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Carro Armato OTO Melara OF-40 Mk.2A
General characteristics
4 peopleCrew
86 %Visibility
front / side / backArmour
70 / 35 / 25Hull
68 / 47 / 30Turret
43 tWeight
1584 hp830 hpEngine power
36.8 hp/t19.3 hp/tPower-to-weight ratio
73 km/h forward
29 km/h back
66 km/h forward
26 km/h back
105 mm OTO Melara 105/52 cannonMain weapon
61 roundsAmmunition
19 roundsFirst-order
6.7 / 8.7 sReload
-9° / 20°Vertical guidance
12.7 mm M2HB machine gunMachinegun
1080 roundsAmmunition
8 / 10.4 sReload
200 roundsBelt capacity
577 shots/minFire rate
-8° / 20°Vertical guidance
-120° / 120°Horizontal guidance
4000 roundsAmmunition
8 / 10.4 sReload
200 roundsBelt capacity
600 shots/minFire rate
180000 Rp icon.pngResearch
490000 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png7600 / 11308/5280 / 7856/3970 / 5907Repair
140000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
490000 Sl icon.pngExperts
2000 Ge icon.pngAces
214 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
180 % Sl icon.png150 % Sl icon.png110 % Sl icon.png


GarageImage OF-40 Mk.2A.jpg

The Carro Armato OTO Melara OF-40 Mk.2A (shortened as OF-40 Mk.2A) is a rank VI Italian medium tank with a battle rating of 8.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.85 "Supersonic".

General info

Survivability and armour

The protection of the OF-40 Mk.2A is not terrible, but it can't be relied upon. The protection is very similar to that of the German Leopard 1 tanks, due to the fact that the OF-40 was developed using the Leopard 1 as a basis. The hull and turret armor is very light, only being able to protect against HESH from the front, with HEAT and post-war armor piercing rounds such as APDS and APFSDS going right through. Due to the high number of angles, bounces can occur, but it can not be relied upon. On the other hand, low-caliber autocannons and all machine guns will not be able to penetrate from the front, and most (if not all) machine guns will not be able to penetrate the sides.

The driver, gunner, and commander are lined up in a row on the right side of the tank, allowing a potential one-shot if being shot at from the front; the tank will be able to keep fighting even if it loses two crewmembers since it starts with four. Additionally, unless the driver carries 20 rounds or less, the hull ammo rack next to the driver will be partially or completely full, depending on the amount. That means a shot coming from the front has a high chance of hitting and detonating ammunition.

Conclusion: This tank has a very conventional layout and has survivability similar to many other western tank designs from the Cold War, especially the Leopard 1. The best way to prevent this tank's destruction is to avoid enemy fire in the first place since most rounds will go straight through its armor.

Armor Composition:

  • Rolled Homogeneous Armor - Hull and Turret
  • High Hardness Rolled Armor - Turret
  • Rubber-Fabric Screens - Sideskirts
Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 70 mm (68°) Upper Glacis

50 mm (50°) Lower Glacis

35 mm Upper Crew Compartment
25 mm Upper Engine Compartment

30 mm Lower

25 mm 15 - 30 mm
Turret 30 - 68 mm (Various Angles) Turret front
30 mm (~58°) + 45 mm (Curved) Gun mantlet
Spaced: 30 mm + 80 mm air + 35 mm Forward

Spaced: 12 mm + 120 mm + 35 mm Rearward

30 mm 20 - 40 mm


  • The turret sides use spaced armor, and are therefore stronger than they appear in the armor viewer.
  • Beneath the angled outer portion of the gun mantlet is a curved 45 mm plate.
  • There are 10 mm rubber-fabric screens protecting the upper suspension.
  • The rear of the turret has 5 mm of structural steel in addition to the base armor.


Game Mode Max Speed (km/h) Weight (tons) Engine power (horsepower) Power-to-weight ratio (hp/ton)
Forward Reverse Stock Upgraded Stock Upgraded
Arcade 73 29 43 1,286 1584 29.91 36.84
Realistic 66 26 734 830 17.07 19.3


Main armament

105 mm OTO Melara 105/52 Turret rotation speed (°/s) Reloading rate (seconds)
Mode Capacity Vertical Horizontal Stabilizer Stock Upgraded Full Expert Aced Stock Full Expert Aced
Arcade 61 -9°/+20° ±180° Two-plane 38.10 52.71 64.00 __.__ 75.29 8.71 7.70 _.__ 6.70
Realistic 23.80 28.00 34.00 __.__ 40.00


Penetration statistics
Ammunition Type of
Penetration @ 0° Angle of Attack (mm)
10 m 100 m 500 m 1,000 m 1,500 m 2,000 m
M392A2 APDS 303 302 296 277 257 252
M393A2 HESH 127 127 127 127 127 127
M456 HEATFS 400 400 400 400 400 400
DM23 APFSDS 337 335 330 322 314 306
Shell details
Ammunition Type of
Mass (kg)
Fuse delay
Fuse sensitivity
Explosive Mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
0% 50% 100%
M392A2 APDS 1,478 4 N/A N/A N/A 75° 78° 80°
M393A2 HESH 732 14.85 0.4 0.1 4,310 73° 77° 80°
M456 HEATFS 1,173 10.5 0.05 1 1,270 65° 72° 77°
DM23 APFSDS 1,455 3.79 N/A N/A N/A 78° 80° 81°
Smoke shell characteristics
Ammunition Velocity
Mass (kg)
Screen radius
Screen deploy time
Screen hold time
Explosive Mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
M416 730 11.4 20 5 25 50

Ammo racks

rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
61 55 (+6) 54 (+7) 47 (+14) 46 (+15) 39 (+22) 38 (+23) 31 (+30) 30 (+31) 23 (+38) 20 (+41) 16 (+45) 1 (+60) No


  • Racks 11 and 12 are first stage ammo racks, meaning they will deplete when shots are fired but will then replenish from the other racks in the order from 1-9. Rack 11 depletes before rack 12, which is the last rack to deplete.

Machine guns

12.7 mm M2HB
Mount Capacity (Belt) Fire rate Vertical Horizontal
Pintle 1,080 (200) 576 -8°/+20° ±120°
7.62 mm FN MAG 60-40
Mount Capacity (Belt) Fire rate Vertical Horizontal
Coaxial 4,000 (200) 600 N/A N/A

Usage in battles

Describe the tactics of playing in the vehicle, the features of using vehicles in the team and advice on tactics. Refrain from creating a "guide" - do not impose a single point of view but instead give the reader food for thought. Describe the most dangerous enemies and give recommendations on fighting them. If necessary, note the specifics of the game in different modes (AB, RB, SB).


Tier Mobility Protection Firepower
I Tracks Parts Horizontal Drive M393A2
II Suspension Brake System FPE Adjustment of Fire M456 NVD
III Filters Crew Replenishment Elevation Mechanism M416 Smoke grenade
IV Transmission Engine Artillery Support DM23 Laser rangefinder

Pros and cons


  • Great gun handling - the vertical and horizontal speeds of the turret/gun are among the best compared to contemporaries
  • Optics have good zoom ranges permitting easy long-range shots
  • Commander's machine gun is an upgrade from the regular OF-40; the 7.62 mm FN MAG is replaced with a 12.7 M2 with a big ammo count of 1,080 rounds
  • The turret has flat, spaced plate armour on either side and slightly angled spaced armour towards the gun mantlet - can protect against some autocannon rounds, deflects AP shot if angled, and makes the turret sides immune to incoming HESH rounds
  • Very mobile, rivalling the Leopard A1A1 and in some cases outrunning it!


  • Rather large and bulky turret makes it stick out above ridgelines and hilltops (but can bounce shots, see above)
  • Not a very big amount of ammo (19+1) can be carried in the ready racks; bringing any more shells puts these next to the driver in the lightly armoured hull



The OF-40 main battle tank (MBT) was delivered to the UAE after first being unveiled in 1980. After a number of issues were highlighted by the user, an improved version called the OF-40 Mk.2 was designed, beginning trials in August 1982. It was optimized for operations in the desert and had a number of other improvements.

Production and Service

All 18 OF-40 Mk.1 tanks in service with the UAE were upgraded to the Mk.2 standard, and 18 OF-40 Mk.2 tanks were delivered as well. As such, the UAE operated a total of 36 OF-40 Mk.2 tanks. 

The UAE, despite the numerous improvements over the OF-40 Mk.1, were unsatisfied with the OF-40 Mk.2. They believed the mobility was too low and that the gun wasn’t powerful enough. As such, it was replaced by the French Leclerc. Despite being removed from active duty units, 36 OF-40s were listed to be in storage or reserve as of 2014.


After the end of WW2, the Italian industry completely stopped development and production of domestically designed tanks. During the Cold War, the Italian industry would produce armored fighting vehicles for its own needs, however most of these vehicles were foreign designs built under license.

In the late 1970s, Oto Melara and Fiat began developing the first Italian post-WW2 tank, under a join private venture. As Oto Melara was already mass-producing the German Leopard 1 MBT under license for the Italian Army, its engineers possessed sufficient experience and know-how in order to develop their own tank.

The resulting vehicle, designated OF-40, turned out to be, somewhat unsurprisingly, very similar in design to the German Leopard 1 already in service with the Italian Army. Nonetheless, the OF-40 became the first domestically developed and produced Italian tank after WW2.

Despite the many similarities however, the Italian military proved reluctant in ordering the OF-40 for mass production. As a result of being unable to find a domestic operator, Oto Melara turned to the export market and soon found a willing buyer - the United Arab Emirates.

Shortly after, the OF-40 was upgraded to the Mk.2 version which, among other things, improved the vehicle's optics and rangefinder, added a two-plane stabilization system for the main gun, and an improved fire control system, allowing the vehicle to fire improved ammunition.

The OF-40 was only built in limited numbers and for a limited time, with the UAE being the only operator world-wide. The UAE still uses the OF-40 today, although in different roles, with proposals being made to convert the vehicle into a heavy IFV.


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