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The Aspide-1A (the Italian name of European asp, a type of viper), aka the A-missile (A弹 or 甲弹, referred by SAC engineers and marked on weapon selection knob on J-8 series respectively) , is a semi-active radar-homing missile developed by Selenia based on the AIM-7 Sparrow's design with new homing radar, used by the Italian Air Force and exported to multiple foreign militaries including the PLAAF.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The overall dimensions of the Aspide-1A is identical to later models of the AIM-7 Sparrow, the only major difference is the homing radar onboard.

Missile characteristics
Missile Mass (kg) Guidance Signal Lock range (km) Launch range (km) Maximum speed (M) Maximum
overload (G)
Missile guidance
time (s)
Explosive Mass
(TNT equivalent) (kg)
Aspide-1A 230 SARH CW 30 80 5.0 25 45.0 10.24

Effective damage

The 8 kg of PBXN-4 explosives onboard has a 10.24 kg TNT equivalent, which can cause explosive and shrapnel damage to targeted aircraft.

Comparison with analogues

The Aspide-1A flies at a whopping Mach 5.0, faster than the AIM-7F Sparrow, R-23/24R, and Matra Super 530F. The maximum overload also tops out at 25G.

Usage in battles

The Aspide-1A is intended to intercept high-altitude or head-on targets, so the best way to utilize it is to aim for enemies who are flying high or in head-on range - they might not have sufficient manoeuvrability to dodge the missile. However, if coupled with an inferior radar, it is best to use the Aspide-1A against only targets which are higher than you, to avoid ground clutter interference.

Pros and cons


  • High acceleration and flight speed
  • Decent G overload comparable to a Skyflash and AIM 7E2
  • Large explosive payload


  • Does not have inertial navigation like missiles at the same BR (example: the R-24R of the MiG-23)
  • Used by planes equipped with average radars (F-104S-ASA, J-8B)


Despite the very close resemblance to US-made AIM-7 Sparrows (which Selenia [now MDBA] did get the license for to build domestically in Italy), Aspide missiles utilized the latest electronics and rocket engines developed in Italy, serving as the selected SARH missile for Italian Air Force's Starfighters.

It was then exported to multiple foreign countries including Mainland China, where they even intended to buy the production line from Italy. However, the 1989 Beijing Crackdown and the subsequence European Economic Community embargo halted the import of Aspide into PLAAF service, forcing them to reverse-engineer from existing stocks. The Aspide's homing radar was also installed onto HQ-61 SAM, becoming what is now known as the PL-11 in the early 2000s.


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