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The 7.62 mm Browning MG4 is a South African production designation of the Browning M1919 machine gun.

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Pros and cons


  • Jack-of-all-trade machine gun with a decent penetration and rate of fire
  • Long belt feed allows for an extended period of firing time.


  • Subpar rate of fire compared to other machine guns being used at the MG4's mounted vehicle ranks


South African Eland-90s with Browning MG4s in pintle-mounts on some vehicles.

The Browning MG4 was a production of the Browning M1919 machine gun in South Africa, by Lyttleton Engineering Works.[1] This production was owned by Denel SOC Ltd. as Lyttleton was merged into a division under Denel Land Systems.[2]

As of 2009, the Browning MG4 is still under production by Denel SOC Ltd.[3]


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