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The MG37(t) (7.92 mm) on the Pz.35(t).

The MG37(t) (7.92 mm) was originally designed by Václav Holek and Miroslav Rolčík of the Czechoslovakia small arms, light artillery and motor vehicles manufacture Zbrojovka Brno (prewar: Československá zbrojovka) works. This machine gun designated TK vz.37 (English: Heavy Machine Gun Mark 1937; German: Maschinengewehr 37(t)) was an upgraded variation of the vz.35 machine gun which was built and produced to replace the Schwarzlose machine gun utilised during World War I.

In 1938, England procured a license from the Czech's to manufacture this machine gun. The Birmingham Small Arms (BESA) company produced the TK vz.37 as the BESA machine gun. When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, they captured a great number of TK vz.37 machine guns along with the production factories and continued to produce this machine gun through 1942. Germany designated this machine gun MG 37(t).

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  • Better penetration than other co-axial machine guns found on many British tanks
  • Decent rate of fire
  • No particularity weak shells in ammo belt unlike other co-axial machine guns


  • Low penetration
  • Low damage
  • Lower rate of fire than L37A1 and L37A2


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  • BESA (7.92 mm) - British license version of the Czech ZB-53 or TK vz.37.

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