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Update 1.37 (changelog) (changelog with correct formatting) was introduced on 18 December 2013. It is most notable for completely reworking the progression system (old 20 tier system replaced with 5 ranks). The update also added Custom Battles, 8 new maps, and reworked over 70 flight models.

New Vehicles





Great Britain


Game Changes

Game play

  • A New player’s progression system, see details in Developers’ Diaries
  • Any researched but un-purchased aircraft from 1.35 can be purchased without researching and upgrading previous planes in a line.
  • “Custom battles” are now hosted on dedicated servers.
  • “Custom Battles” can now have up to 32 players in one battle.
  • “Dynamic Campaign” allows a player to choose a historical period in which the mission will take place.
  • Planes for the “Dynamic Campaign” Missions are chosen by the server. Players have an opportunity to fly aircraft they have not bought/researched yet.
  • Cooperative mode in Dynamic Campaign and Quick editor is temporarily removed; it will be returned a little bit later, reworked and improved.
  • Distance for “highlighting” of ground targets in Simulation Mode (previously known as FRB) is reduced by 1 km.
  • New options for purchasing Golden Eagles (more variants of GE packages have been added).
  • Bots now do not fly biplanes only - they use aircraft of different types and ranks.
  • The “Marker” system has been changed. If an enemy has a higher altitude than you, it will be harder for him to define the type of your aircraft against the ground (distance to recognize aircraft type has been reduced by 20% when the plane is against the ground).


  • Game modes have been renamed: Historical Battles are now known as Realistic Battles, Full Real Battles are renamed to Simulator Battles
  • In the player profile the level and miliatry rank(Prestige) are displayed. Military Ranks(Prestige) are awarded for reaching certain levels.
  • Aircraft and battle settings in “Custom battles” can be changed by the host without exiting the game room and closing the session
  • Modification window interface changed, research tree interface changed


  • New render with DirectX 11 support.
  • Graphics for all maps and locations have been reworked.
  • Models and cockpits for certain aircraft have been fixed.
  • Visual models for the I-16 type 18 and the I-16 type 28 have been fixed.
  • Pilot indicator is added for air brake status, the modifications are mounted on the wings Ju.87 B-2, R-2, D-3 and D-5;
  • Changed the reflex sight on D.520, N1K2-J, N1K2-Ja;
  • Fixed and fully functional counters for ammunition status on the Bf.109 series (Exception is a numerical counter in the Emil, others have visual indicators);
  • Added ammunition counter bar indicators on all aircraft series Fw.190, the A-5/U2 , F-8, as well as on the A-5 (shows ammo MG-FF) and A-8 (not functioning due to the absence of pendant arms);
  • Added the ability to put on the ground adjusted trim tabs. (Which cannot be adjusted in flight);
  • Improved rendering of fire, explosions and smoke ;
  • Added a new effect for burning fuel tanks . Each fuel tank has its own fire effect.


  • Reduced volume of sound effects for aerobatic smoke;
  • Added sound effect for indication of game start whilst client is minimized;
  • Optimization of sound interface parameters;
  • Fixed sound settings of multiple bullet hits on the player aircraft;
  • Added new sound effects for the gun BK-7,5 inside and outside the cockpit;
  • Added new sound effects for the gun Vickers Class S inside and outside the cockpit.

Changes in DM

  • Fixed the damage model for the XP-55
  • Wellington ( all models) - Fixed the damage model of the fuselage
  • Fixed the damage model for the D.520 and D.521
  • Fixed the damage model for wings of IL-2 , IL-2M , IL-10

Changes in FM

  • Flight models partially adjusted or completely corrected according to datasheets/passports
    • A6M3
    • A6M3 mod 22
    • A6M3 mod 22ko
    • A-20G-30
    • A-26C
    • A-26C-45-DT
    • B-25J-1
    • B-25J-20
    • B-25J-30
    • Havock Mk I
    • P-47D-25
    • P-47D-28
    • I-16 type 18
    • I-16 type 28
    • P-400
    • P-39Q-15
    • Typhoon Mk-Ia
    • Typhoon Mk. Ib
    • Typhoon Mk. Ib/L
    • I-15 bis
    • I-15 WR
    • I-15 М-22
    • I-15 K
    • I-185 М-82
    • Yak-3
    • Yak-3P
    • Yak-9U
    • Yak-9UT
    • Yak-9P
    • P-26A-33
    • P-26A-34 M2
    • P-26B-35
    • SBD-3
    • Tempest Mk. II
    • Tempest Mk. V
    • Tempest Mk V (Vickers P)
    • P-36A
    • P-36A Rasmussen’s
    • P-36C
    • P-36G
    • B7A2
    • FW-190D-9
    • FW-190D-12
    • FW-190D-13
    • Spitfire L.F. IX
    • SB-2 M-100
    • I-153 М62
    • I-153 P
    • Ki-84 ko
    • Ki-84 otsu
    • Ki-84 hei
    • Swordfish Mk.I
    • B-17E
    • B-17E/L
    • B-17G
    • B-24D
    • He 51 A-1
    • He 51 B-1
    • He 51 C-1
    • Bf.109 E-1
    • Bf.109 E-3
    • Bf.109 F-1
    • Bf.109 F-2
    • Bf.109 F-4
    • Bf.109 F-4/trop
    • Bf.109 G-10
    • Bf.109 K-4
    • Lа-9
    • Fw.190A-5
    • Fw.190A-8
    • Beaufighter Mk VIc
    • PBY-5
    • PBY-5a
    • Hs.129 B-2
    • Hs.129 B-3
  • Corrected and updated
    • Hs.129B- 2 (B- 3) : added startup of the engines smoke effect, jet wash moment (compression model) for counter-rotating propellers removed ; FM configured according to datasheet/passport data ;
    • For many planes adjusted effect of engine overheating . Permanent engine overheating leads to the gradual destruction of aircraft propulsion units, until the engine stops. Engine damage is indicated in the interface damage indicator (paper doll) - pink, red and black motor;Implemented in simulation and realistic mode
    • Many aircraft corrected fuel consumption according to datasheet/passport data and modes of operation of the engine;
    • For all aircraft included the effect of heaviness of rudder at high speeds (the higher the speed of the aircraft, the higher the pressure of the oncoming air, the more resistance is needed to overcome). Implemented in simulation and realistic mode

Weapons and modifications

  • United States
    • Added M10 for guiding planes P-39N-0 , P-39Q-5 , P-51D-5 , P-51D-20 NA, P-51D-30 , P-47D-28 , A-20G-30 ;
    • Added HVAR missiles for the F-86 Sabre ( all versions) ;
    • Fixed bomb load for internal bomb bay B-17E (6x1000 pounds instead 8x1000 pounds );
    • Fixed bomb load for internal bomb bay B-17G (4x1000 pounds instead 8x1000 pounds );
    • Expanded bombing armament on P-63A-10;
    • Fixed calculation of the weight of bombs for U.S. ;
    • Fixed vertical angle aiming for the top turret B-24D;
  • United Kingdom
    • Tempest Mk.V: added 250 - pound bombs under the wings on pylons ;
    • Tempest Mk.II: added 2x250- 2x500 pound and pound bombs under the wings on pylons ;
    • Wellington ( all models) : expanded bombing loadouts ;
    • Lancaster: expanded bombing loadouts ;
    • Beaufighter Mk.X: 12,7 mm M2 Browning machine guns replaced by 7.7 mm machine guns Browning;
    • Fixed calculation of the weight of bombs for Britain ;
  • Germany
    • Added preset 2x936kg torpedoes for He.111H-6 ;
    • Added modification pendant arms BK-3.7 for HS.129B-2 ;
    • Removed 500kg bombs at Bf.109 series G;
    • Number SM.79, available for purchase, reduced to 4 . Withdrawn from sale versions: S. 79 1937 and S. 79 1942 ;
    • Modification to U4 Me.410 now has , in addition to 50mm BK 5 gun , two 20mm MG 151 cannon ;
    • Ammunition BK 5 increased by 1 shell - a shell being charged in the breech ;
    • Ammunition Ju.87G-1 increased from 6 to 12 shells per barrel ;
    • Added 20mm motor gun for Bf.109G-6. Standing motor 30mm gun is now available as a retrofit ;
    • Added BK 7,5 gun caliber 75 mm (for gunship Hs.129B-3);
    • Added 13 mm machine gun instead of 7.92-mm machine gun on Me.410B-1/U2.
    • Ammunition guns MG-FF Aircraft Fw. 190A-5/U2 changed from 60- ​​to 90 shells per barrel ;
    • Added 15 mm MG 151 cannon version ( for fighters Bf.109F-2);
  • USSR
    • New Yak-9UT got 37mm and 45mm hydraulic gun ;
    • I-185 ( M-82 ) got rockets and bombs .
    • La-5 - removed modification " Rear Armour plate ";
    • Fixed ammunition for machine guns ShKAS the Il-10 (750 on the breech );
    • Number of SB-2 , available for purchase, reduced to 4 . Withdrawn from sale versions: SB-2M-103 MB-3, SB-2M-103U;
    • Number of Yer-2, available for purchase, reduced to 4. Withdrawn from sale versions: Yer-2 M-105 TAT and Yer-2 M-105R TAT.
  • Japan
    • All planes of the line A6M "Zero" have the opportunity to bear 2x60kg bombs under the wings ;
    • Ruler Ki-84 has the ability to b under the wings 2x50 or 2x250kg bombs ;
    • Ki-43*2 has the ability to bear 2x50, 2x100 or 2x250kg under the wings ;
    • Ki-61*lb and Ki*61*lc can now bear 2x50, 2x100 or 2x250kg under the wings ;
    • N1K2-J - has the ability to bear under the wings 2x250 kg bomb load ;
    • Fixed calculation of the weight of bombs for Japan;
    • Ammunition for guns Ho-5 aircraft Ki-96 and Ki-102 increased from 200 to 400 shells;
    • H6K4 - removed army bomb type 92;
  • Common
    • Striking effect of bombs 50 - 250kg and rockets of all calibers changed to realistic values ​​given in terms of effect on armoured targets :
    • Rockets caliber 82-114 mm ( RS82 , M8) may destroy medium tanks only with direct hit , heavy tanks are not affected ;
    • Rockets caliber 127mm - 152mm ( RS-132 , HVAR, RP- 3) destroy medium tanks within 1.5-2m , heavy - with a direct hit ;
    • 100 lbs bombs (50kg) - perhaps can destroy medium tanks within 2 - 3m, heavy - with only a direct hit ;
    • 250 lbs bombs. (100kg) - possibly destroy medium tanks within 4-6m, heavy - within 2-4m ;
    • 500 lbs. bombs (250kg) - possibly destroy medium tanks within 6-8m, heavy tanks - within 4-6m .
  • Torpedoes performance chaged according to their characteristics:
    • Torpedo Mk.XII - maximum drop height of 40 m
    • F200- 450 torpedoes and F5W (licensed copy of Italian with the same performance characteristics) - the maximum drop height - 120m.
    • Torpedo 45 - 36AN obr.1939 year - the maximum drop height of 45m.
    • Torpedo Mk.13 - early sample (without box stabilizer) - maximum drop height - 30 m;
    • Torpedo Mk.13 - late sample (box- stabilizer) - maximum drop height - 250 m
    • Torpedo Type 91 mod.2 and mod.3 - maximum drop height - 300m.

Mission and maps

  • New maps
    • [Operation] The defense of Stalingrad
    • [Operation] Saipan
    • [Ground Strike] Ironridge
    • [Ground Strike] Albion ( for low levels )
    • [Ground Strike] Sandy Beach
    • [Domination] Sicily
  • All Ground Strike missions for the arcade have zones for bombing. Destruction of each zone takes 10% victory points off the opposing team.
  • Missions [ Operation ] Kuban , [ Operation ] Ruhr, [ Operation ] Ardennes, [ Operation ] Berlin , a number of changes aimed at increasing the role of bombers and attackers. In particular:
  • Reducing the amount of land held units, affecting the victory points. These are “ heavy class” units , which can only be destroyed by bombs, missiles and large-caliber guns;
  • Added zones for bombing. Destruction of each zone takes 10% victory points off the opposing team;
  • Completing mission tasks takes 10% victory points off the opposing team;
  • Adjustment of ground vehicle movement to improve the balance and greater dispersal techniques on the map;
  • Bombers and attack aircraft in the air mission start being closer to enemy ground units, so they will be able to at least have one effective attack.

Separate missions

  • Added Korean theater, which includes three new missions: “Storm Warning ", “Hunting Blind “and "Dangerous Intelligence."
  • In the mission of the Pacific theater of battle added: “The Battle of Saipan," “Battle of Guam” and "The Battle of Iwo Jima "


Additional Changes

  • Fixed some Crashes and freezes in client.

Smaller updates that came afterwards


  • Colours adjusted in the research and crew menus
  • Added a possibility to purchase all modifications available after a battle with a single click
  • Mission editor fixed (choosing weapons and decals now available)
  • Adjusted the way modifications influence on flight characteristics is calculated
  • PvE missions debriefing fixed
  • Several other adjustments to the debriefing menu
  • Short-term connection losses do not cause permanent disconnection any more
  • Airfield on Wake island has been fixed
  • Stability improvements


  • Flight models of the following aircraft corrected:
  • Ar-2
  • B-25J-20
  • Bf 109 G-2
  • He 51 B-1
  • Hs 129 B-2
  • Hs 129 B-3
  • I-16 type 18
  • I-16 type 28
  • I-185 (М-82)
  • Ki-10 I
  • Ki-10
  • LaGG-3-23
  • P-39N-0
  • P-39Q-15
  • SB-2М-100
  • SB-2М-103
  • SB-2М-103U MV-3
  • SB-2М-105
  • B-17E bottom turret's shooting angle adjusted
  • Other adjustments and refinements


  • Grass rendering optimized
  • “Buy all modification” feature fixed (including purchase for Golden Eagles)
  • Gunners now have increased spread which depends on turret turn rate (no more than 0.3 degrees)
  • Laptops wont get into sleep mode while the game is in progress
  • Gamepads and Joysticks now work properly in the menus that are launched during the battle
  • Fixed bug with the reward for capturing an airfield (it used to give 40-50 times less reward than intended)
  • Increased client stability in some cases
  • Fixed Dx10 glow rendering


  • Correct allocation of bots in JiP (“join in progress”). Previously, one of the teams could not have any bots;
  • Fixed tactical map in browser;
  • More precise calculation of characteristics for modifications;
  • Render optimization;
  • Video-memory optimization and correct processing of errors when not enough video-memory. Now the game tries to work as long as possible even if video-memory is running low;
  • Debriefing screen stays even after lost connection with the battle server;
  • Several interface bugs fixed;
  • Several crashes fixed.

Flight models improved:

  • Ar-2
  • B-17E
  • Ki-84 ko
  • Ki-84 hei
  • Ki-84 otsu
  • SB-2M-100
  • SB-2M-103
  • SB-2M-103U MV-3
  • SB-2M-105


  • DirectX11 support on Intel HD 3000;
  • Substantial perfomance improvements on Intel video cards;
  • Faster grass rendering;
  • Optimized rendering for clouds and landscape;
  • Fixes on tactical map in browser;
  • Fixed crash when reconnecting the server in the hangar;
  • Blacklisted user is now muted in voice commands;
  • Fixed aiming when controlling turret gunners;
  • Squad interface bug fixed;
  • Torpedo sight interface is fixed;
  • Fixed several crashes of the game client.



  • Server connection stability has been improved

Improved FMs:

  • Fixed performance of the flaps for all of the SB planes
  • Fixed temperature rating for all of the Yaks and Typhoons
  • Trimming of the I-16 improved slightly
  • Bf 109 K-4, Bf 109 G-6, Bf 109 G-2, Bf 109 G-10 – fixed issue with heavy rudders
  • Minor fixes to Ar-2


1st patch

War Thunder update

TB-3 and XF5F are being given out starting from today, all players who completed at least 10 tasks will receive their rewards within the next few days.

General improvements:

  • Improved physics of AI bots (AI physics is now closer to the actual);
  • Fixed ricochet of bombs hitting water surface;
  • Improved controls for mouse-aim mode for several planes;
  • Fixed achievements on take-offs and landings;
  • Visual bugs are fixed for P-40, Yak-3, I-185 M-82, MiG-9, FW-190А-8, Ki-84;
  • Fixed login window bug (in some cases player could not enter the game);
  • Visibility distance on horizon and below is increased for +10% in RB
  • Fixed matchmaking bug when a player was counted as several players to balance the fight
  • The amount of bombs needed to destroy the enemy base in all game modes increased in high level battles (solving the problem of bombers 'rushing' the base). Rewards for destroying the base increased correspondingly.
  • New option in the 'Game options - Interface' menu. Players can choose ammo and temperature to be displayed always.


  • RP report in the log now shows RP gained for new aircraft, not modifications;
  • Several improvements to radio commands;
  • Devoiced users have their radio commands blocked;
  • Battle rating parameter shows corrects values for RB and SB modes (previously battle rating parameter was shown as for AB mode);
  • Reduced limits of anti-flood filters for radio commands to avoid radio-commands spamming.

Airplanes and Damage Model

  • New special airplanes TB-3 and XF5F “Skyrocket”;
  • Pilots’ and gunners’ damage area is reduced for all planes. The shape of damage area is now close to average man’s shape. Chance to knock the pilot or gunner out is reduced: from the side by 40-50%, from the front and from the rear by 10-15%, from above and from below - by 20-30%.
  • XP-50 moved from rank II to rank III, XP-55 moved from rank III to rank II
  • 77 aircraft have their Battle Rating changed, full list will be released later (you can always see the current Battle Rating of any aircraft in the Research menu)

Flight Model

  • B7A2 — turn time and basic aircraft control fixed;
  • Yak-9U/UT/P - turn time and basic aircraft control fixed;
  • Yak-3 - turn time and basic aircraft control fixed;
  • Nimrod Mk.I — FM fixed according to data sheet;
  • Nimrod Mk.II — FM fixed according to data sheet;
  • Fury I — FM fixed according to data sheet;
  • Fury II — FM fixed according to data sheet;
  • Ki-84 - turn time and basic aircraft control fixed;
  • Lа-5 — FM fixed according to data sheet;
  • I-16 (both modifications) - nose down issue fixed.


  • MG-131 AP-I ammo added;
  • MG-131 stealth ammo added;
  • Fire rate for Ho-5 20mm cannon has been increased from 600 to 800 shots per minute, one-second burst mass increased accordingly in the data;
  • Piercing and damage fixed for German 15mm AP shell.


  • RP requirements changed to unlock new aircraft:
1st rank - amount of RP needed is increased by 0-14%
2nd rank - amount of RP needed is increased by 3-10%
3rd rank - amount of RP needed changed between +4% and -8%
4th rank - amount of RP needed is reduced by 14-20%
5th rank - amount of RP needed is reduced by 20%
  • RP reward reduced for destroying ground targets for bombers
  • RP rewards in Realisctic and Simulator Battles all increased by 20%


  • Repair costs are changed according to new statistics data. Most planes have their repair costs decreased, especially in AB but the difference is not very significant.
  • Silver Lions rewards for destroying ground targets in AB is increased by 30%
  • Silver Lions rewards for air kills is reduced in RB (by 25%) and SB (by 17%)

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Several crashes fixed
  • Improved connection stability.

2nd patch

  • Several crashes fixed
  • Fixed bug of the previous version (penalty for bombing enemy bases)

3rd patch

  • Authorization issue is fixed (Error 81110013)


The latest update of War Thunder will please players with interface changes, several planes will get their performance adjustments and also a lot of bug fixes have been made.

  • Eject from the plane on carriers is fixed (now you can return to your plane without losing the aircraft)
  • Fire angles of the turrets that were able to rotate 360 degrees are fixed.
  • Many fixes to the Event interface.
  • Changed directory name for the game logs – now it is "game_logs"
  • Added debug data to the connection status (to ease troubleshooting by screen shots without the logs)
  • Fixed video playback in historical campaign of the Steam version.
  • Fixed an issue with “Show ammo” and “Show temperature” settings being impossible to save.
  • Players that are not yet connected to the battle are now shown in the scoreboard menu.
  • “Anarchist” title and achievements based on bombs and rockets are fixed.
  • Slight render improvements.
  • Fixed a few client crashes.

Completely changed FMs of these planes (according to data sheets):

  • All planes of the La series
  • MiG-3-15, MiG-3-15 (BK)


  • Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor
  • The “100 octane fuel” modification is now accounted correctly. This way the flight model is now brought to Data Sheet reference (in older versions modification was counted twice).
  • Reduced the effect of the elevator heaviness during speed increase (the old value was a wrong one and pilot couldn't blackout during horizontal manoeuvre)
  • Maximum safe indicated speed (IAS) is set at 720km/h

Typhoon series:

  • Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor

Tempest Mk. II:

  • Fixed wrong coolant overheat alert message (new parameter in the interface for air-cooled engines)

Tempest Mk. V:

  • Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor


Players that are not yet connected to the battle or disconnected during the connection process are now shown in the scoreboard menu as:
“[Bot_Name]...Player_Name” if bot took control over the players plane or just “...Player_Name” if it didnt


General patch

War Thunder has been updated to version

  • Fixed controls of the MiG-3 in a dive
  • Swordfish – fixed temperature behavior, it wont overheat in cruise mode any longer.
  • Free RP is now called Convertible RP
  • Respawn attempts in mission editor are fixed
  • Fixed chat in custom battles
  • Improved sounds for some of the He 111H engine conditions
  • Realistic sounds of B-25 engines are added
  • Realistic sounds of Avro Lancaster engines are added
  • Slight render optimizations
  • Fixed flutter damage in Arcade mode on some of the planes
  • AI behavior on bombers while taking off, landing and running out of the ammunition fixed
  • Fixed custom difficulty setup for custom battles

PS4 patch

  • Random crashes and freezes have been fixed


  • Improved bot behavior - now they try to stay in active battle area
  • Fixed bug preventing oil leaks on biplanes
  • Respawns in Arcade Battles are now 1 000 m lower for fighters and 1 500 m lower for bombers
  • Several balance issues fixed for some missions
  • Airfields in arcade now can only be destroyed after all small bases are destroyed


  • A new mission type is now supported (the missions themselves will be available later)
  • Several crashes have been fixed
  • Render optimizations


  • A bug in Arcade battles where bases had reduced HP fixed
  • Spotter behavior in [Operation] Korsun fixed
  • Several client crashes fixed


  • Mini-bases take following amount of bombs to be destroyed:
1 rank - 5 1000lb
2 rank - 5 1000lb
3 rank - 6 1000lb
4 rank - 8 1000lb
5 rank - 8 1000lb
  • [Winter Games] Curling fixes:
It takes twice less time to capture the zone
If a team loses all its tanks, it is automatically defeated


  • A new option has been added - you can invite players from your contact list to a room. Rooms with a password do not require entering password when a player is invited
  • NVIDIA SLI configuration perfomance improved, SLI systems: several errors fixed
  • Several client crashes fixed. Client stability improved

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