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This page is about the Israeli air-to-air missile Shafrir 2. For the other version, see Shafrir.


The Shafrir 2 is an Israeli infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update "Winged Lions".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Missile characteristics
Mass 90 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect Rear-aspect
Lock range (rear-aspect) 4 km
Launch range 20 km
Maximum speed 2.1 M
Maximum overload 18 G
Missile guidance time 30 secs
Explosive mass 7.62 kg TNTeq

Effective damage

The warhead has 7.62 kg of TNT equivalent, doing short work and destroying the targets most of the time in one hit.

Comparison with analogues

One of the closest analogues to the Shafrir 2 is the AIM-9D Sidewinder, but the Shafrir 2 has an uncaged seeker so it is possible to lead the missile and proportionally having a higher tracking rate. However, when it comes to burn time, range, acceleration and G-tolerance, the two missiles are practically identical to each other.

Usage in battles

As the Shafrir 2 has a considerably high burning time and range, firing on enemies at 2.5 km or even 4 km with a considerable speed difference is quite usual to do with a proper leading, and having a pretty decent G overload of 18 G makes the missile difficult to dodge, destroying enemies with their guard down or distracted from a surprisingly far distance.

But the main problem of Shafrir 2, especially if it's used in high tier battles, is not having a good flare resistance and much worse than its contemporaries, and almost impossible to use in short ranges against maneuvering targets.

Pros and cons


  • Good range and high burning time, being almost identical to AIM-9D
  • Has an uncaged seeker that is able to lead targets
  • Pretty good G overload of 18G, being extremely difficult to dodge against enemies without flares, mainly against supersonic aircrafts or heavy aircraft like bombers
  • Standard missile for many IAF planes, meaning the general missile performance is the same from planes of lower BR to higher BRs, allowing players to better familiarize around the missile's strength and weaknesses


  • Missile loses most of its strength in higher BR battles like above 11.0, being extremely limited and primitive compared to others like the R-60M and AIM-9L in every aspect, especially by not being an all-aspect missile.
  • Terrible performance in short ranges with minimal flare resistance, being easily distracted by flares even against afterburning or hot targets


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