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Update 1.41 (changelog) was introduced on 15 May 2014. It is most notable for adding a Ground Forces units to the game in open beta test, available for all players.

New Vehicles

Ground Forces

Added Ground Forces for Open Testing.

List of Ground Forces added to the game during CBT (1.41 additions are marked in italics):







Great Britain

Game Changes

Main Changes

  • Ground forces are now available for all players in open beta test
  • New planes, which include cannon version of MiG-3, reference model of I-185, fleet version of B-25 - PBJ-1 in two modifications and two new Me-262 jets in the German tree, and new Spitfire fighters for Britain
  • Cockpits for heavy fighters Ki-45
  • Optimization of shadows and update of visual effects
  • Updated ammunition and ballistics

Economy and Progression

  • Me.410A-1/U4 and Me.410B-2/U4 are moved to 4th rank and separated from the main line of the two-engine fighters. Their research leads to Me.262A-1a/U4 Pulkzerstorer fighter. In new variant they are positioned after Hs.129, but its research is not required.
  • PBY-5, PBY-5a are moved to the adjoining bomber line.
  • OS2U-1, OS2U-3, SBD-3, TBF-1 are separated to one line with new PBJ-1H and PBJ-1J
  • Changes in repair prices
  • Changes in Battle Rating


  • Battle statistic UI has been modified. Destroyed AI-controlled vehicles and aircraft are now displayed separately from the player controlled vehicles and aircraft.
  • Accelerated research has been separated for aviation and ground forces.
  • Added variants of “To Battle” button for aviation and ground forces.
  • Tank battles: destroyed modules are now displayed with grey colour, all other colours show the damage stage of the modules: the closer to red, the more severe the damage is. Modules shown in grey also when you hit already destroyed modules.
  • Ground forces decals are now separated to another group. Added new special decals for ground vehicles.

Graphics and Models

  • Shadows on all setup settings has been greatly improved and optimised.
  • Grass and plants has been updated in tank maps.
  • Improved visual effects from hits on ground or ground targets for large-caliber aircraft cannons.
  • Fixed visual effects from fragmentation and cumulative shell hits on ground targets.
  • Fixed rare occurrence of additional tail and wing debris being shown
  • New cockpits added: Ki-45 ko Ki-45 tei Ki-45 otsu Ki-45 hei

Damage Model Changes

  • Damage Model of AA units has been significantly changed to reflect real AA units.
  • Changed ricochet chance for all types of shells at different impact angles. Chance to ricochet at extreme angles has been increased for all armour piercing shells, cumulitive shell ricochet chance has been significantly reduced.
  • Fixed repair algorithm for the gun breech and the gun barrel. Now these modules will be fully restored after the repair.
  • Improved damage model of the tanks with add-on armour elements (add on plates, shields, additional tracks etc), now these objects will have the correct material and qualities. They are correctly included in the damage * calculation after being hit.
  • Fixed damage model of all anti air defence and artillery under AI control. Now their hitboxes more accurately represent the sizes of the weapon and the unit, fortification elements (bund walls, sand bags) will now protect the weapon from shell damage.
  • Fixed 100mm shells: BR-412 and BR-412B forT-54 tank and SU-100 SPG.

FM Changes

  • All new planes have been set up with proper FMs
  • Speed loss while gliding is reduced for F-86 and MiG-15
  • Overestimated fuel consumption rate has been fixed for F9F, MiG-9, F-80, F-84
  • FM for Bf. 109 G-2 and G-6 - a bug that lead to reduced turning time - fixed. Turn time is now according to data sheets
  • Indicated airspeed for P-40E fixed. Fuel consumption rate, roll rate, control stiffening corrected, thermodynamics reworked.
  • Indicated airspeed for PBY Catalina fixed
  • Wing aerodynamic centre for Yak-3 fixed
  • FM changed for DH Vampire, He 162, Me 163 and Ki-200 (engines, control stiffening)
  • A bug when non-retractable landing gear didn’t cause air resistance fixed
  • Do-217E has been tuned according to data sheets.

Weapons and modifications

  • Fixed reliability parameters of the T-160 20mm avia-cannon. The length of uninterrupted fire has been decreased, added increased spread from weapon overheat.
  • Added variant of the ammo belts for BK-5 and MK-214A 5cm(50mm) aircraft-cannons with armor-piercing high-explosive shells.
  • MK.214a - 50mm cannon for Me.262C-2b has been added and tuned.
  • Added bomb pylons for Fairey Swordfish that will allow it to take 4x250 pound bombs.
  • M4 - 75mm cannon for PBJ-1H has been added and tuned.
  • Added bomb pylons for F4U-1a that allows it to take one 500 or 1000 pound bomb.Fixed limitation bomb load dropping for loads on Ju-87

Missions and Maps

  • Kursk and Krymsk locations have been updated.

Smaller updates that came afterwards

19.05.2014 -

  • Fixed rare situations where sound and visual effects were disappearing when firing a tank gun
  • It is now impossible to look behind from the sniper view while using TrackIR and other methods
  • Minor interface changes
  • Text line about premium purchase has been removed if premium account is active
  • Fixed crashes on Mac client on MEDIUM and above settings
  • Some PC client crashes fixed


1st patch -

  • Fixed kill assignment after player leaves a vehicle using “eject”.
  • Fixed kill assignment after aircraft loses wing. Previously, It was possible that a player would not receive a critical and a kill after this occurred.
  • Performance for Nvidia video cards on DirectX9 has been improved.
  • Performance in tank battles has been improved.
  • Fixed several client crashes.
  • AI tank behavior has been slightly improved. It will take ground terrain into account more when it tries to aim at a target.
  • AI tank behaviour for all maps has been changed, they also take enemy tank movement into account.
  • In game screenshots will now be disabled whilst window is minimized.
  • Ground Vehicle control settings have been improved.
  • Improved distant shadow rendering in tank battles.
  • The damage model for the captured German Sherman has changed (look for details in our DevBlog), armour plates thickness changed, armour geometry will be changed in the nearest minor update.
  • MD-5 fuse delay for 76 mm UBR 354A/353A AP ammo. Distance after which the fuse will become active is increased from 10 to 17 cm.
  • Aircraft airfield repair criteria changed. Decreased overall amount of damage after which plane cannot be repaired.
  • Artillery cooldown has been increased to 2 minutes, spotting round hit time is increased from 5 to 6 seconds. Time between spotting rounds is increased from 3 to 5 seconds. Angle of grazing is changed from 45 to 40 degrees.
  • Extinguisher activation button has been set to “action 6” by default.
  • 152mm ammo used by AI artillery on Kursk fixed. Now damage caused by ammo detonation is calculated correctly.
  • М48 HE shell localization fixed (Sherman tank, PBJ-1H plane)
  • Aircraft for PBJ series and B-25 series rudder control efficiency has been increased.
  • Do 217 E-4 has received an FM based on the Do 217 E-2
  • Sabre Mk. 5 extended fuel consumption fixed
  • Incorrectly increased fuselage drag for MiG-15 fixed.
  • Engine boost value (incorrectly increased) changed for F-82E

2nd patch -

  • Inability to fly with American planes when they were selected at the start of the game has been fixed.
  • Pz.VI ausf H1 tank barrel durability value has been fixed (durability value on the “barrel” module increased up to values of other heavy tank barrels).
  • Historically fixed traverse and elevating angles of Panzerjager Panther and its commander’s premium variant. Changed from +-15 to +-11 degrees horizontally and from -10 +30 to -8 +14 degrees vertically.
  • Fixed elevation angles of Panther II from -6.5 +17 to -4,5 +15 degrees (old angles made weapon glitch through tank surfaces), also in -165 +165 degrees sector elevating angle decreased up to -3 degrees (turret facing reversed from vehicle direction vector and with old angles barrel would go through exhaust pipes)
  • 105mm KwK45 rate of fire has been fixed from 5.4 shots per minute to 3.9 shots per minute (old value was a mistakenly taken from KwK43)
  • Fixed damage effect from HE tank rounds, which led to the destruction of the tank when the shell would detonate on the vehicle roof. Now it is still possible to damage the tank by a roof breech, but it won’t lead to the immediate destruction of the vehicle.

27.05.2014 -

  • Sounds in tutorial have been fixed. Reduced music volume when instructor is speaking.
  • Fixed first country and vehicle selection for new players.
  • Rearm ammunition during respawn on tank battles has been fixed.
  • Added warnings when control keys have not been assigned.
  • Some text fixes.
  • Fixed issue when ‘auto-connect’ option wasn’t saved.
  • Some interface fixes.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • Added engine sounds of real Tiger II.
  • Tank tracks sounds in turns have been updated.

29.05.2014 -

  • Fixed an issue that was causing FPS drops intermittently during aircraft combat (thanks to all our players that posted logs and replays for us :) )
  • Improved help screen for ground vehicle controls.
  • Re-arranged UI element positions in the combat interface (they won’t obstruct each other any more)
  • Fixed an error in the ground vehicle tutorial where ‘zoom in’ wouldn’t trigger its continuation, which made it impossible to complete the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing re-spawn while player had too little ammunition available.
  • Issue when repair time was being increased whilst upgrading using the ‘field repair’ crew skill has been fixed.
  • Fixed battle mass and transmission parameters of Aufklärungspanzer 38(t). Its mass now is 11 tons, its maximum speed is 58km/h
  • Fixed maximum speed of Pz.Kpfw 38(t) A/F - it is now 42km/h.
  • Fixed maximum fire rate of the M3 75mm cannon (captured M4A2) from 18 to 12 shots per minute.
  • Fixed how the detonation fuse for PzGr39 88-mm AP shells work, the armour thickness on which it would trigger has been reduced by half.
  • Fixed displayed penetration values for OF462 shell (M-30 cannon from SU-122)
  • Fixed displayed armour values of the SU-122 (it wasn’t displaying the armour thickness of the fighting compartment).
  • Fixed after-penetration effect of APHE 57-mm shells of ZIS-2, ZIS-4, ZIS-4M cannons (BR271, 271K, 271M shells). Fragmentation effect parameters of these shells was the same as 45mm AP shells with the same mass. Amount and effect radius of casualty-producing fragments has been increased.
  • Removed phrase "Going Home" whilst playing ground forces.
  • Added new track sounds on cornering.
  • Added authentic Tiger II engine sound.
  • Added authentic Jagdpanzer 38 engine sound.
  • Added "10th Slot" availability in hanger.
  • Fixed several client crashes due to poor connection at the start of the game.

30.05.2014 -

  • Several crashes fixed
  • A player is now properly counted as active only if his aircraft can be repaired
  • Resolution choice for MacOS fixed
  • Teamkills are now counted properly for the players in the same squad
  • Several changes allowing turning mixed battles on
  • Tank battles client optimization

03.06.2014 -

  • Tactical map visuals have been improved (markers are more clear).
  • Visual display of the markers has been improved.
  • Conditions of crew lock has been changed: now vehicles that were destroyed by another player won’t be locked out (crashed or abandoned vehicles will be locked as before).
  • Selected shell setup will be saved for tank re-spawn.
  • Calculation of the repair time for the tank has been changed. Now wounded crew members influence it less.
  • Shell explosion inside damaged tank barrel now correctly credit destruction of the tank.
  • Grass rendering has been optimized.
  • Several optimizations for the client.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed an error when it was impossible to fix a damaged weapon even though firing from this weapon would lead to shell explosion inside the barrel.
  • Sensitivity of the detonating-fuze of several shells has been increased (thickness of the barrier after which shell may explode). List of the shells:
  • 105mm PzGr, 105mm PzGr 39, 37mm SprGr 18, 75mm PzGr39/42, 88mm PzGr39/43, 88mm PzGr39, 100mm BR-412D, 100mm BR-412, 100mm BR-412B, 122mm BR-471B, 122mm BR-471,152mm BR-540, 57mm BR-271, 57mm BR-271K, 85mm BR-365A, 85mm BR-365K.
  • Error, which led to an ammo rack explosion chance did not take into account the amount of shells remaining in ammo rack, has been fixed.
  • Fixed settings of the transmissions in all “Panther” tanks and also the Jagdpanther. Number of gears has been set up, gear transmission ratio, maximum drive speeds. For tanks with an engine power of 600hp at 2500rp/m maximum speed set to 46km/h, with an engine power of 700hp at 3000rp/m maximum speed set to 55km/h.
  • Battle mass of all tanks of the “Panther” series has been set to 44800kg
  • “Panther” armour thickness is fixed. Ausf G modification - frontal bottom armour plate thickness decreased from 60mm to 50mm, frontal hull roof thickness increased from 16mm to 40mm, turret roof armour thickness decreased from 30mm to 16mm. Ausf F modification - armour material of the mantlet changed to “cast armour”, thickness increased from 100mm to 150mm.
  • SU-85 and SU-122 tank hull rear armor thickness increased from 40mm to 45mm
  • Elevation angles of several tanks got fixed (additional thanks to our users and participants of the official forums!) PzKpfw VI ausf H1 Tiger, PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II, and PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II mit KwK46. PzKpfw VI ausf H1 Tiger - from -6,5 + 19 to -8+16 degrees, PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II of all modifications, from -6,5 + 17 to -8+15 degrees.
  • Control settings for tanks improved
  • Bug with ammo load fixed (previously default ammo was chosen instead of chosen on new bought tanks)
  • Fixed display of the vehicle which you selected for random tank battles when re spawns are allowed on other vehicles.
  • Fixed display of the player rank line in the queue list when player is queued for random tank battles.
  • Fixed a bug where after a player would hit F1 for help during a battle, on exit a player would be presented with the main menu.
  • Fixed bug when changing fonts from re spawn window would break controls.
  • Now when player choose basic keyboard controls, it will also will automatically select Mouse Aim for the control method.
  • Fixed bug when Help window is opened by pressing F1 on 16:9 monitors it would be partially display beyond the screen border.
  • Fixed incorrect rounding up or down of large numbers (1 003 362 would round down to 1000k instead of 1003k)
  • Removed warning about not having trimmer axis on hat mapped as it is not necessary even in realistic controls.
  • Fixed warning about not having flap controls assigned - this should now check all relevant short cuts correctly.

05.06.2014 -

  • Changes in economic and battle ratings (check the changes post)
  • Targets in test drive for ground vehicles now depends on chosen nation
  • Fixed traverse and elevation angles for Panther II, Pz.Kpfw. VI ausf B Tiger II (all modifications), Pz.Kpfw. VI ausf H1 Tiger, on some traverse angles maximum elevation angle is limited. Now the gun won’t go through tank details.
  • Thickness of the armour after which it creates secondary debris after penetration has been decreased.
  • Fixed error where crew could be locked inside the battle
  • Fixed “No airfield available” error message
  • Fixed wrong visualisation of the amount of shells in vehicle selection screen.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • PS4: fixed crash due to connection lost

10.06.2014 -

  • Fixed errors in OpenGL render.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the cost of converting 1 Golden Eagle.
  • Fixed display of discounts on conversion when changing in game nation.
  • Discount information is also displayed in the title of the vehicle.
  • Changed display of selected battle on mouseover with the "to battle!" button.
  • Clarified display of distance in metres to the target.

19.06.2014 -

New Features

  • Network connection has been optimized (traffic reduced).
  • Added crew on open vehicle.

New missions/maps:

  • Arcade battles 1.1x1.1km
  • RB and SB 2x2km
  • New missions:
  • [Domination] Berlin
  • [Domination] Britain
  • [Domination] Korsun

Changes in ground vehicle locations and missions:

  • In historical missions on “Kuban”, “Jungle” and “Ash River”, sides of the conflict are no longer tied to specific spawn locations. Spawn locations will be selected randomly at the start of the match and no longer will depend on the nation.
  • In the ground forces mission [Domination] Kuban. Ground vehicle mission; [Domination] Ash River; added new events inside the mission which have an impact on the win chance for the team.
Location “Kuban”
  • All North-West areas of the map, which were much higher than the South-Eastern part of it, has been lowered. This should increase game pace on missions that are located on this map and allow armour to change flanks quickly without spending time climbing slopes.
  • A mission to capture documents from the crashed aircraft has been added to [Domination] mode.
  • Added [Capture] mode, in which capture points constantly appear and disappear. Each new zone that appears will grant team that captures it, more points than the previous one.
Location “Jungle”
  • Southern area of the map has been changed significantly. Now players can use it fully for flanking the enemy. The hillock on the beach is now part of the location and you now can climb it to gain a good sniping position.
  • The rivers in the location are now wider, but more shallow, which allows passage across them in almost every part of the river areas. The centre of the map now has additional routes around the hills and along the river banks, which allows passage to the enemy backlines.
  • The bottom respawn on the german side has been sunk lower down to stop the possibility of sniping at it from a distance, as well as removing the ability to fire from it.
  • Foliage density has been lowered to make the map more “open”
Location “Ash River”
  • The hill in front of the northern airfield that was interfering with the re-spawning of bombers, has been removed.

Changes in aviation locations and missions:

[Operation] Ruhr
  • Event with spotters was temporarily removed, enabled event with AI attackers.

New vehicles:

Ground vehicles:
Please, be aware that if this is a players first ground vehicle battle using vehicles of the USSR or Germany they will receive a free premium reserve tank of that country (one or other of the two - not both). But only if you haven't received the free plane reserve vehicle bonus in the past.


Changes in damage models and technical characteristics of the vehicles:

  • Fixed armour layout of the Sherman trophy tank
  • Improved damage model (armoured plates geometry now follows visual model geometry more precisely) of IS-4M, IS-3 tanks;
  • Fixed front turret armour layout on the T-34-85 tank with D-5T cannon (the gun mount hole on the turret was missing, which led to “doubled armour” mantlet+front of the turret);
  • Fixed roof armour thickness above the driver’s hatch on IS-3 from 20 to 30mm;
  • Fixed armour layout on the commander's cupola of the Pz.Kpfw VI ausf B (with Henschel turret and KwK46 cannon) from 100 to 150mm, according to "Der Panzer-Kampfwagen Tiger und seine Abarten" page 208;
  • Fixed mass of the Pz.Kpfw V ausf G tank from 43 000kg to 44 800kg, according to "Panther and Its Variants" page 232.;
  • Fixed fire rate of FLaK38 cannons from 480 to 450 shots per minute, KwK30 from 320 to 280 shots per minute, KwK38 from 480 to 450 shots per minute (archive materials);
  • Fixed Damage Model of Flakpanzer I, loss of the driver or gun operator now leads to loss of the vehicle.

Flight models changes:

Preliminary aircraft tuning:
  • Light bombers of Su-2 and BB-1 series

  • Italian fighters G.50 serie II and Macchi C.200 Saetta
  • Bf 109 of F and E series
  • Me 410 series twin-engine fighters

  • Carrier-based A5M4 fighter and the B5N2 bomber

  • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (all versions)


Ground Vehicles:
  • Authentic sounds added for 105mm KwK46;
  • Authentic sounds added for 152mm ML-20;
  • Authentic sounds added for Hetzer engine;
  • Authentic sounds added for Рz.Kpfw V ausf. D Panther;
  • Tracks and engines sounds adjusted for several German and Soviet vehicles;

  • Performance tweaks for some sound events;
  • Authentic sounds added for Ki-45 and Ki-49 (all versions), G4M1, Ki-102 Otsu and Ki-96;


  • Type of the bot vehicles now depends on Rank of the players vehicles;
  • Fixed visual bugs in I-16, Tempest, Boomerang and other models.
  • Some fixes on the Spain map.
  • Fixed effect of resistance on removed tail and nose gear in the water;
  • Ability to change colours of markers for colour blind mode has been implemented;
  • Fixed bug when parameters of selected fuel amount for a plane doesn't save if player has selected to play ground vehicle first.
  • Rooms, created by player which are added to the blacklist, will no longer show in the room listing in Custom Battles.
  • Fixed bug when tank shots wouldn’t be rendered.
  • Fixed visualization of the drop-down lists of the shell when there are too many shells available and the screen resolution is too low. Now drop-down list won’t the edges of the screen.
  • Added lead indicator to the planes for players in Ground Vehicles in RB
  • Fixed bug with possible no damage inflicted by high-explosive and fragmentation effects of shells.
  • Performance of the game has been improved.
  • Fixed error when the crew could be locked even after vehicle was destroyed in a battle.
  • Removed effect of air resistance for nonexistent radiator of jet aircraft.
  • Improved animation visualization on tank tracks - its now more smooth
  • Improved roller animation on ground vehicles.
  • Fixed bug where taking a screenshot during loading screen would turn the screen black.
  • Improved shadow visualization of a player.
  • Fixed alert about not assigned buttons with view switch and zoom.
  • Fixed visualization of the RP in the debriefing screen in case no active research was selected.
  • Fixed error with “Crew is not ready” message during shell selection on some of the ground vehicles.
  • Removed “cannon parking”, when player tries to aim in the “dead zone”. Barrels no longer will try to move into a neutral position.
  • Added support for DDS textures for user-creates skins.
  • Fixed dependency on mode for reload time in tank sheet.
  • Fixed instances of AI planes attacking allied ground forces.

24.06.2014 -

  • Fixed a bug that caused tank shot animation not to be played.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from joining battles due to lack of ammunition.
  • Fixed a bug with RP gain being displayed incorrectly in the debriefing window.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of cockpits during night time flying.
  • Memory usage optimized for 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed some graphics issues with the HDR option turned on.
  • Fixed a crash with OpenGL render and SSAO on.
  • Fixed reflections in hangar with OpenGL render.

25.06.2014 - Hot Fix & Server Update

  • Fixed a bug that caused tank shot animation not to be played.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from joining battles due to lack of ammunition.
  • Fixed a bug with RP gain being displayed incorrectly in the debriefing window.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of cockpits during night time flying.
  • Memory usage optimized for 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed some graphics issues with the HDR option turned on.
  • Fixed a crash with OpenGL render and SSAO on.
  • Fixed reflections in hangar with OpenGL render.

Server Update:

  • Fixed Panzer IV/70(A) armouring, front armour of the cabin and hull increased from 60 and 50mm to 80mm. Based on Spielberger Panzer IV & Its Variants page 158.
  • Fixed T-34E armouring. Thickness of the lower-front armour of the hull was changed from 99mm to 45mm. Equivalent thickness of the engineer/driver hatch was increased from 35mm to 45mm. Fixed an issue where rear plate of the turret wasn’t accounted for in the damage model.
  • Fixed armouring of the T-34 type 1942 and T-34-57 type 43. Equivalent thickness of the engineer/driver hatch was increased from 35mm to 45mm.
  • Fixed elevation angles for Pz.Kpfw IV of series C,F,G,H from -10+30 degrees to -10+20 degrees. Based on Spielberger Panzer IV & Its Variants page 58.
  • Fixed maximum speed of the Stug III Ausf from 58 to 40 km/h. Based on Spielberger 'Sturmgeschutz & Its Variants", page 253.

01.07.2014 - Server Update

  • Fixed displaying of modifications being researched in the debriefing menu
  • Fixed incorrect amount of fuel taken into battle
  • Several crashes fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the high-explosive shells on calibre 76-152mm, these shells could penetrate the armour of vehicles with great thickness at a considerable distance from the break point of the projectile. This error resulted in damage to tools and other modules, even if shell landed a few meters away from them.

02.07.2014 -

  • Invulnerability after respawn is now displayed with damage indicator flickering.
  • Render fixes for "Old videocards support" mode with antialiasing on.
  • Turret vibrations fixes.
  • SSAO optimization.
  • AAA efficiency in mixed battles (RB and SB) has been decreased.
  • Several crashes fixed.

03.07.2014 -

  • Fixed a crash on the Japanese client launch

10.07.2014 - Server Update

  • Fixed a bug that caused tank shots to go through objects and landscape in rare cases.

15.07.2014 -

  • Fixed visualization of unlocks in debriefing window
  • Client's stability improved
  • Occasional crashes in research and squadron windows have been fixed

17.07.2014 - Server Update

  • Fixed ricochet mechanics, when hits to the tank barrel from sharp angles resulted in damage to barrel;
  • Gun barrel repair time reduced;
  • Destruction of crawler wheels or track adjusting wheels now leads to track separation which halts the tank;
  • Jagdtiger engine and transmission figures fixed: engine power and transmission gear ratios are now similar to the tank Pz.Kpfw. VI ausf B Tiger II (which was the chassis for this SPG). Engine power reduced from 750 h.p. to 700 h.p., maximum speed on 8th gear is now 41.5 km/h, reverse speed - 11.12 km/h;
  • Fixed elevation angle for IS-4M heavy tank from -5/+25 degrees to -3/+19 degrees, turret rotation speed increased from 8 to 10 degrees per second (according to“Tyazholyi tank IS-4. Konstruirovanie i proizvodstvo”, by M.Kolomiets, page 106);
  • Fixed turret drive sounds for some of the tanks (which had incorrect sounds with type of the drive).

22.07.2014 -

Main Changes

  • New lighting render has been added;
  • Physics have been improved;
  • Planned changes in ground forces matching, battle ratings and progression rate;
  • Squad streaks;
  • Ground forces maps improvements;
  • Bugfixes and massive corrections to performance figures of ground forces;
  • Multiple aircraft flight models have been updated;


  • Fixed AI tank behaviour during collisions. Now they will have the same collision mechanics as player-controlled vehicles;
  • Added base visibility check when viewed through trees - at the moment it is only enabled for the armour penetration indicator in AB;
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to douse fire whilst in water.
  • Added repair and rearming of ground vehicles at capture points;
  • Added influence of tank crew on detection. A non trained crew will be able to locate targets up to 1km away, fully trained to up to 1.5km; direction of detection as follows: commander - towards camera direction, aimer - towards barrel direction, driver and radio operator - towards tank movement direction;
  • AI aircraft take off behaviour has been improved;
  • Improved tank physics on the ground, especially when crossing trenches;
  • Ground forces visibility check has been improved;

Graphics and Models
New lighting - Day: http://coub.com/view/2knr3
New lighting - Sunset: http://coub.com/view/2knr5

  • Improved rendering. Diffused lighting added; this will improve objects and landscape visibility in deep shadows, particularly in dusk and dawn time.
  • Fixed an issue causing anti-air vehicles’ barrels to get stuck in rare cases;
  • Added penetration visualisation on flexible parts of ground vehicles and aircraft;
  • Collimator sight brightness now depends on the time of the day;
  • Visuals of the VOF-530 (KV-2) HE shell hits improved.

Economy and Progression (Not implemented yet!)

  • Reduced the amount of RP rewarded for tank battles to better match the air vehicles progression speed;
  • All ground vehicles’ Battle Ratings have been adjusted to better match aircraft BRs and reduce the waiting times (full list of changes);
  • Maximum gap between the lowest and the highest ranked vehicles in a battle set to 1.0 BR; now the rule of maximum 1.0 BR spread applies to all modes;
  • Aircraft economy and Battle Ratings adjustments (full list of changes).


  • Added visual warning about incoming artillery attack;
  • Added ground vehicles’ symbols for the web map;
  • It is now possible to share the following events on Facebook:
  • Vehicle purchases;
  • Researching of all modifications for a vehicle;


  • Added localization for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. It's selected automatically based on Language setting in System Software.
  • Vehicle purchases are now shared to "Recent Activities" feed.

Damage Model Changes

  • Many small errors fixed in ground vehicles damage models (missing support rollers, reserve tracks, external shields);
  • Extra normalization added when the shell calibre exceeds armour thickness. Maximum additional angle of the normalization is 6 degrees if shell calibre exceeds armour thickness by three times.

FM Changes

  • F2A-3, G. 50 serie 7AS, Spitfire Mk Vb and F. Mk IX, G4M1, Blenheim Mk IV, B-17 series, Ki-49, Ju-87 - preliminary tuned.
  • I-16 type 27 and 28, F8F-1b flight models updated to better meet historical data;
  • Drag coefficient reconsidered for 500kg and bigger bombs (reduced) and Br. 21 rockets (slightly increased);
  • Fixed rudder behaviour at low speeds during control-rod locking;
  • Fixed bug that caused deflectable trimmer position set on the ground to not save after test flight;

Weapons and modifications

  • Fixed elevation angles for М4А2 Sherman tank from -12+25 degrees to -10+25 degrees. (According to Hunnicutt “Sherman. A History of the American Medium Tank” page 542);
  • More detailed armouring model of the Pz.Kpfw IV ausf. H series, arrangement of protection now is after Trojca “Sd.Kfz.161 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. G-H-J [vol. 2]” page 15. Hull back - 20mm, side skirts 8mm, roof of the turret is separated on two zones with armouring of 95 and 30mm;
  • 152mm cumulitive BP-540 shells for ISU-152 have been added;
  • Blunt head AP BP-540B shells for ML-20S (SU-152, ISU-152) have been added. Default shell changed to pointed BR-540;
  • Starting speed of the Pz.Gr.39 shell for 105mm KwK.46 cannon has been changed from 900 to 1005m/s (after “German Steel Armour Piercing Projectiles and the Theory of Penetration” page 30);
  • Added a parameter that simulates anti-recoil and muzzle brake systems. It is more noticeable on light vehicles with powerful cannons (ZIS-30, GAZ with anti-air 72-K cannon etc.);
  • Reduced arc of fire for ZIS-30, traverse angle to the left was decreased from 30 to 17 degrees so gun breech won't go through model of the loader;

Missions and Maps

  • There is no longer line of sight between the central hill and the Northern respawn point in Arcade battles;
  • Fixed some landscape collision bugs;

  • Riverbed has been reworked so ground vehicles will not drown when entering the water;
  • Added a pathway to the hilltop in the centre of the beach from the right respawn point;
  • Centre capture point area has been slightly changed so the team from the left respawn point will have better protection;
  • Added shell-hole textures to the existing shell-holes;


  • Added sounds from recordings of the original Griffon engine for all the variants of the Spitfire fitted with Griffon.
  • Improved firing sounds for Kw.K, Kw.K 36, Kw.K 37, Kw.K 38, Kw.K 39, Kw.K 40, Kw.K 42, 20-К, ZiS-4, ZiS-5, L-11, F-34 cannons.
  • Added sounds for the Sh-37 cannon.
  • New sounds for the MK-103 30mm cannon (both aircraft and anti-air variants).


  • Fixed errors in Mouse Aim mode;
  • Added two aviation missions in RB mode: [Operation] Kuban. Myshako and [Event] Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Respawn points for tanks on Carpathians [RB and SB] was moved further away to increase battle zone size;
  • Fixed bug on northern respawn points on Carpathians [AB]. Tanks should no longer spawn inside the rocks;


1st patch -

  • Several errors and crashes fixed for MacOs

2nd patch - Server Update

  • Tank missions which have more than one respawn point, all points are named based on cardinal direction
  • Added missing new 152mm shells (AP and HEAT) for ML-20S cannon (SU-152 and ISU-152)
  • Fixed traverse of the ISU-152 from +5-5 to -3+7 (based on “Self-propelled artillery weapons ISU-152M and ISU-152K. part 1. Technical description page 5”)
  • Fixed doubled skins for IS-2/IS-2 type 1944.
  • Fixed (increased) rate of fire of the T-80 tank, tank with 3-man crew had same rate of fire as tank with 2-man crew (T-70). Rate of fire increased to 24 shots per minute.
  • PS4: Fixed crash in after battle debriefing screen.
  • PS4: Fixed crash while opening the player information on some of the localizations.

29.07.2014 - (PS4)

  • Fixed an error that caused aircraft to be incontrollable in the vertical plane in some cases;
  • Fixed shadows display in the hangar.

31.07.2014 -

  • Fixed an error where engine power was increased for jet planes using hydro-methanol mixture - F-80C and series F9F Panther
  • Japanese bombers G5N1 and G8N1 have been preliminary tuned.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug on MacOS that was leading to a performance drop
  • Oculus: added Development Kit 2 support; fixed SD.
  • Fixed bug which lead to AI Anti-Air to be much stronger on Karelia and Carpathians, than on other maps.
  • Both team respawn points on RB and SB Carpathians was moved so it will be impossible to fire at them from the castle point.
  • Added mission to eliminate enemy reinforcement squadron captain on Carpathian map

07.08.2014 -

  • Oculus Rift: Positional Tracking support has been enabled.
  • Hangar reflections have been fixed.
  • Fixed a black aura that sometimes was appearing on vehicles while moving with motion blur enabled.
  • Fixed bug where AI aircrafts would spawn with missing landing gear
  • Fixed missing sound of ammo rack explosion and fire
  • Fixed track traces on “old videocards support” mode - they were too bright.
  • Fixed an issue when after disabling Steam overlay - links inside the game shop would stop working.
  • Changes for Economy and Battle Ratings have been applied.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.

Calculation of the score and activity points system has been changed:

  • Players who leave session in first opening minutes will gain less activity.
  • Amount of points in aircraft mode awarded to players in RB and SB increased by 1.5x and 2x respectively.
  • Activity is now also displayed in the userlog message at the end of the battle.
  • Activity is no longer displayed in results of the battle if player has left the battle before it ends.

Economy changes:
Tank BR changes:
Arcade aircraft BR changes:
[spoiler][media]https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19U8uVhGD610qD4HckFVA5d8AXcZzcGymz73VKzzzoIE/pubhtml[/media] [/spoiler]

13.08.2014 - Server Update

  • Battle rating changes to several tanks (details here)
  • Overall repair speed during the battle have been increased in all game modes. x1.25 in Arcade, x1.4 in RB and SB. Repair time in RB and SB is now the same
  • Increased in battle repair speed of certain modules. Cannon - in 3 times, breech end - in 3 times, turret drive - in 1.5 times.
  • Increased ticket depletion speed when there are small amount of players left in the battle.

14.08.2014 -

  • Improved support for Oculus VR
  • Improved camera in spectator mode (spectator)
  • Fixed graphical glitches in the telescopic sight
  • Improved stability of the client

19.08.2014 -

  • Fixed camera view in spectator mode

21.08.2014 -

  • Camera position fixed in replays
  • A crash that occured when switching to another player in spectator mode fixed


1st patch -

Main changes of the update:

  • Trees will now be knocked over/broken when a tank collides with them (the feature is still in development);
  • Fixed an error where a cannon would reload instantly if the loader was shell-shocked;
  • Recalculation of grass density after settings changes was fixed;
  • Better visibility calculation for ground vehicles (when they fire or when they are partially hidden behind an obstacle);

Flight Model:

  • An issue where an aircraft would lose stability due to a wrong calculation of the damaged tail assembly has been fixed;
  • FM of the YER-2 ATCH-30B has been updated according to the data sheet
  • FMs of the YER-2 M-105/M-105-P LU-MB-2B/M-105/P-TAT have been updated according to the data sheet
  • FMs of the Wellington Mk1c, 1c late have been updated according to the data sheet
  • FM of the Wellington Mk.III has been updated according to the data sheet
  • FM of the Wellington Mk.X have been updated according to the data sheet

Damage Calculations:

  • Penetration decrease after ricochet has been implemented;
  • Increased accuracy of the MK103, MK108, MG151/20 in external gun pods;
  • Hit calculation for aviation from the course heading armament of all calibres has been improved;
  • Fixed influence of an armour piercing shell on lift capabilities of the wing;
  • Fixed damage model of the fluid and air cooled engines;
  • Fire rate of KwK43 was increased from 5.4 to 6 shots per minute;
  • Penetration of 88mm PzGr39/43 shell has been increased for all distances on 5-15mm (depending on the distance);
  • The fuse sensitivity on the 88-mm PzGr39/43 shell has been increased;
  • Penetration of 88-mm PzGr40/43 shell has been increased for all distances on 20-15mm (depending on the distance);
  • Penetration of 105-mm PzGr39 shell has been increased for all distances on 5-15mm (depending on the distance);
  • Penetration of 105-mm PzGr40 shell has been increased for all distances on 5-15mm (depending on the distance);
  • The fuse sensitivity on 105-mm PzGr shells;
  • The fuse sensitivity on 75-mm PzGr39/42 shell has been increased;
  • Names of the 75-mm HEAT rounds for KwK37/StuK37 have been fixed; ammunition load for the tank with such weapons now include Gr.Hl 38C with penetration of 100-mm, penetration of Gr.Hl 38B now set at 80-mm;
  • The fuse sensitivity of 100-mm cavity AP projectile for D-10T/S weapon has been increased;
  • The fuse sensitivity of 122-mm cavity AP projectile for D-25T/S weapon has been increased;
  • The fuse sensitivity of 152-mm cavity AP projectile for M-10T and ML-20S weapon has been increased;
  • Avia rockets M8 “bazooka” now have HEAT component, and works the similar way as tank shells;

Game Mechanics:

  • Fixed AI aircraft behavior on the ground outside of the airfield;
  • “Leadership” skill influence for ground vehicle crews has been fixed;
  • Turret turn time speed was corrected on most aircraft;
  • Better AI tank behaviour after collisions


  • Improved shadows detail for distant objects in “Spectator” view;


  • Fixed incorrect tooltip of the “Engine Injection” modification influence on the flight model;
  • Analytical estimation of jet engines has been specified to show parameters of the aircraft in the hangar;
  • More detailed descriptions of tank shells;
  • Added option “allow join after battle start” setting (JIP) – if enabled, will shorten queue time;
  • B-17 now will have correct initial weapon displayed in the interface;
  • Removed lines of shadowing in the hangar menu; also several other small improvements to menu and to the game interface;
  • Added ability to review chat history from the post-battle screen;


  • Added support for 4th and 5th buttons on a mouse;
  • Fixed POV HAT support on some USB flightsticks;
  • Added support for 5.1 and 7.1 audio output;
  • Added navigation from controller in the customisation setup menu (decals).

2nd patch -

  • Phantom explosions and tanks that were appearing in front of the player have been removed;
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle characteristics would be missing in the research screen tooltips;
  • Fixed an error which lead to exit from the game when user presses Enter in the empty chat window while in Spectator mode;
  • Durability of the fuselage and tail of four-engined bombers has been corrected;
  • Fixed damage calculations of the 15 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm caliber shells.
  • Fixed an error that prevented players receiving friend list updates from the server.

06.09.2014 -

  • Susceptibility to damage for air vehicles is corrected.
  • Fixed an error that in some cases caused airframes to be too resistant to kinetic damage.
  • Fixed an error that caused aircraft fuselage to be too resistant to all damage.
  • Fixed an error with low penetration of armour-piercing bullets.
  • Fixed an error that caused excessive tank guns spread.
  • Tank movement control with gamepad has been improved.
  • Fixed render issues on MacOSX with Nvidia GPUs.

09.09.2014 -

  • Improved stability of the game client

22.09.2014 -

  • Memory usage in OpenGL render and Mac version has been optimized
  • Performance with large quantity of physical objects (trees, poles, etc) has been improved
  • Client stability has been improved

24.09.2014 - Server Update

  • Amount of available re-spawns in ground forces arcade have been limited to three to improve battle dynamics and increase variety of tactical situations. Light and medium tanks within one slot retain a number of respawns they had initially and that wont affect total respawn capacity.

  • Damage Model
  • Strength capacity of aircraft frameworks have been fixed
  • Material capability of engines, fuel and cooling systems have been fixed. It was harder to inflict significant damage to them prior to that.
  • Visual effects from different leaks (oil, water, fuel) and engine damage have been improved
  • Damage effect on inner modules has been fixed

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