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The 81 mm Mk 2 mortar is a special armament seen on American naval craft. As a mortar, the projectiles are fired at a high parabolic trajectory and at a slow speed. While making it a difficult weapon to use against fast-moving boats, a direct hit can cause devastating damage to them.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The 81 mm Mk 2 special armament is a supporting weapon on the naval craft it is mounted on, never to be considered a naval craft's main armament. Though small in size, the projectiles it fires are of high-explosive nature and so the appropriate targets should be selected when engaging with the weapon.

Available shells

The Mk 2 mortar does not give any ammunition options that users can choose to fire. However, the Mk 2 mortar fires a high-explosive projectile that can cause good damage should it hit its desired target.

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Pros and cons


  • High explosive payload can cause large amounts of damage if they hit lightly-armoured craft, and can still cause damages at a near-miss
  • High parabolic firing angle can allow the naval craft mounts to fire at targets across island land masses without direct line-of-sights


  • Projectiles fired are very slow, and so leading shots can be difficult


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