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Write an introduction to the article in 2-3 small paragraphs. Briefly tell about the history of the development and combat using of the weaponry and also about it's features.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Make an air vehicles list on which this weapon is typically installed in our game.

General info

Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the bomb.

Effective damage

Describe the type of damage produced by this type of bomb (high explosive, splash damage...etc...

Comparison with analogues

Give a comparative description of bombs which have firepower equal to these type of weapons.

Usage in the battles

Describe situations when you would utilize this bomb in game (vehicle, pillbox, base...etc...

Pros and cons

Summarize and briefly evaluate the weaponry in terms of its characteristics and combat effectiveness. Mark pros and cons as a list.



Historical part

Examine the history of the creation and combat usage of this weapon. If the historical reference turns out to be big one, take it into a separate article and add a link to it by using the "main" template. In the end be sure to include references to sources.


An excellent addition to the article would be a video guide, as well as screenshots from the game and photos.

Read also

Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example,

  • reference to the article about the variant of the cannon/machine gun;
  • references to approximate analogues by other nations and research trees.



Paste links to sources and external resources, such as:

  • topic on the official game forum
  • page on the Wikipedia
  • page on aircraft or ground forces encyclopedia
  • other literature

USA  70 mm   : Hydra-70
  110 mm : M8
  127 mm : HVAR
  298 mm : Tiny Tim
Germany  55 mm   : R4M
  73 mm   : RZ.65
  88 mm   : Pb2
  210 mm : Wfr.Gr.21
USSR  55 mm   : S5K · S5M · S21
  88 mm   : S-8KO
  82 mm   : RS-82 · RBS-82
  132 mm : RS-132 · RBS-132
  240 mm : S24
Britain  76 mm   : RP-3 · AP Mk.I · AP Mk.II
Japan  Type 3   : Type 3 No.1 · Type 3 No.6
  Type 5   : Type 5 No.1 · Type 5 No.6
France  37 mm   : SNEB 37
  68 mm   : SNEB Type 23 · TDA 68 mm
  HE-FRAG : T10 140
  HE         : T10 151