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The 5.56 mm MG4 is a German machine gun currently seen used in-game on the PUMA. It is the second machine gun using an intermediate cartridge introduced in the game, coming after the 5.8 mm QJT machine gun.

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With the advent of belt-fed Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) for the infantry with weapons like the FN Minimi, which was adopted in 1984 by the US Army as the M249 SAW,[1] H&K sought to develop their own weapon design to fulfill the SAW role. Prompted by the German Bundeswehr program "Infanterist der Zukunft" (IdZ, English: Infantryman of the future),[2] H&K began working on a SAW-type machine gun in the late 1990s. As a weapon intended to be used by a single soldier, the machine gun was built to be lightweight and compact, with the use of 5.56x45 mm NATO intermediate cartridge for lighter recoil as well. Recent technological advances in the firearms industry, such as polymer furniture, were utilized to keep weight down, as well as the use of accessory rails for soldier modularity of the weapon.[3]

The German Bundeswehr adopted H&K's SAW in 2003 as the MG4 light machine gun and would utilize it in an infantry and vehicle-mounted role.[3] Within the infantry, the MG4 has replaced the MG3 GPMG in the platoon level,[4] where it is used in a bipod or tripod-mounted configuration. For vehicle-mounts, the MG4 is modified to be remote fired and has the rear sight, butt stock, handguard, cartridge case deflector, and bipod removed.[5]

The MG4 sees use in not only in Germany, but also in Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain in the form of an export variant MG4E.[4] Compared to the standard variant, the MG4E is slightly lighter and has a reduced fire rate of roughly 725 rounds a minute.[5]


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