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== Media ==
== Media ==
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<li style="display: inline-block;"> [[File:I180s.png|thumb|none|250px|The I-180S at the hangar. The standard livery is mainly red, with some items in shiny silver.]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;"> [[File:I180s.png|thumb|none|250px|The I-180S at the hangar. The standard livery is mainly red, with some items in shiny silver.]]</li>

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General characteristics
1 personCrew
2.6 tTake-off weight
Flight characteristics
Shvetsov M-88REngine
airCooling system
Speed of destruction
850 km/hStructural
250 km/hGear
Offensive armament
2 x 12.7 mm Berezin UB machine gunWeapon 1
440 roundsAmmunition
1 026 shots/minFire rate
2 x 7.62 mm ShKAS machine gunWeapon 2
1 300 roundsAmmunition
1 800 shots/minFire rate
Suspended armament
4 x 50 kg FAB-50 (forged) bombSetup 1
2 x 100 kg FAB-100 (forged) bombSetup 2
Sl icon.png1 500/6 000/2 000Repair
8 100 Sl icon.pngCrew training
54 000 Sl icon.pngExperts
250 Ge icon.pngAces
× (124 + 100 Talisman.png) % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
× 2.5 × 2 Talisman.png Sl icon.png× 2.2 × 2 Talisman.png Sl icon.png× 0.6 × 2 Talisman.png Sl icon.png


GarageImage I-180S.jpg

The I-180S is a premium rank II Soviet fighter with a battle rating of 3.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.87 "Locked On" during the "Battlefield Engineer" event.

General info

Flight Performance

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Survivability and armour

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Offensive armament

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Suspended armament

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Usage in battles

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Pros and cons

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Development of the I-180 began in 1938, with the Polikarpov design bureau starting work on creating a new aircraft to meet the requirements of the Soviet Air Force at the time. In order to do so, engineers decided to base the new machine on a modified I-16 design and to install a more powerful radial engine. As a result, the I-180 was created. However, development and testing of prototypes was plagued with numerous issues, including many accidents. This, coupled with the arrival of new Soviet fighter designs quickly cast a shadow on the I-180 project which ultimately led to the project being cancelled by the end of 1940. Prior to the cancellation, a production version of the machine - the I-180S - was built but only in very limited numbers. In total, around 13 I-180s were built, including prototypes, but none saw any active service.

- From Devblog


  • The I-180S at the hangar. The standard livery is mainly red, with some items in shiny silver.
  • The I-180S at the hangar. Summer livery, with red stars on the classic Soviet green and blue camouflage.

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