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The BM-14-17 is a Soviet-made multiple rocket launcher (MRL) that was developed during World War II. It was widely used in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war and was later exported to other countries. The BM-14-17 is a smaller version of the BM-13 Katyusha rocket launcher and was designed to provide mobile artillery support for infantry units.

The BM-14-17 was used extensively during the Second World War, where it proved to be an effective weapon against enemy troops and fortifications. Its mobility and versatility allowed it to be used in a variety of different combat scenarios, including urban warfare and open-field battles. The weapon system is still used in many countries today.

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The success of the Katyusha rocket launchers during World War II influenced the Soviet Union to develop newer and more powerful multiple rocket launchers after the war. First entering service in 1952, the BM-14 was a 140 mm multiple rocket launcher mounted in 16 total tubes on the ZiS-151 general-purpose truck. In 1959, the BM-14 saw a slight increase in firepower with the development of the BM-14-17. Adding an extra barrel, the BM-14-17 also differed in its launch platform using the GAZ-63A truck. It was also used on naval vessels such as the Pr.1204 patrol boats. A later modified version called the BM-14-17M used the GAZ-66 truck as its mount. The Soviets would later replace the design partially with the BM-21 Grad (“hail”), but the BM-14-17 remains in service in limited numbers even in the present day.


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