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Rank 4 Japan
IJN Mikuma Pack
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GarageImage G-5.jpg

The G-5 Type is a reserve rank I Soviet motor torpedo boat with a battle rating of 1.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced during Update 1.79 "Project X" when the Soviet fleet was implemented into the game. It has a single 12.7 mm DShK machine gun and carries two torpedoes

General info

Survivability and armour

Armourfront / side / back
Hull4 mm (steel)
Superstructure4 mm (steel)
Number of section3
Displacement16 t
Crew6 people
Profile shot of the G-5. The two engines sit at the bow and ammunition storage is tucked behind the bridge where the turret is.

The G-5 has no armour in its overall design, to the point where the only armour is the armoured glass, which provides 5mm of protection! located on the windows of the bridge. As such, any small arms armament can penetrate and destroy, critical modules and knock out crew members. The G-5 carries a crew complement of six, which are all located around the conning tower of the ship. Meaning any well placed shots with high explosive rounds or concentration of fire on this area, can see all the crew members knocked out and the ship destroyed!


Speedforward / back
AB132 / 61 km/h
RB94 / 44 km/h

In arcade battles the ship can reach it's top speed of 132 KM/H within 14.9 seconds and in realistic & simulator it can reach up to 94 KM/H within 14.3 Seconds. The Reverse speeds can reach up to an impressive 62 KM/H! It's small size, combined with it's very fast speed, manoeuvrability creates a highly agile ship.

Modifications and economy

Repair cost
Total cost of modifications3 510 Rp icon.png
160 Sl icon.png
Talisman cost80 Ge icon.png
Crew trainingfree
Experts1 000 Sl icon.png
Aces10 Ge icon.png
Research Aces80 000 Rp icon.png
Reward for battleAB / RB / SB
10 / 10 / 100 % Sl icon.png
100 / 100 / 100 % Rp icon.png
Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
Mods new ship hull.png
450 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
40 Ge icon.png
Mods new ship rudder.png
Rudder Replacement
Mods new ship screw.png
Propeller Replacement
Mods new ship engine.png
Engine Maintenance
Mods ship tool kit.png
Tool Set
Mods manual ship extinguisher.png
Fire Protection System
Mods engine smoke screen system.png
360 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
40 Ge icon.png
Mods new ship pumps.png
New Pumps
Mods tank ammo.png
450 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
40 Ge icon.png
Mods tank ammo.png
360 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
40 Ge icon.png
Mods new main caliber turrets.png
Primary Armament Targeting
810 Rp icon.png
40 Sl icon.png
80 Ge icon.png
Mods ship art support.png
Artillery Support
540 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
50 Ge icon.png
Mods torpedo.png
Torpedo Mode
540 Rp icon.png
20 Sl icon.png
50 Ge icon.png


Primary armament

Turret12.7 mm DShK machine gun
Ammunition2000 rounds
Belt capacity50 rounds
Fire rate600 shots/min
Vertical guidance-10° / 70°
Main article: DShK (12.7 mm)

The only gun on the G-5 is a single 12.7 mm DShK machine gun. It can destroy any motor torpedo boats and some larger boats if your lucky. Being located in the centre of the vessel it does have 360 degrees of aiming but is somewhat restricted in elevation when pointed towards the bow due to structural designs meaning it can only be reliably fired at other vessels when aimed at the sides or rear of the ship. You can research two different ammo belts for the 12.7 mm, the high explosive incendiary (HEI) and armour piercing incendiary tracer (APIT) rounds.

Torpedo armament

Main article: 53-38 (533 mm)

The G-5 carries two 533 mm 53-38 torpedoes. They have a range of 4 km at a speed of 82 km/h. With the Torpedo Mode module installed, they can reach 10 km at a reduced speed of 75 km/h. As both torpedoes sit in the aft pointing towards the bow, they are accurate and easy to aim with.

Additional armament

Setup 12 x 533 mm 53-38 torpedo

Describe the available additional armaments of the ship: depth charges, mines, torpedoes. Talk about their positions, available ammunition and launch features such as dead zones of torpedoes.

If there is no additional armament, remove this section.

Usage in battles

The G-5 is a fast and manoeuvrable ship, with speeds upto 122 KM/H in Arcade and 94 KM/H in Realistic & Simulator Battles. A G-5 ShVAK also offers excellent manoeuvrability, at high speeds compared to it competitors such as the PT, LS and others. Additionally the G-5 ShVAK is armed with a 20mm cannon, not all rivals have cannons or machine guns. A G-5 is one of the fastest vessels in the game, almost twice as fast as other vessels similar in it's class.

As such it is best utilised to capture points early, providing cover to allies with smokescreen, and sneaking around enemies and ambushing them with hit-and-run tactics with it's slightly faster and accurate torpedoes.

When playing the G-5 in arcade battles, it is important to be aware of your team mates - since most vessels travel at high speed it is not impossible for your team mates to accidentally collide into you. When this happens, the G-5 is a small and lightweight vessel, it is possible when they collide in the heat of battle, that they can flip you over and you drown.

In battle, weather it be arcade realistic or simulator: The G-5 can be compared to a piranha, it's small size, high agility, resilience and being very fast makes it unstoppable in the hands of a skilled player. When engaging enemy ships, turn the G-5 into them, keeping G-5 profile, very small and hard to hit. Using the great high speed manoeuvrability offered, bring the ship along side and blast them with the 12.7 mm machine gun.

It is important to make every shot count, do not aim for open spaces, aim for areas such the bridge and engine room where the rounds from the G-5 will be able to cause alot of damage to critical parts and knocking out sailors on the enemy vessel.

Using the G-5 torpedoes, are more suited to bigger, slower and less manoeuvrable ships such as the following the class of ships: BMO, 165 ft PC-451,SF40 Leichte, Isles class, Type K-3/No.1 Class and other types which are similar to these. However, it is not impossible to use the torpedoes on smaller & manoeuvrable targets, one of the ways is to out manoeuvre the opponent, and turn into them and launch it allowing the rival to sail into it.


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 12.7 mm HEI belts
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 12.7 mm APIT belts
III Propeller Replacement Primary Armament Targeting
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Artillery Support Torpedo Mode

Pros and cons


  • Machine gun can carry a surplus of ammunition
  • Two torpedoes facing forwards, can help lead to incoming enemies
  • Small profile can make it hard to hit from a distance, especially against large-calibre weapons that have a slow fire rate
  • Speedy
  • Long range torpedoes (10 km)


  • Basically no armour
  • Armament cannot fire towards the front except at high elevations
  • Machine gun armament has small belt of 50 rounds before reloading
  • Front is filled with engines, center filled with other important parts and crew, enemies can easily prioritize targeting for elimination
  • Gunner is somewhat exposed due to the lack of a gun shield.


The G-5 motor torpedo boat, produced from 1933 until 1941, was developed from the Sh-4 class of motor torpedo boats. The unarmed prototype model of the G-5, designed in 1932, used imported Italian engines as no satisfactory Russian engines were yet available. The production model, however, used an adapted Mikulin AM-34 aircraft engine, designated as GAM-34. Its torpedo release system was based off of British WWI-era coastal torpedo boats that were captured during the Russian Civil War. It was also armed with a 7.62mm machine gun, however, later models were instead fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun, and it is this iteration of the G-5 that is available as a reserve boat in the USSR naval tech tree. Other variants that were produced included ships that possessed two 12.7mm machine guns instead of one, and ships that were additionally mounted with ROFS-82 or ROFS-132 rocket launchers. Some even had both (Such as the G-5 TKA 106, available in the USSR's premium naval tech tree). Still others replaced the 12.7mm machine gun entirely with a 20mm ShVAK cannon (Such as the G-5 (ShVAK), also available in the USSR's premium naval tech tree). Including all variants, an approximate 300 G-5s were built. Despite their classification, they are not known to have been used to torpedo enemy ships very often, instead being relegated for the most part to more standard assignments such as landing units, transports, escorts, and the like. Four were exported to the Spanish Republican Navy for use in the Spanish Civil War, and an additional unknown number to North Korea. They remained in Soviet service until the 1950s.


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