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The Tupolev SB (Скоростной бомбардировщик - high-speed bomber) is a Soviet fast bomber designed by the Tupolev design bureau in the 1930s. It saw significant action in the Spanish Civil War and Second Sino-Japanese War, but by the time of the German invasion, had become outdated. The design was superseded by the more modern Pe-2 and Tu-2 bombers but remained in use throughout the war.

The designation of "SB" was briefly used in mid 1930's, reverting back to names of designers a few years later. The plan was to call any fast bomber an SB, thus there would be an SB-1, SB-2, SB-3, etc. There was a single SB-1 made, and of course the SB-2, but did not continue beyond that. The "M" is for "Motor" version, with M-100, M-103, M-105, etc. suffix, thus nomenclature is either "SB-2", or "SB-2M-100", not "SB-2M"


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Arkhangelsky Bomber  Ar-2*
Strike Aircraft  Tu-1
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Export  ␗SB 2M-103U · ␗Tu-2S-44 · ␗Tu-4
  * While Andrei Tupolev was imprisoned, Alexander Arkhangelsky, second in command at Tupolev OKB was able to append his name to the final production series of the SB bomber.

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