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U.S. Army Ordnance Department/Corps
Light tanks 
M3 Stuart  M3 · M3A1
M5 Stuart  M5A1
M24 Chaffee  M24 - Designed in collaboration with Cadillac.
Medium tanks 
M3 Lee  M3
M4 Sherman  M4 · M4A1 · M4A2
  M4A1(76)W · M4A2(76)W · M4A3(76)W
  T34 Calliope
T20 Series  T20 · T25 · M26 Pershing · M26E1
  M26 T99
Patton Series  M46 · M47
Prototypes  T54E1 · T95E1
Heavy tanks 
M4 Sherman  M4A3E2 · M4A3E2(76)W
M6  M6A1
M103  M103
Prototypes  T14 · T26E1-1 · T29 · T30 · T32 · T32E1 · T34
Tank destroyers 
Production  M3 GMC · M8 HMC · M8A1 · M10 GMC · M36 GMC · M56 Scorpion
Prototypes  T28 · T95
Production  M19 MGMC · M42 Duster
Note  The Ordnance Department was renamed to Ordnance Corps in 1950, due to the Army Reorganization Act of 1950.