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The 9M39 Igla missile with fins folded and deployed (scale is approximate)

The 9M39 Igla is a Soviet infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update 1.91 "Night Vision".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Missile characteristics
Mass 10.6 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect All-aspects
Lock range (rear-aspect) 11.00 km
Lock range (all-aspect) 6.00 km
Launch range 5.20 km
Maximum speed 1.7 M
Maximum overload 10.2 G
Missile guidance time 14 secs
Explosive type OKFOL-20
Explosive mass 400g
TNT Equivalent 530g

Effective damage

This missile can sometimes feel lacklustre in the damage department, while it will score a kill most of the time, on not-so-rare occasions it will just critically damage the target due to its rather low explosive mass (530g).

Comparison with analogues

The missile is identical in many points to the American AIM-92 Stinger. Its top speed is slower, and it only has a slightly shorter guidance time and a slightly lighter explosive mass.

Usage in battles

The Igla can catch unsuspecting players off guard, if launched from a helicopter's helipad it has the capability to successfully engage aircraft beyond 5 kilometres if they are unaware of the threat. Its considerable range can pose a persistent threat even to vigilant players who are aware of its launch. Evading an Igla fired at relatively close range requires active manoeuvring, which can result in a significant loss of speed, leaving the aircraft vulnerable to attacks from friendly planes or Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) units. Alternatively, if spotted early, it may be possible to outdistance the missile once its burner has been run out by leaving the area at Mach 1.0+.

Players should remain cautious of slow or stalling aircraft while operating with a vehicle with the Igla missile, particularly in proximity to the battlefield. Launching the missile at such aircraft leaves them insufficient time to evade, as they lack the necessary airspeed to manoeuvre effectively.

Pros and cons


  • Average max overload of 10G
  • Very good all-aspect lock range (6km)
  • Challenging to counter with flares


  • Slowest speed of all MANPADS-type missiles although this can be an advantage
  • Caged seeker


The SA-18 Grouse, equipped with the 9M39 missile, was incorporated into the Soviet Army in 1983. Following suit, the 9K38 Igla, featuring the same 9M39 missile, achieved full operational status within the Soviet Army during the same year. Key enhancements compared to the Igla-1 encompassed significantly bolstered resistance to flares and jamming, a more refined seeker system, widened engagement capability to cover fighters approaching head-on (all-aspect capability) under favourable conditions, a slightly extended range, and an upgraded rocket with heightened impulse and velocity, albeit with a comparable time of flight to maximum range.


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