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This page is about the semi-active radar homing missile R-3R. For the infrared homing version, see R-3S.
R-3Rs mounted on the MiG-21SMT


The R-3R missile (scale is approximate)

The R-3R (K13R, AA-2B 'Atoll') is a Soviet semi-active radar homing (SARH) air-to-air missile.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the missile.

Effective damage

Warhead has a TNT equivalent explosive mass of 8.8 kg which is usually sufficient to destroy targeted aircraft that come within the fuse detonation range with one hit. It does however have the lowest explosive mass of any radar guided missile in-game.

Comparison with analogues

The R-3R is equipped with an identical warhead to that found on the R-3S.

Usage in battles

As with other radar missiles, acquiring stable radar lock is easiest at higher altitude. The R-3R performs best at and above 2,000 m, however it can lock onto an enemy above you even at low altitude should you pitch up steeply to avoid ground clutter. Due to the missile's relatively low speed of mach 1.7, long-range intercepts are unreliable as the missile will struggle to intercept before running out of fuel. One good remedy to this issue is to pick up higher altitude targets with your radar and approach from head-on either level or slightly below the enemy's altitude. Spool up the missile but do not fire from further than 5 km out as missile lock can be intermittent beyond this. When fired in a head-on between 5 to 1.25 km, the missile has a significant chance of successful intercept if you maintain radar lock with the target and they fail to make significant evasive action. Missiles fired in a head-on close in at much greater relative speeds thus little time is provided to evade.

Pros and cons


  • Capable of hitting targets at lower altitudes if lock can be attained
  • Spools up quickly and tracks fast enough to hit targets in a head-on even when fired at ranges just over 1 km
  • Uncaged seeker with large firing arc after locking target


  • Relatively low 10G overload compared to other air-to-air missiles and all other radar missiles
  • Relatively slow intercept speed
  • Smallest warhead of all radar guided air-to-air missiles
  • Low launch overload limit


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