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The S-5K rocket with fins folded and deployed (scale is approximate)

The S-5K is a 57 mm unguided rocket. This S-5 variant was introduced in 1960 and features a shaped charge warhead capable of penetrating 150 mm RHA.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Jet fighters  Yak-141
MiG-15  MiG-15bis · MiG-15bis ISH · ◊MiG-15bis · ◔MiG-15bis · J-2
MiG-17  MiG-17 · J-4
MiG-19  MiG-19PT · ◊MiG-19S · J-6A
MiG-21  MiG-21F-13 · MiG-21PFM · MiG-21S (R-13-300) · MiG-21SMT · MiG-21bis
  ◊MiG-21 "Lazur-M" · ◄MiG-21 SPS-K · ◊MiG-21MF · ◔MiG-21MF · ◊MiG-21bis-SAU · ◔MiG-21bis-SAU · ▄MiG-21bis
MiG-23  MiG-23M · ◊MiG-23MF · ◔MiG-23MF · MiG-23ML · ◊MiG-23MLA · MiG-23MLD
MiG-27  MiG-27K · MiG-27M
Strike aircraft  ◊MiG-23BN
Su-7  Su-7B · Su-7BKL · Su-7BMK
Su-17/22  Su-17M2 · Su-17M4 · ◊Su-22UM3K · ◊Su-22M4
Su-25  Su-25 · Su-25K · Su-25BM
Jet bombers  IL-28Sh
Attack helicopters  Mi-4AV · Mi-8TV · ◊Mi-8TB
Mi-24  Mi-24A · ▂Mi-24D · ◔Mi-24D
Utility helicopters  IAR 316B

General info

Rocket characteristics
Mass 3 kg
Maximum speed 570 m/s
Explosive mass 465 g TNTeq
Warhead type HEAT
Armour penetration 150 mm

Effective damage

Describe the type of damage produced by this type of rocket (high explosive, splash damage, etc)

Comparison with analogues

In addition to its warhead being reasonably smaller than that of most rockets, it also appears to have one of the smallest ranges before self-destruction. Approximately 4km for the series of vertical launch tests above sea level that can be seen in reference[1].

Usage in battles

When using these rockets on the IL-28Sh, it is highly recommended to fire these rockets in short volleys to compensate for the inaccuracy, while preserving rockets and allowing for adjustments in aim. The IL-28Sh can carry 192 of these rockets (12 pods total), but is not recommended to fire in large volleys as it can waste rockets.

The rockets are first fired from the furthest pod from the fuselage.

It is highly recommended to keep the plane levelled due to the placement of the pods.

If these rockets are to be used for the MiG-19PT, it is recommended to expel half of the rockets in a single volley for a target, re-position, and fire the rest on another target.

If there is an SPAA present, it is recommended to expel all rockets in a single volley onto the SPAA, then retreat.

Pros and cons


  • Decent penetration (150 mm at 0°), can penetrate roofs with some ease


  • Self-destruct after 4 km travel
  • Inaccurate


As a whole, the S-5 rockets were developed after the capture of German 55 mm R4M rockets. Development began in 1951 as project ARS-57, in 1955 the project reached completion and received the S-5 designation. The S-5 family contains roughly 18 variants. While the S-5 has seen extensive use, it is known for its poor accuracy. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan the S-5 were deemed ineffective and were phased out for the larger S-8 rockets.


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  1. Vertical launcher test at sea level to check the estimated range of some rockets before self-destruction[1]