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The RB 74(M) is a Swedish infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in "Update "Air Superiority".


The RB 74(M) Is an import version of the AIM-9L Sidewinder; more specifically the AIM-9L/I-1, Which adopts similar characteristics as the AIM-9M, such as a smokeless motor, IRCCM and the same range.

In real life the RB 74(M) doesn't exist since Sweden never adopted the AIM-9M in combat so that name is fictitious.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Missile charateristics
Mass 84.46 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect All-Aspect
Lock range (Rear-Aspect) 11.00 km
Launch range 18.00 km
Maximum speed 2.5 M
Maximum overload 30G
Missile guidance time 60 s
Explosive Mass 3.58 kg

Effective damage

It has a 3.58 kg warhead, making it average but still able to take down a plane.

Comparison with analogues

Missile Guidance Lock range
Launch range
Maximum speed
Maximum overload
TNT Equivalent
Type Aspect Time Uncaged seeker Radar slaving
Sweden flag.png RB 74(M) IR All-Aspect 60 alt={{{alt}}} alt={{{alt}}} 11 18 2.5 30 84.46 3.58
USA flag.png AIM-9M Sidewinder IR All-Aspect 60 alt={{{alt}}} alt={{{alt}}} 11 18 2.5 30 84 4.06
USSR flag.png R-60M IR All-Aspect 25 alt={{{alt}}} alt={{{alt}}} 7.4 10 2.5 30 44 1.79
USSR flag.png R-73 IR All-Aspect 25 alt={{{alt}}} alt={{{alt}}} 11 30 2.5 40 105 5.96
China flag.png PL-5C IR All-Aspect 23 alt={{{alt}}} alt={{{alt}}} 11 16 2.5 30 84.5 7.62

Usage in battles

The RB 74(M) should be used to target enemy fighters. It's potential of destroying a target becomes exponentially higher when firing at a clueless or unsuspecting enemy.

When firing it, its preferable firing it rear-aspect, because of its IRCCM, even if the enemy flares, if close enough (1.3 km~), the RB 74(M) will be able to track down the target and successfully destroy it.

Pros and cons


  • Suspended Animation: Knowledge about how this type of IRCCM works is required to have a chance at evading this missile; meaning: Very easy to score kills
  • Long range. Can reliably be fired from 2.5km when chasing a supersonic target at low altitude. up to 4.5km when at altitude, and even 6-7km if conditions allow for it.
  • As manoeuvrable as an AIM-9L, making it hard to dodge.


  • Goes "dumb" if the target keeps flaring, trying to hit the enemy based on right before seeker shut off due to flares.
  • Not very useful in dogfight unlike its Russian counterpart R-73


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