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Mobility checklist for a ground vehicle

  • Are the vehicle's top forward speeds (AB/RB) and reverse speeds adapted to its combat role?
  • Does the tank accelerate quickly? Brake quickly?
  • Mention if it has amphibious capability.
  • What is the handling of the tank at low speed? At high speed? When braking? On flat terrain? On uneven ground?
  • How well does the tank turn? When moving? When idling? Does it have neutral steering?
  • How big is the turn radius? How much place does it need to do a 180°?
  • Does it lose speed quickly when climbing uphill? When fording? When driving through obstacles? (trees, barriers, fences, walls, barricades, lampposts, etc.)
  • How does the tank compare to similar vehicles? (of the same class: Light, Medium, Heavy, TD or of the same BR)

Missing values in WSP Table Templates

  • Use the underscore/underdash: ___ for missing values in tables.
  • Do not use question marks or blanks because they can't be indexed in the search engine.

Overview of all torpedo-carrying vehicles

For the naval players, an overview of all vehicles (planes and ships) equipped with torpedoes is missing. Some pages exist (Category:Torpedo_bombers or Category:Suspended armaments, subsection Torpedoes) but do not encompass all vehicles or offer the desired overview.

Torpedo-carrying aircraft

As an addition to the category Category:Torpedo_bombers, here is an overview of torpedo-carrying planes:

Multi-turreted tanks

Similarly to Category:Multi-weapon ground vehicles and inspired from the video above, here is an overview of tanks with multiple turrets.

We will distinguish between 3 configurations:

  • 2 turrets or more equipped with cannons,
  • 1 turret equipped with a cannon and the other turrets equipped with machine guns.
  • 1 turret equipped with a cannon and 1 or more rotating cupolas on the turret equipped with an MG.

My premium/gift vehicles

Ground vehicles



My vehicle research


Table proposal to replace the current text:


Icon Module Description
Module tank tracks.jpg Tracks Increases track durability and traction.
Module tank suspension.jpg Suspension Increases suspension tolerance to rough ground, increasing mobility.
Module tank brakesystem.jpg Brake System Allows faster braking speed and force.
Module tank filters.jpg Filters Increases engine horsepower and acceleration.
Module tank transmission.jpg Transmission Increases horsepower to the drive wheels, increasing acceleration.
Module tank engine.jpg Engine Increases engine horsepower and acceleration.


Icon Module Description
Module tank parts.jpg Parts Allows tank to undergo repairs in the field. Important if you need to fix a module that has crippled your tank such as the transmission or engine.
Module tank FPE.jpg FPE Fire Protection Equipment, allows the tanks to extinguish fuel fire. This will make sure your tank does not gradually die from a simple fire.
Module tank crewreplenishment.jpg Crew Replenishment Allows you to replenish your crew while in combat.
Module tank addonarmour.jpg Add-on Armor Attaches improvised armour onto the vehicle to increase armour thickness. Increases survivability.
Missing ESS icon ESS Engine Smoke-generating System, when activated will continuously generate a smoke screen originating from the engine for a period of time.


Icon Module Description
Module tank horizontaldrive.jpg Horizontal Drive Increases turret traverse speed.
Module tank adjustmentoffire.jpg Adjustment of Fire Increases gun accuracy by decreasing horizontal and vertical spread.
Module tank elevationmechanism.jpg Elevation Mechanism Increases turret vertical traverse speed and decreases vertical spread in gun accuracy.
Module tank artillerysupport.jpg Artillery Support* Calls for artillery for in-direct fire on a position. *Not available for heavy tanks or tank destroyers.
Module tank ammo APCBC M82.jpgModule tank ammo APCR M304.jpgModule tank ammo Smoke M313.jpg Ammo Unlocks different ammo for usage in the tank's armaments.
Module tank airstrike.jpg Airstrike Allows you to join an air battle activated by an ally on a bomber or attacker in Arcade, or reduces the cost in spawn points to spawn an aircraft for each scouted enemy that is destroyed by an ally in Realistic battles. This modification is only available on certain light tanks with the "scouting" ability.
Missing Improved optics icon Improved optics Increases the detection radius of enemy vehicles by +30% of the crew's visual range.
Missing Smoke grenade icon Smoke grenade When fired, creates a smoke screen around the grenade's point of landing.
Missing Laser rangefinder icon Laser rangefinder Improves accuracy and speed of the gunner's rangefinding abilities.

Templates for past events

Inspired from Template:Winter Event

Template:Crafting Event

Crafting events
September 2020  Wargame "Strategist"
1 classified document  Sd.Kfz.251/10
2 classified documents  Lübeck F224
3 classified documents  Merkava Mk.3D · BI
April 2020  Space Race
turret Object 279  SGB (S309) · Sd.Kfz.234/1
complete Object 279  Object 279 · AU-1
October 2019  Operation “Shipyard
1 MBK-161 coupon  MBK-161 (1943) · Whirlwind P.9
2 MBK-161 coupons  VT1-2 · ▄H-34
April 2019  Battlefield Engineer!
1 I-180S coupon  I-180S · VFW · MPK Pr.122bis
2 I-180S coupons  Ju 388 J · Merkava Mk.1 · HMS Tiger
August 2018  Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.: Assemble a tank!
T-34E  T-34E · Sd.Kfz.234/4 · M8 · AEC Mk II
IS-7  IS-7
March 2018  Flying Serpent, Crouching Tiger
Flying Serpent  ␠Kingcobra
Crouching Tiger  ␠Tiger

Template:Chronicles Event

WW2 chronicles events
2018  Chronicles of World War II
Chronicle awards for pilots  Tandem MAI · Whirlwind P.9
Chronicle awards for tankers  T18E2 · Lorraine 155 Mle.50
2017  War Thunder Chronicles
Awards for pilots  PV-2D · Yak-3T
Awards for tankers  ▂MK-II "Matilda" · Excelsior
2016  Chronicles of World War II
Aircraft tasks  MBR-2-M-34 · Bong's P-38J-15
Tank tasks  Comet I "Iron Duke IV" · KV-2 (1940)
2015  WW2 Chronicles
British Trophies  ▄Hellcat Mk II · ▄Avenger Mk II
Heroes of the Pacific  ▃Ki-43-II · ▄Wirraway
Heroes of the Eastern Front  I-16 type 28 · ▂B-25J-30
2014  WW2 Chronicles

Template:Christmas Gift Event

Christmas gift events
2019  Iacobi's J8A
2018  M13/40 (II)
2017  Pallier's D.510 · H.39 "Cambronne"
2016  Ha-Go Commander
2015  A13 Mk I (3rd R.T.R.)
2014  M2A4 (1st Arm.Div.)

Template:World War Season

World War Seasons
July 2020  Road to the West
4 stars  IL-2 M-82
8 stars  M60 AMBT
January 2020  Attack from the Sea
3 stars  BA-11
6 stars  USS Phelps (DD-360)
May 2019  Recon under fire
Reward  AMX-50 Surblindé

Template:Halloween Event

Halloween events
2019  Po-2
2018  Po-2
2017  Po-2
2016  Po-2
2015  Po-2
2014  Po-2
2013  Po-2

Template:Anniversary Event

Anniversary events
2019  D.371 H.S.9 · A13 Mk II 1939 · Ya-5M
2018  Ya-5M
2017  I-29 · M8
2014  XF5F · He 51 B-2/H · LaGG-3-23 · TB-3M-17-32 · ▄DB-7

Template:Tanker's Day Event

Tankers’ day events
2017  ▂M3 Medium · SU-76M (5th Gv.Kav.Corps)
2016  ▂M3 Medium
2015  SU-76M (5th Gv.Kav.Corps)

Template:Victory Day Event

Victory day events
2020  Swordfish Mk II · LVT(A)(4) · G-5 TKA 106
2017  BM-13N
2015  U.S. tanker heroes:M5A1 (5th arm.div.) · The Most Important Strike:SU-76M (5th Gv.Kav.Corps)