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The Nettuno (also known as "Sea Killer Mk.1") is an Italian anti-ship missile.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The Nettuno missiles have a range of 10 km (6.2 miles) with a max velocity of 280 m/s and carry a warhead with just over 25 kg of TNT equivalent. The missiles also feature a proximity fuse making them ideal for engaging enemy air units as well as surface targets.

The missiles are carried in a five-round launcher just behind the Saetta's bridge and smoke funnel structure which does mean that the launcher cannot be aimed towards the bow but rather has a 260 degree turning arc of which it navigates at a speed of 11 degrees per second.

Effective damage

The Nettuno missile carries a proximity-fused warhead with 25.28 kg of TNT equivalent.

Comparison with analogues

This is the first surface-launched anti-ship missile used in naval forces so it has no other competition or counterparts.

Usage in battles

The Nettuno missile is ideal for both anti-surface and anti-air roles.

The large HE warhead can hullbreak most coastal vessels, and causes moderate to severe module damage on larger ships, while the proximity fuse combined with the ship's search and tracking radar makes it one of the most effective naval air defense weapons.

Pros and cons


  • Large explosive warhead
  • 10 km range
  • Proximity fuse


  • The launcher has a slow traverse speed
  • Low flight speed combined with the long range means the ship is often left exposed while guiding the missile
  • Due to the launcher's elevated position, the missiles have to travel downwards upon launch, to meet the observer's height. If the player isn't careful, this could result in the missile hitting the sea.


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