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The S-24 rocket (scale is approximate)

The S-24 is a heavy unguided HE bomb with a rocket motor attached and basic aerodynamic fins and nose cone.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The S-24 is a HE rocket type with a peak velocity of 410 m/s and minimal launch angle variance. The S-24, alongside the smaller S-21 and S-1of rockets, are often called "Tiny Ivans" due to their similar usage in ground battles to the Tiny Tim.

Effective damage

The S-24 rocket has approximately a 71 m fragment dispersion radius.

Comparison with analogues

The S-24 performs similar to the smaller S-21 and S-1of ground strike rockets, only with larger explosive factor.

Usage in battles

The S-24 has a timed fuse so it may be used against aircraft and the strong explosive filler allows it to be used to knock out Ground Vehicles, pillboxes and even ships with 80 mm penetration and a TNT filler of 25.5 kg.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent anti-everything tool
  • CCIP (Constantly Computed Impact Point) availability can be useful for accurate long range launches
  • Fires one-by-one
  • Slightly faster than the S-21


  • It can take some time getting used to the different ranges which the rocket should be launched from if you intend to hit aircraft
  • Rockets dip much more after losing propulsion compared to the S-21


The S-24 was an unguided rocket intended for anti-infantry and other light target ground strikes with a ground proximity fuse which can be set between 3 and 33 metres with a forward direction biased shrapnel spray. Initially, it did not have a proximity fuse, however, this was added later as testing showed over 70% of the shrapnel was uselessly embedded into the ground in the vicinity where the rocket landed.


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