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January 2018
typhoon_mk1b_late.png This member considers Typhoon Mk Ib /Late the best rank III Great Britain aircraft in game.
spitfire_ix.png This member considers Spitfire LF Mk IX the best rank IV Great Britain aircraft in game.
uk_falcon.png This member considers Falcon the best rank V Great Britain tank in game.
uk_a27m_cromwell_1.png This member considers Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII, Cromwell I (A27M) the best rank II Great Britain tank in game.
uk_frigate_river.png This member considers River-class, HMS Spey (K-246) the best rank IV Great Britain ship in game.

I like to help players understand how to play and I like to share my ideas and tactical concepts of the game. So the game remains a good time for any player and not suffering at all. I main Britain Britain flag.png but always enjoy learning and understanding all the vehicle playstyles in the game, no matter the nation.

My favourite and constantly played mode is Realistic battles because I consider it compiles the best of both Arcade and Simulator battles. However I enjoy playing all the modes!

Arcade for quick fast-paced games and Sim when I squad up and can spare some hours to it. Basically,

Arcade = Fun and Profit

Realistic = Profit and research = Fun

Simulator = Profit, research and Fun = Suffering = More fun

I enjoy playing all the Battle ratings, but the WWII era BR always holds a special place on my heart. My favourite tanks are the Cromwells (Cromwell I fav.) good mobility, good gun, good reload, good depression, forgiving not-sloped armour, astoundingly great reverse; Pure British engineering. 

Spitfires hold another piece of me. I could take on against 3 Messerschmitt BF 109 on them. That's why I love them so much!

Articles I worked on

Ground forces

Naval forces




Articles ideas I would like/will work on

This is a list of tactics and concepts that can be employed in War thunder and must be developed/explained on the Wiki. So players can understand and use them proactively.

Msg-important.png Most of these articles are yet to be created

Plane tactics / concepts

Boom and Zoom

Energy Fighting

Boom and Run


Dive bombing

Carpet bombing


Low-level flight



Pop-up attack

Toss-bombing / LABS

Helicopter tactics/ concepts

NoE flight (Nap-of-the-earth)

Pop-up attack

Tank tactics/ concepts



Hull down / Reverse slope defence / Defilade




Indirect fire

Scouting tactic



Combined Arms

Naval Tactics/ concepts

Crossing the T



Escort Group

Artillery salvo

Plunging fire


Mine Warfare

Pennant Number (Royal navy)


Bofors 40 mm gun

Oerlikon 40 mm gun

Family Pages

Fairmile Family


Please Gaijin ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

My suggestions for light tanks- The need for speed, is real!


Ideas and tactics in which my War thunder gameplay is based. It helps me to enjoy the game while keeping a sense of order...

My approach to invest naval crew skills:

Check what ships to play and place them accordingly so it becomes possible to place following ships with the same purpose in the same crew slot and not wasting the crew's ability.

1- The combat ship

This ship is the main combat vessel; often the "Leaders". The best guns and a good speed needed for manoeuvring on the front. The speed will allow to avoid aerial attacks and release smoke for the slower friendly ships in the back. Guns and good mobility will be the best defence. 

Important crew skills: 

  • Gunners: (Reload rate, gunner's accuracy, etc)
  • Survivability: (Repair time, crew interchangeability, etc)
  • Leadership 
  • Ship control

2- The combat-support ship

This ship might not be the fastest but owns a good set of diverse guns to serve as a combat "backup" or protection to the main combat ships. Likely good Anti-air capacities or auxiliary armaments.

Important crew skills: 

  • Gunners: (Anti-air accuracy, Fuze accuracy, auxiliary reload rate, etc) 
  • Observers: ( Torpedo detection, plane detection, etc)
  • Ship controls: (Fire prevention and Ship's control)

3- Fortress ship

This is the ship with the highest crew amount. Might be the biggest and also the slowest. These ships can serve as convoy protection on EC naval or Encounter mode. 

Important crew skills: 

  • Crew survivability (Crew interchangeability 
  • AA accuracy 
  • Auxiliary accuracy 
  • Damage control (Fire extinction, Crisis control, etc)

4- The control and support vessel

Usually a fairly fast vessel with AA or auxiliary armament. This vessel will control the airspace and target planes and bombers. Thus supporting the more combat worthy ships. Must be able to provide fast support; might carry torpedo armament.

Important crew skills: 

  • Ship's control 
  • Observers 
  • Gunner accuracy (Aux and AA)

5- Fast fire close support

This ship fires really quickly and performs well in coastal waters. They serve as anti-air cover thanks to good mobility and quick firepower.

Important crew skills: 

  • Reload rate
  • Damage control
  • Ship control
  • Observers 

6- Light recon support

These are likely the smallest but faster vessels. They perform in a sort of scouting role. Their good speed allows them quickly cap points and pursuit low-flying aircrafts. They can mark and warn bigger ships about incoming planes and also provide smoke cover for them against these attacks.

Important crew skills: 

  • Ship commander (Radio comms' and leadership)
  • Ship control
  • Observers
  • Main's gun reload rate

My crew slot preset as example,

J26lennox profile photo 2.png
  1. The Battle (D14) will act as my main combat ship, good guns and good speed. Decent crew and torpedoes as a bonus for enduring confrontations.
  2. The Tribal (F75) actually packs better HE cannons, but lags behind on speed and crew size, hence goes better as supporting the allied ships. It performs well as AA too
  3. The Battle (D37) is superb, but the firepower is only on the bow. The rest is just support 40 mm. It has good crew but is best defensively guarding something like mobile fortress.
  4. SGB (S309), I mainly choose this one becuase the AI capable guns, for plane shooting. There's also several choices on the many, many Fairmiles.
  5. Hunt (L79) is great as fast support ship, get her close to boats and under cover. She fires unstoppable rounds capable of hull breaking. Good fast support indeed.
  6. P1011 serves as example, good speed, 4 torpedoes and okay 40 mms. Its somewhat weak, but the speed is the main trait we need. There's several other choices too

About me

I started playing War Thunder in 2018 from my PS4. Since then, I was only hooked on this game. Before that, I was just a happy routine PC and console player with a variety of games. But life happens so I decided to make WT the only game to focus my attention from now on. But just from my PC, since the control and opportunities felt much better than on PS4.

I am on my early 20s, so life is going good so far. Some let-downs here and there but time never stops, so neither should you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Things I like

  • History, Sciences and Geography always caught my attention. Knowing how the world works and where is everything placed is a must-learn to me. I couldn't allow myself to not know where the "X" country is. Acknowledging the countless events in the past is a pretty present task for me. Always is appreciated to know about things that happened.
  • The stars are always there. No matter space or time. They are seemingly infinite for our short lifetime existence. So the idea of being able to witness such omnipresent objects is compelling to me.
  • The music is the motion of life. What I enjoy about it is despite the time and things change, a song, its lyric and rhythm remain the same. The feeling of it and how someone interprets it is unique which translate into a sublime art. I share that same feeling with most of the other Arts, like painting and drawing
  • 26, my lucky number. Several great things in life occurred during a 26. It is a extraordinary coincidence.
  • War Thunder.

Things I dislike

  • Math. I like the uses of it, but i sucketh at math.
  • Bad gun depression
  • Very long reload times
  • Several others things you dont want to know about =/

Favourite quotes/Motto

Omnia causa fiunt : It means a lot to me becuase it allows me to cope somewhat better with all the situations we face in life. The "goods" and the "bads", there's always something useful in it.

Sic parvis magna: Introduced to me by a legendary game, Uncharted. It hits close to home due to the humble origins of my family and the imperceptible duty to do better than them.

Per ardua ad astra: It talks to me about how us as humans, must overcome the hardships. Placing the stars as the sublime goal of our existence.

Quote icon.png

No man rises so high as he knows not whither he goes.

— Oliver Cromwell

I like this one because it represents how I saw things from an early age; I disliked going by the norms of the regular or common, without being an outlaw (I was that nerd in the corner on class) but having my own ways and enjoying keeping time to my ideas without knowing where to go or what to do next. That spontaneity of doing what you feel to do it's really important to me.

This one can be applied onto many things, War Thunder for example.

Quote icon.png

“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

— ― Sun Tzu

Quote icon.png

“Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.”

Favourite words

Their sound, what they stand for or just becuase how they look written.

dignity, space, royalty, acknowledgement, aloof, personal, resolution, reflection, bridge, wise, night, walker, swear, ward, straight, hindsight, thoughtfulness, oblivion, scintillating, dreich, sardonic, metaphorically, conviction, resolution, stray, acquisition, relic, impervious...


The not-organized area for ideas and works in progress.

Favourite Commonwealth vehicles
typhoon_mk1b_late.png This member considers Typhoon Mk Ib /Late the best rank III Great Britain aircraft in game.
spitfire_ix.png This member considers Spitfire LF Mk IX the best rank IV Great Britain aircraft in game.
uk_falcon.png This member considers Falcon the best rank V Great Britain tank in game.
uk_frigate_river.png This member considers River-class, HMS Spey (K-246) the best rank IV Great Britain ship in game.



Artwork, Screenshots, and other media created.

See also

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