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A Turán II of the Hungarian Turán tank family

The Turán series of tanks were Hungarian medium tanks of World War II. The first tank in the series, the Turán I, was originally based on the Czechoslovak Škoda T-21 medium tank prototype, which the Hungarians first developed into the T-22 design, before accepting the T-22 into service as the Turán I. The Turán I featured a redesigned turret, hull, and suspension, as well as a Hungarian 40 mm cannon and Hungarian 8 mm machine guns, increased armour protection, smoke grenades, and other changes. The Turán II was developed from the Turán I, featuring a different turret, a short 75 mm gun, and thicker armour. The Turán III was developed from the Turán II, featuring a different, larger turret, a long barrel 75 mm gun, and even thicker armour. The Turán series became the backbone of Hungary's tank forces in WW2, serving alongside their Toldi series light tanks and Zrinyi series tank destroyers, as well as some German-supplied tanks.


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