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The AIM-9E is an American infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update 1.87 "Locked On".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The AIM-9E is a direct upgrade over the previous AIM-9B missile, and on many aircraft serves as a upgrade over that missile. The AIM-9E provides a missile with a higher top speed and therefore higher energy meaning it is more capable of hitting targets at slightly further ranges and gives the target less time to dodge. The missile features a much larger seeker cone meaning the missile will not lose lock as easily.

Effective damage

Like the -9B, this weapon features a 4.5 kg warhead that will generally destroy an aircraft in one shot providing the weapon scores a direct hit. In some cases the weapon may deal crippling damage such as setting fires or blowing off a wing without necessarily scoring a kill. Not scoring a direct hit will result in greatly reduced damage.

Comparison with analogues

Damage is very similar in practice to almost all missiles of this era.

Usage in battles

Used to engage air targets in all three game modes. The missile is capable of firing from a significant angle around the pipper, but use at the extreme edge of lock on circle will almost always result in a miss.

RB: When the seeker head is primed, a large circle and a small circle will appear. The small circle is the acquisition circle, an enemy plane must be in this circle to be locked, the large circle is the limit of lock, i.e if the target leaves this circle lock will be lost. To give best chances of success this should be used to "lead" a target. e.g a target moving left to right should be placed in the left part of the large circle to give the missile a "head start" in intercepting its target.

SB: The missile is used in a similar sense to the -9B but will be more forgiving and versatile. It can be hard to tell what your limits of lock are but experience will help. To lock place the target in the cross hair while the missile is searching, once the high tone for a lock is heard try place the cross hair significantly a head of the enemy as if making a deflection shot. You must reduce your G loading before firing but not while holding lock. Testing seems to indicate that you must be below 3 or 4G to fire. Like the -9B, the missile works best in surprise attacks and is more resistant to manoeuvres than its predecessor. The missile is great for taking down bombers without dealing with gunners, especially unaware ones. Can easily score a 100% P(k) against AI bombers.

Pros and cons


  • Mach 2.5 as opposed to 1.7
  • Wide seeker head
  • Increased effective range
  • Decreased time to target


  • Retains 10G limit
  • Has low G limit for launch
  • Rear aspect


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