness, F.V.231921 // The Centurion Tank, Pat Ware, Brian Delf // Centurion Tank - Bill Munro, 2005
  • T-80U - The minimum sight magnification value has been changed from 3.6-12х to 2.7-12х. Source: Сайт производителя // Танк Т-90С, инструкция по эксплуатации (аналогичный прицел 1Г46)
  • M247 - The turret traverse guidance speed has been changed from 60 to 90 degrees per second. Sight magnification has been changed from 1.5-6х to a fixed 12х. Source: Manprint Analysis of the DIVAD System: Volume II. Lessons Relearned
  • 3,7 cm Pzgr. (Flak 36, Flak 43) - Initial shell speed has been changed from 740 to 770 m/sec. Source: Einbaumappe 3,7 cm BK-43, Marz 1944 // Documentation W127.
  • T25, M36 - A error in the designation of the default AP shell has been corrected. The default shell for this vehicle is M77.
  • 105 mm T32 shell - The speed of the shell has been changed from 975 to 914 m/sec. Source: RAC - Technical Situation Report No. 35, 1945 // Hunnicutt: Firepower - A History of the American Heavy Tank Data Sheet for Guns 105 mm T5E1 and T5E2
  • Type 63-I - Modifications window bug has been fixed, where the HEAT shell icon was displayed out of its borders.
  • Sound events of explosions and gunshots now have brighter attack.Virtual sound channels loading of the sound engine has been optimized.
  • Volume balance for ground vehicle guns, explosions and some aircraft engines have been slightly corrected.
  • A bug with swapped male and female voice packages in the sound menu has been fixed.
  • Search filters for camouflages from “Night Vision” and “Imperial Navy” trophies have been added to the market page. The list of filters will be updated when new trophies are added.
  • Console users now have all recipes for creating items from trophies with camouflages in one tab in the workshop. Choosing recipes that belong to only one trophy can be selected in the drop down list.


Shipyard assembly image.png
Operation “Shipyard”
  • At the request of players, we have added the possibility to instantly assemble parts, with a slight increase in the requirements of the required materials. The choice to do so is available when beginning to assemble parts in the recipes menu.
  • The possibility of opening shipping containers with basic materials after finishing the assembly of the first armoured boat has been fixed.
    • To apply the changes described above you will need to restart the game.

We have added the possibility of exchanging items from the “Night Vision” trophy to the workshop tab “Camo trophy” for console players.

10.10.2019 (

  • MBK 161 — “Bomb Mortar” modification has been moved to the default weaponry preset.
  • A bug in the ship’s visibility system which allowed ships to detect each other through non-transparent obstacles such as rocks or islands at long range (more than 10 km) in some cases has been fixed.
  • Damage Model changes:
    • The damage model for damage caused by torpedoes has been fixed. In accordance with the historical experience of battles at sea, all larger ships can now survive several torpedo attacks depending on where they detonate on the ship’s hull. For example an explosion in the vicinity of the ammunition magazine will highly likely result in their detonation and contribute to the destruction of the ship. However hits in other parts of the hull will not be fatal if the ship is fully operational and whole and has a sufficient number of capable crew members.
    • The detonation of the ammunition magazine has been fixed. They were excessively vulnerable to kinetic damage and shrapnel and now magazines can withstand more hits. For the instantaneous detonation of magazines of a medium size, it will now require two direct hits with an AP shell of a calibre up to 152 mm. A direct hit by a heavier shell (180-203 mm) will cause the ammunition magazine to explode immediately.
  • Visual display:
    • The lack of visual representation of hits and shell explosions at long distances has been fixed.
  • The frequency response of the audio mix, to achieve a more natural sound, has been adjusted.
  • Changes to the logic of limiting sound events to avoid non-sounding elements close to the listener have been made.
  • Unnecessary mechanical sounds from the player’s aircraft cannons in 1st person view (from cockpit) have been deleted.
  • A bug where while watching a player with thermal imaging turned on the viewer (spectator) could see the thermal image has been fixed.
  • Excessive damage to bases caused by missiles in air battles has been fixed.
  • Volokolamsk - Has been removed from rotation in random ground battles.
  • Mission [Air Superiority] Afghanistan - Has been removed from rotation in air AB battles.
  • Mission [Operation] Boulogne-sur-Mer - Has been removed from rotation in air RB battles.
  • Hull break mechanics for the following vehicles are now possible with 100/105 mm HEAT shells (previously caused only by 120 mm and above HEAT shells):
  • AMX-10RC
  • AMX-30 Roland
  • Begleitpanzer 57
  • Gepard
  • FlaRakPz 1 Roland
  • Ru 251
  • TAM
  • Centauro

  • Centauro ROMOR
  • AUBL/74
  • M113A1 TOW
  • R3 T106 FA
  • SIDAM 25
  • Type 16
  • Type 60 ATM
  • Type 87
  • Type 89
  • Falcon

  • FV102
  • FV438
  • Warrior
  • Stormer
  • M163
  • M247
  • M3 Bradley
  • M50
  • M551
  • M901
  • 9P149
  • BMP-1
  • BMP-2
  • 2S6 “Tunguska”
  • ZSU-23-4 “Shilka”
  • ZSU-57-2
  • Object 120
  • Object 685
  • Object 906
  • SU-100P
  • FV510, M3 Bradley, BMP-1, BMP-2 — sections of the hull and turret armour were not included in the hull destruction mechanics. These elements have now been included in the mechanics.

17.10.2019 (

  • The possibility of sound artifacts occurring has been reduced.
  • A bug related to the display of the lead marker has been fixed

22.10.2019 (Server Update - Economy and BR changes)

  • Planned BR changes (LINK).
  • Planned economy changes (LINK).

Other changes:

  • In combined simulator battles the SL award for capturing points has been reduced by 50%, the awards for destruction of enemy vehicles has been increased by 30%, supporting in destruction, hits and critical hits awards have all been increased by 50%.
  • RP bonuses for RB and SB now extends also into modification research. For example, if a player received 1000 RP in the past for modification research after an RB battle and 1300 RP for vehicle research, the player will now receive 1300 RP for both categories.

24.10.2019 (

  • A bug where ESS (Engine Smoke System) was enabled with engine turned off has been fixed
  • "Invert z-axis" option now operates correctly for helicopter controls
  • A bug has been fixed in the pop up card where incorrectly low figures on armour penetration stats for ATGM equipped ground vehicles was displayed.
  • A bug has been fixed where it was possible to adjust suspension with a discharged battery.
  • UH-1C XM-30 - right turret sight not being displayed has been fixed
  • EC-665 Tiger HAP, EC-665 Tiger HAD - a bug has been fixed where the sight moved up when aiming to the side.

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