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The AIM-7C Sparrow missile (scale is approximate)

The AIM-7C Sparrow is an American semi-active radar-homing air-to-air missile. It was introduced in Update "Starfighters".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The AIM-7C Sparrow is a SARH guided missile with a 15G overload and is the earliest version of the AIM-7 found in-game.

Missile characteristics
Mass 172 kg
Guidance SARH
Signal CW
Lock range 12 km
Launch range 25 km
Maximum speed 3 M
Maximum overload 15 G
Missile guidance time 20 secs
Explosive mass 11.52 kg TNTeq

Effective damage

The AIM-7C Sparrow contains enough explosive to devastate any target. In most cases, this missile will instantly destroy any plane on contact.

Comparison with analogues

The AIM-7D, is faster, has a better lock-on range, and a missile guidance time twice as long as the AIM-7C. The AIM-9C and R-3R both turn better off the rail, have a better guidance time, but lack the same damage as the AIM-7C. Both are better at closer ranges.

Usage in battles

Using the AIM-7C Sparrow can be quite tricky as it requires many variables to align for proper tracking. As with many other AIM-7 Sparrows, the missile has a 1.5 second tracking delay upon launch, which can make leading a target difficult. Due to this and the missile's average G overload tolerance, it is generally best to use this from 4-5 km away on slow moving, high altitude targets who will give the missile ample time to track. However, some success can also be found in head-on engagements when launched from a 5-6 km distance to the target.

Pros and cons


  • All aspect guidance
  • Matchmaking can result in games where many opponents do not have RWR or chaff countermeasures


  • Requires a constant radar lock
  • Generally does not work at low altitude due to early radar systems
  • Has a 1.5-second delay after launch before it begins tracking
  • Quite short range, making the optimal launch window small
  • Will sometimes completely fail to track, even under optimal circumstances


The AIM-7C Sparrow was the first missile produced in the US Armed Forces' 3rd generation of Sparrow missiles. Despite being a 3rd generation missile, it was the first fully operational Sparrow missile, as the previous generations contained only prototypes that were never used in live service. At the time, it was designated AAM-N-6, and entered service in 1958. It would keep this name until 1963 when the Air Force and Navy agreed on standardized naming conventions for their missiles. However, due to its short-range only 2,000 units were ever produced, and it was quickly replaced by the AIM-7D in 1959.


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