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The 302 (302型反坦克导弹) with an unique numeric name that stands out among its counterparts was the first generation SACLOS anti-tank missile from early 1970s.

Being a part of the ambitious Project 122 as the secondary weapon against the masses of Soviet armored corps for the earlier 122 Medium Tank prototypes as well as the ancestor of HJ-8s, although having subpar penetration and rather slow speed, 302 is still lethal to tanks without ERA or composite armor and good at finishing up crippled enemies.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Missile characteristics
Calibre 120 mm
Mass 11.2 kg
Guidance Semi-Automatic (SACLOS)
Maximum speed 250 m/s
Missile guidance time 16 secs
Firing range 3 km
Explosive mass 1.96 kg TNTeq
Fuze delay 0.05 m
Fuze Sensitivity 0.1 mm
Armour penetration 480 mm

Effective damage

"302" does explosion damage upon hitting the surface of vehicles; with its HEAT warhead, it also causes splash damage to internal modules and crews of vehicles, alternatively the sheer explosion itself will cause overpressure damage to very light vehicles.

Comparison with analogues

  • BGM-71 TOW (aside from TOW-2B)- much higher explosive content and penetration upon direct hit compare to 302.
  • 9M113- very similar penetration stats but slight better than 302; higher explosive content and caliber.
  • 9M14/HJ-73- Soviet/ reverse-engineered ATGM; 302 has higher speed and penetration, as well as better guidance.

Usage in battles

Although it has to be in a halt before launch upon enemies like many analogues of its tier, the penetration of 302 itself is mostly sufficient to knock down tanks of its era such as Pattons, M103s or T-62s; do note that the overall velocity and combat radius of 302 is not the highest among its analogue. If players are not confident of the shells from the cannon, 302 can take-down most targets within 2 shot; alternatively finishing off enemies who had been crippled by the 120 mm gun onboard of Project 122s since there's next to no safety distance between the missile and its fuze, but just in case for a safer set-off, anywhere more than 200 m is enough to let the missile to be in its designated flight path.

Pros and cons


  • Sufficiently high penetration for its rank
  • SCALOS (mouse-controlled) missile for better accuracy


  • Relatively low penetration and speed for its rank
  • Countered by ECCM equipped vehicles like AMX-30B2
  • Lacks of the firepower to penetrate ERA packs


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