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The 9M113 Konkurs missile (scale is approximate)

The 9M113 Konkurs is a Soviet SACLOS-guided anti-tank guided missile. It was introduced in Update 1.71 "New E.R.A.".

The 9M113 "Konkurs" is one of the best early soviet anti-tank guided missiles coming with 250mm of armor penetration at a 60 degree angle, making it very easy to destroy most machines on the battlefield. It has a firing range of 3000 meters or 3 kilometers, which is enough to fire at most targets in the battle. With a speed of only 248m/s it can be very hard to hit a far away target moving towards cover, but when it does hit, it delivers a blow with 2.75kg of "A-IX-1" which is equivalent to 4.23kg of TNT. The missile can hit at an 80 degree angle with a 0% chance of a ricochet. 82 degrees is the middle at 50%, and 90 degrees is a 100% chance of a ricochet.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Missile characteristics
Calibre 135 mm
Mass 14.5 kg
Guidance Semi-automatic (SACLOS)
Maximum speed 248 m/s
Firing Range 3 km
Missile guidance time 16 secs
Explosive mass 4.37 kg TNTeq
Fuze sensitivity 0.1 mm
Fuze delay 0.05 m
Armour penetration 500 mm

Effective damage

The missile has very similar damage properties to the HEAT/HEATFS shell, the fuze detonates on impact causing pressure inside the missile that forces superplastic metal into the vehicle, penetrating it if the vehicle doesn't have more armor than the armor penetration of the missile or protective systems such as ERA (Explosive reactive armor) or APS (Active protection system).

Comparison with analogues

This missile is very often compared to the 9M117 Bastion found on the BMP-3. The Bastion is better than the Konkurs in most situations, but it is also only usable by tanks at a higher battle rating than the vehicles that have the Konkurs.

Another ATGM comparable to the Konkurs is the 3M7 Drakon. The two have many similarities, some key differences are:

  • The 3M7 Drakon is at a caliber of 180 mm while the Konkurs is 135 mm in caliber.
  • The 3M7 Drakon is slower than the Konkurs at a speed of 224 m/s, which is 24 m/s slower than the Konkurs.
  • The 3M7 Drakon has 3.88 kg of TNT equivalent. while the Konkurs has 4.23 kg.

Both the Drakon and the Konkurs are great missiles, and both of them can perform better than one another in different scenarios. so its up to the player to choose which one fits their playstyle better.

Usage in battles

This missile is mainly used in scenarios where you are facing an opponent with armour greater than your main gun's penetration. It can also be used in scenarios where you are far away from a target and its very hard to hit it with your main gun/cannon. The Konkurs makes sure you don't miss the target with its great guidance system.

Pros and cons


  • Great secondary weapon
  • Isn't very hard to use
  • Has a great armour penetration


  • The firing range can be too short for some players that like to hit their targets from very far away
  • The missile isn't as fast as most of its competitors, giving your target time to see the missile and neutralize you before the missile hits.


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