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The AAT-52 muzzle on the AMX-50 Surbaissé.


The 7.5 mm AAT-52 is a French machine gun adopted during the Cold War. The AAT-52 doesn't have a 3D model in the game, just a X-ray model of it.

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After World War II, the French military sought to obtain an universal machine gun. This was found when the French adopted their machine gun in 1952 from MAC company as the AAT Mle.52, or in its full term: Arme Automatique Transformable Modele 1952.[1]

An AAT-52 machine gun at the Batey ha-Osef museum.

The AAT-52, as the full name suggested, is available in different configurations for different roles. The AAT-52 can act as a light machine gun for the infantry with a light barrel and bipod, a medium machine gun role with a heavy barrel and tripod, or vehicle mounts with a heavy barrel.[1]

When NATO standardized the 7.62x51 mm cartridge as the main rifle round, the AAT-52, chambered in 7.5×54mm French, became an oddity. A variant of the AAT-52 was developed named the AAT F1 that is chambered in 7.62x51 mm.[1][2][3]

The AAT-52 saw combat in the French military in Indochina, Algeria, and even the First Gulf War in 1991.[2] Beginning January 2011, the French military had begun the replacement of the AAT-52 in service with the Belgium FN MAG machine gun for vehicle mounts and the FN Minimi in the infantry role.[2][4]



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