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War Thunder player since 11th October 2014. Ancient member of the War Thunder French staff. I want to contribute to the wonderful War Thunder Wiki. Why? Because information is the key of victory! Technical datas, history details, screenshots.. I'll add everything I can to enhance this awesome platform!

I have also submitted the suggestion to translate the Wiki in French:

Vehicles I want the most (I missed them, sadly..):

  1. T-34 (Prototype)
  2. Type-62
  3. Pz.Kpfw. M4 748 (a)
  4. M24 (TL)
  5. P-51A Mustang
  6. A-26C-45
  7. Ki-21-I hei
  8. Ki-94-II
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This member plays War Thunder on Windows
b_25j_30_vvs_ussr.png This member considers ▂B-25J-30 Mitchell the best USSR aircraft in game.
me-262a-2a.png This member considers Me 262 A-2a Sturmvogel the best Germany aircraft in game.
md_450b_barougan.png This member considers M.D.450B Barougan the best France aircraft in game.