Update 1.85 "Supersonic"

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Update 1.85 "Supersonic" (changelog) was introduced on 17 December 2018. The update is notable for the introduction of the Italian tank tree, as well as Rank VI aviation.

New vehicles

Ground vehicles




Great Britain






Great Britain


Naval Fleet




Great Britain

New locations and missions

  • Fuego Islands
  • Vietnam Hills
  • Afghanistan
  • Christmas hangar

Location and mission updates

  • Helicopter areas in Simulator Battles game mode have been moved within the cover of the Airfield anti-aircraft batteries.
  • Windmills now are animated.
  • The appearance of animated objects in locations have been improved.
  • The altitudes in the locations "Imperial Gardens" and "Guiana Highlands" have been corrected.
  • Models of bridges have been improved.
  • Ground textures have been improved in all locations.

Enduring Confrontation

  • A bug has been fixed where airfields that haven’t been detected still continue to operate and didn’t disappear from the map even being behind the front line due to the displacement of the front line (only discovered airfields were correctly processed when the frontline shifted).
  • Background activity in ai vehicles that doesn't affect the outcome has been added in all Enduring Confrontation missions (unrelated to generated ground battles and convoys as seen in the locations Stalingrad, Sicily, Ruhr and Khalkhin-Gol).
  • Convoys have been added to all Enduring Confrontation missions (as in Summer Stalingrad mission where convoys are active).
  • The ground convoy template has been redone to avoid conflicts with the front line mechanics added in previous updates.
  • New mechanics - modular airfields. In short: each airfield has 4 "modules": the runway, fuel storage facilities, residential area, aircraft parking. The status of each module is visible on the airfield icon and affects the airfield functionality. The general "HP" of an airfield consists of the "HP" of its modules — bombs that have fallen into an already destroyed module or have fallen into the "body" of an airfield but outside the module do not cause damage.
  • All airfields on all Enduring Confrontation missions have been replaced by updated ones in order to be compatible to the new mechanics. New airfields have also been improved to allow a more comfortable take off and landing due to an increase in runway length.
  • Test EC mission added for helicopters in the location "Tunisia".
  • Changes in the mechanics of ground convoys:
    • Now, the task to protect the convoy will be given when the convoy has been detected by the enemy and the enemy team receives the task to destroy the convoy.
    • Detection range for convoys has been changed from 4,500 to 15,000 metres, to make it easier for players to find them.
    • Convoy will fulfill their task when they reach the sector which is in contact with the front line.
    • The convoy which has reached the final point of its route will maximally increase the military presence of the friendly team in the sector (hidden parameter).
  • Changes in battles on the ground:
    • Capturing an air zone by one of the teams increases th combat presence of that team to a maximum in the sector (hidden parameter).
    • Ground battles mechanism constantly scans frontline sectors. Sectors that have maximum combat presence of one of the teams will have a battle triggered, where ground forces of that team will be an attacking party. Thus several ground battles can be active at a time.
    • Since several ground battles may be active at the same time, these tasks have been removed from the journal.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • The mechanics of "field repair" has been added to ground RB battles for the following modifications in addition to the existing ones: gun barrel, breech, traverse and elevation drives.
    • Damaging the barrel completely blocks firing for 30 seconds, after that firing is carried out with degraded parameters: 15 times more scatter, 2 times less shell speed and 2 times reduced armour penetration.
    • By damaging the breech the firing will be completely blocked for 30 seconds, after that, shots will experience random misfires.
    • The failure of the elevation and traverse drives completely blocks rotating and elevating of the weapon vertically for 15 seconds, after which the speed of traverse is limited to 3 degrees per second and and the range of angles on elevation will be limited to +/-1.5° from the angle in which the mechanism was damaged.
  • For field repair of all listed modules, the vehicle needs to be stationary.
  • Mechanics that limit ATGM vehicle speed have been added. A missile can not be launched if a vehicle exceeds a preset speed. This feature has been enabled for most ATGM vehicles, that had it in reality. For RakPZ 2, Begleitpanzer, BMP-1, BMP-2, Warrior, Swingfire, Striker, Strv 81, Type 60 ATM, M113A1, AMX-13 (SS-11) full stop is required, on the M3 Bradley shooting is allowed at a speed not faster than 10 km/h.
  • Mechanics that limit ATGM vehicle cruise control speed has been added. This feature has been enabled for most ATGM vehicles, that had it in reality. (M3 Bradley)

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Mi-4 — engine and compressor modifications for the reciprocating-engine have been fixed.
  • Mi-24V / P — IR signature suppression, IR Counter Measures and Electro-optical modulator modules have been added. Air to Air missiles have been added — Р-60 and Р-60M.
  • Mi-24 (all modifications) — Possibility of using FAB-500M-54 bombs has been added.
  • Mi-35M — IR signature suppression, IR Counter Measures and Electro-optical modulator modifications have been added.
  • AH-1Z — IR signature suppression, IR Counter Measures modifications have been added. AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles have been added. TOW blocking display of unguided rocket preset has been fixed. The following ATGMs have been added: AGM-114B and Hellfire.
  • AH-1F — Electro-optical modulator modification has been added
  • UH-1B, UH-1C — new weaponry has been added: 40mm grenade launcher that can be mounted in the nose turret, as well as combinations of two 7.62mm M134 machine guns and two blocks of Hydra-70 rockets.
  • UH-1D — TDA rockets have been added.
  • S.O.8000 Narval — Class of the aircraft has been changed (source).
  • Yak-9UT — The displaying of the information about the Н-37 and НС-45 cannons in the X-Ray view by switching the weaponry modification has been fixed.
  • F4F-3 — The number of rounds for machine guns has been fixed.
  • P-40E-1 — The number of rounds for machine guns has been fixed (source)
  • I-185 (М-71) — Armour on the armoured seat has been fixed.
  • Spitfire F Mk.22 / Mk.24 — Ammo load for wing mounted cannons has been fixed: internal cannons - 175 rounds, external - 150 rounds.
  • SU-2 TSS-1 — Defensive turret deflection angles have been adjusted.
  • KI-32 — separate bomb drop has been added for 100 kg bombs.
  • A-26B-10 — Offensive armament variant for the two 37mm M-4 cannons has been added.
  • FAB-100 — Bomb mass and explosives mass has been corrected.
  • Me 163 (all modifications) — Take off from the airfield has been added.

Flight Model changes:

  • FM changes for all aircraft (planes) - Momentum, force calculation and roll balancing when different wing sections are damaged has been improved (a bug that caused excessive roll when wing root was damaged that usually lead to losing control in all control modes has been fixed).
  • Do 217 (all modifications) - power plant performance updated, polars of the wing, fins and fuselage recalculated. Geometric parameters updated. Landing gear performance updated. Detailed characteristics can be found in the data sheet.
  • La-9 - FM has been updated according to act №105 dated 18.10.1946г. (flight test results). Polars of the wing, fins and fuselage updated, controllability in all modes has been improved. Detailed characteristics can be found in the data sheet.
  • La-11 - power plant performance updated, polars of the wing, fins and fuselage recalculated.
  • M.B.174A-3 - Geometric parameters updated. Aerodynamic characteristics of the wing, fins and fuselage corrected.
  • FW 190 A/F/D (all modifications) - Rudder and elevator performance at high speeds (mouse-aim controls) has been corrected. Thermodynamics updated (cooldown time after overheating has been reduced).
  • В-29/Tu-4 - FM updated. Wing and fins polars updated. Mouse-aim control improved.
  • D.520 - powerplant performance has been updated, polars of the wing, fins and fuselage recalculated.
  • P-26 (all modifications) - Powerplant inertia moment calculation has been updated. Rudder deflection at different speed simulation is more accurate.
  • Engine start and stop parameters have been updated. Thermodynamics updated (overheating is more accurate: it’s lower closer to the ground and higher at design altitude).
  • D.371, D.373 - Rudder performance at different speeds has been corrected. Engine start and stop parameters have been updated. Thermodynamics updated (oil heating reduced).
  • Rotation rate has been increased for lower speed, reduced for higher speed. Reaction to the rudder has been increased according to reports. Landing gear focus and nosing chance have been corrected. Elevator control at high speeds became more simple.
  • Do 335 (all modifications) - Engine power at specific altitudes in a normal mode has been corrected (B-2 version). Thermodynamics for the WEP and normal engine modes have been corrected. Radiators resistance has been reduced. Rudder control at high speeds became more simple. Data sheet updated (B-2 version).
  • I-153 (all modifications), I-16 type 18, 27 - Powerplant inertia moment calculation has been updated. Rudder deflection at different speed simulation is more accurate. Engine start and stop parameters have been updated. Thermodynamics updated (overheating is more accurate: it’s lower closer to the ground and higher at design altitude). Landing gear focus and nosing chance have been corrected.
  • XP-50 - Elevator efficiency at higher speeds has been increased.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Rocket characteristics have been corrected to historically accurate: amount of explosives, distance and speed.
  • Many torpedoes characteristics have been corrected to historically accurate: distance, speed, amount and type of explosives.
  • All torpedoes now have a 50 m fuse distance.
  • All capital ship magazines have been corrected - they now include ammunition for all types of armament available on the vessel.
  • MPK pr.122а - Two of the five 12.7 mm DShK machine guns have been removed according to the historical modification.
  • Changes in weapons groups. On the following vessels, which have only 2 types of machine guns have been moved from the anti-aircraft artillery group (Alt+3) to the auxiliary calibre group (Alt+2) in order to be able to choose the ammunition type in battle:
    • Destroyer Type 1924;
    • Destroyer Type 1939;
    • AF D1;
    • AF D3;
    • Fairmile A;
    • MO-4;
    • Pr.1204 Late (25mm autocannons switched the group with 30mm grenade launchers in order that grenade launchers have only 1 type of ammunition);
    • PGH-2 Tucumcari (grenade launcher with only one ammunition type has been moved to the anti-aircraft artillery group (Alt+3). Twin-barreled 12.7mm Brownings have been moved to the auxiliary calibre group (Alt+2).
  • Corresponding modifications for the turret speed improvement have been removed. RP and costs for the research and purchasing have been compensated.
  • Soviet 37mm 70-K cannon now has the overheat effect after about a hundred shots in a row.
  • MPK-163:
    • Bow turret (85mm 90-K) and aft (37mm 70-K) gun mount can now rotate 360°, they have dead zones when their line of fire crosses superstructures.
    • 85mm 90-K cannon now has AA HE timed-fuse round O-365M.
  • MO-4 45mm cannon 21-К has been updated:
    • fire rate has been increased to 30 shot per minute;
    • New more powerful HE round - О-240 has been added;
    • Stabilization has been added;
    • Horizontal spread has been reduced.
  • British 57mm 6pdr 7cwt QF Mk 11A ( Fairmile D) rate of fire has been increased to 0.7 shots per second stabilization has been improved.
  • The following vessels turrets can now rotate 360°, they have dead zones when their line of fire crosses obstructions.
    • Kanonenboot K-2 - both main calibre cannons.
    • Pr.206М - 76mm gun.
    • Frunze - rear main calibre canons.
  • ShVAK 20mm cannon (premium G-5 vessel) AP ammo belt has been fixed.
  • Flottentorpedo-boote type 1939: full ammo load of the 20mm rounds has been fixed. An incorrect warning that not all rounds have been distributed will no longer be displayed before a battle.
  • USS Trenton (CL-11) - 76mm Auxiliary armament targeting ammo load has been fixed - previously it was displayed differently in the hangar and in battle.
  • Torpedo launchers description has been fixed for the following vessels:
    • S-38
    • S-38b
    • R-Boot R-301
    • S-100
    • Type 140/141
    • VS-10
    • Elco 77 ft PT-20
    • Elco 80 ft PT-103
    • Higgins 78 ft PT-71
  • PT-3 — a bug when you can launch a torpedo when your torpedo launchers have been damaged has been fixed.
  • LS 4 Esau — ammo load has been fixed - it is now 1200 rounds.
  • VS-10 — 15mm MGs ammo load has been fixed - previously it was displayed differently in the hangar and in battle.
  • Mk.I round of the British QF 3-inch 20 cwt (SGB (S304)) calibre in the info card has been corrected.
  • Class G "Grafton" destroyer (H89): rear main calibre gun bug, when it could only shoot with HE shells, has been fixed.
  • АK-725 (Pr.206М) 57mm autocannon: rate of fire increased to 200 shots per minute, overheating also increased.
  • MG stabilization has been added for the following vessels:
    • PGH-2 Tucumcari
    • Pr.123K "Komsomolets"
    • Pr.123K (А-11)
    • Pr.191
    • Pr.191М
    • Pr.206М
    • Fairmile A (stabilization has been added for the 47mm gun)
  • Weaponry increase:
    • Fairmile A — 4 x 7.7 mm Lewis machine guns have been added.
    • MTB Vosper 1st series — 4 x 7.7 mm Lewis machine guns have been added.
  • The 76 mm (3") American armor-piercing Mk.29 shell has been changed to an APHE shell with additional explosive mass.

Modifications and crew skills:

  • Destroyer Class G "Grafton" (H89) - Auxiliary targeting armament modification have been removed, all RP and SL spent has been refunded.
  • PGH-2 Tucumcari - New 12.7 ammo belt is now available for research.
  • The crew skill "ship control" has been divided into two sub-skills: "rudder speed" and "engine mode change rate".

Damage model, characteristics and physics:

  • Maximum repair time for the bridge and conning tower that previously could exceed 2 minutes has been fixed. Smaller vessels have a repair time of about 20 seconds, destroyers - 30-40 seconds, cruisers - 40-60 seconds.
  • Destroyers and cruisers: all crew members that were previously placed in the unarmoured superstructure have been moved to compartments, main calibre and auxiliary turrets and torpedo tube stations.
  • Cruiser sinking has been fixed. Each cruiser has individual sinking mechanics. An issue when a cruiser would stay afloat when its deck was under the water surface (and vice versa when a cruiser was sinking while having enough buoyancy) has been fixed.
  • Durability of capital ship magazines has been increased and can survive more damage.
  • Excessive inertia of the vessels has been fixed - now full stop after going at full ahead is quicker.
  • Pr.191М - main calibre turret ring armour has been fixed, rear turret ring armour has been fixed .
  • Type 1924 destroyer: main calibre turret armour has been fixed.
  • Kanonboote K-2 maximal speed has been corrected in the info card.
  • Brave Class (P1011) - a bug with depth charges being displayed in the magazine in X-ray view when they were not researched or when the modification was not implemented has been fixed.
  • 40mm 70ft MGB-61 rear autocannon accuracy has been fixed (previously it was firing higher than its aimpoint).
  • Light frigate (sentry ship) Pr. 159
    • heel when turning reduced
    • number of crew members in each compartment has been changed to increase the vessel’s survivability
    • Type 140/141 number of crew members in each compartment has been changed to increase the vessel’s survivability
    • Type М 1943: AA turrets armour mounted on the bow has been fixed.

Visual vessel models:

  • The appearance and location of the radio box and drainage pumps have been fixed on many vessels.
  • Type M 1943 - A bug when displaying the steering wheel has been fixed.
  • S-100 (1944) - Historical camouflage has been added.
  • Fairmile B:
  • Flag model and behavior has been fixed.
  • The animations of the rudders has been fixed.
  • PT-3 - Engine models in the X-Ray view have been fixed.

AI mechanics

The following changes have been added for the gunner AI on vessels:

  • A bug where gunners were shooting at a target behind cover has been fixed;
  • AI gunners no longer start shooting when a target is beyond the max range of their guns.
  • Server-client desync when AI gunners were firing at the wrong target has been fixed);
  • Manual target indication (x+1, x+2, x+3), that was either ignored or was not accurate with AI gunners (they were firing at the wrong target));
  • A bug when there were no visual effects for AI gunner shooting has been fixed.
  • A bug when AI gunners started to shoot before locating their chosen target has been fixed;
  • AI gunners will no longer shoot at a disabled aircraft;
  • An aiming bug has been fixed: previously AI gunners regardless of their crew skill level were shooting outside target aim point, which resulted in many needless misses.
  • Target selection system has been improved: AI gunners first estimate possible threats and then begin to shoot at an opponent depending on its distance, armament and direction.
  • For example if the distance is the same the gunners will start shooting at an attacker armed with bombs and rockets rather than at a fighter with MGs. Or, if there are 2 attackers at the same distance they will first engage the one that is flying towards the player’s vessel rather than the one that is moving on the sideline.


  • Approximate ship model has been added.
  • Missions to check all three user units have been made.
  • Bug with unworkable custom user units has been fixed. They are playable now.
  • Example of animated assets has been added.
  • Custom user units can be displayed now in the mission editor.
  • Performance bugs have been fixed.

Economy and research

  • P.108A series 2 — Has been moved to 3rd rank.


  • Magach 3 - The colour of the standard camouflage has been changed.
  • M26 "Ariete", P40 "Leoncello" - Desert camouflages have been added.
  • Decals with the image of the tactical signs of armoured vehicles of Italy have been added.
  • "Rewards" menu appearance has been updated.


  • Additional nation flags which indicate the country of the operator more accurately have been added to the vehicle card.
  • An indication of the inclusion of a torpedo sight has been added to the action panel of ships in battle.
  • The ability to enable the advance marker for torpedoes has been added. It turns on at a distance closer than 2 km to the chosen target.

Game mechanics

  • In aircraft Arcade Battles damage to Allied aircraft has been disabled through the attacker will still receive a warning. At the same time hits to Allied aircraft will be counted by the automatic punishment system.
  • A new warning message has been added when the pilot is injured.
  • Requirements for vehicles to complete naval battle tasks have been changed. Easy task you can complete in vessels from BR 2.0 and up (previously was 2nd rank), mid range special tasks - from BR 3.0 and up (previously was 3rd rank).


  • Visualization of the Prandtl-Glauert effect (Sonic Boom) when flying at transonic speeds has been added.
  • The appearance of waves, foam and wake created by vessels during movement has been reworked and improved.
  • Animation of shell ejection has been added. So far it is only for individual vehicles (T-62; Т-62АМ and Т-72, BMP-2, OTOMATIC), but the list will be updated.


  • Sound has been added for the locomotive moving in test flight for Soviet and German aircraft.
  • Sounds for target capture and target tracking with air-to-air missile guidance system for F-100D aircraft have been added.
  • The sound of a working afterburner for MiG-19, F-100D aircraft depending on the viewing angle when viewed from a third person view has been added.
  • Shock wave sound from enemy/allied aircraft moving at supersonic speeds has been added.
  • For the sound of the player aircraft moving at supersonic speed the dependence on the viewing angle at the sight of a third person view has been changed. Now at speeds above Mach 1 when the aircraft is viewed from the front all sounds of the aircraft disappear. At the border of the difference in air pressure (shock wave) you can hear loud noise. When you look at the aircraft from behind the sound of the air flow becomes more intense.
  • The sound of discharging IR countermeasures has been added.
  • The sound of the reflection of a jet from the surface of the earth when a jet aircraft takes off and is moving at low altitude has been added.
  • Sound of reflection of the shock wave from the working screws of the piston-engined aircraft during takeoff and movement at low altitude has been added.
  • The sound of uprooting trees when they fall has been added.
  • The sound of a collision of armoured vehicles with a wooden surface has been added.
  • The sound of a collision of armoured vehicles with a stone surface has been added.
  • The sound of a collision of armoured vehicles has been added.
  • The sound for the new aircraft HP-30 cannon for the MiG-19 has been added.
  • New authentic sound of the Type 90 engine, interior and exterior, has been added.
  • New authentic sound for the interior of the Type 90 has been added.
  • New authentic sound of the 7.62 mm Type 74 machine gun of the Type 90 tank interior and exterior has been added.
  • New authentic sound of L44 cannon firing from the Type 90 and Rheinmetall L44 canon has been added.
  • The reloading sound of the automatic loader of the L44 cannon has been replaced by an authentic one.
  • The balance of the sound of all ground vehicle engines has been changed in the direction of greater density and power.
  • More detailed mechanical sound of tank gearbox has been added.
  • Sounds of shell ejection for new shell extractors have been added for following vehicles: BMP-2, Otomatic, Т-62, Т-62М1 and Т-72.
  • The balance of the sound of all aircraft engines has been changed in the direction of greater density and power.
  • The sound of jet aircraft passing a player have been changed.
  • New layers of the sounds with hitting of all types of shells and also for ricochets and hits without breaking the armour have been added. This is the sounds of an incoming hit, a collision of a shell with armour, a body resonance from a hit, a rotating shell moving to the side in case of ricochet and a shell screeching in case of ricochet.
  • The sounds of automatic weapons for ground vehicles from 3rd person view have been changed in the direction of greater brightness and readability in battle conditions.
  • The sounds of automatic weapons for ground vehicles from gunner view have been changed in the direction of greater sharpness and clarity of sound.
  • New sounds for new automatic weapons of Italian ground vehicles have been added: Breda Mod37, Breda Mod38, Breda 20 65 M35, Oerlikon KAD B17, Oerlikon KBA.


  • New functionality of the editor for viewing armor and X-ray view in the hangar, which allows you to disable external elements for a more detailed study of the armour and layout of the vehicle has been added.
  • The ability to simulate a tank shot in the hangar of a selected type of ammunition through the protection analyzer. For the "shot" you need to press left mouse button by targeting the analyzer indicator on the tank.
  • Test flights for aircraft and helicopters have been improved. In the mission on the location "Stalingrad" new allied boat navigation along the Volga has been added. In the location "Berlin" a locomotive has been added. In most missions in test flight, allied aircraft have been added, ground targets have been changed. A target for heat-guided missiles has been added to test flights at high ranks.
  • Test missions for heavy vessels have been reworked: the location has been changed, a cruiser has been added as a target for shooting.

Smaller updates that came afterwards


  • The Prandtl-Gloert ("Sonic Boom") effect which causes game crashes has been temporary switched off.
  • A bug, when at the beginning of a mission whilst spawning in an aircraft there was no fuel, has been fixed.
  • "Italy vs Italy" mode has been added to the ground forces RB just to minimize the waiting time in the queue for the battles. It will be switched off in few days.


1st patch

  • The Prandtl-Gloert ("Sonic Boom") effect, which previously caused some game crashes, has been reactivated.
  • A bug where the snow in the hangar would produce a water splash effect when falling has been fixed.
  • A bug where, in helicopter vehicle cards, the armour piercing of the guided and non-guided rockets wouldn’t be displayed, has been fixed.

2nd patch

The profitability of the MiG-15bis ISH (USSR) and F-86F-35 (USA) in the RB and SB game mode has been increased. SL reward multipliers changes:

  • Realistic Battles:
    • MiG-15bis ISH (220% → 420%);
    • F-86F-35 (240% → 480%).
  • Simulator Battles:
    • MiG-15bis ISH (240% → 460%);
    • F-86F-35 (390% → 480%).

To decrease queue waiting time for the top rank aircraft in air RB battles of BRs 9.0 and higher, after long waiting time the following matching can be implemented: USA, USSR, Britain vs. USA, USSR, Britain.


1st patch

  • The calculation of critical damage in ground-vehicle battles has been changed: now, rewards for critical damage will be received by players that knock enemy crew members unconscious, or sets them on fire.
  • A player will only be rewarded for critical damage on a particular enemy once.
  • If an enemy vehicle receives critical damage from multiple players before it is destroyed, each player that caused critical damage to the vehicle will receive an assist reward.
  • If an enemy player ejects from their vehicle after critical damage has been caused by multiple players, those players will also receive assist rewards, and the last player that caused critical damage will be credited with destroying the vehicle.

2nd patch

  • New game mode [Encounter] for combined naval-aircraft battles has been added. The main goal of this game mode is to destroy docked enemy ships. The only available map for this mode, at the moment, is "Fuego islands" but other suitable locations will be added in the future. The mission is available in custom battles and has also been added to rotation in random AB and RB naval battles for higher ranks.
  • А bug due to which it was impossible to join the Air Simulator Battles on Aircraft of 6th rank has been fixed.


  • In the "Medals" menu, we have added new French orders and medals.
  • New titles for achieving top French medals have been added.

Flight model:

  • Javelin F.(A.W.) Mk.9 - The optimal climb rate has been increased at mach 0.85, the take-off weight has been increased (second pilot/radar operator has been added).

Ground vehicles and armament:

  • AB41, L6/40 - standard ammo belt filling has been changed. Previously the belt had 1 AP and 3 HE rounds. Now the HE and AP rounds in the belt are 1 to 1. Modifications for fragmentation-explosive shells have been removed.
  • 75/18 M41, 75/32 M41 - turret and hull top armour has been fixed.
  • Type 89 - a bug when it was impossible to launch ATGMs whilst having specific ammo loaded has been fixed.
  • M15/42, AB43 - a modification that had the same AP round as a standard one has been removed.
  • OTO R3 T20 - vehicle type has been changed from "medium tank" to "SPAA".
  • B1 Centauro - a bug when smoke shells could not be replenished in captured zones has been fixed.

Naval battles:

  • Marker display bug in Naval arcade battles has been fixed. Previously all markers farther than 2500 m distance were displayed semi-transparent - same as for the targets that were not in a direct vision.


  • A bug where the HUD could not be hidden in replays has been fixed.
  • A bug when specific wheeled vehicles had one of its wheels not displaying as spinning has been fixed.
  • A bug when sometimes a ground vehicle was incorrectly displayed as destroyed has been fixed.
  • A bug when the wrong number of air-to-air missiles was displayed has been fixed.
  • A bug when in helicopter HUD, the line with the number of missiles and the current heat seeker mode was not being displayed has been fixed.
  • A bug where the visual shot effect from another tank was displayed too brightly has been fixed.


  • The composition of the ship’s armour-piercing loadout on the 12.7 mm Browning machine gun previously was no different from the universal type has been fixed.
  • 76 mm 34-K and 39-K cannons now have HE shells with a remote detonator by default on those ships where there are no researchable shell modifications for the indicated cannons (for example, "Krasny Kavkaz"). Previously the default was the typical HE shell.
  • The parameters of the remote detonators have been fixed.


  • Added achievement "Italian Collection" (unlock more than 50 Italian vehicles).


  • New Naval missions for the "Battle" mode has been added for the following locations: African Gulf, Green mountains gulf, Arabian sea. Player’s BR is 3.3 or below.


  • A bug where on some vehicles, guided rocket reloading was blocked when taking damage has been fixed.
  • A bug where the decals displayed on destroyed vehicles has been fixed.
  • AMX-10RC - The recoil swing of the vehicle when firing has been reduced. A bug in the modification menu has been fixed: The “Crew replenishment” icon with the image of an Italian tanker has been replaced by a French one.
  • M26E1, M26, M26A1, M26 Ariete, T25, M46, M46 Tiger, T26E1-1 - The thickness of the inner part of the gun mantlet has been changed from 88,9 to 25,4 mm.
  • OTO R3 T106 - A bug with inability to select the second shell type during a battle has been fixed.
  • 47/32 L40 - The strong rocking of the vehicle when stopping and driving over irregular terrain has been reduced.
  • M15/42 - Battle Rating has been changed for all game modes from 2.0 to 2.3.
  • M36B1 - Battle Rating has been changed for all game modes from 6.7 to 6.3.
  • Centauro ROMOR - Battle Rating has been changed for AB game mode from 9.3 to 9.7.


  • The display of bridges and embankments, as well as AI vehicle routes along them, have been fixed for most in-game air locations.
  • A bug occurring when leaving a battle, where the game mode setting could have switched to SB, has been fixed.
  • A bug related to the "G-Tolerance" crew skill being maxed out, where an incorrect value would be displayed, has been fixed.
  • A bug where the HUD may have appeared deformed on ultra-wide monitors (32:9) has been fixed.

PlayStation 4

  • Memory usage has been optimized.
  • A random PlayStation 4 specific crash occurring in battle has been fixed (it would occur when a new player joined the match in EC).
  • The amount of sound processing allocated resources has been increased. The possibility of sound effect loss is therefore reduced.


1st patch

  • Aiming mechanics for the naval battles has been improved. Guns’ aim indicators are now follow vertical guidance level more precisely. Previous indicators showed "ready to fire" before synchronizing with vertical guidance level and first shot could went far above target.
  • Algorithm of preserving distance to target has been changed. Now, if you lock on target, your rangefinder ignores allied ships and landscape elements ("bouncing aim").
  • Bug with terrain displayed black on some Linux-based systems has been fixed.

PlayStation 4

  • Bug with visual artifacts on trees on some locations has been fixed.

2nd patch

Enduring Confrontation for Helicopters

  • Helicopter Arcade and Realistic battles have been switched off. Instead of them, Helicopter Enduring Confrontation is now available in the "Events and Tournaments" tab.
  • Changes compared to test launch on December 21st-24th:
    • Zhengzhou mission added.
    • Respawn timer for Helicopters with BR 9.0 and higher has been added (same as for air SB). Max timer value is 10 minutes. If a player only has a top rank helicopter in his line-up, he will be given another one available for respawn, however, it will not have experienced crew and will not have any modifications unlocked (same as in air SB).
    • Time required to capture an air zone is twice less.
    • Helicopter landing site durability has been increased.
    • Minimum time required for air capture zones to appear has been reduced from 5 to 3 minutes.


  • A bug where in Realistic Ground Battles, the wrong repair time indicators were displayed has been fixed. Now they are correct, according to 1.85 update changelog.
  • Requirements for unlocking rank 4 for the USSR fleet have been increased. Now they are the same as other nations: to unlock rank 4, it is required to purchase 5 vessels from rank 3.


  • A bug has been fixed where in some rare cases a field repair on ground vehicles (automatically starts) during simultaneous start takes longer than a normal repair which needs to be activated manually (default "F" key). You can find more info on automatic repairs here.
  • A bug has been fixed where after reconnection of audio output devices on a PC no sound is played in the game.
  • Incorrect armour penetration displayed in Italian vehicle cards has been corrected.
  • Festive seasonal hangar has been switched off.
  • The possibility of exchanging coupons with special 3d decorations and decals from the "Festive Quest" event has been added for PlayStation 4 and Xbox players in the Workshop. Exchange is possible until 07:00 GMT on the 14th of February.


  • A bug where it was not possible to fire an ATGM after replenishing its ammunition has been fixed.


  • L6/40 - Artillery strike modification has been added.
  • Sd.Kfz.234/3 - Artillery strike modification has been removed.
  • AMX-10RC - Transmission characteristics updated. The vehicle can move both forwards and backwards with the same speed. Source: Section Technique De L'Armee De Terre, Presentation De Materials De L'Armee De Terre, Satory, Oct 1984
  • L3 CC - Rate of fire has been increased from 30 to 60 shots per minute. "Shoulder support" stabilization added.
  • Centauro, Centauro ROMOR - First-order ammo rack mechanics added. A bug when there was no ammo rack detonation has been fixed. A bug when an APHE round fuse didn’t work after the armour had been penetrated has been fixed.
  • AB41, AB43, AS42, M11/39 - ammo use order has been updated.
  • Chi-Ha - A bug when the commander and not the gunner was responsible for firing the main gun has been fixed.
  • Type 89 - Neutral steering added. Source: Official Style Outline, Type 89 Armoured Fighting Vehicle (B), D 8009B, September 7, 1989 (Revised August 5, 1991), Japan Defense Agency
  • AUBL/74 - weapon recoil impulse has been reduced.
  • M113A1 (TOW) - Non-functional modification (for this vehicle) "Adjustment of Fire" has been removed".
  • M60A1 Ariete - a bug with unreasonably high repair cost has been fixed.
  • M42 (Japan) - A bug when guns were able to fire just after overheating has been fixed.
  • B1 bis, B1 ter - hatch thickness (on the rear side of the turret) has been increased from 38mm to 56mm. Source: Notice provisoire de la tourelle APX.4 (Texte), Ministère de la guerre, 1937.
  • SIDAM 25 - Incorrect RP requirements have been lowered from 380,000 to 210,000.
  • M4 Tipo Ic - A bug with the wrong number of crew members has been fixed. It is now 5 instead of 4.
  • Type 75 MLRS - Engine RPM changed from 3000 to 2200. Source: File XC 5004 from the Japanese Defence Agency archives 75式自走多連装130mm ロケット弾発射機
  • Sho’t Kal Dalet - MG naming corrected.
  • OTOMATIC - a bug with the camera being positioned too low has been fixed. Previously it sometimes caused the SPAA model to disappear at specific angles.
  • FV510 - sights magnification updated. It is currently x8 instead of x6. Source: FV510 Warrior and Warrior 2000, Military Vehicles Forecast, Forecast International // Mini Color Series 7509, Warrior British Combat Vehicle Tracked, Carl Schulze, Concord Publications Company
  • M3 Bradley - The vehicle no longer floats since it could only float after special preparation. ESS modification added. Improved optics and Airstrike modifications added. Laser rangefinder modification has been removed. Sights magnification updated - it is now 4х/12х. Source: TM 9-2350-252-10-1, (OPERATOR'S MANUAL FIGHTING VEHICLE, INFANTRY, M2 AND FIGHTING VEHICLE, CAVALRY M3 HULL) April 1982 // Analysis of Gunnery Training for the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, dated March 1986 //
  • Ho-I - Elevation angles corrected from -8/+15 to -15/+20. Source: A03032210600 of the Japanese Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR) "Explanation of the trial made Model 99 7.5 cm tank gun"


  • A bug where a player was unable to check module condition whilst being in the gunner’s view mode has been fixed.
  • A bug when auxiliary weapons in automatic modes began to fire at a distance where no damage could be done has been fixed.
  • A bug when AI-controlled aircraft had landing gear animation showing when flying over an airfield has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was not possible to activate sniper view whilst left mouse button was being held has been fixed.
  • The collision model for specific trees in the “Vietnam” location has been fixed.
  • A bug when after a player had chosen a plane after flying a helicopter, the “view marker” was stuck, has been fixed.
  • A bug where the distance between vehicles was not displayed in replays has been fixed.
  • A bug where after the multiplier value in the ‘Head movement” axis settings was changed, the actual speed of movement did not change has been fixed.
  • A rare bug when sometimes a destroyed aircraft was credited to an incorrect player has been fixed.
  • A bug where a player flying a helicopter did not have the view direction centered after changing view modes has been fixed.
  • A bug where the kill-cam showed a field-repair icon has been fixed.
  • A bug where heat flares could not be used in helicopters when in sight view has been fixed.


  • A bug when replays recorded after the release of update 1.85 did not work, has been fixed. However, replays recorded after update and until this one (during the last day) still cannot be played.


  • A bug which could lead to the camera view and button/GUI animations of the hangar being accelerated, acceleration in single missions, and micro-freezes in some rare cases, has been fixed (source).


Server update:

  • SIDAM 25 - A bug with the presence of a “Leading marker” in Realistic and Simulator Battles game mode when shooting at air targets has been fixed. The “Leading marker” has been removed as the vehicle isn’t equipped with any radar.

Client update:

  • A bug where when starting a single mission as a squad, a player’s aircraft engines were inoperable and without fuel has been fixed.
  • A bug where there was a shaking/vibration of components in the viewfinder on different vehicles has been fixed.
  • A bug where after installing rocket weaponry on some boats, the main calibre gun stopped traversing has been fixed.
  • A bug where AI gunners on naval vessels would fire inaccurately at aircraft has been fixed.
  • A records table for “Helicopter Battles” has been added.


  • A bug which caused pitching up on the aircraft at speeds close to stall whilst using mouse aim has been fixed.


  • The new calculation of armour penetration in the game for armour-piercing shells has been added.
  • The armour penetration values for non-normal hitting angles (slope effect values) have been changed for shells of types AP/APCBC/APBC.
  • Armour penetration values for shells of type APFSDS (for shells for which preliminary changes have been published previously) has been recalculated by using the Lance-Odermatt formula.
  • The following changes for ground vehicle research trees have been made:
    • France:
      • H35, FCM36 — Have been deleted from the main research tree (vehicles remain for players who already have it).
      • H39 — Has been moved to the “reserve” vehicles.
    • Japan:
      • Ha-Go — Has been deleted from the main research tree (vehicle remains for players who already have it).
      • Ke-Ni — Has been moved to the “reserve” vehicles.
      • I-Go Ko, Chi-Ha — 57 mm HEAT shell is now available by default.
      • Type 95 — 70 mm Type 3 HEAT shell has been added.
    • USA:
      • M22 — has been moved to the 1st rank and is placed now after LVT(A)(1).
      • M3 Lee — has been moved to the 2nd rank.
      • M8 HMC — has been moved to the 2nd rank.


  • Tiger II (10.5 KwK) - standard ammo has been changed. 10.5 cm Pzgr. replaced with 10.5 cm Pzgr.Rot (it was researchable previously).
  • Fuse sensitivity of APHE rounds has been corrected for the following guns: 37 mm SA18, 47 mm SA34.
  • Penetration value calculation has been corrected for the following rounds: 125mm 3BМ9, 100mm Obus de rupture.
  • 37mm BR-167P - a bug with penetration data (which was lower than the standard BR-167 AP round) has been fixed.
  • 7.5cm K.Gr.rot Pz. (7.5 cm StuK37, 7.5 cm KwK37) - muzzle velocity has been reduced from 411 to 385 m/s. Source: H.Dv.119/320: Schußtafel für die 7,5 cm Kampfwagenkanone (7,5 cm Kw.K.) und das Sturmgeschütz 7,5 cm Kanone (Stu.G. 7,5 cm K.)
  • 75mm Granata Perforante 75/32 (Ansaldo 75 L/34) - AP round speed has been increased from 623 to 637 m/s. Source: Le Artiglierie del Regio Esercito nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale, F .Cappelano.
  • 120mm M358 ballistics corrected. Speed loss reduced, source: FT-120-C-1 Firing Tables.

19.02.2019 (

Client update

  • A bug where players would hear the sound of a jet engine when a helicopter was passing over their vehicle has been fixed (source).
  • A bug occurring when setting a specific firing distance and switching between different gun sights, where the sights would be misplaced and move upwards or to another point, has been fixed (source).
  • A bug occurring when switching the shell type in the second-order ammunition rack, where the shells were reloading at the same speed as the shells from the first-order ammunition racks, has been fixed (source).
  • A bug while piloting helicopters using the 3rd person view, where ATGM crosshairs would move outside the center of the sight, has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused rare graphical artifacts in battles has been fixed (source).
  • The following changes have been made for aircraft strikes in ground forces Arcade Battles:
  • Aircraft line-up has been reworked - French and Italian aircraft have been added; a large amount of new fighters, attackers and bombers has been added; attacker weaponry has been mainly replaced by missiles.
  • Interceptor respawn zones have been limited so they can not appear in front of, nor behind, the event initiator, thereby stopping attacks being made from those respective flanks.
  • Defender respawns are now in the specified radius relative to the interceptors, and not the initiator. If there are several defenders, the interceptors will be distributed between them.
  • Defender respawns are now in the direction of the interceptors and not in the course of the initiator.
  • "Vietnam" location: Radio message from Hanoi Hannah to American soldiers has been added.

Server update 19.2.2019

  • Ha-Go - now available after reaching rank 2 of the Japanese ground forces.
  • H.35, FCM.36 - now available after reaching rank 2 of the French ground forces.

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