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This page is about the infrared homing missile R-27T. For other versions, see R-27 (Family).


The R-27T (and its export version R-27T1) is a Soviet infrared homing air-to-air missile. It was introduced in Update "Apex Predators". It is an aircraft-mounted all-aspect IR-guided anti-air missile.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon


General info

Missile characteristics
Mass 245.5 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect All-aspects
Lock range (rear-aspect) 18 km
Lock range (all-aspect) 4.8 km
Launch range 50 km
Maximum speed 3.5 M
Maximum overload 35 G
Missile guidance time 60 secs
Explosive mass 24 kg TNTe

Effective damage

The R-27T has the same damage as its SARH contemporary, the R-27R. One missile will often be enough to destroy an aircraft entirely, and rarely does the R-27T only critically damage an aircraft.

Comparison with analogues

Its most common contemporaries are the AIM-9L, PL-8, and Python-3, though all of these missiles are better at shorter ranges due to the R-27T's long acceleration, which makes it sluggish during the burner's duration; so it's best used when in engagements beyond 1.5 km. The PL-8 and Python-3 will outmanoeuvre the R-27T by a long shot, but their shorter burn time makes them poorer at longer range IR scenarios. The R-27T is also unique in its ability to counteract the Su-25T/Su-39s Infrared Countermeasure system, making it useful for rear aspect engagements against those aircraft.

Usage in battles

The R-27T is useful while engaging unaware opponents who are either preoccupied with other engagements or are not good at their surroundings. The R-27T offers some of the best IR tracking in the game, able to lock all-aspect from 6 km away and from a rear-aspect shot, it can be almost impossible to flare off.

The proper use of the R-27T depends on the skill of the player using it. As an IR tracking missile, it will engage a friendly's engine or flares just as easily as it engages an enemy's so proper positioning as to decrease the chance of the missile engaging a friendly is paramount to its success. Best used with the IRST function, it can silently lock onto any heat signature without an RWR notification. While possible to do front or side aspect shots, it is more liable to being flared off, but is still certainly able to get kills if the pilot knows what they are doing.

Pros and cons


  • All-aspect targeting ability
  • The aircraft fired upon has no RWR indicator of the incoming missile
  • Very high overload
  • Large explosive mass


  • Bleeds energy fairly quickly


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