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The Yūgumo-class destroyers (夕雲型駆逐艦, Yūgumo-gata kuchikukan) were a group of 19 destroyers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.


Rank II

  • Yūgumo (1942) (夕雲, Evening Clouds)
  • Hayanami (1943) (早波, Early Waves)

Rank III

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year


Yūgumo-class was built under the Maru 4 Programme (マル4計画) as an improved version of the Kagerō-class. Within the Maru 5 Programme, it was planned to be succeeded by the 16 Shimakaze-class destroyers. However, due to the rapid escalation of the war, a new plan was adopted, the Maru Kyū Programme (マル急計画), which lead to its cancellation and order of additional eight Yūgumo-class destroyers (built with the side numbers 340-347). In contrast, only a single, experimental, one-off successor was built, the Shimakaze herself.

Yūgumo was built due to deficiencies of the Kagerō-class, which failed to exceed the speed of 35 knots. As a result, several modifications were made to the ship's stern to increase the ship's efficiency at high speeds. Further modifications increased the size of the superstructure, made some modifications to the interior layout, changed onboard generators from DC to AC, main gun turrets changed from C-type to D-type with new rangefinders, among other changes.


The class had many modifications added over the years as subsequent vessels were launched. However, due to lacking photographic documentation of the class to survive, there are only a few known examples. Notably:

  • Makigumo and Kazagumo (No. 117 and 118) had a Kagerō-style rear mast, as opposed to the one typical for Yūgumo
  • Naganami (No. 119) and subsequent ships had a modified main column on the rear mast
  • Hayanami and Hamanami (No. 340 and 341) had a separate platform added for the 22-GO Radar
  • Okinami (No. 342) had additional anti-fragmentation protection to the bridge, and the E27 Type-3 radar detector added
  • Kiyoshimo (No. 347) had an increased anti-aircraft armament to the total of 4 triple-mount and a single dual-mount 25mm cannons supplemented by a number of Type 93 machine guns.
  • From late 1943, destroyers of the class had 22-GO radar added, with photographs from 1944 suggesting the 13-GO air search radar supplemented it.

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