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The 7.62 mm C6 is a Canadian machine gun currently only seen on the C2A1. The C6 is a licensed-produced FN MAG, and as such share many physical characteristics with each other.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Although attached only to the C2A1 main battle tank, the user ability with the C6 is comparable to any other FN MAG derivative machine guns used in the game. The machine gun is found in the coaxial and pintle mount of the C2A1, making it a versatile secondary weapon besides the tank's cannon.

Available ammunition

The belt choice of the C6 is currently not customizable for neither the coaxial or pintle-mounted version. As such, the default belt with a composition of AP-AP-T bullets is all that is available to be worked with.

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  • Considering the C2A1's place in the German tree, the C6 compares unfavorably to the more common MG3A1 in terms of fire rate
  • Low armour penetration and low damage output


Canadian Army paratroopers qualifying with a C6 Flex GPMG.

The C6 is a Canadian designation for the popular Belgium FN MAG General-Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).[1][2] The machine gun first saw service in the Canadian military as a vehicle mount in the Leopard 1 tank when it was introduced in 1976. The C6 would then expand from its role as a vehicle-mount weapon into a weapon for the infantry in the mid-1980s.[1]

The machine guns are still in service with the Canadian military today, with plans to improve the existing inventory of C6 with the newer C6A1 FLEX machine guns since 2017.[3]


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