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The M-8 rocket (scale is approximate)

The M-8 is a Soviet ground-launched rocket.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Strike aircraft  IL-10 · IL-10 (1946) · ␗IL-10 (1946) · ◔IL-10
  Su-6 · Su-6 (AM-42) · Su-6 (M-71F)
Tank destroyers  BM-8-24
Motor gun boats  MO-4 · TKA-106 · Ya-5M

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The Katyusha was one of the Red Army’s primary self-propelled artillery vehicles during World War II. The multiple rocket launcher was originally developed to use adapted ROS-132 aircraft rockets known as the M-13, but at the same time, the earlier RS-82 rockets were being tested for ground use and were adopted in 1941 as the M-8 rocket with a larger explosive warhead and rocket motor. The M-8 was used in a large number of configurations from a single launcher on a trailer to the BM-8-8 used on the Willys MB and GAZ-67 Jeeps, the BM-8-24 on the T-40 and T-60 light tanks and the BM-8-48 on the same Studebaker truck chassis that was used to make the BM-13N standardized for the Soviet Katyusha M13 launchers. The BM-8 had a 16-rocket launcher for the Red Army riverboat fleet such as the Ya-5M. The M-13 rockets were smaller compared to larger M13s but compensated by unleashing a larger volume of rockets. The largest variant of the M-8 rocket launcher was the BM-8-72 which used 72 launch rails and was mounted on armored trains. The Katyusha was retired from service after World War II, but the influence of the rocket artillery design led to the name being attached to later Soviet designs such as the BM-21 "Grad" (Hail).


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See also

  • RS-82 - Air-launched version of M-8 with a smaller warhead and motor
  • RBS-82 - Air-launched version of M-8 with a smaller motor and armour-piercing warhead

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