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Update 1.93 "Shark Attack" (changelog) was introduced on 29 October 2019. This update is notable for the introduction of Rank V ships, the first Swedish aircraft and the first Italian helicopter.

New vehicles


Great Britain





Ground vehicles




  • BMP-3
  • 2S6M Tunguska-M (as a researchable modification of the 2S6)
  • 9P149M (as a researchable modification of the 9P149)

Great Britain






Naval Fleet



Great Britain

New location

  • South Africa

Location and mission updates

  • Helicopter respawns have been moved further away from the ground forces battlefield position.
  • The size of the "Northern Port" location has been changed from 12x12km to 16x16km and the respawn location for larger naval vessels has been relocated.

Examples of bugs corrected by player reports

Msg-info.png As previously, we want to thank you for correctly created bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help. You continue to assist us to make War Thunder better!
  • Incorrect reload speed for the last shell in the first-order ammo racks has been fixed (source).
  • The weight of the М1А1 Abrams tank has been changed from 59 to 57.15 ton. According to "Tank Platoon: Headquarters Department of the Army (April 1996)" (source).
  • Earlier missing torpedo lead indication has been fixed for IJN Kiyoshimo (source).
  • Belt composition of the 7.92 mm S-100 machine gun has been fixed(1944) (source).
  • Incorrect texture of the Firefly Scorpion anti-aircraft machine gun has been fixed (source).
  • Shifting of the crosshairs on the sights in aircraft cockpits has been fixed (source).
  • Bugs in the hull roof armour of the M26E1, through which the driver and gunner could be hit have been fixed (source).
  • Incorrect armour of the gun mantlet of the Т-34-85 Gai (China) has been fixed. Gun mantlet is now equal to the Т-34-85 (USSR) (source).
  • "Gaps" in the armour for the following tanks have been fixed: M22, M60, Magach 3, T32, T32E1, Heavy Tank No.6, ST-A1, ST-A2, Type 61, Centurion (from multiple bug reports).
  • The work of the rangefinder on helicopters with missing or removed nose turret have been restored (source).
  • Incorrect behavior in the established turn with flaps released on the aircraft of the MiG series and some others have been fixed (source).
  • Incorrect display of jet exhaust which could be displayed ahead of the aircraft has been fixed (source).
  • Many sound artifacts have been fixed. For example sound artifacts in battles longer than 40 minutes (from many bug reports).

Enduring Confrontation

  • Cargo ships have been added to the naval convoys.
  • A bug on the "La Manche" location, where some airfields in hostile territory continued to operate even after capturing a port or advancing the front line, has been fixed.
  • A bug where capturing the port allows the enemy bombing zone near the port to remain an active target has been fixed. Now such zones will be considered as captured and disappear.
  • In the "Saipan" mission the front line (except ground battles) has been partly switched on as it is required by the port capture logic.
  • Ship setups for AI now depends on the rank of battles.
  • Hydroplanes and sea planes can now be repaired and rearmed in friendly ports.
  • Ports now have security units. Port can not be captured without destroying them. Destroyed units reappear after some time and damage will be restored. In the case of port capture, security units will respawn for the side which has captured the port to aid in its protection.
  • AI cost guard units have been added on the coast of the La Manche and Saipan location which act on the principle of any other background units (active only if there are some players nearby and if the limit of the active units isn't exceeded).

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • 2S6 - 2S6M modification has been added. BR for all game modes have been changed from 10 to 10.3.
  • Swingfire - Armour-piercing has been changed from 500 to 535 mm.
  • MILAN - Armour-piercing has been changed from 580 to 530 mm.
  • HOT - Armour-piercing has been changed from 800 to 700 mm.
  • Centurion Mk.3 / Centurion Mk.10 / Centurion Mk.1 / Sho't Kal Dalet / Strv 81 - A partition which separates the ammunition storage from the driver has been added.
  • French reserve vehicle has been changed from AMC34 to AMD35.
  • M1A1 - Weight of the tank has been changed from 58,970 kg to 57,150 kg. Source: FM 17-15 Tank Platoon
  • Penetration values for the following HEAT shells have been reduced (the below values are in mm):
    • OCC 120 G1: 600 → 480
    • OECC 120 F1: 600 → 480
    • DM12A1: 650 → 480
    • DM12: 650 → 480
    • M830: 650 → 480
      • Source: Data of Soviet and NATO anti-armour weapon systems // REPORT OF DGWs WORKING PARTY ON AMMUNITION NATURES FOR FUTURE AFVs HEAT Vs HESH FOR FMBT

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Bugs with localization of the information about the thickness of the aircraft armour have been fixed.
  • Helicopters - Enable helicopter repair if they can still fly.
  • Zoom for helicopter gunner camera view depending on the sighting optics has been fixed.
  • Aircraft - The gyroscopic sight no longer drifts to the side as it now uses all available guns for reference.
  • F4C - Allow the use of the ventral gunpod if the landing gear is broken.
  • A bug with the display of the armour-piercing icon on the flares modification has been fixed.
  • F-89D - Gyro gunsight will work with rockets
  • Ki-100 II - Lack of protection for fuel tanks has been fixed.
  • G4M1 - Separate bomb dropping has been added.
  • Tiger (all modifications) - The position of the third-person camera view in zoom for easier firing of unguided rockets has been fixed.
  • Swift F.7 - Fireflash guided missile have been added. The missile will be controlled using "Beam riding", i.e. the missile must be held after launch on the sight line of the target by controlling the aircraft body.

Flight Model changes:

  • The "Hold roll angle" button has been added to the control settings for helicopters in the "mouse aiming mode". The new feature allows you to turn on the helicopter'S roll hold. This allows the helicopter to make lateral movements (strafe) without constantly entering the commands into the roll channels, compensate roll drift during the movement and drift of the helicopter at high and low speeds and adjust the radius and sharpness of the turn at high speed. The range of the roll angles in which the hold works is limited by +/-30 degrees but can be individual for some helicopters.
  • F.222.2, NC.223.32 - Flight model has been updated. A bug with very quick engine overheating on takeoff mode has been fixed. Stability and controllability of the aircraft by performing manoeuvres under using full control type have been improved.
  • H6K - Flight model has been updated. The propeller group now operates with more stability in all flight modes. Alignment range has been fixed (the aircraft is easier to operate on all control types). More precise fuel distribution on the tanks and the order of its consumption has been applied (first will be used fuel from the tanks close to the wing console).
  • VG.33 - Flight model has been fully updated. The operation of the propeller group and powerplant has been corrected and improved. Wing and fin aerodynamics have been recalculated. The cooling system has been updated (overheating is now less severe).
  • Ме 264 - Wing polars with released mechanization have been recalculated. Takeoff and land on all control types is now easier to perform.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:

  • The fire rate for the first priority shells has been adjusted for all ships. A bug where the cannon fired faster "from magazine" (Fletcher, Summer) has been fixed.
  • Fire rate from the main calibre cannons has been increased for the following ships:
    • Nurnberg - 12 shots per minute
    • Akizuki - 21 shots per minute
    • Mutsuki - 6 shots per minute
    • Kako - 4 shots per minute
    • Furutaka - 5 shots per minute
    • Agano - 10 shots per minute
  • Reloading of spare torpedoes on the Japanese destroyers has been fixed.
  • All US ships that are equipped with the 127mm/38 universal Mk.12 cannon have had the appropriate mounts for these cannons corrected. In accordance with the installation model, the fire rate, ammunition and guidance speed have also been adjusted.
  • Battle (D14) - 114mm stern cannon has been added to the main calibre group.
  • Battle (D14) - Ammunition for 114mm stern cannon has been corrected. Non relevant modification of anti air armament targeting has been deleted. RP and game currency spent for the research will be returned to the account. The 40mm Bofors have been moved to the category of secondary weaponry.
  • The self destruct distance of the AK-726 shells (Pr.159, Pr.35) has been increased.
  • IJN Mogami - The traverse angles of the main calibre cannons have been extended. Torpedo sight appearing on the opposite side of aim has been fixed.
  • PT-3 - Weaponry setup with torpedoes and depth charges which in the past didn't include torpedoes has been fixed.
  • HMS Grafton
    • Earlier missing torpedo lead indication has been fixed.
    • Ammo use for bomb mortars has been fixed.
    • 12.7mm Vickers have been moved from the anti-aircraft group to the auxiliary group. Modification of the improved Anti-Air Armament Targeting has been replaced by the Auxiliary Armament Targeting. In-game currency and RP for the researched modification will be returned to the account.
  • 165 ft PC-466 Carmi - The operation of the bomb mortars has been fixed.
  • IJN Kiyoshimo - Earlier missing torpedo lead indication has been fixed.
  • IJN Kuma, IJN Kako - X-Ray view and the order of torpedo launching have been fixed.

Naval modifications and crew skills:

  • HMS Southampton - The position of the smoke screen modification in the modification window has been fixed.
  • Type-K3/No.1 - Bomb mortar modification which created nothing has been removed. In-game currency and RP for the researched modification will be returned to the account.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • The speed penalty from the destruction of the funnels has been changed from 0.6 to 0.85 of maximum capacity.
  • Armour thickness of the 102 mm British Мк. XIX has been changed to 3.175 mm.
  • IJN Mogami, IJN Agano - Roll rate on turn has been decreased.
  • Vosper series 2 - Maximum speed has been corrected.


  • English localization for fuze has been corrected: fuse has been changed to fuze.


  • HMS Grafton - Speed information of the ship in its vehicle card has been corrected.

Economy and research

  • China's ground forces and air forces are now available for everyone for research.


  • The erroneous requirements of receiving of the player's "Japanese Navy" icons has been fixed and changed from 750 damage points to 200,000.
  • New limitation for "Roundels and insignias" section decals. They now could be obtained and used only for vehicle of the given nation.

Game mechanics

  • New mechanics added to the hangar - "Protection analysis for ships". Shot animation is now shown on the vehicle model.
  • New option of hiding/showing external armor plates for ships.


  • The composition of many sound events has been optimized. Secondary elements of lesser importance have been removed as they were consuming excess resources and contaminating the sound mix.
  • The rules for managing groups of sound events have been changed. The prioritization system of sound event launching has been optimized.
  • Erroneous elements in sound design for a number of vehicles have been fixed.
  • FMOD version has been updated from 1.10.11 to 1.10.17.


  • Controlling a helicopter in mouse aim mode you can now set the neutral roll from the keyboard. This allows you for example to aim the helicopter with the mouse and fly sideways at the same time as well as compensate for drift due to propeller pull. To do this you need to activate "Manual roll control" mode.


  • Trees are now non transparent for optical sights and guiding devices, for example such as, ADATS or Stormer SPAAGs, or Ka-50 or AH-1Z.
  • Trees are now half-transparent for radars. Radar distance shortens for every tree in its scan direction.

Smaller updates that came afterwards

30.10.2019 (

  • BR changes for the following aircraft:
    • J29D - [SB] 8.7 - > 8.0
    • Pyorremyrsky - [SB] 4.3 -> 3.7
  • A bug, where the radar detection signal in a helicopter continues to play until the end of the battle has been fixed (source).
  • A bug where Hellfire missiles didn't hit the target if they had been launched from cockpit view has been fixed.
  • A bug where completed "Enduring Confrontation" missions continued to be displayed in the list of helicopter battles has been fixed.
  • A bug where a ship's AI controlled cannons were not producing a firing sound has been fixed.
  • Rangefinder information has been added to the MFD (Multi-function display).
  • Pyorremyrsky — The animation of the radiator operation has been fixed.
  • AMX-30 ACRA — A bug where there were no sounds for reloading and turret rotation has been fixed.
  • Phantom FGR.2 — A bug where the cannon shot much lower than the sight aim has been fixed.


  • Shells for 20-57 mm automatic cannons: A bug where these shells may not have reached their maximum range has been fixed.
  • Type 74G - The night vision modification has been changed from infrared to thermal imaging (for the gunner).
  • AMX-30 DCA, Gepard, SIDAM 25, SIDAM 25 Mistral, Chieftain Marksman, Falcon, M163, ZSU-23-4 - A bug where no explosion or fire would occur when destroying the ammunition compartment modification (where the relevant compartment was "blacked out") has been fixed.
  • Centurion Mk.1 / Mk.3 / Mk.10, Sho’t Kal Dalet, Strv 81, Centurion Action X — The structural material making up the partitions between the driver, ammunition cellar, control unit and fighting compartments has been changed. These parts were previously implemented with an erroneous material: "rolled homogeneous armour" and have now been changed to "structural steel".
  • BMP-3 — A bug where the front fuel tank provided unreasonably high protection and couldn’t be penetrated by APFSDS shells has been fixed.

7.11.2019 (

  • Striker - A bug which caused no circular indicator to appear when reloading/restocking first-order ammo racks has been fixed.
  • A bug relating to helicopters where, after locking onto a target and launching a missile at them, it was no longer possible to use the zoom function, has been fixed.
  • MiG-21F13 — The weight of the empty aircraft has been reduced by 600 kg according to additional information from the technical documentation of the aircraft (technical description, book 1). Dynamic performance has been improved and the climb rate has been slightly increased.
  • Mi-28N - Hover mode in autopilot with full control mode has been added.
  • Mi-24, ECC-665, Sa-313, Sa-316, UH-1, AH-1Z - The dead zone of roll and pitch axes for autopilot in hover mode with full controls has been increased to prevent the helicopter from reacting to accidental small deviations of control axes from the zero point.


  • In naval battles the gunfire hearing distance has been increased from 3 to 5 kilometres.
  • The distance from which the sound of gunfire for ground vehicle cannons can be heard has been increased from 1 to 2 km.
  • The distance from which the sound of gunfire for aircraft cannons can be heard has been increased from 1 to 2 km.
  • Sound events generation logic has been changed when hitting the player’s ship to optimize resources and remove some errors.
  • All sound events for auto cannons in naval and ground vehicles has been changed to optimize resources and remove some errors.
  • The sound panorama width for player ground vehicles has been reduced in order to free the sound field for other sounds occurring and positioned around the player.
  • The composition of sound events for the chassis of all ground vehicles has been redesigned to increase the clarity of the sound and optimisation of the consumed resources.


  • In "Ground Strike" missions, the models of target bases have been changed.
  • In "Ground Strike" missions, the number of target bases has been increased from 3 to 4.

13.11.2019 (

  • Missing voice messages in tutorial missions have been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed with the inability to zoom in gunner’s sight with the designated control axis.
  • In mixed battles distant helicopter pads are now rotated in the correct directions.
  • Helicopter pads are now available in all custom mixed battles, but only for setups from BR 8.0 and above. The BR can be set in the menu, or just turn on higher ranked bots.


First patch (

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
  • Cruiser Tank Grant I (USA) - a bug has been fixed where the single-dimensional stabilizer was missing for the 75mm M2 gun.
  • M8A1 - AA machine-gun is now under commander control.
  • Object 685 - a bug has been fixed with insufficient floating ability.
  • Type 75 SPH - the M107 (PH) shell has had the ability to set up the explosion distance manually removed. The explosion initiates with a proximity fuse within a 3 m radius from the target (surface, tank, aircraft, helicopter). The proximity explosion is only possible if the shell travels a minimum 300m distance to enable fuse arming.
  • SIDAM 25 (Mistral) - an inconsistency has been fixed between the order of firing missiles and how they disappear in the X-ray mode.
  • ADATS — The possibility of automatic target lock from optical tracking with targeting from the radar position has been removed.
  • Centurion Action X - coaxial machine gun has been changed from 7.92mm BESA to 7.62mm L3A1
  • Sd.Kfz. 140/1 — a visual model inconsistency between commander and gunner, and their text description, has been corrected.
  • Ostwind II - order of ammo rack depletion has been specified. Wrong crew member counter has been fixed. Ability to shoot from one barrel when gunner is knocked out has been removed.
  • Sturer Emil - a bug has been fixed leaving some ammo rack modules to remain visible even after complete shell depletion.
  • M1 Abrams, M1IP Abrams - order of ammo rack filling has been changed. Unprotected shell storage at the bottom of the turret fills with the lowest priority.
  • BMP-3, Pz.Kpfw Maus - targeting time has been added to turret drive description.
  • BT-7 (F-32) - the machine gun mounted on the turret rear has been removed from the damage model.
  • AMX-10RC - hydropneumatic suspension is now able to tilt the hull. Clearance adjustment range has been increased.
  • Type 16 - Two front axles are now controllable. Previously three axles were controllable but this was incorrect and has been rectified
  • Designations of the commanders and captured tanks in the German research tree have been fixed.
  • The naming of the Sherman Ic Firefly premium tank has been changed to Sherman IC "Trzynie".
  • 57mm Shot Mk.5T HV - Initial speed has been changed from 883 to 891 m/sec. Source: Canadian Microfilms, charts located under Air space armour and Armour penetration // Report M.7000 A/11 No.1, APCBC Shot at oblique impact of machinable quality plate, Department of Tank Design Armour Branch, Canadian Army Microfilms
  • Leopard 2A4 - The maximum speed has been changed from 72 to 68km/h. Source: Waffensysteme Leopard 1 und Leopard 2 - Walter J. Spielberger // Leopard 2 sein Werden und seine Leistung - Paul w. Krapke // LEOPARD 2 MAINTENANCE Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 in Wartung und Instandsetzung- Jochen Vollert
  • M18 Super Hellcat - The position of the camera for SB mode has been fixed.
  • AMX-30B2 / AMX-30B2 BRENUS - The mechanics of the transmission operation has been fixed. Now the transmission allows forward and reverse movement with the same speed. Source: A.M.X. 30 B2 châssis -figure- édition 1994
  • VK 4501 (P), Pz.Bef.Wg.VI P - The 8.8cm Pzgr shell has been added to the ammunition loadout.
  • FV102 - The Swingfire Mk.2 ATGM modification has been added.
  • 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71, 8.8cm PaK 43 L/71 - The cannon now uses the correct Sprgr.43 HE shell.
  • 20mm DM43 - The type of shell has been changed from AP-T to APCR. The armour piercing value has also been changed. Source: MIL-STD-662F "V50 Ballistic Test for Armor // Method of Estimating the Principal Characteristics of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle from Basic Performance Requirements
  • M60A1 AOS - The reverse speed has been changed from 11 to 8 km/h. Source: TM 9-2350-215-34-2-1
  • M60A1 RISE (P) - a smoke generator modification has been added.
  • 70mm Type 3 HEAT - Armour piercing has been changed from 76 to 80 mm. Source: File of research (研究事項ニ関スル綴). by 1st Army Technology Laboratory (第一陸軍技術研究所)", reference number A03032122200, published August 1, 1944
  • 106 mm M344A1 HEAT-FS - Armour piercing has been changed from 360 to 433 mm. Source: Progress Report of The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company on Recoilless Rifles, Accessories and Ammunition, dated March 1956 // Performance of Spaced Armor when Attacked by the M344 HEAT Projectile (U), dated July 1959 //
  • 2С6 - Elevation and traverse speeds been changed from 60 to 80 degrees per second. Source: Зенитный пушечно-ракетный комплекс "Тунгуска" Военное издательство, Москва - 1991
  • VT 1-2 - The recoil whilst firing from the right side cannon has been reduced. The maximum reverse speed has been limited to 40 km/h. Source: Technishe daten, Versuchtrager VT 1-2, Inventar-Nr.2350 111 0004321
  • M36B1 - The T108 shell has been added to the ammunition loadout. Source: Nomenclatore Delle Munizioni, Impiegabili con le armi in dotazione all’esercito, 1960
  • M26A1, M36B1 - The default M318 shell has been replaced with the M77 shell. Source: Nomenclatore Delle Munizioni, Impiegabili con le armi in dotazione all’esercito, 1960.
  • 70mm Type 95 APHE - Speed drop at distance has been specified (reduced). Source: Japanese ammunition data, 25 MM-70 MM, 20 July 1945. Report No. 12-b(52), USSBS Index Section 6
  • Type 60 SPRG C - Engine power has been changed from 120 to 150 hp. Source: Official Style Outline, Type 60 type Self-Propelled 106mm Recoilless Rifle (C), D 8004C, September 7 Showa 35 (1960) January 8 2010 (Corrected), Japan Defence Agency
  • Valentine Mk.1 - Armour values of the vehicle have been refined. Previously some parts of the vehicle had either overestimated or underestimated values in comparison with the current armour value data.
  • 75mm Type 2 HEAT - Armour piercing has been changed from 76 to 90 mm. Source: File of research (研究事項ニ関スル綴). by 1st Army Technology Laboratory (第一陸軍技術研究所). 1944 to 1945 //
  • Оbject 268 - OF-530 shell has been replaced with the Of-540 shell. Source: Отечественные бронированные машины. XX век. Том 3. 1946-1965,
  • 12.8 cm Pzgr. (12.8 cm K40) - Initial speed has been changed from 860 to 880 мlm/sec. Source: H.Dv.119/332: Schußtafel für die 12,8cm Kanone 40 (Selbstfahrlafette)
  • Ke-Ni - The 37mm Type 94 shell has been replaced with the 37mm Type 1 shell. Source: 試製一〇〇式三十七粍戦車砲研究報告 Research report about Experimental Type 100 37 mm tank gun
  • Conqueror, Chieftain Mk.3, Chieftain Mk.5 - kinetic rounds no longer explode in the turret when hit.
  • M163 - ammo type designation has been specified and fixed:
    • 20mm M246A1
    • 20mm M56A3
    • 20mm M53
    • Source: MIL-STD-637A Military Standard, Machine and Automatic Guns and Machinegun Trainers Through 30-mm // TM 43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Data Sheets, Small Caliber Ammunition, FSC 1305
Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
  • A-129 International - radar receiving system notifications now can be shown on the multi-functional display (MFD).
  • Helicopter ATGM characteristics have been specified. Missile maneuverability has been significantly reduced (in some cases it was similar to homing missiles), the aiming accuracy of target trackers has been improved. A moving target tracked by such systems has now an increased chance of being hit.
  • Trees in the aircraft part of locations are now obstacles for radar trackers and ground vehicle radars. The more trees you have in "radar-target" range, the weaker the signal is, and the less chance your target may be locked.
  • Foliage is now less transparent for radars.
  • Antennas and propellers, that incorrectly remained after some parts they were connected to were torn apart, now disappear.
  • Ki-67-I Ko - aiming angles of turrets have been specified.
  • IL-4 - UTK-1 turret ammo load has been changed from 200 to 230 rounds.
  • Me-264 A1a/U1 - separate ammo counter for different groups of cannons now appears in the interface.
  • X-38 - aiming angles of turrets have been specified.
  • Beaufort Mk VIII - no longer any need to open the bomb door to launch torpedoes.
  • Su-2/BB-1 (all modifications) - aiming angles of turrets have been specified.
  • Su-2 TSS-1 - TSS-1 turret ammo rack has been changed from 900 to 1000.
  • MB 157 - carrier take-off has been removed for some missions.
  • Mi-4AV - number of firing points has been corrected in the crew mode.
  • Do 217 N-2 - number of firing points has been corrected in the crew mode.
  • J5N1 - number of firing points has been corrected in the crew mode.
Flight models changes
  • Wyvern S.4 - flight characteristics have been corrected, the maximum speed and climb rate now correspond to datasheet specifications.
  • All helicopters - a bug has been fixed where after activating the instructor-controlled engine in mouse aim mode, the rotor could not be set at the maximum pitch, and consequently the helicopter could not take-off.
  • All helicopters - when switching to the gunner’s view, the instructor will no longer disable hover mode.
Naval weaponry
  • Turret aiming algorithm has been improved. When changing salvo side, turrets start rotation in advance to keep as many firing guns in the sector as possible. The 203mm Mk.19 shell penetration figures have been specified.
Naval characteristics, physics and damage model
  • Hiburi-class, Syonan, 1944 - buoyancy centre position has been corrected.
  • Ignition parameters for fuel tanks have been fixed. Previously set parameters more often led to fires, including the ignition of empty tanks.
Naval Visual models and visual parts
  • Type Zerstörer 1936B, Type Zerstörer 1936A (Mob) Z32, Flottentorpedoboot 1939 (T22), Nürnberg (1944) - visual model for autocannons has been changed from c30 to c38.
Locations and missions
  • In "Gladiators" 4vs4 missions, the last bonus round is now set randomly (1vs1, 2vs2, or 4vs4).
Naval Enduring Confrontation
  • Coastal artillery defending ports has received new modeling.
  • Hydroplanes/float planes are now able to repair and reload at friendly ports.
  • The repair algorithm for coastal artillery has been fixed, artillery repairs correctly now.
  • In naval Confrontation, aircraft missions now appear later in order to let players gather the correct number of points to select an aircraft.
  • If a team hasn’t completed port capture and it has reverted to neutral, respawns will not be active at this location for both teams.
  • New option to disable the azimuth scale in 3rd person view in ground vehicles has been added.
  • The recent radar zone area is now displayed by azimuth and elevation in degrees.
  • M163 Vulcan and PG02 cannon sound issue has been fixed.

Second patch (

  • Fixed a graphical issue causing HUD and sights errors. (black artifacts)
  • M247 — a bug has been fixed when a tank might disappear from the commander’s sight when the turret turns to the right side of the hull.
  • A33 Excelsior — the mechanics for first-order ammunition racks have been added.

20.11.2019 (

  • M1A2 Abrams — Personal camouflage "Allied Spirit VIII" has been added along with the possibility of purchasing it with Golden Eagles. Scaling, rotation and camouflage condition have been disabled for this camouflage.
  • Me 163, Ki-200 — A bug causing incorrect aircraft behaviour in the hangar, where its position could be erratic (floating, etc), has been fixed.
  • Nb.Fz. — The display of an incorrect horizontal guidance speed for the 37 mm cannon has been fixed.
  • GAZ-AAA (4M) — The capacity of the ammunition modules has been adjusted. The overall ammunition size has not been changed.
  • In rank 5 and above. "Enduring Confrontation" missions, the AI aircraft protecting airfields have been replaced with the following jet fighters:
    • France: M.D.450B;
    • Britain: Attacker FB 1;
    • Italy: Vampire FB 52A;
    • Japan: R2Y2 Kai;
    • Germany: Me 262 A-1a;
    • USSR: La-15;
    • USA: F-80C-10.

27.11.2019 (

  • A bug with transparent stone in the Vietnam location has been fixed.
  • A bug where in the location “Smolensk” the church could become invisible has been fixed.
  • A bug in the location “Alaska” with the collision model on skyscrapers has been fixed.

28.11.2019 (Server Update)

29.11.2019 (Server Update)

  • The descriptions for tasks to obtain medals, camouflages, achievements, combat tasks etc have been clarified. Now explanations have been improved in the task conditions where the purpose is to win in a battle or play a required number of battles where it is necessary to finish the battle/mission in a specified vehicle or where it can be used in the battle/mission at any time. If you lose all your vehicles before the end of the battle/mission, the last used vehicle will be taken into account for completing any such tasks.
  • The limit for the maximum number of selected achievements has been added. Now there can be no more than 20 of them.
  • The conditions for obtaining Italian medals which have been created to reward the citizens of non Italian countries have been clarified. These medals can be obtained by completing tasks in German vehicles. (source)

02.12.2019 (Server Update)

  • Changes in “Assault: Tank arcade”:
    • Players are able to use their own helicopters (air battle mode remains unchanged). Helicopter landing pads and AI controlled AAA have been added to the mission.
    • High rank AI setups have been corrected.
    • The number of AI vehicles and the speed of the score reduction have been corrected.
  • The BR of the AH-1G helicopter has been changed from 8.0 to 8.3 in AB mode.

03.12.2019 (

  • A bug which caused a game client crash on launch with some VR helmets has been fixed.

05.12.2019 (economy changes)

12.12.2019 (

  • Expansion to the available aircraft in ground SB.
  • A bug where there was indication of water leakage from the engine if the main tank in the fuselage had been damaged has been fixed.
  • A bug where the flag didn’t disappear from a destroyed naval vessel has been fixed.
  • A bug in the display of the shell arrival time in naval battles has been fixed.
  • The teeth on the leading rollers with the tracks on the M46 Patton have been synchronized.
  • A bug where there was no rotation of wheels on vehicles at long distances has been fixed.
  • A bug with wrong issuance of the achievement “Sniper” which was given out by taking into account the distance on the respawn and not the actual location of the destruction has been fixed.
  • A bug with the switching of the cockpit lights and sight illumination has been fixed.
  • A bug where the AI doesn’t always correctly set the detonation distance for shells with remote detonation has been fixed.
  • A bug where replays didn’t reference shell type switching has been fixed.
  • A client crash on Linux when pressing any key has been fixed.
  • A bug with throwing the cable over the roof of buildings in the Middle East location has been fixed.
  • A bug which would occur when switching to the ATGM camera view on a helicopter, where the sight would always return to the central position (i.e. moves to the nose camera view) has been fixed.
  • A bug causing the trajectory of HESH shells in the weapon simulation mode to be perpendicular to the armour has been fixed.
  • Indication of the torpedo reload time at the friendly point in naval RB has been added.

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