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Wallpaper UpdateHotTracks.jpg

Update "Hot Tracks" (changelog) was introduced on 18 December 2020. This update is notable for the introduction of the Italian helicopter tree and new graphical effects for ground and naval forces.

Msg-info.png Though the update numbering has been dropped since Update "Starfighters", the game version is still present in-game to indicate the update as 2.3


New vehicles





  • MiG-21PFM (event)




  • F-84F
  • Ro.57 Quadriarma (event)



Ground vehicles







  • E.B.R. (1954) (event)


Naval fleet


  • USS Baltimore (CA-68) (event)








  • Mi-35M - Detailed cabin has been added.



Additions to Dagor Engine 6.0

  • Visual effects of all ground and naval vehicle gunfire have been updated.
  • Physically accurate vehicle tracks.
  • Spark effects have been added for the new ground vehicles tracks
  • Game locations have received their own set of GPU objects

New missions and locations

  • The Festive hangar has been enabled

Enduring Confrontation

  • Helicopter Enduring confrontation has been added for the location “City”.
  • The aircraft carrier template has been improved and has been added to all Confrontation modes with open sea - both naval and air. The allied carrier appears in location escorted by AI ships, granting an additional reload\repair platform for allied aircraft. After being spotted by the enemy AI reconnaissance aircraft, the enemy team will get a task to destroy the allied carrier. After destruction, the carrier may respawn after some time to a maximum of five times.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Physically-correct caterpillar tracks for ground vehicles. Now caterpillar components are physical objects, consisting of separate segments - treads, each of which has physically accurate properties. When a shell hits a track, the tread breaks exactly at the segment where the impact has hit. The broken tread animation depends on the length of the falling tread. The following vehicles have received the new caterpillar tracks in this update:
    • T-34-76 series and SPG ot this chassis (except for T-34 1940 and 1941 versions, as well a prototype)
    • T-34-85 series, and SPG on this chassis
    • KV series, and SPG an this chassis
    • IS-1 and IS-2 series, and SPG on this chassis
    • T-80U, T-80B
    • T-10A, T-10M, Object 268
    • M3 Lee, M4 Sherman series, and SPG on this chassis (except for assault versions of “Jumbo”)
    • T-20
    • M1 Abrams series
    • A.C.IV Thunderbolt
    • B1 bis, B1 ter, ARL 44 series
    • Ram II and QF 3.7 Ram SPG
    • Challenger II series
    • Strv 103 series
    • Leopard 2A4-2A6, and their Swedish versions
    • Type 90/90B
    • Leclerc S1/S2
    • C1 Ariete series.
    • ZTZ-96A
    • Chi-Ha, Chi-He series, SPG on this chassis.
    • Challenger (A30), Avenger (A30), Charioteer Mk. VII tanks and SPG on this chassis
  • Ground vehicles with a folding ATGM launcher now have a speed limit of up to a maximum of 20 kph to begin firing. The launcher may be unfolded to begin firing immediately after reducing speed to the max limit or lower.:
    • M901
    • 9P149
    • M3 Bradley
    • Strf 9040 BILL

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • F-104G (Germany) - Flares have been added.
  • G.91 YS - Ballistic calculator has been added.
  • Incorrect materials in armour elements have been fixed for the following aircraft:
    • Whirlwind Mk I
    • Swift F.1
    • Swift F.7
    • B-17E/L
    • B-17G
    • J5N1
    • Ju 288 C
    • Q-5A
    • Q-5 early

Flight Model changes:

  • BB-1, Su-2 (all series) - the flight model has been updated. Engine running modes have been specified. Fuel distribution among tanks has been corrected. Wing, hull, flaps, and rotor blades polars have been recalculated and specified. Aircraft controls have been corrected when flaps are extended.
  • MiG-21 (all modifications) - Rudder deflection angles and maneuverability at high speeds have been corrected. Balance and controllability in landing has been improved. MiG-21bis, MiG-21SMT, MiG-21PFM - Simulation of the flap with boundary layer deflation has been made. Wing lift force will be additionally increased with full flap deflection and 30-50% thrust to provide lower landing speeds.
  • Helicopters (all) - Air cushion effect has been improved. The air cushion is now estimated in a ring for a more realistic impact of the surface shape under the rotor.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:

  • AI gunners firing from overheated guns, that previously AI didn’t take into account, has been fixed.
  • Accuracy of AI gunners firing on surface targets has been improved.
  • The maximum opening fire distance for AI gunners, depending on the calibre, has been adjusted. Now AI will not open fire at ranges exceeding the aiming range of its cannons.
  • Dardo, Bartolomeo Colleoni now have the correct versions of 40mm guns.
  • HMS Dreadnought, HMS Colossus — Loading rate for the 305mm/45 mark X/XI cannons has been increased to two rounds per minute.
  • Chidori — Torpedo reload has been removed. In reality , the vessel did not have it.
  • 152 mm/57 B-38 cannon (Chapaev, Sverdlov, Zheleznyakov) — Fire rate, after the first order ammo racks are exhausted, has been increased from 4.5 to 6 shots per minute.
  • 80-mm/60 Type 98 (IJN Agano) cannon - Calibre of the shell has been corrected in the vehicle card.
  • 127-mm/50 3rd Year Type cannon - Muzzle velocity and the amount of explosive material in the anti-aircraft shell have been fixed.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • SMS Westfalen - main 290mm armour belt extended to cover citadel.
  • Admiral Graf Spee, Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Leipzig, Raimondo Montecuccoli, USS Pensacola (CA-24), Krasny Kavkaz - armoured covers for barbettes have been added.
  • Heavy cruisers - heel and sinking parameters have been fixed. Water inflow speed through large holes has been reduced. The heel rate has been reduced.
  • Dardo - rail stanchions have been folded onto the deck, extending bow turret aiming angles.
  • Geniere - Cannon limits have been corrected.
  • Zara — stern boats have been removed to allow the stern turret to fire in these sectors.
  • HMS Dreadnought — traverse angles of the side main calibre turrets have been fixed.
  • Freccia P-493, Saetta P-494 — listing on turns has been reduced.
  • Hunt (L79) — main calibre aiming angles have been fixed to prevent fire through superstructures.
  • Pr. 35 — bug with armored parts of the ship has been fixed.
  • Chapaev, Zheleznyakov — armor issues have been solved: bow and stern traverses armor has been fixed, stern deck armor has been fixed in the area of stern pumps.
  • Leipzig — a few boiler rooms have been removed in the x-ray view.
  • Zara — a mismatch between the shot vector and the aiming point for 13.2 mm machine guns has been corrected.

Naval Visual models and visual parts:

  • Porter (DD-356), Moskva (leader), Tashkent (leader), IJN Kako, IJN Yuudachi, Тype K-8 (1942), HMS Arethusa, S-100 (1944), Aquilone - Flag animation has been added.
  • HMS Peacock - The location of the buoy in the hangar has been fixed.
  • IJN Tone, Type 4 Model 4 - Visual displaying of cannons has been fixed.
  • HMS Colossus - The height of the structural edges of the coal bunkers in X-ray view has been reduced for a more conducive display.
  • IJN Ikoma, Admiral Hipper - Position of gunners in the secondary calibre guns has been fixed.
  • Tashkent (leader) - Displaying of the ship’s superstructure in the destroyed state has been fixed. At great distances it was the case that the superstructure disappeared.
  • MS-53 - Visual problem with shadows on the ship’s superstructure has been fixed.
  • Akebono - Depth bomb mode has been hidden in the modifications that have no depth bombs.
  • IJN Kiyoshimo - Artifacts on the main calibre gun mantlet have been removed.
  • SMS Helgoland - Artifacts on the ship’s flag have been removed.
  • Poltava — main calibre gun mantlet view has been fixed.
  • SMS Westfalen — orientation of the coat of arms on the bow has been corrected.
  • Fairmile D (5001), Fairmile D (697), Fairmile C (332) — artefacts of the shell casing sacks have been removed for 20mm Oerlikon guns.
  • IJN Shimakaze — a bug with the inversion of navigation lights on the wheelhouse has been fixed.
  • IJN Ikoma — Navigation and control instruments have been added in place of the unnecessary rangefinder on the deckhouse.


  • Critical depth and depth at which the player will be warned of an approaching rock shoal has been fixed for battleships.

Economy and research

  • AH-1S Kisarazu, G-Lynx, Tigre HAP - Now available for purchase for Golden Eagles.


  • Identification marks and decals on the vehicles listed below have been transferred to a standard camouflage layer. Previously issued decals also remain available:
    • Achilles (65 Rg.)
    • IS-2 "Revenge"
    • T-34-85E
    • T-III (USSR)
  • MiG-21bis — Additional camouflages that can be obtained by completing tasks or purchasing them for Golden Eagles has been added.


  • The award for all basic training missions has been changed from 100 GE to unique decals for each vehicle type. Golden Eagles for previously completed training will not be taken away and for receiving the unique decal you will need to complete the training again.
  • Instead of the Golden Eagles award for each basic training one time award for completing the first basic training for an account has been added. For players who have previously completed any basic training it will not be possible to receive this award.


  • The collection menu has been improved:
    • Filter for already received collections has been added.
    • A link to the collections from the appearance menu has been added.
    • Icons for the collection decorations have been improved.

Game mechanics

  • The number of points required to air strike with a nuclear-armed bomber in Ground AB has been reduced from 20 to 15.


  • Visual effects of all ground and naval vehicle gunfire have been updated.
  • Visual effects of shell hits from automatic cannons and machine guns 7.5-40mm calibres have been updated for ground vehicles.
  • Physically accurate vehicle tracks. Now each of the track links have physically valid properties. Whilst driving, the track sections have their own mass and inertia. When passing over bumps the track bounces on the rollers (track wheels), when accelerating and braking, it stretches or slackens and also swings around for a while after the vehicle fully stops.
  • Spark effects have been added for the new ground vehicles tracks when braking at high speed on hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, paving stones) and also when tracks hit the shoulder of roads.
  • Game locations have received their own set of GPU objects: small stones, plants, moss, mushrooms etc.
    • More details can be found in the devblog.


  • Sounds of the rapid-fire for ground vehicles and naval vessels are now effectively tied to each individual shot in the burst. Previously a series of gunfire sounds were triggered at a rate roughly corresponding to the burst rate.
  • Drops of the shells for ground cannons are now sounded according to the physics.
  • Propaganda speech played over loudspeakers has been added to the Vietnam location.
  • The sounds of cartridge extraction and the operation of the extraction hatch locking mechanism (if any) have been added for ground vehicles with shell cartridge external extraction.
  • Small adjustments to the volume of some engines in player controlled vehicles.

Changes specific to the PlayStation platform.

  • Thrustmaster Hotas 4 support was added to the native PlayStation 5 version.
  • In-game voice chat is now available on PlayStation 5.

Changes specific to the Xbox platform.

  • Players without Xbox Live Gold subscription will now be able to login into the game, but they will only have access to single-player activities (no multiplayer).
  • A bug that caused only one device to work on the Xbox Series S/X when connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse via separate receivers, has been fixed.
  • A delay in the operation of some keyboard keys on the Xbox Series S/X has been fixed.

Smaller updates that came afterwards

20.12.2020 (

  • Physical tracks have been enabled on PC.
  • ZTZ99 - A bug that caused the coaxial machine gun to not aim vertically has been fixed.
  • F2G - The glazing for the aircraft cockpit has been fixed.
  • ZSU-37-2 - The radar model in the tank X-ray has been fixed.

23.12.2020 (Server update)

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
  • Re.2005 serie 0 - issues with armour element materials have been fixed.
  • Pe-8 - twin icon of the 250 kg bombs has been removed from the mounted weaponry menu.
  • F2G-1 - machine gun ammo belts have been changed to post-war, post-WWII ammo has been added.
  • A.109EOA-2 - camera position in zoom mode has been fixed.
  • A32A - radar warning system has been added.
  • G.91 R/4 (Italy, Germany) - new weapon presets with an option of carrying 4 guided air-to-surface missiles and the relevant combination of bombs have been added. Using such presets will mean that two offensive machine guns from the left side of the fuselage will be removed.
  • MiG-21MF, MiG-21SMT - roll and pitch stabilization modes have been added for full control mode. MiG-21MF, MiG-21SMT, MiG-21PFM - rudder efficiency has been increased at high speed.
  • The volume of the firework fountain sounds in the hanger has been significantly reduced to a more reasonable level.
  • The volume and frequency of components on allied/enemy ground vehicle engine sounds will now change depending on the distance, they are now easier to distinguish from other sounds.
  • The priority of the artillery burst sounds has been changed so that they overlap the sound picture minimally as possible.
  • A bug where the sound of fire of an enemy/allied aircraft located near the player might be heard in the cockpit has been fixed.
  • Sound mod compatibility mode has been enabled where rapid-fire gun shots are created as pre-recorded loops.

24.12.2020 (

  • GPU-objects enabled (PC version only).
  • The damage model of the fuel tanks on ground vehicles has been improved. After destruction, the fuel tank disappears from the damage model, any following hits don’t cause fire or explosions, disabled fuel tanks did not cover other modules or crew members. The animation of the fuel tank destruction has been added to the hit camera.
  • Engine and warhead parameters in the BOLIDE missile for ASRAD-R have been fixed. Rocket motor thrust has been increased. The warhead is now a shaped charge/fragmentation, similar to the RB 70 Mk.2 missile.
  • The height of the sound indication in falling bombs in ground or naval vehicles has been doubled. The time available to evade the bomb has consequently been increased by 1.5-2 times (up to 4-5 seconds).
  • SPAA gunshot sounds have been improved to be much more distinctive at distances up to 2 kilometres, for better warning for pilots.

25.12.2020 (

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
  • Ariete (all series) - sight magnification has been fixed from 10.6-12х to 8-12х. Magnification has been made equal to Centauro MGS, since these vehicles are equipped with similar gun sights. Source: B1 Centauro tech manual.
  • EBR (1954) - BR in all modes has been increased from 4.3 to 4.7.
  • Sd.Kfz.251/21 - 15mm machine guns ammo has been reduced from 5640 to 3000 rounds. Source: Panzer Tracts No. 15-3 - Mittlerer Schuetzenpanzerwagen (Sd.Kfz.251) Ausf.C & D - History of Production, Variants, Organization, and Employment in Action from 1943 to 1945.
  • T-10A - rate of fire has been increased from 2.9 to 4 rounds per minute. Vertical aiming angles has been changed from -4/15 to -3/17. Turret horizontal traverse speed has been reduced from 17 to 14 degrees per second. Source: Танк Т-10А. Дополнение к Руководству по материальной части и эксплуатации танка Т-10.
  • M60 AMBT, HSTV-L - a bug with the lack of auto correction of the distance in the laser rangefinder in SB mode has been fixed.
  • M1128 - rate of fire has been increased from 6 to 8 rounds per minute. Source: Armor Magazine Volume 119 Issue 4 // "Stryker: Vanguard for Army Transformation" GM/GLDS Defense Group.

29.12.2020 (Server update)

  • Harrier GR.1 — BR for all game modes has been changed from 9.7 to 10.0.
  • Q-5A — BR for Arcade Battles has been changed from 10.0 to 10.3.
  • Buccaneer S.2 — BR for Arcade Battles has been changed from 9.3 to 9.7.
  • A-7D - BR for all game modes has been changed from 9.3 to 9.7.

30.12.2020 (

  • Available vehicles in crew slots can once again be switched using keyboard arrows (report).
  • A bug has been fixed with the final statistics in a previous battle that ended in a nuclear explosion sometimes being displayed in a tank battle (report).
  • A bug has been fixed where it was impossible to open the menu in battle when opening statistics from the artillery strike window.
  • A bug in the workshop where the list of item sets might display beyond the length of the window has been fixed.
  • A bug which could lead to it being impossible to use recipes in the workshop with a gamepad has been fixed.
  • The exchange of items in the "Hot Tracks" trophy has been made available in console workshops.
  • An original sound event has been added for flames on a player aircraft (previously, the same sound was used for flames on both a player and allied/enemy aircraft).
  • The sound of a shell hit on armour has been added to register hits of shells on a player's and allied/enemy vehicles.
  • A more powerful powder charge sound for player's ground vehicle guns with a calibre of more than 57 mm has been added.
Tank football
  • Lighting of the football arena has been improved, spotlights have been added.
  • In gamepad control, jump [L1] and dash [R2] are now assigned to different keys.
  • The jump and accelerate icons now display hints according to the assigned keys.
  • Bugs with tanks getting stuck in the goal net and in the arena walls near the gate have been fixed
Battle Pass
  • In the Battle Pass window, information about combat missions has been moved to a separate block.
  • The end of a day has been changed to a time before the update of combat missions.
  • A button for switching to combat missions from the battle pass window has been added.
  • Added a link to Battle Pass information in the Battle Pass window
  • In the "Season Strike" challenge, the list of required unlocks is now displayed with a tag regarding their completion.
  • A bug has been fixed where the "Coalition" challenge was not displaying completed challenge stages correctly.
Graphics and physics
  • A bug has been fixed where tank tracks might curve incorrectly and could be displayed inside wheels when driving on uneven surfaces.
  • Flickering of objects in the environment, sometimes occurring when first switching view in the gunner's sight, has been fixed.
  • A rare crash of the game client due to GPU objects has been fixed.
  • A game crash on Intel HD Graphics 530 when launched in full screen mode has been fixed.
Flight Model changes
  • F-84F (all modifications): the weight of the fuel and the empty weight of the aircraft have been fixed.

06.01.2021 (

  • "New Year Aerobatic Smoke" will be displayed in battles.
  • An original sound event has been added for flames on a player aircraft (previously, the same sound was used for flames on both a player and allied/enemy aircraft).
  • The sound of a shell hit on armour has been added to register hits of shells on a player's and allied/enemy vehicles.
  • A more powerful powder charge sound for player's ground vehicle guns with a calibre of more than 57 mm has been added.
  • The damage model of the fuel tanks on ground vehicles has been improved. After destruction, the fuel tank disappears from the damage model, any following hits don’t cause fire or explosions, disabled fuel tanks did not cover other modules or crew members. The animation of the fuel tank destruction has been added to the hit camera.

13.01.2021 (Server update)

  • A bug has been fixed with Swedish and Chinese AI aircraft not spawning in the Enduring Confrontation and Custom Battle modes.
  • Terms for vehicles available for naval Battle Tasks have been changed. Now they match ground and air Battle Tasks: easy challenge requires a vehicle of rank II or above, medium and special challenges requires rank III or above. The new rules come to effect for newly generated tasks.
  • The festive hangar has been disabled.

14.01.2021 (Server update)

  • A bug has been fixed where AI players can use helicopters and unavailable vehicles from their research trees in the Enduring Confrontation missions.
  • EC 7 with BR 9.7 and above has been added to Enduring Confrontation. EC 6 now includes BR 8.0 — 9.3 vehicles.
  • The mechanics of Warbond awards for the Battle Pass have been improved. If a player exceeds the total allowable limit of 3600 Warbonds, a warning message will appear. Players may either take a prize with the "burning" of the extra amount of Warbonds, or postpone it receiving the award, later spending the extra Warbonds at their own discretion.

15.01.2021 (

22.01.2021 (

  • The engine sounds of enemy/allied vehicles (ground, aircraft, helicopters) are now muffled by obstacles.
  • The volume of engine sounds from enemy/allied ground vehicles approaching from behind the player’s field of view has been increased.
  • A bug has been fixed with missing sounds of spotting machine guns from the gunner view for some American and Italian ground vehicles.
  • The playback issue with low calibre shells hitting the ground has been fixed.
  • The sound effect of collision between ground vehicle tracks and the track shelf has been added.
  • A caterpillar track now looks damaged when the tank wheel is destroyed.
  • A bug has been fixed with excessive RAM consumption on game launch when tabbed to other applications.
  • A bug has been fixed with the inability to drop bombs and torpedoes at low altitudes.
  • A bug has been fixed where a repaired caterpillar track might appear damaged to other players.
  • A bug has been fixed in the table of squadron players when right-clicking on the player nicknames did not open the context menu.
  • A crash of the game that occured in rare cases when switching camouflage in the "Customization" menu has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed with the second +75% booster for 5 battles at the 34th and 43rd levels of the Battle Pass appeared in the player's inventory 30 days after receiving the reward. Previously received boosters have not been corrected and will appear in players’ inventories 30 days after receiving the reward.
  • Displaying of hit markers in combined RB battles has been corrected.
  • Whirlwind P9, Mk.1 - oil and water cooling flap control has been combined.
  • Mirage-3c - A bug has been fixed that caused the incorrect display of the remaining flight time.
  • MBR-2 - A bug has been fixed that caused the aircraft to behave incorrectly on water.
  • F4U (all modifications) - mechanisation protection against destruction at high speeds is enabled (flaps are released only at permissible speeds).
  • F2G-1 - A bug has been fixed that caused the engine to overheat faster on WEP (depending on the speed, now the engine operates longer in WEP for up to 30 minutes).
  • He 51b (seaplane) - A bug has been fixed that led to incorrect behavior on water in rough sea conditions.
  • M.C. 200 (all modifications) - A bug has been fixed that led to incorrect readings of the tachometer (engine speed) in the cockpit.
  • The content of the huge daily reward trophy has been changed: Universal doubles in sets of 3, 5 and 10 units; Silver Lions in the amounts of 50,000 and 100,000; premium vehicles have been added: Cromwell V (RP-3), Chi-Nu II, M4 Hybrid, B1 ter, IAR-81C, Yak-3 (France), 165 ft PC-466 Carmi, Pr. 1204; whilst equipment rental and gold wagers have been removed.
  • Statistics for Arcade squadron battles have been hidden on all tabs in the squadron menu.

25.01.2021 (Server update)

  • Performance issues in air RB mode while controlling a BTD-1 in mouse-aim mode have been resolved.

26.01.2021 (Server update)

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Yak-38, Yak-38M — a bug causing suspended offensive weaponry to be disabled when the centre landing gear was broken has been fixed.
  • MiG-21bis — a mistake with the FAB-500M-62 bomb designation in the suspended weaponry menu has been fixed.
  • F-4E Phantom II — a bug where flares would be available in combat despite the modification not being researched has been fixed.
  • Ре-8 — the description of the 12 x 250-kg FAB-250sv bomb setup has been corrected in the suspended weaponry menu. Previously, the bomb weight was mistakenly shown as 500 kg.
  • Battle Pass prizes over level 151 have been added to the interface (they are similar to level 151 prizes, according to the event rules).

27.01.2021 (

  • A bug where a vehicle would receive a camouflage from another vehicle of a similar model has been fixed.
  • The basic respawn cost of heavy tanks in RB mode has been reduced from 220 to 180 respawn points.

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • MiG-15bis — an error with the FAB-500M-46 bomb designation in the suspended weaponry menu has been fixed.

28.01.2021 (

  • A bug has been fixed with camo patterns changing after purchase of the naval vessel. (report)
  • A bug has been fixed with visual glitching of a caterpillar track after driving through water (report).


First update (

  • Fixed a bug on helicopters where, when leaving the camera view from the gunnery position, selected NVG mode was reset (report 1, report 2, report 3).
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases low quality textures might be loaded for vehicles in the hangar with higher graphics settings (report 1, report 2, report 3, report 4).
  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases an aircraft kill with critical damage might not be counted (report).
  • Fixed a bug where the standard camouflage might be replaced on the same vehicle.
  • Saab J21 (all) - A bug where aircraft wheels might spin in the aircraft hangar has been fixed.

Second update (Server update)

  • Planned BR changes.
  • For 20mm armour-piercing ammunition on ground vehicles, the parameters of the expansion cone of secondary fragments have been fixed. Earlier, this ammunition gave a cone of expansion of fragments corresponding to the armour-piercing shells of larger calibres. After correction, secondary fragments hit targets behind the armour in a narrow cone along the trajectory of the ammunition flight, damage of fragments more closely matches the energy of the projectile.
  • R3 T20 FA-HS - stabilizer use speed is limited to 25 km/h. Fixed (reduced) unit rocking when stopping and firing.
  • Leopard 2A6, Strv 122B PLSS - A balance change (decrease) in the rate of fire has been applied, changing from 10 to 9 rounds per minute. The change in rate of fire will not affect the Strv 122A and Leopard 2A5 vehicles.

17.02.2021 (

  • A bug which would cause the preview of the main Battle Pass prize to disappear after being opened and returning back to the Battle Pass window has been fixed.
  • Achievement conditions have been changed according to "weapon type":
    • tank ATGMs and ship-based anti-ship missiles were removed from the "missile" type of armament and moved to the "ATGM / AShM" type (added to the aviation ATGM);
    • "Missiles" are now named "rocket (unguided)" and no longer include tank ATGMs and ship-based anti-ship missiles;
    • Added a new type of weapon - SAM;
    • The conditions for obtaining the corresponding achievements and challenges have been clarified.
  • A rare game crash caused by a missing decoration model has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where the hanger lacked illumination at night from the spotlights if the hangar randomly appeared after quitting a game session.
  • A bug where it wasn't possible to control the aircraft gunner when playing with a gamepad has been fixed.

19.02.2021 (

  • Now, when a torpedo is launched, the next available launcher will be selected without the need to manually switch through torpedoes on the opposite side of the ship
  • Damaged naval vessels with a critical minimum of crew available now sink faster.
  • The reference version of the aircraft in test flight no longer resets selected ammo belts.
  • Now when replacing the gunner with a loader the gun reload timer will not be reset if there is at least one loader in the crew. If the reload is still not completed but the loader has been moved to the driver position, so the reload will be interrupted.


  • Graphical artefacts on the ground's surface have been fixed for "High" and better modes on the Nvidia RTX 1660, 20XX, and 30XX series with driver version 460.79.
  • A bug has been fixed, causing the effect of a shot (sometimes with a sound of a shot) without damage to target and ammo consumption instead of misfire, when the breech is damaged.
  • Matilda Hedgehog — a bug has been fixed with the missing damage camera when hitting an enemy with a mine launcher. .
  • ZSU-23-4 — radar folding animation has been fixed.
  • Roland 1 — a bug has been fixed with a reload sound after double missile launch.
  • A bug has been fixed causing the circles of the sight of additional weapons to jerk occasionally when turning the turret.
  • M50 —a bug due to which the markers for additional guns still appearing at a distance of a sighting marker has been fixed (report)
  • [Enduring Confrontation] Afghanistan — aircraft do not receive damage when spawning on the A5 square.
  • A bug where at the start of test flight in the location Stalingrad two allied aircraft have crashed, has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed preventing RS-82 and RBS-82 from exploding when hitting enemy aircraft.
  • A bug has been fixed when switching to sniper scope, the view spontaneously centered in the direction of the hull for a vehicle that is in water.
  • A bug has been fixed causing the ATGM to turn in the opposing direction when the vehicle turns. (report).
  • Information of the "Range of detection of enemy torpedoes" in the crew skill menu now corresponds to the values for realistic game mode.
  • HMS Invincible — A bug that might cause the turret on the left side to turn through the superstructure has been fixed.
  • MPK pr.12412 — AI crew will no longer spin AK-630 barrels if there is no ammo present.
  • A bug where in the "protection analysis" mode and on the hit camera the shell might fly through crew members without causing damage has been fixed (report).
  • A bug where a request for help in repairing a vehicle from an ally in the squad wasn't working has been fixed (report).
  • Incorrect display in the rear view mirror has been fixed.
  • A bug where the aircraft wasn't illuminated when the sun was above the clouds has been fixed (report).
  • A bug where in some rare cases it was possible that the sound of the firing machine gun on ground vehicles was played continuously has been fixed.
  • A bug where while controlling the naval vessel after losing an aircraft, the sound of the stalled aircraft engine was heard has been fixed.
  • A bug due to which HEAT shells were not armed when hitting aluminium or rubber cloth shields has been fixed (report).
  • A bug with incorrect trajectory of a sight after manual range finding has been fixed.
  • A bug with missing range indication on vehicles with laser rangefinders in SM mode has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused significant FPS reduction in a location during night time has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed with a marker appearing on a map after the radio signal of attacking/protection of a capture point, that is not on the map.
  • A bug where it wasn't possible to unlock targets while controlling with a gamepad has been fixed.
  • Rare game crashes in the hangar when rearranging vehicles in the crew slots has been fixed.

20.02.2021 (

  • A bug that caused raindrops to not be displayed has been fixed (report).

24.02.2021 (Server update)

  • The requirements for completing battle tasks have been changed (tablesheet).

04.03.2021 (

  • The requirements for completing battle tasks have been changed:
    • The Flying Dutchman - removed.
    • Threat of the Seas - removed the variant within medium and special tasks and instead added a variant to easy tasks.
    • Cape Roller - A new task has been added a variant to medium and special tasks instead of the "Threat of the Seas" task. It is necessary to destroy other players' vehicles in any bluewater ship to complete the task.
    • 27 Cables and Whaleman - Target vehicle has been changed from specified classes (destroyer, cruiser) to any bluewater ship.
  • MBK-161 (1943) — missing sound of 82mm mortar has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the wrong opponent to score a frag after shooting down a player aircraft has been fixed.
  • ZSU-37-2, ZSU-23-4 — a bug with radar's horizontal indicator not connected to the direction of the radar has been fixed (report).
  • RakJPz 2, RakJPz 2 (HOT), Type 60 ATM — a bug preventing ATGM launch while reloading at an allied control point has been fixed. (report).
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the ATGM missile to not fly in the direction of a sight (report).
  • A bug has been fixed that prevents playback of the reload on tanks without an autoloader with a discharged battery. (report).
  • M4A3E2 (76) W, Cobra King, M4A3E2, M4A3E2 (France) — a bug has been fixed preventing the shrapnel effect of ballistic cap shells hitting the upper front plate of enemy tanks (report).
  • Sinai — friendly markers have been removed from areas outside the battle zone.
  • Linux version - a bug causing FPS drops when turning the camera has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed causing other players to hear shots from damaged guns for SPG vehicles with several barrels and gun breeches.
  • A bug has been fixed causing depth setting of naval torpedoes to affect torpedoes for aircraft (report).

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