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The ZB-500 (ЗБ-500) is a Soviet incendiary bomb used since the 1960s. The number refers to its diameter of 500 mm.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Jet fighters  Yak-141
MiG-21  ◊MiG-21 "Lazur-M" · MiG-21bis · ◊MiG-21bis-SAU · ◔MiG-21bis-SAU · MiG-21S (R-13-300) · MiG-21SMT
MiG-23  MiG-23M · ◊MiG-23MF · ◔MiG-23MF · MiG-23ML · ◊MiG-23MLA · MiG-23MLD
MiG-27  MiG-27K · MiG-27M
MiG-29  MiG-29 · ◔MiG-29 · ◊MiG-29 · ◄MiG-29G · MiG-29SMT
Su-27  Su-27
Strike aircraft  ◊MiG-23BN
Su-17  Su-17M2 · Su-17M4
Su-22  Su-22M3 · ◔Su-22M3 · ◊Su-22UM3K · ◊Su-22M4
Su-25  Su-25 · Su-25K · Su-25BM · Su-25T · Su-25SM3 · Su-39
Jet bombers  IL-28Sh
Attack helicopters  Mi-8AMTSh · Mi-8TV · ◊Mi-8TB

General info

Bomb characteristics
Mass 374 kg
Explosive mass 250 kg
Explosive type CKC (SKS)

Note: CKC (SKS) mixture consists of B-70 gasoline, SKS-30A synthetic rubber, xylenol and cumene hydroperoxide

Effective damage

The incendiary mixture "CKC" (SKS) with cause incendiary damage against open-topped vehicles with exposed crew and high-temperature flames that over-expose TVD sights; alternatively could be used to cause continuous incendiary damage against bases.

Comparison with analogues

  • Mk 77 Mod 4: its counterpart in NATO service, having both lesser mass and explosive mass but its carriers could carry them in bulk (10 or more as on A-4 series)
  • BLU-27/B and BLU-1: both a heavier, more potent incendiary bombs for NATO and their allied countries aircrafts.

Usage in battles

Like most incendiary bombs in game, it is best used to destroy open-topped vehicles (literally to burn them down) where the incendiary mixture will make sure exposed crews will be knocked out and possibly light up the engine of vehicles due to its extreme temperature. While some players consider it has more aesthetic use than in practical use, it can also block TVD cameras and serve as a makeshift "smoke grenade" for tanks and help them hide from enemy eyesight for a while; alternatively, this could be used like general purpose bombs and burn down enemy bases/airfield if needed in air RB.

Pros and cons


  • Extremely lethal to open-topped vehicles and their crew
  • Blocks TVD with its extreme heat
  • Burns bases or airfield continuously


  • Does very little against well-armoured targets


ZB-500 is an incendiary bomb "drop tank" developed in 1967 as VVS' (Soviet Air Force) general-purpose aerial incendiary bomb found on helicopters and their latest jet fighters/attackers, mainly designed to burn down wooden structures, supplies and transportation infrastructures, as well as combatants with its CKC (Romanized as SKS) mixture. They have been used extensively by customers of Soviet aircraft alongside with its later variants of ZB-500AS (ASM), 500GD (for aquatic bodies), 500RT (revised trajectory) and 500Sh (ShM; low-drag).[1]


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