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The AIM-7E-2 Sparrow missile (scale is approximate)

The AIM-7E-2 Sparrow is a medium-range, semi-active radar-homing air-to-air missile. It is an upgraded variant of the original AIM-7E Sparrow and was introduced in Update "Direct Hit".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the missile.

Effective damage

The AIM-7E-2 has a 30 kg (65 lb) MK 38 MOD 0 continuous rod warhead with 9 kg of PBXN-4 high explosive. It is capable of destroying fighter-sized targets with a single hit in most cases.

Comparison with analogues

The AIM-7E-2 is a significant improvement over the baseline AIM-7E and is comparable to the British Skyflash missile.

Usage in battles

As an immediate upgrade to the original AIM-7E Sparrow air-to-air missile, the AIM-7E-2 improves on a number of the AIM-7E's critical shortcomings. The most notable difference is the vastly improved manoeuvrability of the missile. With a 25G overload, the AIM-7E-2 can reliably engage, track, and defeat targets flying defensively even at close range and lower altitudes. It also features faster target acquisition, allowing the player to launch during limited engagement windows. This allows the AIM-7E-2 to engage targets flying at high speeds and oblique angles, a feat the AIM-7E struggles to perform. Coupled with more advanced radars such as the AN/APG-66J on the F-4EJ Kai Phantom II, the AIM-7E-2 is among the first SARH missiles capable of being reliably used in very low altitude dogfights while retaining the long-range effectiveness of the Sparrow at high altitude.

Pros and cons


  • All-weather
  • All-aspect
  • Begins tracking right off the rail
  • Good manoeuvrability allows engagement of agile targets at ranges as close as 2 to 4 km
  • High supersonic top speed


  • Can sometimes fail to track
  • Radar lock must be maintained for the entire duration of the missile's flight
  • Missile potential can be limited by radars with no look-down/shoot-down (LD/SD) capability


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